Beaton threshold on kicking, stamping and the rest


We deservedly lost at Ibrox on Saturday, so it would have been inappropriate to apportion any responsibility towards referee John Beaton, for the free reign Newco player Alfredo Morelos had to kick Scott Brown, stamp on Anthony Ralston and assault the genitals of Ryan Christie during the game.

These things occasionally happen in football (although seldom in such quantities) and are picked up by the SFA review process.  What is exceptional about these circumstances is that the review process is unable to act as the referee claims to have witnessed each incident and determined no action was worthy of a caution or more.

Beaton will have mitigated his decisions with some or other explanation, perhaps with “It wasn’t that bad a stamp” type comment.  This is how the process works.  The system is rightly designed to protect referees and allow them latitude to make decisions, including the occasional mistake.

It is not always easy to view common assault for what it is, in fact, it is easy to get carried away with an occasion and raise your threshold for such matters.  It is only human to be affected this way.  But this is bad refereeing.

Beaton could have taken the easy route out and claimed he missed one or more of the incidents, each was off the ball, after all.  That would have allowed the review panel to dispassionately decide if such attacks are to be prohibited, or encouraged, in our game.  Instead, he affirmed that in his view, there was nothing in Morelos behaviour worthy of a caution.

I have no idea what Dedryck Boyata said to earn his red card from John Beaton against St Johnstone earlier this season but I defended the referee’s decision that day.  You have to trust match officials to competently carry out their duties.  Do I still trust John Beaton’s views on kicking players, stamping, genital punching and the like?  No.  His views and significantly out of line with mine.

I don’t see a conspiracy in what happened this week, just a referee who was not up to the job.  A good referee would have cautioned Morelos for the first incident (kick on Brown).  This may have prevented the more serious attacks on Ralston and Christie, but the Newco player was not even spoken to after any of the incidents.

These are not easy games to officiate but this was not a game full of controversy or incident, only one player and one referee lost the plot.

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  1. My Spurs supporting son in law was saying he heard from a “reliable” source that we are talking to them about Victor, either loan or purchase. If true I’d love that.





  2. There is absolutely no chance that Herr Beaton received a death threat. All smoke and mirror deflection to avert the gaze.


    A joke




  3. Before we get excited about Wanyama I just want to be clear about his classification on CQN…



    Is he an ex-Celtic project ?






    A failed EPL hasbeen ?



    You win nothing with Loanees said a man once…. :)

  4. Paul (or is it Paul?) awaiting the other two signing announcements (along with Burke) before publishing today’s leader?

  5. SoT I was at that game in Boagheid, a crown of us bipartisan football supporters went in tae see the return of one of the founding clubs of the Scottish Football League, won the first title BTW sharing it with a Kinning Park side, to the top level.



    They also belted out “eff your Harry Harry, Lou Macari, Kevin Barry”, and “Jimmy Johnstone is a fairy eff the Pope and the Virgin Mary”



    That was in the first half only, Boagheid was one of those grounds that you could change ends at half time. The mental Brucehill Tim’s in the crowd walked over there and after a few sore faces the singing stopped.



    They had parked their supporters busses at the Common adjacent tae Dumbarton Central Station, about a 10 minute walk fae the ground, wisnae a windae left in any of them when they returned.



    A couple of years later I was back, we we’re playing the next day , it was during the 3 day week so Sunday games were allowed, not a peep out of them.



    FAN-A-TIC on 7TH JANUARY 2019 3:31 AM










    Do you think that reasonable , decent Scottish people would have a favourable view of the IRA and its activities ?






    There are some reasonable Scottish people but unfortunately they are in the minority.












    Profoundly disagree with you on that point .






    Absolutely agree with your condemnation of SOME Scottish institutions and the Scottish media in general.






    However , I can`t condemn people who misinterpret historical songs with songs which glorify terrorism.






    eg. Do you consider ” Derry`s Walls ” to be a historical song , ergo acceptable , or an offensive Orange hymn of hate , much beloved of bigots ?





    Derry Walls






    Have never had the temptation previously to know or read the lyrics.






    Just did. This is a sectarian song mentioning directly the Catholic King James II, chrimson blood, swords and shields, rebel death,






    Not just an offensive “hymn” of hate, but a song of sectarian hate revelling in revel Catholic death.






    What is your comparative choice of “hymn” sung by the Celtic support,Macjay?






    MWD it’s only been 12h 12 mins. I thought your google skills were far better Macjay.

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