Celtic have not found magic formula for transfer windows


We got deals done early in the January window and surprised on the upside by signing Cameron Carter-Vickers on a permanent deal 10 days ago.  This led some to believe Celtic had found the magic formula to get deals done early always.

I see evidence of this faith everywhere.  What about Jota, why are we dragging our heals with that left back?  It is as though everyone online has the ability to see the value in getting deals done early, but those responsible for getting deals over the line are oblivious to this fact.

Celtic have not reinvented transfer window dynamics.  Carter-Vickers loan deal had clauses in place that gave Celtic control over what happened.  The players we recruited from Japan in January were not subject to competitive bids from others in Europe.

If you are an Argentinian club with a left back that is subject to a bid from a Champions League side, why would you sell early?  You have one club on the hook, if the player is any way adequate, there will be others monitoring him.  The club’s motivation is to get as many active bidders as possible.  Only then will they discover their best price.

The same goes for players and agents.   Why agree a deal unless there is only one possible buyer?  This is the way football transfers work and nothing has changed since the windows started.  If you want someone with a competitive profile, unless they have a buy-out clause, be prepared to be messed around for a while.  I expect we will land more of our top targets than we will miss this summer, but don’t kid yourself that any player will come to Scotland if he has an offer from the top half of the English Premier League.


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  1. Got to agree about the South Stand


    It is badly in need of a major refurbishment.


    No need to increase capacity, just modernise it.

  2. C40M @ 12.04



    When are the season tickets going up by 10%?



    Why would main stand season ticket holders expect their tickets to go up in cost if the main stand is rebuilt?



    Current — MS has 8,500 seats ‘ish.


    The two 1990’s wings with the restricted views are 3K plus in total.


    Consequently 12K plus seats all in.



    From memory / fading fast …



    North Stand = 26K


    JS / LL Stands = 11K each.


    MS and wings = 12.5K all in.


    Current total = 60.5K approx.



    New Main Stand would have 19/20K seats — enough for a new paying capacity of 67,525.



    Enough for all the current season tickets at similar money plus 5K better seats / free pie seats made available for bigger money.



    Top dollar in the new stand which would allow the existing free pie seats to be sold at a lower cost — dynamic situation but it will all settle down in time but allowing more people into premium seats.



    The North Stand lounges are too small and seating can be an issue so people will migrate to newer seats with better facilities in a new main stand — paying a premium if they make that move.



    Existing season ticket holders would have first dibs on the better / more expensive seats then an open sale.

  3. 79CAPS on 21ST JUNE 2022 11:32 AM


    Setting Free the Bear @ 8.32







    That’s a pathetic attempt to defend the Tory who masquerades as Leader of the Labour Party. You’re wrong. He ordered ALL Labour MPs not to join picket lines. However, some of them are defying him.







    The memo refers specifically to front benchers and PPS’s. So not all Labour MPs.




    “However, we also must show leadership and to that end, please be reminded that frontbenchers including [parliamentary private secretaries] should not be on picket lines.”




    A few points occur to me.



    1. It’s interesting that Starmer feels he had to issue the order. It’s like he suspects that otherwise some of them would have been on the picket lines.



    2. The leak hasn’t resulted in threats of police action. Compare that to the SNP’s response to the leak involving the ‘form a square around the pervert’ dictat regarding their sex pest MP.



    3. Starmer’s order has provoked robust and public dissent within the PLP eg ‘Barry Gardiner, Labour MP for Brent North, said: “Why is someone writing this tosh to our shadow cabinet? Do they not understand that the thing about solidarity is it is reciprocal? If you give it, you get it.’ That’s how normal political parties operate and what differentiates them from cults. See also point 2.



    4. On a side note, Mick Lynch. Another high profile Englishman entitled to an Irish passport, one of about 6 million in England so entitled.

  4. Tom McLaughlin on




    We need to flatten the stand and rebuild it to the level of the other 3 stands.



    It just looks so lopsided, especially aerial views.

  5. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 21ST JUNE 2022 11:58 AM


    A new low for CQN. Ridiculing someone because of his ‘old age’ and hinting at dementia as the reason for comments.


    Take a bow TET.




    Only you could come away with pish like that, making up stuff to suit your warped agenda, you need help.

  6. C40M @ 11.58



    You are commercially / economically illiterate with you comments about the shop / superstore.



    You invest money in your merchandising operation because the rate of return is so great with the installed fanbase.



    You then use the surplus generated to improve the team / facilities.



    If we have a strip it is better to sell it / offer it ourselves than give all the sales revenue to the high street.



    I fear that you work in the Health Service — similar attitudes abound.

  7. Real Madrid secured a €225 million loan to fund the ongoing redevelopment of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.


    The loan has a term of 27 years and a fixed interest rate of 1.53 per cent. It also includes a grace period for the repayment of the principal, so that Real will not start repaying the loan until 30th July 2024.



    Why should we not be able to do something similar?

  8. Dear oh dear.



    What the fook is nextony doin advising anyone not to stand on a picket line



    Wonders if Rupert will back nextony



    As long as nextony doesn’t do what lastony did?


    and pump his wife.


    Funny how no murder victims bins were raided in making the statement


    Stammer is an embarrassment as are those within his mess who take his advice

  9. “CELTIC40ME on 21ST JUNE 2022 10:19 AM


    The stadium isn’t in desperate need of a rebuild. It functions perfectly well as our ground, it’s capacity is fine.”



    I ,too,am happy with the stadium as it is. I am in the North Stand and have NEVER heard even some of the real Negatrons around me complain about the stadium. Likewise in the pub after the game or on the Supporters Bus on the way home. All Celtic talk is about the performance , goals scored, chances missed etc. The stadium doesn`t get a look in.


    I KNOW that does not mean the stadium ,catering and facilities could not be improved but it does suggest the vast majority are fine with the way things stand at the moment.

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