BBC editorial standards on Celtic complaint


I consume tons of BBC material, TV, radio, Sounds and online.  It is the most value for money media out there (apart from CQN).  It has is critics, those who would do away with it and leave the road open for the global conglomerates – that is never how they see it, of course, but I would campaign for its continued independence.

When Celtic marked the death of Shane Warne, a long time Ange Postecoglou fan, their choice of photo was attacked by a BBC correspondent on Twitter.  Unfairly so, judged the BBC Editorial Standards Board, who issued a takedown notice.  The correspondent did as he was told, albeit without the grace to apologise.

For a long time Celtic have been a cheap hit.  Politicians and journalists have felt free to work in the darkness of innuendo, an indication of the drop in standards across public life in general.  Some standards are worth maintaining.  We can only hope lessons will be learned.

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  1. “When you think of the job that Ange Postecoglou has done to get Celtic into position to win the title and possibly even a Treble with a Scottish Cup quarter-final looming against Dundee United on Monday, you have to be impressed.







    “But not half as impressed as you are when you consider he’s actually done it all since the turn of the year without his best player.







    “Makes you wonder where he’d have had them if Furuhashi was fit.







    “Celtic are three points ahead in the Premiership after 30 matches.







    “Furuhashi has started just 12 of those. With two sub appearances. That’s just 14 outings. The guy hasn’t even featured in 50 per cent of the top-flight games.

  2. The standard of journalism is sometimes found to be very low when it concerns Celtic.



    It’s almost inconceivable that an English journalist would act with such utter boorishness towards one of their clubs.

  3. Tom McLaughlin on

    Just been told I have a ticket for Tannadice on Monday.



    Made my weekend.




  4. Paul67 et al



    Celtic FC should have or must insist on an apology from Tom English or else ensure he is persona non grata at the home of Celtic Football Club for the foreseeable future. His reaction to the statement in question was both venal and gratuitous. Cannot imagine what was going through his mind when he made it.


    Oh wait a minute……

  5. Paul 67,



    For all its faults the BBC is worth saving.


    I am sooo glad we have Angie.


    The Celtic Foundation set the standards in Scottish football.


    Wisper it, but the treble is on.



    HH to all.



    PS : I fear some of my recent posts have fallen below the standards of CQN. If I have upset anybody, I apologise. We all have an obligation for civility, decency and respect.


    Memo to self, practice what you preach.

  6. That Bam, English usually carries some snyde refence wrapped up is a supposedly off-the cuff remark when talking about us.


    His recent piece on Broonie had a couple of remarks that I thought smelled a bit.



    He knows which side his (short)bread is buttered.

  7. Paul67, it was always thus. Saying nothing hasn’t worked. Speaking out has some merits.



    There is a Scottish version of the truth that is printed and broadcast.



    ITV sports the other night….glorious victory, absolutely no mention of two disallowed, or was it three, goals for RSB.



    Child abuse enquiry – pictures of Celtic Park or excessive usage of Roman Catholic Church referred to. Never the other lot.



    All printed and broadcast by all too willing editors. They should be the focus of our ire….




    ….and don’t buy the rags.

  8. BANKIEBHOY1 on 12TH MARCH 2022 1:11 PM


    That Bam, English usually carries some snyde refence wrapped up is a supposedly off-the cuff remark when talking about us.



    His recent piece on Broonie had a couple of remarks that I thought smelled a bit.




    He knows which side his (short)bread is buttered.






    Agreed, reading it I was thinking what did Scott do to this guy?

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  10. Didn’t know it was English. I thought it might have been Goodlad or McIntyre.



    Celtic DO need to speak out. I would imagine they will not get very far in Scotland. Take the complaints to London.

  11. Good to see you highlight this Paul.. Call them out.


    GREENPINATA.. Met you a few years ago in the BV, a top bloke, post what you think is right in your opinion, others will have alternative views. HH

  12. Aipple – yep……..



    Deliberate choice of words and analogies and allusions – sleekit, snydery……….Shortie at its most hurtin’ worst.


    He should stick to the Wugby or gowf.



    In most other areas of the Beeb I’m a big fan, but the scoddish fitba dept ( shortie) is a hunned-up glee klub where every punchline is Celtica.




  13. The difference 40 years makes in the presentation of news



    1982 Falklands — The BBC at least made an effort to be even handed / show two sides of the story.


    2022 Ukraine — The reporters on the BBC are competing with each other to make Russia an even bigger bogeyman than it already is.



    These people are reporters — they follow death and destruction around the globe for a living and are expected to explain a confusing situation to the world.



    No fan — ever / the bare torso routine was just so sad dad — of VP or Russia now after they invaded but in the end the hypocrisy gets too much.


    Every other conflict is told from the side of the strong / mighty / the rich with little care given to struggles of the poor / downtrodden / weak — so why the change now?



    There is / was no shortage of footage of hospitals being blown up in Gaza / Yemen / Libya.


    Just a case that the media rationed it and in the case of Gaza had an IDF talking head available to justify it and take the focus away from the civilian casualties as if we needed to be lectured out of our ignorance by a twat in a hat.



    The news reporting looks to be driven by a western establishment media grid with too many reports and accusations coming straight out of news management central.



    Barrel bombs — Syria 2016 now Ukraine 2022.



    We now have a hierarchy of destruction as long as it doesn’t include stuff we boast about.


    No mention of who popularised there use — the US in Vietnam for clearing jungle when Agent Orange was taking to long would be a good place to start regarding thermobaric munitions.



    Hoping against hope that the slaughter in Ukraine stops now but heartily sick of the toytown reporting in the UK.



    It should come as a surprise given the reporting of the SPL.


    Beware an establishment with an axe to grind .


    And a media that shout how high.

  14. Has anyone done the census 2022 ?



    many of the questions have me baffled as to why the government want to know.



    and i dont want any comments back about the nats, I am just saying like.

  15. How well can you understand, speak, read and write English?


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    Very well

  16. Can you understand, speak, read and write Scottish Gaelic?


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    Understand spoken Scottish Gaelic


    Speak Scottish Gaelic


    Read Scottish Gaelic


    Write Scottish Gaelic




    No skills in Scottish Gaelic

  17. Can you understand, speak, read and write Scots?


    Select all that apply


    Understand spoken Scots


    Speak Scots


    Read Scots


    Write Scots




    No skills in Scots






    disappointed no question about ulstur scuts

  18. I see the Lawyer handling the abuse cases,had another 12 come forward,and has now asked for more to do the same.Now,considering the length of time involved,deaths,memories of witnesses,is this now developing into a free for all.Virtually anyone who played at the time could now come forth.Who is to say true or false?.

  19. How is your health in general?


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    Very good








    Very bad



    what am i a doctor ?

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    I added Botswana , Chile and Denmark

  22. Jedi missing again.






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    Church of Scotland


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  23. I agree with Paul on the overall beneficial value of the BBC. I also, up till now, have found no particular fault with Tom English. He is a journalist after all, not a Derek Johnstone-like cheerleader for Celtic, or anyone else. His piece on Scott Brown was balanced in our former captain’s favour, and of course that was his reason for writing it. I have read it again and find no fault; those who do must be want to be offended – a trait not uncommon with some on this blog.



    The Shane Warne(RIP) thing was crass and unworthy, but I don’t think it was aimed at defaming anyone. It was a mistake – bad judgement! The BBC have now made their position clear – so too should Tom English.



    As Ange said the other day, players make many more mistakes than referees – an astute observation. We are all human, even journalists. Tom English is worthy to be called a journalist, the majority in Scotland, sadly are not.

  24. What do you feel is your national identity?


    Select all that apply






    Northern Irish









    a trick question everybody knows i identify as a Port-onion

  25. KDS to the rescue — thread on the need to rebuild the old Main Stand.


    Quite a few saying that it is badly needed — a few mini Yetis saying no / no / no.



    Surely we need to start the planning now.


    Games selling out on a regular basis.



    If not now then when?



    My thoughts — £100mill budget total rebuild of the Main Stand and the Corners.



    Club puts in £20mill.


    Loan / Bonds put up £80mill.


    7K extra seats — 67,525 for some reason sounds good.


    10K extra seats in the attic for high days / holidays / tourists.



    More padded seats / more choice / better facilities = Much bigger matchday spend.


    Back in the day too many thought FMcC was mad with his season ticket / 60K vision.


    Turns out that he was spot on.

  26. What is your ethnic group?


    Select one option only



    The next question asks you about your ethnic group in more detail




    (including Gypsy, Traveller, Roma, Showman / Showwoman)


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    Glasgow Irish

  27. Which of these school (secondary or high school) qualifications do you have?


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    left school in 1982. literally 40 years ago, what is the relevance ?

  28. One for the Military fetishists





    Have you previously served in the UK Armed Forces?


    Select all that apply



    Current serving members should only select ‘No’






    Yes, previously served in Regular Armed Forces


    Yes, previously served in Reserve Armed Forces



    Shipyard loyal and Bishopton ROF,

  29. Court case — beware.



    Beware the Downing Street catering lady who suddenly makes it into the papers.


    The story folds — as it was meant to do — and so does the truth that couldn’t keep up.


    The truth that involved a certain loudmouth — egg unfriendly — MP who was inspired by JM’s big pants.



    Move on to the AS court case where some of the accusations collapsed under the weakest of scrutiny — as they were meant to do — to deliver a fog that would see him not proven in the real case.

  30. In the last seven days, were you doing any of the following?


    Include casual or temporary work, even if only for one hour



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    Doing any other kind of paid work




    None of the above






    Although I am off on maternity leave I did put a shift in erecting wind-turbines on the isle of harris, did a cash in hand boucers job at the old burns howff and a wee freelance column for the bbc

  31. What is (was) the name of the organisation or business you work (worked) for?


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    Professional Goalkeeper at Rangers FC

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