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  1. Our passing is as poor as I’ve seen in a long time. We’re putting pressure on ourselves.




  2. Celtic’s passing was brutal in the first game against them as well until the goal.


    We have a huge problem in pretty much every European game when it comes to accurate passing. We gift every team numerous opportunities through slack passing.

  3. We are far too slow…static on the ball…no movement off the ball..passing to people without options….sinclair boyata and Armstrong giving the ball away in difficult positions…we have been very lucky….now they must do better in the second half….surely they will not be as tentative…come on the tic

  4. HT0-0 c’mon brendan give some of them a rocket,too much lazy passing putting pressure on ourselves

  5. Forrest,Sinclair,Calmac,Armstrong,garbage.Lustig,a nightmare tonight.Thank God for Broony.When Boyatta passed that ball to Armstrong,he was a coward,ran away from the pass after showing for it.Where was he going?.Dembele getting no service at all.So many,so bad,is not on.Not on nights like these.


    Brendan shook hook at least 2,take your pick.

  6. Scott Brown is a one man midfield tonight again, get ON on to support him and I would even go with TR to get us up the park.



    Stuart Armstrong hasn’t kicked a ball for weeks and s a poor passer at this level.



    Calum nowhere to be seen tonight and it’s not going to be a huge surprise if Wee Jamesy doesn’t come out for the second half.



    All that being said it would take a serious collapse for us to lose three goals to this team..



    Mon The Brendan




  7. I know we were poor but radio Shcotlin commentarty is diabolical. Not a single word of praise and you can just hear them WILLING Anderlecht to score, shameful.


    By the sounds of it Armstrong is having a mare, get Ntcham on now Brendan please.




  8. Great news Eurochamps, I hope the game is no putting too much stress on you :-)




    Apart from PSG and Bayern, this mob are the best to come to Celtic park this season, by6 a country mile, they should be leading, but they arny, if we stop giving them the ball we should give ourselfs a chance.

  9. The updates were tortuous enough – watching must be worse



    come on Brendan give us something to cheer

  10. No score half time – looking good.


    Just as well their final ball not too good though.



    We can only improve in the 2nd half.

  11. Very poor performance. Sinclair and McGregor are absent, Armstrong like a lost schoolboy. Not good enough.


    Bring on Ntcham and Rogic.


    Put some steel into the tackles.


    Give Jamsie a chance to run at the defence.

  12. We are showing tonight why everybody laughs at the SPFL. how many times have we passed and moved without giving away the ball.



    We lack strength and movement,



    KTF a long 45m ahead of us.

  13. glendalystonsils on

    We’ve been second best throughout that first half, hugely disappointing. If the objective is simply to get through then fair enough. If however, we’re looking to make a statement, we have done nothing. Slack passing, poor control, lack of anticipation. Armstrong and Sinclair are empty shirts at the moment.


    Let’s see the real Celtic in the second half.

  14. Thank goodness we got to HT at 0-0. That was shocking.



    Sinclair has to be withdrawn at HT. He lost his man early on and they should have scored, and has given the ball away almost every time he has had it. Armstrong not far behind him. McGregor has covered a lot of ground but with no purpose.



    Boyata and KT doing ok as is Gordon. Broonie trying to lead by example. Dembele has worked hard but with no real service and Jamsie has tried in spurts.



    The best thing about this is that it surely can’t get any worse. Let’s get Rogic on for Sinclair and possibly Armstrong off as well.



    They are pressing high up the park with 3 forwards so hopefully Brendan can change the formation to exploit the gaps this creates.

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever criticised Brendan but looking at the chances we give up in these games I do have concerns about how we are set up defensively. It’s either that or it’s just players not doing their jobs.



    Scott Sinclair should get two weeks off after the Hibs game.



    Armstrong needs a spell on the bench.



    Anyway, hopefully we’ll see improvement in the second half.

  16. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    We’re second to every ball and can’t retain possession.



    We are also off the pace.



    ON and TR should bolster midfield and help ball retention.



    On the plus side, I thought we began to press them up to in the last fifteen minutes, so perhaps there is a cunning plan.



    This is where Brendan earns his corn.

  17. Problem is that much better teams than Anderlecht await us in the EL. I was hoping to see a real improvement tonight given that there isn’t a huge gap in both teams resources. Mucho disappointed thus far

  18. Usual suspects on the night to have a go at their scaped goats. Tiresome.



    Suspect we’ll see an improved second half from Celtic.

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