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  1. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    We might not be entirely happy at how things are going at Celtic Football Club but how would we feel if we had spent the amount of money buying players and paying huge wages that Chelsea have to see how they have started the season. H.H.

  2. The triple jeopardy of red card/penalty/suspension is a blight on modern football.



    Let’s not complain about a penalty that we’re awarded and from which we score.

  3. Dallas.


    I hope you and your loved ones are well.


    Chalkie now on his U.C training. Melly hanging off to the bitter end, probably Dec. Was at a wedding last week, had a good chat with one of your union reps. M. A true green brigader.


    I’m worried about team. Body language from a few players not good. I posted earlier, to those in the know, to tell us if all is well because all I’m hearing about is a lot of in fighting and a split dressing room, all hearsay of course.


    As for Thompson he did what Thompson does.

  4. Dallas



    I thought the Dedryk Boyata ‘penalty’ was simulation by the cute Mr Shinnie ( I’m sure Dedryk did too ) by his reaction.



    But as others have said, he could have given one for Charlie’s faux pas.



    This is the thing about Craig Thomson it’s a catalogue of errors.



    Always influences scorelines, and results in Scottish League games, a truly woeful whistler.

  5. our scouts are inept.


    love to have a couple of players who can pass a ball forward and forwards moving into space.

  6. lennon's passion on

    Blackett don’t know if he will come good but writing him off after one game. Second half ball broke loose and the bhoy had no hesitation in going 100% committed which I like to see.

  7. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Will Boerichter make a come back this week against Ajax ? I think he may well at least be on the bench. H.H.

  8. JFH,


    I’m not unhappy at how things are going at Celtic Football Club I expect the lack of investment to affect what can be put on the park, I’m unhappy at that lack of investment by Celtic Plc, and I’ll remind you that the Plc made the distinction between the club and company in Fridays accounts, making it clear the club do not control finances therefore cannot be held responsible for the lack of investment. They appear to back up the huns claim of holding company which is something else that annoys me but if that’s what they want then I’m happy we have been given the opportunity to hold those responsible for the reduction in team quality which has directly led to reduced season ticket sales.

  9. Jimmynotpaul



    What is this you see you type of ?






    I got flung upstairs on Friday morning, wasn’t meant to be going till the morra, not sure if I like that H place, it’s a bit scary especially when you are as thick as me

  10. Bourne



    You are correct about Shinnie – to my eyes it was he who puts his leg in to Boyatta. Tell tale sign is that both his feet come off the ground at the same time. Some science bod proved that can only happen by volition- in other words a dive!


    The earlier one could easily have been a penalty.


    However the ref is only a screen for the real problem which is the manager’s lack of professional experience. His slavish adherence to a system that he doesn’t have the players to play could cost us big time especially in Europe




  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    CANALAMAR. I am pleased you are not unhappy other than the lack of investment at CELTIC Football Club I thought last night there were very view Celtic supporters willing to continue to support the manager. H.H.

  12. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bourne, Thompson’s performance in last season’s league cup semi was as ‘inept’ as I have ever seen. The elbows assaults on John Guidetti and Griffiths and his inaction showed he was influenced by not causing any uproar which might have upset those of unsurpassed dignity. He may possibly have been advised pre match to consider what may happen if those, at the time. of just under 3 years unsurpassed dignity, reacted in.their own dignified way


    On Thursday. Ronny should follow Slavan Bilic’s example Park the bus without putting on.the handbrake

  13. JFH,


    That’s why I decided not to post, I made it very clear at the very start of his tenure like every other manager, I give my support for 18 months and then make up my mind.

  14. 30 pages of arguing.



    Good Celtic fans fighting good Celtic fans over small points.



    A good number of current buns stirring the pot too.



    I would reckon that our custodians would read these pages and maybe take interest in the occasional post, possibly.



    They would however take note of a united support, each to a man, saying.



    The product we pay to watch each week is rubbish.



    Sort it or I will spend my pound elsewhere,



    30 pages of this would make our custodians stand up and notice.

  15. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gerry. I popped through to see you on Friday but thought you were still on leave when I saw you weren’t at your desk. Good luck in the big bad world of you see. I’ll hopefully see you at one point next week.

  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    CLUNKS. IF you feel strongly about it you could start a petition to present to the board.However,as a fan base we are quite fickle on the day of any defeat many supporters let there feelings run away from them and react in anger.I think a couple of days later when they have cooled down a bit I suspect you might not find so many wiling to agree with you . H.H.

  17. Got to go now…… but sometimes it is difficult to avoid the similarity of a freshly cooked roast pork joint (honey or pepper sauce to taste) and the challenge that now faces us a club, a support and a PLC.



    I’m sure I need to say no more, but sadly tomorrow the sun may rise on the devastation of Gaia’s revenge on Glasgow. Time to build the barricades, lay the sandbags and jam the bog doors open….



    Tonight it is time for vain regrets and a bottle of red (and a loaf out of the coop before it shuts) :)



    Hail Hail




  18. After 7 games in the league, we are in 2nd position with a record of 5W, 1D and 1L. We are 17 goals for and 8 against. We are 2nd in the league


    We were knocked out of the CL but have secured Europa League football. So how bad is this compared to recent seasons?



    2014/15- After 7 games we were 4W 2D and 1L, and were 3rd in the league. Goals were 15 F and 6A. We had been knocked out of the CL (some say twice) but had secured Europa League football.



    2013/14- At same point we were 6W 1D 0L, 17 F 7A and top of the league. We had won our 3rd round CL qualifier 1:0 on aggregate against a Swedish team.



    2012/13- record was 4W 2D and 1L. 13 F 7A and we had just arrived at the top of the league, having been 3rd and 5th at matches 6 and 5. We comfortably qualified for CL.



    2011/12- 5W 0D and 2L. 16F 6A and we were not top of the league (in fact- still 3rd in October). We had qualified for Europa League Group Stage after Sion, in our only qualifying fixture, were disqualified.



    2010/11- A record of 7W in 7 fixtures (we won 8 before Rangers beat us at CP), 15 F 4 A. We were joint top with Rangers until they beat us in the 9th fixture. We got knocked out of CL qualifying and then out of Europa League qualifying, all before the end of August. We lost this league- our last loss.



    2009/10- 5W 1D and 1L. 15F and 7A. Knocked out of CL in our 2nd qualifying tie and qualified for Europa League. Lost the league too.




    The conclusion from all of this??



    A start of 5W 1D and 1L in a league campaign is a fairly average start, we have bettered it only twice in these 7 last campaigns, we have started even weaker in two of these campaigns as well.



    We qualified for CL in only 2 of these 7 campaigns, so we are in joint 3rd position as far as Euro achievements and are in a better position than 2 of these campaigns.



    Of course, if you think that all of this period is evidence of downsizing and there is no point in discriminating between equally terrible seasons, then this evidence will not convince you that the sky has not fallen, as you claim.



    However, mist critics claim that downsizing started when MON left. We then have the inconvenient evidence that our European achievements were better in the 5 years after he left than they had been in the 5 years he had been here. Our 3 last 16 CL positions happened in 2007, 2008 and 2013- these were our high water marks (the two first achievements did not stop WGS getting sent packing a year later).



    Are we destined for further slides down the Euro rankings or is it swings and roundabouts and just a bad two year blip? Any impartial weighing of evidence would say that it is inconclusive. However, that’s what the head might say. The evidence of the heart is that the last two CL knockouts are very hard to take because they were so eminently winnable.



    The critics will continue to have a field day when there are defeats to justify their position. The only answers to give are the same answers WGS team gave after Artmedia, and Lenny’s team gave after Sion, and the Killie 3:3 game. The answer we do not want is the experience after Utrecht.



    We now need a solid league campaign getting back to the top as early as we can. We need a solid Europa campaign, which means bettering Molde and having a go at the two other teams, one of whom, Fenerbache, seem a very superior outfit. Only if this happens will we see the plethora of new posters adding 67 to their moniker disappear faster than Dave King’s truth monitor.




  19. Croppy



    He’s not even a very good screen, for the manager’s ‘failings’.



    The difficulty with that is he’s the same manager that’s just won the league, and one of the cups.



    Ronny Deila’s experience was enough to have made him first choice ahead of Age Hareide, we are told, who debateably tactically dollied him, in the 4-3 Malmo debacle.



    We are set out to lose in Europe, there is no question that modern ‘high pressing’ with inferior players ‘is rubbish’.



    We couldn’t beat an exceptionally record breakingly bad Kilmarnock, and that was before we sold the family jewels.



    There is too much emphasis on tactics, we can even lose to Inverness in a cup game and we’ll repeatedly lose to a clued up tactically adept Malmo , or whoever.



    We’ve made our bed we must lie in it, the gap in resource is so big we could win the league with anybody as the Celtic manager. But Ronny Deila is more experienced than people think, – the alternatives before appointment were ‘Jackie McNamara’s or Owen Coyle’s.



    If he can’t adapt he’ll get sacked, no point in doing the Daily Record’s job though, best just to support the regime, if the the caravan moves on so be it.



    It’s RD’s team now and as Paul67 said at the end of the window, ‘over to you Ronny’ and here we are.




  20. Dallas



    I was talking to HASSRA… M.S. On Friday at lunchtime, went right out of my head to mention I had met you, by the way I have been talking to a few good pals and reiterated the story of you walking out the door and the two of us meeting without even knowing each other, the power of CQN … delighted too meet you and trust me we will talk rubbish about Celtic, and hopefully for many months or years to come

  21. BTW



    Claims of dressing room unrest should be met with the reaction of “Damn right! ans they should be restless and revolting!”



    Any competitive sportsman who takes a “So what?” reaction to the two bad defeats by Malmo and Aberdeen, would not be much of a fighter. Defeats bring dressing room disharmony as players and caches search for scapegoats. The only cure for this disharmony is more winning- nothing else will fix it.

  22. glendalystonsils on



    Captain Bee Fart







    You should just ‘heeder the keyboard’ and then press submit




    Laugh of the day. Soooperb.

  23. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, sorry about the late reply. Melli will probably get a stay of execution to beyond December. I’m friendly with said green brigade. I have some Street cred with my son because of it. At the utd replay last season. we were in 412. My chum came down to talk to us at half time which my son was well chuffed with. He still wasn’t as chuffed as when I was at a lunch at celtic park three years ago. Joe ledley and Adam Matthews signed my son’s hoops.

  24. Third highest reason for death, after cancer and heart disease is


    Wait for it


    Wait for it


    Prescription drugs

  25. Interesting night on here last night….



    Having slept on it and read some of the more reasoned posts on here I think I need to give myself 24 hours after a defeat before putting my thoughts out there.



    The poster who compares this season with previous is right, the actual situation, whilst concerning is not critical.



    I do think Ronny has to start evidencing some of the claims he has made re tempo, fitness, mentality etc. We need to see these young players that we have signed being given games and starting to improve.



    If there are troublemakers in the squad then Ronny needs to act now. He still has some fans on board but can’t wait much longer.

  26. I heard he was dead on

    Just remind a few clowns if they go on about the Mulgrew alleged handball that in the same half an Aberdeen player handled in a melee in their box.



    Not replayed a million times.

  27. SFTB…



    The stats add up but I think most are concerned at the way we play on the park, me included.



    The crab like ball play, that by the time we move into a a position to do some damage, the opposition have regrouped and we throw in a wasteful ball primarily to a lonesome striker, whom is six inches (in height) smaller than the defenders marking him.



    This with a defence that is raw and most likely don’t know where to be when a ball is crossed in, is at the least a worry.



    Saturday a seasoned veteran like CG looked at sorts as he has no confidence on the defenders in front of him.



    Call me fickle, yes, but stupid no, we have went into regression and it is as plain on the nose of my old face. HH

  28. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    2000 posts and 30 hrs after the final whistle with no match report it or new article on cqn

  29. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I HEARD YOU WERE DEAD. Fella you may have made a good point in your post then spoiled it by calling fellow Celtic supporters clowns.There is no need for that everyone is entitled to there opinion. H.H.

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