Brendan juxtaposition, but for the grace of God


You will have noticed minds elsewhere have recently turned to the most difficult question in Scottish football, how will Celtic’s inextricable domination of Scottish football be stopped? If you have been reading CQN for as long as I’ve been writing it, you’ll know the information you should consult on this question is the financial fundamentals.

Celtic’s domination was assured since well before it was predicted here (in 2004). Our only opponent worthy of the name was indulging in an orgy of irresponsibility. While the eventual outcome was more delightful than any of us dared hope, the consequences for the Scottish title were always going to end up the same way.

Celtic just needed to stave off the desire to join the lemmings, keep to a responsible budget, and their long-term outcome was assured.

But this is not the issue most commentators ponder when considering how Celtic will be clawed back into the pack, all they can see is a manager with the apparent Midas touch. While Brendan is here, the story goes, it’s not even worthwhile discussing Celtic’s domination.

I agree with this point, although I could add that Ronny won two leagues more than comfortably, Neil won three, and when Brendan eventually reties due to old age, we’ll be very capable of recruiting an effective talent.

There’s been a fascinating juxtaposition this week on the subject of Brendan as he secured his first title as Celtic manager. 11 months ago, when Ronny announced he was leaving, Peter Lawwell drew up his targets. Two names were at the top of the list, Brendan, and now-Sunderland manager, Davie Moyes. Both were interviewed and both knew each other was under consideration. I’m pretty sure Celtic were prepared to sign up the first one who would commit.

11 months on and, from 100 miles away, life seems to be disentangling for Davie Moyes. The jocular threat to slap a female reporter is systematic of a man who is losing control. After a promising honeymoon period at Sunderland, his team is destined for relegation, most probably as bottom of the division.

There is a haunting realisation in the North East that, like a struggling swimmer who has bobbed below the waterline a few times, the next time they are under could be a great deal more consequential.  Moyes’ reputation has taken more than a slap.

I remember Davie as a player (splay-footed and unconvincing), and wanted his as Celtic manager when Gordon Strachan resigned. His decade at Everton provides ample evidence of his genuine talent. These are the things my mind turns to when his name is mentioned.

When Brendan hears Davie’s name, what chance he thinks, “There but for the grace of God………”

We’ve got a great manager, but he knows he’s got a great job.

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Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. mike in toronto on

    Croppybhoy … I would be quite happy if TAL was stitched into every Celtic jersey … except, of course, wasnt someone in Glasgow convicted this week for shouting it at a Remembrance Day parade?



    I’m sure the police would consider shouting that at a football match (or wearing it on a jersey) a breach of the OBAFA

  2. South Of Tunis on

    Spitting Image did a fine version of Tomorrow Belongs To Me -starring Thatcher/Tebbit etc

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    The phantom farter and I are going to see Radiohead at the Green in July. Bet it’s the best show in Glesga this year.


    Thom Yorke Genius alongside Mr Greenwood.


    Canny wait. Been 9 years since I saw them same venue. The greatest concert of my life so far. :)



  4. Mike’s grip tightens




    Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley has won the latest round of a legal fight with Rangers over a merchandise deal.


    The Ibrox club ripped up its contract with Mr Ashley after it was alleged Rangers only received about 7p in every £1 spent on club products.


    Mr Ashley claimed the deal, struck with former Rangers chief executive Charles Green, was wrongly terminated.


    He took his case to the High Court in London where it has been agreed his litigation can continue.


    Deputy High Court judge Richard Millett issued a written ruling after hearing competing arguments.


    The judge gave no date for the next hearing.


    ‘Merchandise boycott’


    In May, Rangers’ directors said they were going to rip up contracts held with a merchandise company, Rangers Retail, which they ran with a Sports Direct firm.


    Rangers chairman Dave King, who took control nearly two years ago, and other directors were unhappy with the arrangement.


    William McCormick QC, who led the Rangers legal team, told Judge Millett supporters were also upset.


    He said fans became angry after learning the club only got about 7p of every £1 spent and had staged a merchandise boycott.


    Mr McCormick said fans thought Mr Ashley, who owns Newcastle United FC, pocketed too much of their money.


    He said there was a widespread view that no “self-respecting” Rangers supporter wore a replica shirt.





    We have Brendan



    They have Mike.

  5. South Of Tunis,



    You talk about Cern in a condascending way.



    There is no reason to have the Shiva statue outside the facility?



    Scientists wanting to do whatever.. The Symbolism is Always there.

  6. CITIBHOY on 7TH APRIL 2017 10:06 PM




    The tweet I mentioned.



    It’s not exactly a state secret that the song was written for the movie.



    Nor does it affect the argument.




    #Jason Kander


    Hey buddy, that song you love was written by my uncle. He’s been married to my other uncle for 40 years. And he’s a Jew.



    Sing it proud.




  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Straplines that could have been different:



    Carlsberg. Probably a bog standard pilsner type beer, with nice green writing on the font.



    Fudge. A finger of Fudge is just enough, to increase your childs chance of type two diabetes.



    Red Bull. Gives you a horrible twitchy buzz.



    Nike. Just slouch around and watch TV



    Kellogg’s Frosties. They’re Grrr…. sweeter than Cornflakes






    Well done Celtic, imagine trying to sell season tickets on the back of good news from the playing division. Whit they like eh?

  8. Delaneys Dunky on




    Surprising that it’s funny fae Graeme Speirs?




    I think he is a good guy at heart from talking to him.

  9. Mike in T



    Hello my friend I hope you’re well.



    Celtic are a business nowadays. That will mean that many of us will be delighted and disgusted in equal measure.

  10. Gweedore Celt on

    I’ll be backing two horses e/w in tomorrow’s Grand National. First up is One for Arthur, who has already done me a good turn in the Betfred Chase and Ballynagour @66-1. I hope I choose the correct one for my weekend nap???



    One for Arthur 5.15 Aintree.



    Good Luck and Happy punting Bhoys!

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Blaklion in the 5.15pm Aintree for me…….



    Voguepunter it is now neck and neck to see who gets a winner first, far more interesting than the top of the table stuff….. :-)



    Best of luck to all



    Cheers GFTB





    You seen the size of that fine big fella you just dissed?



    Ya madman!



    Anyway,I’m going for a weekend to remember-that’ll be the first since I discovered alcohol(!)



    Aberdeen in GFS and






    I’d be delighted wi both,happy wi either/or and will probably just have to settle for getting blootered as usual on my only night off each week.



    It’s a hard life…

  13. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    18:15 @ Aintree – So Celebre – NAP!



    Obviously don’t want the wind-up merchant VP to win the competition, however a wouldn’t begrudge the lhad a 20/1 winner today!



    Good luck everybody.

  14. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Firey Speech 2:20 Leopardstown.


    Still haven’t made up my mind about the National,


    good luck everyone.

  15. Lads,



    CQN Naps on here today please…



    and it’s a Get Out of Jail Free card for those lagging behind in the competition.



    Simply find the 50/1 winner of the Grand National, and you’ll zoom up the table !






    Good luck to everyone !



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  16. Morning Lhads, will go with VICENTE 5.15 Aintree.


    Good luck to all except GFTB :o) HH

  17. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 34 Standings (Apr 1st)



    A couple of significant movers last weekend – Bull67 charges up the leaderboard into third place after napping Lincoln winner (Bravery @20/1)… and our reigning champion tipster 16 roads is creeping back into contention to retain the trophy, after back-to-back winners in Weeks 33 & 34 (Duel at Dawn @5/1, Crackerdancer @11/4).



    However, Nye Bevans Rebel Soldier still leads the way.



    Gerryfaethebrig and Voguepunter are involved in their own little mini-league…






    +16.00 > Nye Bevans RS (9)


    +10.00 > Gweedore Celt (5)


    +9.68 > Bull67 (8)


    +8.58 > WWW(GBWO) (14)


    +7.50 > twists n turns (5)


    +5.00 > Cosy Corner Bhoy (8)


    +3.50 > 16 roads (8)


    +2.13 > BMCUWP (5)


    +1.75 > Fin 15 (4)



    -4.00 > TheBarcaMole (3)


    -4.08 > Dim Sam (8)


    -6.68 > fleagle1888 (7)


    -11.00 > Cathal (2)


    -11.75 > Fastbhoy (4)


    -12.00 > leftclicktic (6)


    -17.50 > Som mes que un club (3)


    -18.67 > 21-5-79 (2)


    -19.25 > Zihuatanejo (3)


    -19.50 > hashadenough (3)


    -21.50 > green T (4)


    -22.38 > Onemalloy (3)


    -24.50 > Graffitionthewall (2)


    -25.25 > ohits (2)


    -25.50 > Rockon (2)


    -34.00 > Gerryfaethebrig (0)


    -34.00 > voguepunter (0)



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  18. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Just setting myself up for a fall, am an expert at it……but so far at least G comes before V in the alhoabet so am only 2nd bottom on letter difference



    Best of luck to all (even VP :-)

  19. Lads,



    a very open looking Grand National, and my 2 selections against the field, are:



    Ucello Conti – NAP and The Young Master



    Be lucky !!!




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