Automatic CL qualification a year’s extrapolation away


Buoyed by two seasons with two clubs competing in the Europa League group stage, Scotland have reached 15th in the Uefa coefficient table.  If they hold off close challenges from Cyprus, Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Switzerland, this will be enough to deliver two Champions League qualification spots for season 2021-22.

This is of no more than passing interest to perennial champions, the 10th and 11th spots are where it gets really interesting.  Champions of the 10th and above place country get automatic entry into the Champions League group stage.  If the previous season’s CL winners have already qualified from their domestic league, as is usually the case, the 11th place country’s champions get direct entry into the group stage.

Ukraine and Turkey currently occupy 10th and 11th spots, with Austria, Denmark and Czech Repulic also ahead of Scotland, but for the next three seasons, Scotland will lose fewer points than each of those countries.  By contrast, we are ahead of all five countries last season and this.

Extrapolation is the scourge of the hopeful and we should not necessarily assume Celtic and Newco will continue to gather coefficient points at the same steady pace.  But, if we were to extrapolate, this season’s performances for Scotland and the five countries immediately above us, we would overtake Ukraine, Turkey, Denmark and Czech Republic by this time next year, leaving Salzburg-inspired Austria in 10th and Scotland 11th.

The Champions League qualification competition is difficult but it is doubly difficult through the non-champions route (only two places are available this way), so I’m not too worried about splitting the Scottish TV pot with another club.  The importance of nine and ten-in-a-row does not need to be stated, but a £40m bonus could sweeten the 11th successive title, should we get there.

Coming our way soon will be a fifth European spot, so points currently divided by four will likely be divided by five in season 2021-22.  Let’s hope the American money arriving in Aberdeen shortly can up their game in Europe.

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  1. Jobo,



    Pretty much the exact same first 3 (5) I’ve selected.



    A cracking and controlled performance by Celtic that augurs extremely well for future games in the European arena.



    Some games you just know that the Bhoys have given Everything possible to get a result – and dinnae get what they deserve. I thought last night was probably one of our best performances this Season with that in mind.



    Lazio winning is mega IMO.

  2. Corkcelt – agreed. And definitely one of those players that really gets us. Also one of the few (unfortunately) to get in the refs face when needs must. The spine of our team pretty much picks itself now – Fraser, Kris and Chris, Broonie and Calmac and Frence Eddie.

  3. Just Before the Celts take on the Newco for the first Time over a table – I’m glad Brendan Treble Cleft when he did.



    In Your HEAD



    NFL is a Tactical Genius.



    Most importantly an absolute Fighter.

  4. Corkcelt



    I am that man,like the big man and hope we’ve got him on a long contract. As Jobo says he is always in the refs face if one of our boys gets done.



    Norgies R US

  5. Looks like Ruiz has an easy win, unless its a carve up.



    The dude is scared of Wilder and Fury, IMO.



    Lenny is Liconic and is a serious Gift frae the Almighty.



    I Hope Gdansk happens.

  6. Hail hail bhoys and girls from Hua Hun, Thailand. Watched game in a NIGHTCLUB and had a few dozen folk singing YNWA after.


    Nir Bitton is a quality player and I’m glad to see him on the park. Kris has improved to become a quality CB, and I’m sure he will continue to improve.


    On the park things look rosy; but wtf is going on in the boardroom. Canman, you must be so frustrated. I had a few beers with Morrissey23rd immediately after the 2013 AGM and the line was that the board didn’t want to make it an OF issue. Celtic was on its own; no support from any other club. This is true, but the board is defo not telling the whole truth on the matter. Pretty much everyone who is interested will have read the various copies of the 5WA which have been circulating since 2012, so PL is defo lying when he says he hasn’t seen it.


    I can’t see how we make more cash with the Huns being around than when they were ” on their journey” through the leagues. There is no fathomable reason to not call out them and the SFA over the same club issue. Do the Huns have some evidence of collusion by our board during the 2012 shenanigans? I think we should be told.


    Sorry for such a long post.


    Btw anyone know the best place to watch the final on 8th?

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    As you say keeping rangers separate was a priority but when the spent the rest of the time telling us we must go through the body we wanted investigated, they were Mekong it about rangers.


    It’s like, if Res12 had asked for an investigation into rangers application, they would have and on many occasion did tell us the application was privileged info, so we should ask rangers, when we remind them the topic of the Res they tell us this must be cleared up first.



    So at the start we were clear it was not about rangers, they. And the SFA both made it about rangers and maintain d that strategy right up to the 2019 AGM.

  8. Good morning CQN from a very very crisp -5 Garngad ⛄️⛄️⛄️


    I might put a long sleeve t- shirt on today. 😂



    Corkcelt – I appreciate bug Kris, always have he is a fantastic young talent with a big, big future in front of him…but that doesn’t mean because I didn’t vote for him I don’t rate him.



    I might just see that particular game and indeed any game differently from you.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Morning from a very cold -7° Trossachs, thank goodness the central heating works in the caravan😵😱

  10. @tammckenna1888



    @chris_sutton73 @Record_Sport The club are complaining about 500k euros in fines, but are determined to block Res12 where poor governance by the SFA cost them around £10M.



    What`s really going on with the board Chris, maybe you could do a piece on that. 🤔

  11. Corkcelt


    I think most Celtic fans rate Kris very highly. I have no evidence for that statement :-)


    Off for a cold but sunny game of golf.


    Cheerio for now




    When Desmond was questioned outside CP about his shady tax affairs his response was to ask he reporter if he was a Rangers fan. Whilst it was a throw away comment it’s aninsight into how the PLC Board think. He knew exactly what he was doing.

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Good morning CQN from a bright, blue skied Central Highlands. Mercury has slumped to -8c, but it feels colder. Red Army hat looked out.



  14. Celtic Football Club have been complicit since 2012.



    A club like no other.




    CFC sweep corruption under the carpet and Peter Lawwell is a lying b***ard and you can take that to the bank.

  15. I’ve got a question for @Auldheid



    You keep saying you want good governance in Scottish football so I have a question for you.



    If you’re serious and I mean serious about cleaning up our game then you’ll hand the documents to the police and if you don’t corruption in this country will continue.



    I’ve always said if you allow cheats to cheat they’ll continue to cheat and this is what those parasites running our great club have just done they’ve gave the Scottish FA the green light to do as they please.



    Whereas if we called it out and took it the whole road then they would think twice about breaking the rules again.

  16. CORKCELT on 29TH NOVEMBER 2019 11:28 PM


    Jobo. Think you & me are among the few to appreciate Ajer. Makes the odd mistake but never hides & gives his all. A midfielder being played out of position. Love the ghuy.


    CORKCELT on 29TH NOVEMBER 2019 11:46 PM


    Just need the 4th ghuy to fess up now Norrie & the Club will be complete.



    Corkie, I think the world of Big Kris and think he puts in a shift EVERY game, no exceptions. Never hides, works his socks off, never shirks a confrontation. Obviously still loads to learn, but his learning curve is a steep one and rising fast. I would love to hear, for my Celtic Christmas, an extended contract for the big Mhan. He wasn’t in my top three for Thursday night, but I gave him an honourable mention in my email to Jobo (as well as the Rennes fans who I thought were easily the best visitors we’ve had this season).



    Ave Ave

  17. Weebobbycollins


    According to the Gospel at Mass this morning St Andrew along with his brother Simon (Peter) were the first to be called by Jesus to be fisher’s of men. I don’t remember hearing the h word being mentioned.


    But every day is a school day on here.

  18. Today’s CQN Coupon –


    The Exioled Tim – Nottingham Forrest


    Jobo Baldie – Motherwell


    Awalkacrosstherooftops – Derby


    Lennybhoy – Bristol City


    Gerryfaethebrig – Edinburgh City


    Pogmathonyahun – Wigan


    Bobby Murdoch’s Curled Up Winklepickers – Cheltenham

  19. WeeBobby, If he was a Hun he most likely framed Judas. Maybe we will have to start calling le petite merde Andy from now on.

  20. Fisherman choon is from 1977 .



    Around the time of letting a 0-2 half time lead at Ibrox become a 3-2 win for them .. John Dowie /Jim Casey etc . . Hard times

  21. I have selective amnesia when dealing with historical Celtic results, I remember the great wins as clear as day but have absolutely no recall of any bad defeats.




    _ Yes – I think that too .



    77 -78 was a pear shaped season .



    My abiding memory is being absolutely humped by Innsbruck in Salzburg . . ( can’t remember why that game was played in Salzburg !!! )

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