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  1. SFTBs,


    I saw the penalty.


    In the highly dubious category.To say the least.Just another day.

  2. Greenpinata,



    Joe Hart is growing and Growing.



    I mentioned @ the Time when he enabled a wee Lass to get a picture on the pitch with Jota.



    Alloa is a cracking place. Just a shame they have a ranciid Management team.

  3. SFtBs @ 9:37 PM,



    We are in broad agreement here about the feeling in Scotland and the will of the Scottish Government in regards to sectarianism.



    What it looks like we’ll not agree on, is that the premise that locality and communal element is crucial in this regard.



    Also THEBHOYWITHMCGRAININHISSIDE pointed out the rather catch all “sect” element in sectarian.



    Yet for this to make sense we have to push on with these definitions. The locality is relatively easy to understand the communal element not so much, you may have seen my post in regard to the evolution from the WoS Catholic, Protestant divide to the hotch potch we have today.



    My point regarding early seventies graffiti with street gangs, morfing into FTP and FTQ wasn’t so well made. Lads from the schemes would join street gangs to fight lads in gangs from other schemes.



    Protestant and Catholic lads fighting side by side representing their scheme.



    By the late seventies that changed, the gangs melted away and Catholic and Protestants stuck to there own more… “the Catholics are cliquey”, one phrase I heard from the time.



    It still remains, in Scotland (and elsewhere for that matter) we are seen, as BGFC puts it, two sides of the same coin.



    Now the polity, despite what you say, is important and the people in WoS demographics are crucial – let’s break them into three factions…



    The great and the good – the two sides of the same coin citizenry, SNP, Labour, Conservative – GG



    Unionist, Protestant, Rangers, also has a right wing British element – UPR



    Republican, Catholic, Celtic, also has a left wing Irish element – IRC



    Now the “indigenous” problem from the UPR perspective is easy to identify but dealing with it a mixed bag.



    Their sectarian singing and chanting is often illegal as Westminster Law stands and if there was a will could be so dealt with.



    Things like their sectarian marches much more difficult to cope with, there seems to be a clear appetite to deal with anything overtly illegal at these marches (spitting on Catholic Priests doesn’t make great copy for the Scottish Government). But the event itself while obviously sectarian is not only legal but a “Scottish” tradition.



    The IRC issue much more complicated, while the GG sees two sides of the same coin and the “Irish” traditions and Religion as a somewhat foreign import, there is little illegal in their “sectarian” ways, including the chants and songs. It is only when there is overt prejudice and bigotry – the add ons – as we call them that these become illegal.



    The GG just see these factions as a pain in the proverbial and an embarrassment to Scotland. Of course they see the overtly illegal goings on, the violence, bigotry and then the boorish, leery behaviour, as BGFC puts it. They just want it gone away.



    Of course when it comes to judging UPR sectarianism, a IRC section joins the GG in the condemnation and when it comes to judging IRC sectarianism a UPR element joins the GG in the condemnation – cognitive dissonance again!?



    Scotland would like a law of equivalence but


    why would Westminster even begin to get embroiled in a Law that would mean the expression of Irish culture and the singing of Irish folk songs in London is illegal – of course some Tories would love that but not happening this Millennium – again the Polity is important.



    However IRA songs are a different matter, the IRA are loathed in England, they are as you say a proscribed organisation so those songs are illegal.



    As both you and


    THEBHOYWITHMCGRAININHISSIDE stated, pointing that out, or acting upon that in itself will be reason enough to have youngsters belt out the war tunes at Celtic Park



    Having a granddaughter with traits of oppositional defiant disorder and having helped support ASD, ADHD adults, exhibiting the same it’s very easy for me to understand that.



    Yet it doesn’t change the fact, as many Celtic supporters have stated today, Celtic Park is no longer the place for the rebs, it’s a Club open to all, it has a Global football set-up and we can embrace our universality. The English, Japanese, Australian etc don’t need to hear about a war in Ireland one hundred years back or even twenty five years back.



    There is a section in the WoS who big up and are boastful about the IRA – I make no judgement or comment on that but consider this, in the last ten years I found out at least two of the lads I went to school with and I think at least three, had dad’s in the “Ra”, knew nothing about it at the time, it was all very hush, hush…



    The thing is of course, most of the hard cash that goes into Celtic coffers is IRC cash and the bigot buck is important to the Celtic Board, so what will they do? You seem to have a good handle on that, so it seems to come down to a willingness on their part to act… Cough! Cough!?



    The fact remains, there was a hard won peace agreement in the North of Ireland last Century. Surely the young bhoys can respect that. We are in the third decade of this Century, Celtic need to  be a forward thinking, forward moving football club.



    That means enjoying the game, having a craic but leaving the pseudo Republican stuff outside the stadiums.



    Hail Hail

  4. CHAIRBHOY @ 5:39




    A well-written, well-researched & informative piece, with a number of important observations. Any fair-minded supporter would be hard-pushed to take issue with your post.

  5. Chairbhoy….none of these sings are illegal…..you can buy them from any good music store or any music platform…..indeed I bought a CD recently (October) from Amazon …entitled…Irish rebel songs….A Nation Once Again…..


    As for foreign people feeling uncomfortable on hearing the rebs…..that’s not my experience at all….. .it is far more likely parts of the local population feeling uncomfortable.


    Again I reiterate tho I felt the add ons to North men South men in poor taste and should be consigned to the bin..

  6. Unbelievable that the shower in hampden HQ have sided with that mob across the city and picked on Kevin Clancy . Is it worth the our while even turning up in a week or so , we play them with a confirmed sevco season ticket holder in charge , did Celtic even enquire why collum was swapped for madden to referee our game I fear we’re up against it The blazers have made a complete mockery of the game up here and have stitched us up here , I think it’s time our club started putting some effort into challenging the cheating and one club bias going on . It’s also time to take action against the media in this country , they pinpoint our club day and daily with negative stories yet they attend press conferences at Celtic park , lennoxtown and are offered courtesy and no doubt hospitality , it would make you sick us continually accepting there hatred for us .

  7. I should also use the correct term for the song….On the one road……not north men south men of course…..but I think everyone will know what I mean……..well the celtic fans will !!

  8. Chairbhoy,



    That’s been a right ole crusade my friend for the last few days but I’m not convinced. When people start labelling irish folk songs versus the rebels to define Ireland’s complex past and present they start revising it in a way that would make FF/FG blush in the South.



    Having the backing of JHB should give you an indication of how far to the right you’ve strayed on this one fella.




  9. Meanwhile, on an issue that is actually important to Celtic.





    Well said that man, but why is it being left to a player to raise the matter?



    From today’s Herald.







    ‘GIORGIOS Giakoumakis has criticised Alloa for the “dangerous” play that “crossed the line” and resulted in three of his Celtic team mates suffering injuries in the Scottish Cup fourth round tie at the Indodrill Stadium on Saturday night.



    But the Greek striker, who opened the scoring in his side’s 2-1 victory, has expressed confidence the Parkhead club can cope if captain Callum McGregor is ruled out of the cinch Premiership match against Rangers on Wednesday week.



    McGregor left the field in the first-half of the Alloa game after suffering a head knock that manager Ange Postecoglou later described as “significant” and Liel Abada and new signing Yosuke Ideguchi also failed to last the 90 minutes.




    Giakoumakis, who was making his first start since recovering from a long-term injury, admitted that he was unhappy about Alloa’s physical approach to the fixture.



    “The game against Alloa was out of the limit,” he said. “It was too dangerous, the duels, the markings. We had to get through it and take the win and, if it was possible, stay away from harm. We didn’t achieve that part.


    “I can say that the opponent didn’t have the quality that we do. It’s normal with all the respect. They had to try to run more than us and be more aggressive in the duels. Sometimes they crossed the line and the markings were a little bit more tough.


    “We should take care of ourselves too. I don’t want to speak about the referees. I will never speak about the referees. It’s our job in the lines and in the end we’re really happy that we won and we’re in the next round.”


    Giakoumakis added: “I have to wish him (McGregor) the best of luck for a speedy recovery. He’s a leader for us. Maybe it’s something serious. We’ll miss him a lot, he’s a key player for us and I hope he will return as soon as possible.


    “But we have the depth in our team and our squad. Everyone can be in the first 11. That’s very important at a club that has big goals.”



    The 27-year-old, a £2.5 million signing from Dutch club VVV-Venlo back in August, was pleased to score the second goal of his Celtic career and admitted he wants to establish himself as the Parkhead club’s first choice striker in the second half of the 2021/22 campaign.



    “I’m very happy I got the goal,” he said. “I’m back after a long time and the most important thing for me is I’m fit, I’m healthy and I helped my teammates and my team to get into the next round. Also, from now on I start my season. I hope I can be healthy until the end.


    “That was my goal since I started here. I try to push a lot. I missed pre-season, I didn’t have a pre-season. After that I had surgery on my injured knee, but now I’m back, I’m fit, healthy and I’m really happy for that. If I’m fit and healthy I will be the one.


    “I’m not happy about that (scoring twice in three starts). It could have been three starts three goals but I missed the penalty. It’s something that’s really in my mind. I try to move on and I hope from now on I will score in every single game and help my team.”


    Celtic suffered a 2-1 defeat when they played against Hearts at Tynecastle in their opening cinch Premiership game back in July and Giakoumakis is keen to help the Glasgow club avenge that loss in Gorgie on Wednesday night.



    “It’s going to be a tough game against a strong squad,” he said. “We will face them like any other team before. We will play our game and stick with our plan. If we are as we have to be then we won’t be afraid of anything. This type of game is a big chance for us to show that we are a strong squad and we can beat anyone in this league.”

  10. last week



    Susie Dent






    17 Jan


    Word of the day is ‘sparple’ (14th century): to deflect unwanted attention from one thing by making a big deal of another.

  11. Jackson speculating that Kyogo is basically out for the season. I had been hoping that we were playing it very canny with Kyogo so as to repeat the cup final trick of naming him in the team for the huns. If he’s out for any significant time then our gamble at St Johnstone has cost us very dear.

  12. Thanks for the comments ghuys, you will be pleased to know I have a busy few days…



    So aff oot



    Hail Hail

  13. An Dun



    Not that I would trust Jackson to tell me what day it was, if Kyogo is out for a long stretch then I’d hope a wee cheeky winger/striker loanee wold be on the cards in the next week.



    Rumour that man could be Karamoko’s brother…




  14. Sometimes I miss the odd thing over here.Can anyone tell me the reason the Referees were switched for the 2nd.Was there a reason given?

  15. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Calum was lucky not to be out for a significant time in the first league game against Hearts -the tackle from Halliday was an absolute shocker.



    The shoulder to his cheek on Saturday – as others mentioned yesterday – would have been a red card in rugby, never mind football.



    The tackle on Guchi – another ankle breaker.



    The one being discussed by Mike McCurry in that video posted yesterday when the The Rangers man wasn’t red carded – another clear cut leg breaker – a total shocker.



    I’m sure there are others this season – these are just the ones fresh in the memory.



    Celtic and other clubs – the managers – need to get together on this. Their players are at serious risk given the ‘lax’ view of the laws of the game here. Celtic, as others have said, have a health & safety duty to employees. Injuries happen in football – it is inevitable in contact sport.



    However, failure to apply the rules governing serious foul play means that players are at a greater risk than should be the place. Again – from rugby – if a referee failed to apply the laws related to dangerous play that put an opponent at risk – that referee would be binned (maybe we could bring back Dom to consult on the proper application of laws of the game!)






  16. If Calum is out for the time forecast,then we have to bring in a replacement.No is or buts.We do not have anyone to play this role.Calmac missing changes the whole dynamic.It was bad enough with Rogic and Turnbull out,but this is now our whole midfield missing.We are patching up with players of different style.Circumstances have changed.What looked a terrific squad has now been decimated by injury ( Again ) and Internationals.We need someone in.

  17. TB,



    Let’s see what Guchi, Hatate and O’Riley bring to the party. I think we’ll all be mighily surprised and pleased.




  18. I am a tremendous admirer of Callum McGregor and have been for some time now. At his best he is a magnificent player.


    However there is no doubting he has not been as effective as he can be in many games.



    We need to shift surplus players prior to bringing any more in, especially as a temporary measure. We have a large squad for a reason.



    And our finances must be taken into the equation. As any regular attendee at Paradise will tell you, we must spend money on our stadium.



    HH, the journey will continue.

  19. TURKEYBHOY on 24TH JANUARY 2022 10:53 AM



    TB, agreed with the sentiments of your post, but if I may I would like to change just one word; “…… squad has now been decimated by BRUTALITY (again) and Internationals ….”



    Hope that’s OK.



    Ave Ave

  20. Greenpinata…



    Taking just the last 6 matches against der hun, we’ve failed to register a win and Callum has been sent off (26 mins) and scored an OG in a 0-1 reverse.



    When viewed like that you can probably see why I’d like to give their midfield a different challenge. One that’s quicker, more aggressive, better tacklers and a bit of an unknown.



    I think our 3 new bhoys, and especially the excellent Reo, could actually be an upgrade in the middle. Sure, we will miss in experience but as above shows it’s been a pretty miserable one for Callum that looks like a pattern.




  21. lets all do the huddle on




    Hi, the new article will be up a noon……”





    a new poster



    wonder if he’s a hun

  22. I think Bitton has been excellent for us in midfield. He’ll certainly give us better defensive cover than CalMac. The transition may be slowed down but with Jota and Forrest coming back, that shouldn’t take too much tweaking to sort out.



    That’s not to down play CalMac who is a top player for us, however, we can make adjustments and the players are there to fill in.



    Kyogo if rumours are true is a far greater worry.

  23. i couldn’t work out live on Hesgoal on Sat how we managed to have such a big hole on our left at Alloa goal. I’ve scanned through the highlights on YouTube and offer this:



    We are breaking out from something with the ball back with Alloa in midfield (not sure if a corner, FK or just an attack0



    all 3 forwards go into the middle to press the midfield and the ball goes back to their CH



    McCarthy is the only player on the left and they have 2. Bitton realises and moves across (no sign of Scales)



    Alloa see the gap and play the ball wide and then up the line. Not very fast either.



    Rogic is more advanced so we now have a bit of a gap i the middle as Bitton has moved left



    Now we see where Scales is; in the middle to right. Ralston is in RB position so why is Scales there? No matter, he can fill in for Bitton



    Scales proceeds to mark no-one and lets Sammon go past.



    Welsh is too far out and sprints back to remedy this and runs past Sammon




    So, why was Scales where he was? If we had come out from a corner, I can see he would have come off post on the RHS, however, Ralston seems to have been able to get back to his side so why not Scales ?



    The central press was OK for me. If Scales and Welsh had been in position then the cross may have been stopped or Bitton could have helped out Welsh on the header



    Anyway, my team for Hearts is





    Juranovic CCV Starfelt Taylor


    McCarthy Bitton Hatate


    Forrest Giakomakis Jota



    Subs we might use: Johnston, Abada, , Ralston(push Juranovic forward),

  24. Coneybhoy – Can’t play Bitton and McCarthy together. Slow as a week in jail.



    Play O’Riley. He’s fit and in form.