Better for both parties that Lustig moved on


Modest understatement: we got our money’s worth for the wages paid to Mikael Lustig, who confirmed last night he had left Celtic.  He joined from Rosenborg in January 2012 on a free transfer and leaves on a free, winning all eight league titles, four Scottish Cups and four League Cups in the intervening period, becoming one of our most decorated players in the process.

In 2013, Mikael had surgery to shave bone from both hips.  It is remarkable that his career at the top lasted this long, but, perhaps as a consequence of changes to his physical mechanics, he has suffered regular injuries since.  At 32, so the story is not over, there will be a place in the game for him, just not at the level Celtic aspire to.

Football clubs have a tendency to keep favourite players beyond their peak years, when they are running as much on reputation as ability.  Had Mikael stayed, it would be either for this reason, or because we were not going to recruit a replacement.  It is better for both parties that they moved on.

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    “ Lots of phone calls are being made “




    John Kennedy







    Thanks, i had almost given up.

  2. *phone rings*



    ‘its for you’



    “who is it?”



    ‘It’s Peter Lawwell’



    “tell him I’m not in”

  3. Phone calls :



    John Kennedy outgoing call..


    Neil Lennon answers :



    “Alright gaffer… how’s it going ?”



    “No bad John, just canae get this tin a beans open… whats the craic with yourself?”



    “Aye, no bad… Couldn’t get our Amazon account to work this morning. We’re short on those traffic cones fur training”



    “Don’t worry bout that John… there’s half a dozen empty Greggs cake boxes, in the kitchen at Lennoxtown. Can you not use them in the meantime.”



    “I guess so Lenny… Let me phone wee Duff and see if he can bring them out with him. Although, I need to watch all these phone calls. Big Pedro has put a bar / limit on my phone boss. Only allowed 3 calls a day”



    “Sound… catch you in Tennents later, we’ll catch a few scoops”



    “Braw Lenny… see you there.”

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    CELTIC Football Club announced today that Nick Hammond will be joining Celtic on July 1 to work with the Club, initially across the summer period.



    Holiday cover for Lawwell ?

  5. traditionalist88 on

    BHOYLO83 on 20TH JUNE 2019 3:07 PM


    I know we always appear to be slow off the mark when it comes to the transfer window but i dont see any other clubs, anywhere, doing much business…. apart from Sevco





    To be fair, someone pointed out 2 weeks ago there had been 50 transfers completed in the Bundesliga so far. Thats now up to 64:






    It is still early days. But of course we have early matches…

  6. the board can influence future by planning for it. Improving team/squad. Standing up to cheating which is as bad as ever on/off pitch. They made a bit of effort when there were empty seats. As long as Celtic try their best on and off pitch then I am happy. But they are patently not doing so for the team the last couple of years. We have lost our first choice defence from last year (assuming KT goes or is recovering from injury) But don’t seem to have one replacement.. 3 weeks from first CL qualifiers.

  7. jinkredstar



    Just checked the new Laws myself Jinky and it turns out that if the Goalie infringes the Laws of the Game, any of them, and the ball enters the goal, a goal would then be awarded. The problem I have with this type of rule making is its’ absence of logic. (the pass back rule is another of my pet hates). For the offence (of not remaining on the line as written) the goalie must commit it before the kick has been taken. Must. And yet the referee needs to wait on the outcome before deciding whether an offence has been committed. (see Passback rule) The Ref cannot be playing advantage as elsewhere in play decisions, because the ball is not yet in play. Will we now have a change of rule at set pieces where fouls are given while the ball is dead? A lot of potential there.

  8. Two weeks to go and lots of players gone and no money spent.


    The people who run our club should decide if we are a football club or a business.


    If it is a business and no money will be spent then rather than store cash in the bank I have some suggestions.


    Build a big shiny new hotel. That could be a nice little earner.


    Buy 10 to 12 MacDonald franchises. The munching masses can’t see to get enough burgers. Very profitable.


    Close down lennoxtown and build an enormous old folks home. By the end of the century people will be living to 125 years of age. Should make some money.


    Look and plan well ahead said the man with big plan.

  9. Go tell the Spartim on




    This was the strategy on the back of the leaked transfer targets list, was it not, it wouldnt surprise me in the slightest if some of that were true.

  10. I believe that anyone reading CQN who is not aware of what has happened in Scottish football over the last eight years would assume Celtic is going through a dark period in its history.




  11. What has maybe lost in all the rule changing fiasco is that he law relating to goalkeeps has actually been relaced – previously both feet should have been on the line, whereas now it’s OK as long as 1 foot is. What has changed is that the rule was actally rarely enforced unless there was a blatant infringement.



    With last night’s farcical decision the question that should be asked is ‘what adavntage is Lee Alexander deemed to have gained by being, what, 3 inches in front of her line when the ball was struck?



    VAR should be being used to correct serious obvious errors that have been missed or wrongly judged by the referee. When the referee has made the decision in real time (Exhibit 1 – not to award Argentian a penalty; Exhibit 2 – to regard Lee Alexander as having saved the penalty) then when they check VAR and find that those decisions were not ‘obviously or clearly’ wrong, then the referee’s original decision should remain unchanged.



    In my opinion.



    PS – Good evening, friends


    PPS – still pure ragin’


    PPPS – going to take my anger out on a wee white golf ball tomorrow!

  12. Any neutral who is unaware of Celtic, could read up on lots of historical achievements and successes.



    I don’t really think its a pertinent point.



    However, if the same neutral was presented with employee Ins and Outs over the last 18 months, I’m sure said neutral would start to get the picture.



    Outs : Erik Svievchenko, Stuart Armstrong, Moussa Dembele, Derdryk Boyata, Michael Lustig, Patrick Roberts, Mousonda, Benckovic, Burke, Toljan, Allan, De Vries, Rodgers, Davies, Toure, Driscoll, + more


    But listen to Mark Guidi, last night and that clever lad will have you believe we need to shift personnel out the door, and drive our wage bill down.



    Ins : Edouard, Shved



    Now both economically, and in terms of football resource, above strikes me as a huge imbalance.


    Lots of incoming revenue, lots of savings


    Reduced squad numbers


    Where’s the return ? Where’s the additions ?

  13. Thunder Road on




    Good shout at 1.15



    Send an invite to the bawbag hun(so insignificant i don’t know his name) that actually had the temerity to mock Mikael recently when the injury he was carrying, gave way, to come watch him.



    Personally i think we should have kept him here for another season at least.


    Despite a lack of pace now, he still has so much to give us from the teamate he is behind the scenes to what he has still managed to contribute on the pitch…….would we have got over the line to complete 3×3 without him?


    Who can say, but despite his legs having supposedly gone he still managed to set us on our way with a fantastic goal v the sheep and a pinpoint headed pass to seal this teams place in history.



    I cannot believe we have let the man go, never mind doing it without a replacement signed.

  14. Money in the door









    There’s another severe imbalance / disequilibrium

  15. Hot Smoked on 20th June 2019 5:05 pm


    ‘I believe that anyone reading CQN who is not aware of what has happened in Scottish football over the last eight years would assume Celtic is going through a dark period in its history.’








    Given the failure to challenge the same club narrative that would be an accurate assessment.



    Principles matter.

  16. Mike in Toronto on

    Hot Smoked@ 5:05



    I would think that anyone who IS aware of what has happened would assume that Celtic is going through a dark period. Because, I think it is. In fact, I would say this is the darkest period in Celtic’s history.



    Over the last 8 years, Celtic have (at best) said nothing about the cheating…. and, at worst, are implicated in covering it up.



    For me, trophies were never the most important thing … being a club that stood up for something is more important than trophies. If you can have both, great… but, integrity counts for more than silver.



    Our failure to speak up about the cheating is a blemish on the soul of our club that no trophy, or series of trophies, can wipe away.

  17. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Don’t panic – but I can’t help it !!!!!!!!!!!!



    Nicky Hammond probably a bright young thing with a bit to offer



    He has just got himself a summer job !!!!!!



    Now perhaps Mr Hammond has promised PL a number of players all for a modest fee and minimal wages


    PL says fine you have a job until the clocks change and if you don’t deliver you are out the door



    Or perhaps PL has another candidate for the job but can’t get him until summer is over


    Maybe PL has explained this to mr Hammond who is happy with a summer job and could earn a few quid if he strikes the odd deal



    I have no idea, but there is no doubt that recruitment of players who can go play in the first team with the possibility of improving enough to sell them to the EPL is the backbone of our club



    But it’s OK to give the responsibility to a guy with a summer job



    As I said dont panic !!!




  18. Dermot Desmond putting 3 million into Shamrock Rovers,well he should be putting into Celtic Park,which is needing a good luck off paint,I don’t think it’s had since Fergus McCann’s redevelopment.

  19. Good move getting a DoF in….worrying it’s only happening now….does not inspire confidence in player recruitment to date this window

  20. Getting Mikael, an established Swediish international playing for Rosenborg who were making quite a splash in European football at the time was an ambitious move by Celtic. Mikael is still a fixture for Sweden who always manage to get to the finals of every major international tournament. It remains to be seen if Celtic can deliver another defender of the Swede’s calibre in the coming weeks. Well done Mikael for your time as a Celt and best of luck in the future.

  21. Nicky Hammond is it?



    Just anurra organ o’ r’at bored…………dancin’ to the choon o’ Liewell and co……



    No’ happy CSC

  22. At the moment any optimistic Celtic Fan hasn’t a chance here, and that’s Ok, However when things eventually work out as they have done in recent years there will not be a word of apology or regret.


    As far as I’m concerned most of the lads who have already left won’t be missed, Benkovic, Boyata & Lustig will.


    These 3 need replacing, I fully expect they will.


    We have one new signing already & that is Marian Shved, and by the looks of his performances in the Ukraine he looks a good one. I’m sick of saying it but we have 4 or 5 players who were injured back.


    If the Arzani loan was announced today there would be a degree of hope & satisfaction the reality is it might as well be, he is starting from scratch with us.


    If we replace the 3 defenders we will be well on our way, how about holding fire for a couple of weeks, we will get ghuys in.

  23. 67 European Cup Winners on

    So who is good enough to start who do we have that is a stand out and plays (injury suspension aside)


    Bain Tierney Ajer Forrest McGregor Brown Christie Edouard



    Who is not bad/not great but capable now and again


    Simunovic Ntcham Rogic Hayes Gordon



    Who can be the future


    Dembele Johnston



    Who can we call on if needed but we would rather not


    Sinclair Bitton Ralston



    Who is left and unknown for a lot of reasons


    Kouassi Arzani Shved Hendry Bayo Griffiths



    So 8 definite starters



    Thats why Im panicking



    Mr Hammond you have some work to do in the summer




  24. whitedoghunch on

    bankiebhoy1 a Hammond is traditionally always heard through a Leslie spin speaker……


    all will be fine

  25. WDH…………..



    I note your response but I very much doubt it………the mood-music doesn’t sound good……….us fans and other angrycelts need to know the score.



    Encore CSC

  26. Paul67 et al



    I must admit I’m getting fed up with all the speculation around our club.


    Can somebody local* get across to Lennoxtown, check out the bins and give us the definitive account of the players in and out.


    Oh, and no abbreviations please, time is off the essence.

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