90 minutes of European drama ahead


The juices are flowing ahead of tonight’s crucial third round Champions League qualifier against HJK Helsinki at Celtic Park.  Not only is it the first competitive game Celtic have had something to play for since winning the league at Rugby Park almost four months ago, it will be one of our most important games of the season.

The Finnish champions are midseason and have already negotiated an earlier qualifying round.  After recent August disappointments against Sion, Braga (how little we knew about them at the time) and Utrecht, Neil Lennon will know only too well the pitfalls of summer football.

It will be a long and tiring 90 minutes for the players but a special Celtic Park atmosphere should see them through.

Best wishes to Morten Rasmussen, who joined FC Midtylland yesterday, or to tell the fuller story, was removed from the Celtic payroll with around £250k in compensation heading our way.  Morten arrived in January 2010, shortly before Robbie Keane and a host of other loan signing pitched up at Celtic and squeezed his chances of first team football.

Tony Mowbray was replaced by Neil Lennon two months later and Morten was clearly not in the new manager’s plans.  It all looked promising for him when he came on as a substitute, scored a goal and turned the game against Hamilton Accies in his first week at the club, but it was pretty much downhill from there.

Lesson here: for several years we signed too many players.
Enjoy the game!

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  1. From Previous



    Unfortunately I have to disagree with you about no Celtic fan jsut wanting the ‘big four’. I worked in out ticket office at the point where it was still relatively hard to get a ST if you were new, and getting a ‘special’ one was one of the best routes into getting a full one – especially if you were a group that wanted to sit together.



    I personally dealt with 10s (if not hundreds) of people that refused the offer of a ‘special’ purely because it wasn’t worth it without the Rangers games.



    Now you can argue whether these guys were real Celtic fans or not but it’s a fact that there are (or certainly were) those amongst our support that don’t really see beyond those games and maybe Europe.

  2. Paul67



    No drama, a comfortable 3-0 tonight.



    I will probably be able to partake in some Happy Clapping!!

  3. Anyone know why the hockey playing fields at Millerston, Stepps, have been cordoned off and surrounded by police?


    One local thinks it maybe something to do with the Olympics.


    Any ideas?




  4. Paul67,I will be happy for us to keep our stars,and if we sign 1 or 2 so well and so good..

  5. Arsenal and Manchester United are stepping up their interest in Celtic midfielder Victor Wanyama with scouts due to watch him on Wednesday night, according to the Daily Mail.



    Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson have both been keeping tabs on the £7m-rated midfielder in recent weeks after sending scouts to watch the player in action during Celtic’s pre-season friendlies with Norwich and Inter Milan.



    The duo have received positive reports on the Kenyan so far and scouts will once again be in attendence as Neil Lennon’s men take on Helsinki in their Champions League qualifier tonight.

  6. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on 1 August, 2012 at 10:03 said:


    Good Morning on this first day of August 2012.



    Exactly. I say this all the time to people ( who are not Celtic fans & “those” types of Celtic fans still suckling on the MSMs withered tit): I support Celtic and I don’t care who they play, I will be there supporting them no matter what the circumstances may be. But people just have this glassy eyed look on their glaikit faces even as I utter those words to them- our perceived zealotry or presumed fanaticism is something that will forever remain a deep enigmatic mystery to such people- they are fated never to know that kind of partisan passion, that reaches its apogee in the breathless exhilaration of 90 minutes, that we, sharing the privilege of being Celtic fans are intimately familiar with.



    As for Spiers: he is just another acrimoniously hurting Orc who is cleaved through with the rancour of his own resentment. Like all the other members of the LL club he is desperate to spray a little of that Agent Orange, labelled “Cynicism Inc”, onto our Rose Garden. This is something we will have to get used to in the next few years, unless these vexated bigots in the MSM are weeded out, and of course we know that is very unlikely to happen. The only way that is ever going to occur is if Spiers, Traynor and those of their ilk are so consumed by spite they indict and condemn themselves with the perturbation of their own grudge glutted words- they might just go too far in the malicious offensiveness of their subjective displeasure and despite the low standards we are accustomed to in the Scottish gutter Press we might even see an end to them. I’m of a mind that the delirious Traynor’s recent surfeit of printed ravings has already reached that level of unacceptable obnoxiousness.


    But I have no doubt the mock outrage, the martyred fury, the wounded indignation and bogus umbrage will only increase at an exponential rate the closer they get to the top table again- their uncultured fans, their newly anointed custodians, their tormented cheerleaders in the Press, will all be seething with resentment and will have been cherishing their malice like a bloody prize. Nietzsche said that all underdogs, the slave classes, have a concomitant psychology of resentment that defines their identity. They agitate for change, for the “greater good” and for the sake of moral truth, which they don’t really believe, hoping to weaken the powerful masters with feelings of guilt so that they surrender some of their power and transfer it to the slaves- what if those “slaves” were once those who believed themselves to be the “Masters”- what levels of resentment would we see then?


    I think we are on the cusp of finding out just what that will be like in the months and years ahead.

  7. Paul67 – Really looking forward to moving on from everything and watching the only Premier team in Glasgow competing in Europe’s premier competition.



    This year Neil and the Bhoys need to grab the chance to get to the group stages as it may be considerably harder next year

  8. philvisreturns on

    KevJungle – At the risk of being called a happy-clapper



    You’ll go blind, young man. (thumbsup)

  9. Kev



    Firstly you said it was your opinion that PL’s interference prevented the names you mentioned being recruited as Celtic manager.


    Then you said you can’t reveal your source.



    I’m confused is it an opinion or a fact?

  10. Paul67



    I bought some tickets for the Larsson picture yesterday but it was on the missus’ daughters eBay account.



    The cash will come out of my paypal account but it’s her name that will appear on the raffles I believe.



    How will that work when I win? :-)

  11. traditionalist88 on

    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan



    Thanks for reply in previous article, I know there are certainly several question marks over the article in question but I have been on the lookout for articles which have highlighted the fact that Rangers 140 year history is in fact at an end! This article was pretty emphatic on that point so felt was worth sharing again.



    Unfortunately, at the moment other media outlets appear to be sidestepping the reality of the issue for fear of a backlash from the hun hordes. Even the SFL are claiming the newco were founded in 1873!




  12. I wonder what the huns will think of Sneaky Sally and Green now?




    Scottish FA chief executive Stewart Regan claims both Charles Green and Ally McCoist agreed to a plan to allow Rangers to play in Division One this season.



    The proposal was unveiled in a leaked email between Regan, SPL counterpart Neil Doncaster, SFL representatives David Longmuir, Jim Ballantyne as well as Ralph Topping and Hibernian chief executive Rod Petrie.



    Revealed days before the SFL vote which saw the Ibrox side placed in Division Three, the plan included a series of measures including league reforms.



    In the lead up to the vote on July 13 both McCoist and Green insisted they were happy to play in the country’s bottom tier.



    However in an interview with STV, Regan claims both men were in an agreement with the key points outlined in the leaked correspondence.



    He said: “Our job is to look at things from the viewpoint of 42 clubs and from a financial perspective not just from the view of one club. We have to do what is right for the whole game.



    “The plan that we presented was a collaborative plan agreed by all of the stakeholders around the table, the SPL, the SFL, the Scottish FA and indeed Charles Green and Ally McCoist on the tenth of July sat around the boardroom at Hampden and agreed the plan by which Rangers would come in to the First Division.



    “Everybody knew what that proposal looked like. The clubs decided that it wasn’t in the best interests of the game from their perspective and we’ve respected that decision and moved on.”



    Responding to Regan’s claims, Charles Green told STV: “My preference was always to play in the SPL however when that was taken away from us, both the SFA and SPL made it clear they wanted Rangers to play in the First Division.



    “It was the decision of the SFL clubs and not Rangers in which division we should play and as we have said many times before, both Ally McCoist and I were happy to start again in the Third Division and this was also the opinion of our fans.”

  13. Not a fan of Stuart Regan,but just read about the death threats,advice from Terrorist Officers,phone number posted on internet,etc.In the same way Neil and his family was threatened ,this is football for God’s sake.No man should have to put up with that when going about his daily business.Obviously the threats from Jardine ,McCoist and now Green have contributed to the mindset of these idiots.Dignity ? No,just a gang with brown brogues on.

  14. Paddy Power have just announced that they will no longer lay odds about who will be FIRST to appear on the CQN podium.


    The spokesman refused to discuss the company’s decision, but there appear to have been insinuations of collusion or malpractice.


    All other markets will continue as normal.

  15. hamiltontim on 1 August, 2012 at 11:57 said:


    KevJungle – Murdo..10 men Championees..1979 on 1 August, 2012 at 11:51 said:


    SydneyTim on 1 August, 2012 at 10:57 said:



    Kev to be fair Neil has been letting it know over last 12 months or so how frustrated he is with PL both publicly and privately


    PL’s interference is the reason that we didny get


    Mark McGhee


    Roberto Martinez


    Owen Coyle


    In as manager. imo.






    Kev have you any evidence to support your assertion?






    Owenie never came because Kerry (his wife) didn’t want to leave Lancashire.

  16. A nice touch from Celtic.



    CELTIC fan Michael Jamieson is going for gold tonight in the 200m breaststroke final at the Olympics, and Celtic fans coming to the Euro game at Paradise against HJK Helsinki will be able to watch the race on the big screens inside the stadium.



    The swimming final starts at 7.30pm and Michael, along with his Team GB colleague, Andrew Willis, will be looking to finish among the medals.



    And Neil Lennon, has sent his best wishes to Michael and Andrew ahead of the big event.



    The Celtic manager said: “It is a great achievement for Michael to reach tonight’s final. I know he is a big Celtic supporter and on behalf of everyone at the Club, we wish him all the very best of luck for tonight.



    “Hopefully we can welcome him back to Celtic Park as an Olympic medal winner in the near future.



    “Michael and his team-mate, Andrew Willis, have given their all to get this far and, of course, we wish both of them well.”



    So if you’re coming to tonight’s game (KO: 7.45pm), get along early to see the swimming final and cheer fellow Celt, Michael Jamieson on in his quest for Olympic gold

  17. greenjedi



    That was my understanding but we must be wrong cos Kev has a source!


    Oh wait a minute it’s an opinion…….

  18. I find it amazing that Celtic ‘Supporters’ (I use the term loosely) choose the morning of one of our most important games in a while to attack the club and those running it.



    Glad I am just a Happy Clapper who buys a season ticket every year and goes out his way to SUPPORT whatever team is on the park wearing the Hoops.



    Might move abroad right enough and have a good bitch about everything Celtic…

  19. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on




    For the avoidance of doubt I wouldn’t want a season ticket that didn’t include the Rangers games– or any other game for that matter.



    That may well be a pricing thing. I also know others who took those tickets but who then gave them up– and even more others who just left the ship in tye Mowbray season because they didn’t like the product and were just disenchanted.



    However they did support in other ways.



    There is no broad brush to supporters– everyone’s circumstances and points of passion are different. No one can be classed a better fan than an another– and that is the point. There are all sorts of reasons why you can get season tickets today– but couldn’t at the zenith of the O’Neill years.



    If it is only because of the calibre of the player and the spend on players in those years, then that is one thing. If it is because the whole new stadium and the rejuvination of Celtic as a club was still relatively new– then that is another.



    With something new sales can often rocket but then settle down to a plateu– it is then for the “business” to do everything to get them back up again.



    What could not be sustained, and simply cannot be justified, is the continued spending of the O’Neill years– especially now. We have no option but to take a different tack.



    It is easy to criticise when you are outwith the detail of the business on a day to day basis, and I certainly think that there are certain things Celtic should do which they don’t– and I would do somethings differently to the current board and PL.



    That doesn’t make me right and them wrong, nor does it make them right all the time and me, or anyone else , wrong. If business was that simple then we would all be Millionaires.

  20. philvisreturns on

    KevJungle – Ah, much too complicated for me :o)))



    I know, right?



    You irrepressible fabulist. :) (thumbsup)

  21. philvisreturns on

    KevJungle – Off oot



    I thought they made you sign on between 9am and 10? :) (thumbsup)

  22. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    If I had been allowed to pick a team to play in the European Champions League in order to qualify for the group stages I would have been happy to pick the Fins.The only down side is they are midway through there season and ours hasnt started.If we approach the game in the proper manner we can win by a big enough margin to make the second leg a formality .H.H.

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