Be like Martin O’Neill, not Alan Shearer


Ask anyone who has never played the game, managed, or run a football club, and they will tell you how easy it is.  In reality, success and failure on or off the field is determined by complex and interdependent factors.  You need to be a footballer to understand, that even in this modern time of sports science, how fatigue affects your performance late in a game.

You need to be a manager to know that scoring more goals is not just about putting two up front instead of one, or that encouraging players to pass with more urgency can cause undesired outcomes.  Few of us have the benefit of these experiences.

Then there are those who should know these complexities, and at one time, maybe did know, but are now lost in blissful ignorance.  Alan Shearer, you have been called out.

Martin O’Neill distilled his 31-years managerial experience into eight words for Shearer, who criticised Fulham’s Ireland international right back, Cyrus Christie, saying, “Maybe that’s why he [Shearer] only managed eight games”.

Alan, if you knew more about football management than you did, perhaps you would have recorded more than a single win in the business.  Your knowledge of management is not sufficiently useful to extend your game experience to double figures.  Worse than that, despite an illustrious playing career, you have forgotten that all those complexities and interdependencies exist.

There’s a debate to be had (another day) about who makes the better analyst, a former player or a  trained journalist.  The journalist will never know just how hard it is to make a 20 yard pass when you are so exhausted you can hardly see.  But too often, former footballers do not use analytical skills, which is pretty important when analysing.

Easy answers are offered for complex problems continually.  Why did Fulham ship five goals to Arsenal?  Maybe it was because Cyrus Christie took it upon himself to play as wing-back for the day, as Shearer suggests.  Or maybe it was a combination or several players actions, as well as tactics, counter-tactics, relative economic resource, the break of the ball and a dozen other things.

Martin O’Neill added, “[Shearer] should have prefaced things by saying ‘I don’t know what the manager has said’ because, at the end of the day, the manager has asked him to stay up the pitch and not worry about getting back.”

Be like Martin, not Alan.  People who offer simple solutions to complex problems usually have a huge knowledge gap.


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  1. MIT-if only I could say like you?


    Look out for a 3page answer coming your way once he googles the big words?


    It seems?

  2. Travelling back from a day out stopped at a mall – shop displaying Celtic top – not a hundred one in sight – matter of fact nomanure or manciteh


    Time for tea

  3. MiT



    `On this point, it is (not seems like) Game, set and match to Fairhill.`



    Then we are watching a different game.



  4. celticrollercoaster on

    MARSPAPA on 10TH OCTOBER 2018 10:12 PM



    That indeed was an interesting defence that was played by the establishment. Well played indeed without any insult meant to any condition that Calderwood was suffering from. I think in hindsight (easy to say now), we played the whole game wrong here, from what I understand was available as incriminating evidence.







  5. MIT



    “our posts are replete with expressions that do exactly the same… Today’s post include such phrases as



    ‘I find it hard to believe that P67 intended …’




    ‘To me it reads more about being informed…’




    I think the point FB is making, and it is a valid one, is that you have been hoisted on your own petard.”




    Right from the start of this debate, which is a continuation of the “Paul promised us the league forever” debate, I have been consistent in saying that there were alternative meanings to the “black and white” interpretations being placed on them.



    Those alternatives include the ones you have just highlighted.



    I am not the one saying I “KNOW” what Paul67 intended to say ; that was your petard.



    The crux, as always is the question no one has answered yet:-



    Do any of you believe that a serious and sober man was promising you that Celtic would win every league from here to eternity?



    Since, no-one has answered that question, am I safe in assuming (and I know an assumption when I make one) that no-one does actually believe that?



    If so, why is he being accused of triumphalism and hubris?



    Definitely my last word on this matter tonight

  6. MEA CULPA on 10TH OCTOBER 2018 10:18 PM


    Naismith quite clearly hates Celtic players with a passion. Not only does he go about kicking lumps out of them, he also likes to stand over them, abusing them as they lie on the ground having just endured one of his assaults.



    And this all somehow gets forgotten because both players are now wearing a Scotland shirt?



    I don’t think so.






    I remember thinking the same about Shinnie after he tried to do Brown. There are half a dozen in that Scotland squad that the Celtic boys will loathe to share a dressing room with.



    Throw in the fact they are going from BR to EBT Eck and it’s some come down and a recipe for disaster. And it is proving exactly that.

  7. I have just watched a truly fascinating programme about mathematics ( On BBC 4) and I am wondering if some kind of Fibonacci (Sp) sequence could be discovered re time between a good Celtic victory and the end of harmony on CQN.


    Goodnight all,



  8. Hello again all you young rebels.





    Good morning Ed from a sunny spring Melbourne.


    Haven’t seen young Emma for a few weeks but i know she’s o.k


    as she’s been in touch with Paddymac.


    Are you still working down south?


    Hope your piling all your dosh up for your next visit to the


    rebel peninsula 8-))


    H.H Mick

  9. Smith, 47, leaves Brentford, who he led to top-10 finishes in the Championship in each of his three seasons as boss.





    Dude that succeeded the Magic hat. Remember him ?



    ” VILLA WANT BRENDAN ” they said




    Just appointed Dean Smith and John Terry




    I blame Peter Lawwell CSC






    ‘Villa snub Rodgers’

  11. TET- to be honest I hope they struggle on with big red ?like I want the newco to do the same??

  12. ‘Dean Smith has guaranteed John McGinn first team football’



    CQN 11/10/2018



    Low blow CSC

  13. Roll up, roll up, roll up, the SFA are holding an unpresidented raffle, tickets are only £5 of your hard earned pounds, prizes are as follow, follows….


    Third Prize…. A week on the committee


    Second Prize …. Two weeks on the committee


    First Prize….A month on the committee


    All the proceeds will be put to a good anti Irish cause.

  14. SFTB, I’m glad you’re leaving it there.



    I know people who i think behave the same you seem to do. You appear to grind people down on semantics and never ever paper to be in the wrong.



    Personally, your posts, how you respond to people are one of the things making this blog less appealing.



    As for the reference to “hauners”, that honestly seems to me to a bit of a dog whistle, given the occasions and reports of cyber bullying on here.




    Football managers undergo nothing like the formal education and training that is undertaken by solicitors, so I think your previous comparison was invalid.


    I also think Alexander the Great found a pretty simple solution for the Gordian knot.

  15. Still have no idea who Dean Smith is, must have gone under the radar to usurp Brendan, never mind the new boss in the market, the Slippy one, destined for greatness so he is, amazing how he is never mentioned for all them great jobs, when in reality we know why, they want to keep him.

  16. Marspapa


    Saw Jimmy Calderwood holding court in Esquire Anniesland amongst his adoring Knightswood Masonic brethern, recently. This was before they jumped a taxi through the Clyde Tunnel to the match at Ibrox.


    In the words of Jim Royle. “Dementia my arse.”



  17. Marspapa- if the shoe was on the other foot…..we would still be in Div 3…..,the phrase ‘ no appetite ‘,starts at the Celtic Board…..hiding behind fans,who are spending fortunes on Res 12,and the ‘fellow Celtic fans ‘ on the Board, are stonewalling it? As I have posted before, is someone in a position of power on the Celtic Board, susceptible to blackmail? Why are we not asking the rules to be applied, and then some?


    We have become embarrassing, as we are hiding behind the Turnbull Hutton’sRIP,DU & Aberdeen support, who said it’s not happening, when the backdoor was open for them.The LNS Sham, it goes on and on until the present day,the semi final carve up.We have Peter Lawwell, who IMO,is looking to be a Made Man at UEFA,he won’t say boo to a hun,compromised ?

  18. DHARMA BAM-his hauners post?


    ‘Dog whistle ‘!


    Did you see who posted right after the hauners one?






    Before i go .



    We (Winning Captains CQN’s ) had all the incriminating evidence ..it was gargantuan the amount he had at his disposle of the deceit Celtic faced (other clubs also ).



    Firstly he told all and sundry he/they had it , i asked him , i hoped you’ve copied all of it ……..



    The next thing he told us it was confiscated ….and the follow up was Jimmy Calderwoods story of the carve up of the end of season games had to be shelved because of Jimmys health ….i could maybe be wrong . Hope he would come back on here and clear up once and for all where we are as a support stand in all of this now .



    Anyhoo nite nite .



    Ps … i used to take Paul67’s leaders / words as Gospel……niavecsc

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