Car salesman called in game of poker


The cabal failed.  Through their point man in the Highlands they thought had the numbers the null and void the entire league season.  Poker was the game of their choice and they intimated they had documented evidence of wrongdoing at the SPFL in their hand.  Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie must go!

Fortified, the SPFL called their bluff.  ‘We call you, show us your hand!’  There was no response.  It was pitiful.  Still, today, they call for an investigation.  Produce your evidence or, respectfully, shut your greetin’ face.  There is no evidence, but they cannot say that.  Consequently, they have left fans disillusioned, paranoid and bitter, not a demographic you would want to build an empire on.  All this when they need to queue to buy tissues from the supermarket.

For the record, Celtic have been significantly stressed throughout this period.  We held no aces; but if I were to list those I would never play poker against, Peter Lawwell would be in top spot.

We are not in the business of offering a job to an exec at a Championship club if he could provide a vote.  But we could offer experience, sincerity and assuredness.  This proved to be enough while the car salesman was ranting about Private Eye.

Now Ann Budge is to head up a working party to look into league reconstruction, I think we all know how well it will be run.  In her statement this morning, Ann is still expressing anger – at others, not at those who contrived to leave Hearts four points adrift of the third best supported team in the third largest town in Lanarkshire.

All the angst you witnessed since yesterday is all about stopping Celtic winning the league in the only way possible – by ensuring no one can win the league.  We would still prefer to complete the season on the park, but that will not happen.

This will be a memorable season in our Celtic supporting lives.  You have a tale to tell to future generations.  There is not a championship winning game to discuss, just a beautiful asterisk.  Own the asterisk; tell people that as the floodlights went out across Europe, we stood 13 points clear.  Tell them our asterisk denotes sporting performance, not cheating player registration.

This has been a sweet one.

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  1. CELTICFOREVER on 17TH APRIL 2020 7:49 AM


    Big Jimmy hope soon you can make up for lost time and get plastered







    Think UEFA have a meeting next Thursday so heres hoping its 9 in a row then




    i could buy Cary Oots and get plasterd in the the hoose by myself…but I have never been a hoose drinker…I enjoy the cut and thrust of a Saloon Bar…and slagging off any huns that I know…great fun !


    Stay safe mate.



  2. Melbourne Mick on




    Yes, it was on the news last night, and the store manager has become


    a national hero for telling him to eff off.


    Apparently he had stockpiled those 150 x32 packs bog rolls and 100


    LITRE bottles of sanitizer and tried to sell them online, but the online


    sales people blocked it , so he decided to take them back to the store


    for a refund.


    Feckin hun.


    H.H . Mick

  3. Philbhoy – I used to love the garden when my kids were small and had rockery’ and plants along the paths etc. Stripes on the side garden for the football for ma bhoy and his pals. Now though they are adults and it’s a chore I could do without, but having 2 grandkids and 1 who is Celtic and football mad and the other a baby, then I have to keep it and keep it Good for him/them and their football, trampolines etc.


    I am just a lazy bugger😂



    I would like to do some raised beds for vegetables and as they bhoy is a joiner he could build them as he did a mud kitchen this week but they will have to wait.



    I have been feeding and weeding the front and back and then re seeding some small bald patches it’s Actualy quite therapeutic.



    Anyway enough of my ramblings you have a good birthday🍺🍻🍺



    D. :)

  4. Coronavirus in Scotland: Clubs, pubs and venues face ruin after insurers refuse payouts


    No payouts even after cover bought for “notifiable diseases” – some told coronavirus wasn’t the reason for premises having to close !





    Live music venues, pubs and nightclubs across Scotland face a growing battle for survival after insurance companies refused to honour policies that cover infectious diseases.



    Despite many firms, including restaurants, hotels and event organisers stumping up extra premiums to cover issues like “infectious diseases”, “pandemics” and “notifiable illnesses”, huge insurance underwriters are squirming out of paying out.




    That is shocking, how many of these Pubs, Clubs etc will never re open.


    As for those Insurance Companies, dont they realise that if many of THEIR Clients who have paid their contributions each month/year could be lost for ever…and not re open…so the Insurance companies themselves will face a sharp down turn in THEIR Business and Income in the long term ?


    madness !



  5. CELTICFOREVER on 17TH APRIL 2020 8:13 AM




    well said ….



    I would NEVER miss them if they were gone forever…Celtic FC and the Support would move on and prosper….and the world would be a better place without them.


    stay safe.



  6. All good over the ditch Melbourne Mick. Great to see that you are all safe after your cruise quaro.



    Time to sit back listen to the buns rage and celebrate 9IAR. Hail Hail.

  7. ST TAMS on 17TH APRIL 2020 9:20 AM


    That’s the old Captain Tom on FF banned list . Signing YNWA radio 2




    I was thinking the same….wife in kitchen making brekkie, I walk (on) in waving my arms…….”Can you just sing the song without waving your arms”? NAW

  8. Just found this, no new deaths today from Wuhan.



    alert Wuhan (China), the epicenter of the pandemic, today reported 1,290 additional deaths that had not been previously counted and reported, bringing the total number of deaths in Wuhan from 2,579 to 3,869, an increase of 50%, as the result of a revision by the Wuhan New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control. As part of this revision, 325 additional cases in Wuhan were also added. Separately, China’s National Health Commission (NHC) reported 26 new cases (and no deaths) in its daily report [




  9. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    He doesn’t want knighted as he said look what happened to the last Sir Thomas Moore

  10. Big Jimmy – I just knew insurance companies would try and squirm out of their obligations.



    Having dealt with my house insurance company (same insurance company for past 22years) I know first hand how they try and wriggle out of payment when the time arises for a claim.


    You also need to be a Philedelphia lawyer (does anyone know why Philedelphia 😂) to be able to go through every piece of paperwork and understand it.



    Sorry if anyone on the blog is in the insurance game.



    D. :)

  11. David 66


    You also need to be a Philedelphia lawyer (does anyone know why Philedelphia 😂) to be able to go through every piece of paperwork and understand it.




    Because Mike’s in Toronto:)

  12. Alasdair MacLean on

    My take on insurance … first you have to prove you you don’t need it before they take your money.

  13. David66





    I would like to do some raised beds for vegetables and as they bhoy is a joiner he could build them as he did a mud kitchen this week but they will have to wait.



    What a coincidence! My grandson got a mud kitchen made by a joiner acquaintance this week!!

  14. if funny the 2 clubs that hate celtic so much are the huns and hearts by by as for partick feel sorry for them but thats what you get for naming a piece of shit for a manager mc coll is a wee rat mymates were at dundee when he was a player and they shorted him out big style you dont mess with duffy and mc cormack


    DAVID66 on 17TH APRIL 2020 9:50 AM



    LAWYER called hamilton frae PHILI.Went to NEW YOIK to defend newspaper publisher who wrote about the british royals and their running and ruining of the colonies.1788.Jist before CELTIC started cheating for titles.



    He claimed that what paper had published was true so could not be libellous

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DBHOY on 17TH APRIL 2020 7:37 AM



    After weeks of the numbers of new cases and deaths reducing in China there are worrying stats appearing ,in recent days there were single and double digit fatalities in China, latest number in last 24hrs is 1290.


    Hoping it’s some kind of glitch in the reporting of the stats. Very worrying if not








    I`m afraid any statistics coming out of a totalitarian state should be treated with extreme caution.


    Ignoring would probably be best plan unless there is independent confirmation.


    No chance of that .





    sorry was not finished.




    Anyway he won case and expression also refers to lawyers from PHILI who were very well read and knew every single tiny detail of the law.SMART ASSES .

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DAVID66 on 17TH APRIL 2020 7:24 AM


    Isn’t it amazing that you can talk to someone on the other side of the world in an instant.



    When you think back to writing letters and then phone calls and now the World Wide Web that allows blogs such ad this and people to communicate in an instant….Amazing



    D. :)





    Absolutely amazing .


    I recall watching ” Tomorrows World “. Late `60s ? and being told that in the future we would be able to see the person to whom we were speaking on the telephone.


    They didn`t mention that we would be able to do that with someone on the opposite side of the globe.



    Viva Telstar and eeerm Sputnik .


    I wonder if the ” nik ” was short for Nikita ?

  19. Macjay – I’m still waiting for the flying cars that we seen on tomorrow’s world years ago to take off. No pun intended.



    There is a good programme on BBC called Click that lets you see new tech stuff.



    D. :)

  20. Macjay



    Of course, stats from a totalitarian state have to be treatedd with the same scepticism we apply to Trump comments.



    However, the prospect of a rise in infections, as a result of 2 factors- easing the lockdown- and re-visiting previous death cause diagnoses – means that this was a well-predicted rise. The key for world economies will be in whether we can continue to be disciplined when lockdown measures are eased and whether herd immunity has reached a level that can “ride out” a reducing, hopefully, rate of deaths.



    I expect we will see a 2nd wave in the USA, UK and Australia. If we get it right this 2nd wave won’t overwhelm us but, if we get it wrong and go straight back to large crowd gatherings, then infection rates will kill many. We are a long way from knowing everything we need to know here to get it right. And it’s time a few bumptious world leaders acknowledged their limitations in all of this.

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Marvellous .


    I think you have got that spot on .


    { I`ll ignore the first sentence :-) }

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DAVID66 on 17TH APRIL 2020 10:40 AM



    And a helipad at Celtic Park.


    Why not ?



    I`ll look out for ” Click ” .

  23. Mackay.


    The stats coming out of China are just as reliable as those from USA or UK. All Governments’ stats are politicised and therefore to be treated with caution.


    My son Tom has been in Wuhan throughout the crisis and he speaks highly of how well the local Wuhan authorities enforced the lockdown. Very polite, he says. Food deliveries were regular but some fresh stuff poor. But they were in denial about the outbreak for 3 weeks. Once the got how serious it was, they shared all their data with the world. The rest of the world’s pathetic response, with a few honourable exceptions, is in no way China’s fault.

  24. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Maybe partly wishful thinking but I am a bit more optimistic than I was a few weeks ago that spectator sports may be allowed with relevant restrictions before the end of the year. With a number of diagnostic tests for the coronavirus soon to be widely available(several companies are working 24/7 to produce tens of millions of test kits which will be available from June and are key to starting to lift distancing restrictions)( and with a number of measures outlined by Paul67 in an article a few weeks ago (gels, masks etc in stadiums) I’d be a little more optimistic that say for example stadiums may be allowed up to 50% occupancy at least initially, even allowing for the chance that football/sport will be among the last to have restrictions lifted maybe a part opening ramping up gradually may be allowed.



    Clubs are going to have to be innovative and at least some seem to realise this, Ross Co. seem to have done some groundwork and more will need to follow.




  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Cheers for the heads up on Wellington paranormal, having a right good chuckle.



    Not sure if you’ve seen or heard about his UK series Rabbit, funniest show Broadcast in the U.K. last year.