Addition of Abada made everything click


Celtic’s record win, 11-0 over Dundee in 1895, was the era before substitutes.  Due to injuries, Dundee were down to 9 men before halftime.  The 9-0 win over Aberdeen in 2010 benefited from three penalty kicks – and, as Aberdeen manager Mark McGhee put it after the game, Celtic had the attendance of Henrik Larsson in the stands to inspire them (honestly!).

By a subjective measure, yesterday’s 0-9 win at Tannadice is the most comprehensive victory in our illustrious history.  Whether we would have added more, if Steven Fletcher received the red card that should have come his way after a 2nd minute studs-up and to the head challenge on Joe Hart, is open to speculation.

For me, the addition of Liel Abada to the starting line-up made everything click for Celtic.  Set aside his hat-trick, that defence-splitting pass to Jota, who squared for Kyogo to start the rout, typified what he brings to proceedings.  When Adaba, Jota and Kyogo synchronise like this, it is easy to get carried away.

History will not record that Dundee United competed well for over 30 minutes of this game.  Celtic had some shaky moments at the back that would be exposed by better opponents.  When Matt O’Riley won possession and the ball broke to Kyogo to score the second, the game was over as a contest.  United looked as though they knew another pasting was coming their way and could do little to resist.

Alexandro Bernabei came on for his competitive debut and, playing as a left-sided attacker, did enough to encourage.  Ange and his players will spend the coming days contemplating the form they have hit ahead of three important games in three different competitions.  We have the League Cup first and cannot get ahead of ourselves.

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  1. Mad Abada?


    Anyway, quite the performance yesterday and possibly a tricky one for folk to nail down their opinion on who were our 3 top performers. But if you can please stick the 3 names in an email and send it over before 10pm tonight. The ole Inbox is usually a bit fuller when I check on a Monday morning but perhaps a few regulars were celebrating the pleasant afternoon. Every vote counts equal –

  2. I would want my striker to go for a loose ball,like Fletcher did,a genuine attempt to win the ball, nobody i watched the game with thought it was a booking.

  3. Whether we would have added more, if Steven Fletcher received the red card that should have come his way after a 2nd minute studs-up and to the head challenge on Joe Hart, is open to speculation







    that anyone thinks its ok to kick an opponent in the head is just unbeleivable

  4. Greenockbornhundredaire on

    Continuing the discussion from the end of the previous post. Clearly, Hart should have been red carded for head butting Fletcher’s studs,😁

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Further proof (surely still not needed!) of how much more effective we are when we move the ball quickly and switch it from side to side. Also of the benefits of the 4-3-3 (would love to know how we would produce these sorts of chances with the mythical two up front!).


    Great reward for the work on the training ground and a coach who is always looking for improvement.


    Even teams who defend better than United will struggle to cope with us when we play like this.


    Only the Celtic board could mess things up from here….

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  7. It seems unimportant now but I couldn’t believe the home fans booing Joe H for the first few times he touched the ball after his medical treatment.



    We’re they upset because he’d delayed their drive home by attacking Fletcher’s boot with his head?



    The stupidity of mob mentality is limitless.

  8. DENIABHOY on 29TH AUGUST 2022 12:28 PM


    I would love to see Kyogo, Jota, Abada and Hatate “rested” mid-week. No risks please.






    I would play Mooy from the start for fitness and sharpness – we will have enough elsewhere to be offensive and we will need Mooy in the next two games at some time in the proceedings.

  9. I think you start Abada against the Sevco. It also allows us to play Jota on the left.



    There’s an argument to bring Abada on as a sub after Maeda has ran their legs off but I don’t think Barisic dares cross the half way line given Abada’s pace in behind. I’d start him.

  10. TEXASTIM on 29TH AUGUST 2022 12:32 PM


    It seems unimportant now but I couldn’t believe the home fans booing Joe H for the first few times he touched the ball after his medical treatment…




    I said exactly the same thing yesterday. Ffs, unbelievable. Hart actually made a great save then and the incident has been largely overlooked due to what happened later. If the image doing the rounds, showing multiple staples in his head, is genuine, then that was a pretty nasty gash. Might be a wee bit sore getting those staples out.


    An injury free win on Wednesday (1-0 will do) will set us up nicely to hammer the next two cannon fodder opponents 😁

  11. Might have already been covered but well done again to the media for last weeks witch-hunt on Willie Collum.


    Managed to convince whoever the brother was at ipox on Saturday that not sending Hun players off is the correct path. Naughty Willie – get to your lower league fixture.

  12. Several mentions yesterday that some have been saying we are going to hammer a team at some point, yesterday it all clicked, the passing through the lines, the overlap run, the cut backs or across the face of goaL passes are the most difficult thing to defend, mott passes on the ground,



    its wonderful to watch, and you know what i think we will do it again , and again,




    this season , we will never stop.



    the midweek game, play anybody, and we go again.

  13. SAINT STIVS on 29TH AUGUST 2022 12:11 PM





    ‘that anyone thinks its ok to kick an opponent in the head is just unbeleivable’







    From which we learn that your tendency to indulge in strawman arguments isn’t confined to politics.

  14. Really like the look of Mooy also. Doesn’t waste a pass. We only have two defensive minded players in the team (two CBs) but the workrate of the team (all 16 of them) makes it very difficult for teams to create chances against us. Of course, this might be different against Real Madrid, but I definitely expect us to make chances against them.

  15. Following the rules its a Red card all day long for Fletcher.



    If not then we are getting managed differently from other teams.



    The same as the fat Columbian is refereed differently.



    Cheating to the core.



    D :)

  16. I suspect it will be a while before Celtic play another team as pusillanimous as that Dundee Utd side again.

  17. Yesterday 2 of us cashed out at 4-0 and 1 had 9-0 in play only 25/1.



    It was a great day and magnificent performance by all of our Bhoys.



    Roll on Wednesday and try and get back from this game with no injuries.



    D :)

  18. ERNIE LYNCH on 29TH AUGUST 2022 12:50 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 29TH AUGUST 2022 12:11 PM











    ‘that anyone thinks its ok to kick an opponent in the head is just unbeleivable’
















    From which we learn that your tendency to indulge in strawman arguments isn’t confined to politics.






    You think it is ok for a player to kick someone on the head ?

  19. IMO, yellow card for Fletcher was correct.


    Separate point, surprised we didn’t sub Joe at half time. Not sure what was gained by him playing second 45 with stapled head

  20. Ross County F.C. v Celtic F.C.


    Premier Sports Cup


    31/08/2022 7:45pm The Global Energy Stadium


    Referee:William Collum




    Alan Mulvanny




    David Doig


    Fourth Official


    Craig Napier

  21. glendalystonsils on




    Ross county’s 2 principal assasins are suspended for Wednesday , that should help in avoiding injuries to our key players .


    Callaghan in particular is quite capable of crocking a couple of our key players while only picking up a yellow card .


    Unless of course , Malky McKay instructs his replacement to do the needful .

  22. SAINT STIVS on 29TH AUGUST 2022 12:58 PM



    Do you think it is acceptable to indulge in strawman arguments?

  23. LA — huge talent / 20 going on 21 so a lot more to come.


    AB — I think that he needs time on the pitch / position is secondary.


    Bit raw for starting LB but has something to offer.



    MF balance still not right.



    RH is the guy we should be building our team around.


    Still got the ability to put a simple 10m pass straight into touch.


    However his mobility / energy vision are incredible.



    The feint / drop of the shoulder to get the ball forward in the build up to the third goal was top drawer.



    Interesting to see how he handles the CL / how he is marked in the CL?



    MO’R took sometime to get up to speed and then he became very effective.


    AM looked good when he came on — he understands MF play and his positioning was excellent.



    CMcG — still waiting for his season to start.


    Very flat game — outshone in the MF by a high energy GT.


    Not sure he can start in the CL except as an emergency left winger.



    Here’s hoping we get another two in — MF’er a priority.


    Clone of VW would be perfect.



    CCV + CS — CL CBs would be a worry but they are experienced players.



    Hoping AP makes some moves on the transfer front,


    AA — not looking like a great signing — PL special at every level.

  24. In the interest of safety ,should we instruct our goalkeepers not to dive at an opponents feet.



    Of course not. It is after all a contact sport. Joe Hart is not the first nor will he be the last to suffer such an injury.



    To reiterate, nobody in a crowded pub though it deserved a red.



    We were also bemused that Joe appeared for the 2nd half.




  25. Football: more dirty cash and blood money



    Poor Steve Bruce! The sacked Newcastle United manager says he was really upset to be described as “a fat waste of space and a stupid, tactically inept cabbage-head.” He should count himself lucky. At least he left with £8 million and wasn’t tortured, then murdered and dismembered on the orders of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the club’s new owners, like the American journalist, Kamal Khashoggi.



    Newcastle’s long-suffering fans got so excited by the Saudi takeover that they dressed themselves as towel-heads, to the embarrassment of the club, who have told them not to do this anymore. The fans were probably too ignorant to know about Khashoggi’s fate, and probably wouldn’t have cared about it anyway.



    Or not as much as winning the Premiership and the Champions League under their new multi-billion pound desert saviours.



    Bruce is a decent man who deserved better treatment by the unforgiving Geordie fans. He achieved huge success with Manchester United as a rugged defender and was a good coach who succeeded in keeping the Magpies in the Premier League with minimal financial help in the transfer market from the previous owner, Mike Ashley. It is a mark of his essential decency that he said on leaving: “I am excited by the club’s future.”



    The Premiership has been so extraordinarily successful that it is doubtless shouting in the dark to protest that too much of it is already owned by men with a criminal past – “built on dirty cash and blood money,” as one critic put it. If Fifa can give the World Cup to the slave state of Qatar, reform of the concept of a “fit and proper” person to own a football club seems unlikely.



    For me the rot began with Roman Abramovich’s purchase of Chelsea in 2003. Until then they had been one of my favourite clubs, with memories stretching back to the great days of Peter Osgood, Alan Hudson and Charlie Cooke. But however shady his background, at least the Russian oligarch clearly loves his football.



    A previous owner of Manchester City – and former Prime Minister of Thailand – was convicted of corruption. A Leeds United owner was described by an Italian court as a man “with marked criminal tendencies and capable of using every kind of deception to achieve his ends.” Birmingham City had an owner with criminal convictions and suspected connections with Chinese gangsters.



    Saudi Arabia were initially turned down as putative owners of the Newcastle club. But a call to Boris Johnson from the Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, seemed to clear the way to a deal.



    The Crown Prince was described in the Sunday Times as “an authoritarian thug straight out of the Middle Ages, a man who presides over the murder, torture and repression of his opponents,” who has launched a new crackdown on women who try to improve their lot.







    As a man of high integrity and principle once said, ‘I have decided not to put another penny into soccer.’ Well, words to that effect, so ignore the quotation marks.



  26. EL – what I’m wondering is – how will the VAR manage incidents like that – during the match, everybody would have looked at it and taken a ‘he had the right to go for it’ approach.



    But when you look at it on screen, it looks like a card should have been given – and here’s my point-



    how will the refs manage this? Everyone can see the images and how will they continue the biases which occur during wangers games. I say this in all honesty.



    It’s going to be very interesting how they’ll manage it – everyone can see the images and will be able to compare all the incidents throughout the season. Reckon they’re being ‘trained’ in it now.

  27. AN TEARMANN on 29TH AUGUST 2022 1:04 PM



    Unique angle



    quite wonderful watch, at pitch side level you get to see all the fluidity of the movement, and the obvious players to pick out for the balls across the box, its magic, its magic.



    barcelona, real madrid, who they trying to kid ………..



    the mini huddle after the 6 or 7 goal, callum says “we dont stop, cmon”.

  28. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    What a team. Unbelievable array of firepower. The job Ange has done since coming in is beyond description. Transformation doesn’t do it justice.



    Dingwall midweek is never easy for us, Defo a potential banana skin, though I fully expect a win.



    First goal against the huns is crucial. They’re a strong team and if they score first will be very difficult to get a result against. If we score first, they need to come out, which will suit us. Very difficult to predict the outcome with confidence.



    Real Madrid? Normally I would expect a spanking, but with this team you just never know. We can score against anyone.