Better for both parties that Lustig moved on


Modest understatement: we got our money’s worth for the wages paid to Mikael Lustig, who confirmed last night he had left Celtic.  He joined from Rosenborg in January 2012 on a free transfer and leaves on a free, winning all eight league titles, four Scottish Cups and four League Cups in the intervening period, becoming one of our most decorated players in the process.

In 2013, Mikael had surgery to shave bone from both hips.  It is remarkable that his career at the top lasted this long, but, perhaps as a consequence of changes to his physical mechanics, he has suffered regular injuries since.  At 32, so the story is not over, there will be a place in the game for him, just not at the level Celtic aspire to.

Football clubs have a tendency to keep favourite players beyond their peak years, when they are running as much on reputation as ability.  Had Mikael stayed, it would be either for this reason, or because we were not going to recruit a replacement.  It is better for both parties that they moved on.

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  1. A Director of Football joins initially for the Summer. This is weird. Something is going on. My guess is that Lawwell’s negotiating skills are being questioned. The players have been identified. They just need to sign.


    Lawwell has been a very good CEO, but he’s been in position too long. It would be good for him and the club for him to move on. We need fresh blood at the top.

  2. fairhill bhoy on

    Initially across the summer ?


    What does that mean exactly ?


    Who’s on trial here,him or us?

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Love Lustig. Great player and character. I’ll happily eat a policeman’s hat if we replace him with someone with a better pedigree.



    I’m not sure the club is clear about its aspirations. It looks like we’re making it up as we go along. We have appointed a temp player recruitment guy today? Will start next month, for what, the duration of the window?



    This is beginning to feel ominously like last summer. The leak, the Turnbull saga, no early signings when the team’s crying out for them in key positions, a late temp appointment. All feels a bit rudderless. I’m sure my instincts are wrong…

  4. ernie @5:26 and MiT @ 5:39



    In that area, I agree with both of you. The posts to which I was referring, though, were not to do with that unsavoury matter.




  5. CORKCELT on 20TH JUNE 2019 6:47 PM


    Well said, the window has only been open 7 days. Although we want deals done sooner rather than later, Agents and Players are in no rush to commit. Some Players are still on holiday. Julien for example has been here and had a look around. He’s now on holiday, not that I am saying he’ll sign.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  6. I’ve been asked by a few huns in the work if I was up for a bet on the next SPL title…



    One bet is a tenner a point at the end of the season, couple of others I took is a ton to the winner.



    That has been the shift with the hun support.



    We’re being seen as penny pinching, which in the past couple of seasons ( I know the Trinity Treble) none canny really argue with that!



    Point being… Get the finger out and buy what we obviously need to strenghen with quality that is affordable to us. the Ten becomes reality.


    I continue to rip the pish out of thems as my bank balance increase. Simples. ☘️☘️

  7. From Express and Star:


    Hammond has been out of work since Albion sacked him in April 2018 following his two-year stint at The Hawthorns.


    He lost his job shortly after chairman John Williams and chief executive Martin Goodman following the disastrous appointment of head coach Alan Pardew.



    Hammond also has an association with ole snake eyes from his time at Reading.

  8. Big lustig was a player but the decline in preformance over the last 2 years was very obvious. Boyata often gave me the fear but had some good qualities. Benk was good but played very little because of injury.



    We clearly need a rightback and centreback. i would not be to upset if We did not add anymore in the middle, wide or up top. We have a lot of player proven and unproven ( returning from injury, just in the door and kids).



    We have had one eye on the future with gutman and perez being signed up so dont get the talk about lack of forward planning, same with bayo and shved.



    We still have to many players that should go in compper, hendry, miller, mulumbu, bitton, benyu and gordon. Sinclair and ntcham may also go if correct offers come in.



    So yes there is a lot of work to do, but most of it should be outgoings not incomings.




    Keep going with your info and snippets.



    You really are a breath of fresh air on here when I read some of the **** that gets post on here by, ahem, Celtic supporters.



    You going to the golf tomorrow?

  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    Given that Lustig was our best RB. And DB and FB were our best CB’s then it’s a helluva lot of work to be done

  11. Go tell the Spartim on

    Fairhill Bhoy



    If we had a history of getting ‘our man’ for whatever position we needed filling then maybe they’d get some slack.



    Think we’ll be net sellers this window, Ntcham, KT, Sinclair would be my guess and not a hot will be given by the board or by most on here

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    If you check back on here both Lennhbhoy and Catman confirmed he was leaving, so going by your premise he must’ve wanted too, thankfully his mind was turned. Here’s hoping he’s still with us for the season .



    Apologies to both mentioned above if I got that wrong but I dint think I have

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    What bits difficult



    You said he’d move if he wanted to so last year he must’ve wanted to at some point



    If your trying to be a smart arse fill your boots

  14. whitedoghunch on



    apols was away for tea


    I too often see poitive outcomes


    A trait a furious devout drench I doubt would cure


    looking forward to the football


    Have a great day all at Aberdor

  15. PHILBHOY on 20TH JUNE 2019 8:40 PM



    KT will not move unless KT wants to move.



    Full stop.





    What bit do you not understand?



    OK, KT will not move unless KT wants to move.



    Has KT moved?



    I’ll give you anther hint if you like.

  16. fairhill bhoy on

    PHILBHOY-@ 8:40pm


    It’s never that simple though is it ?


    Well done your nieces boy?




    I’m thrilled for the kid.



    He is a lovely wee bhoy and certainly looks a bit special on a football pitch.



    Time will tell!

  18. Go tell the Spartim


    Presumably there was an offer for KT which Celtic were willing to accept IF KT wanted to go but KT did not want to go.



  19. GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 20TH JUNE 2019 8:24 PM



    Given that Lustig was our best RB, yes but that said very little given the compitition.



    DB did not want to start the season, And missed 2 massive chunks of the season and FB played about 20 games.



    Ajer was our best centreback last season but was overlooked because he is younger And cost less. Also thought jozo showed up well at end of season.



    People are overestimating what we need and underestimating what we have. If celtic actually signed up a rightback and centreback in the first week of the transfer window the mood in here would have been so upbeat. The solution is GO get two quality played for our most pressing need

  20. fairhill bhoy on

    Just so you Aberdor goufers know,I had the great pleasure of playing with my big pal MARSPAPA yesterday and his driving and putting is superb.?️?️?️?️?️?


    You’ve all been warned ?

  21. Catch 22 with the excellent George Clooney on Channel 4 at 9pm so


    Cheerio fron me.



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