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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Mid `60s.


    Wonderful era for Tims and pop music lovers.


    Plethora of quality bands and artists , many of whom were British.

  2. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    Oooh, ya tease



    You’re just sayin British to be controversial ;)



    Course, what you say is true – a land of nought but immigrants

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    In truth , pal.



    Prior to the Beatles , there were very few artists , successful in the UK in music or the cinema , who weren`t from the USA.



    Hence my reference .







    We’ll destroy them, believe you me.



    Thon hovel is a happy hunting ground for us.



    The vermin bassas won me a few quid earlier, mind you – never bet them to win, had it over 2.5 goals – Everton overs, 3 Dutch games overs & Wolfsburg to win @ 7/4.



    Win £710.55 for a £20 stake.



    The heart sank when they win, would rather have fired the score in the bin.



    They are an affront to football.



    Detest them I do.



    HH. ?

  5. Woeful they are, woeful.



    Celtic to win, over 12 corners, over 90 points card count..



    Hopefully about 16/1 Requestabet.



    We’ll see.



    HH. ?

  6. The Sheep game is the more difficult fixture anyway.



    Concentrate on that first we must.



    Slan. ?

  7. My friends in Celtic,



    Enough of gloom and doom. Just saw a wonderful story of cheer and joy. The baby born with her heart outside her body is going home a year after she was born.



    True modern day miracle.


    God bless the NHS.



    HH to all.

  8. Good morning CQN from a foggy (dew) Garngad


    It’s freezing by the way.



    Norriem God bless.


    You never forget your mum or loved ones who have passed away, I think about both my mother and father nearly every day and her and my father passed a few years ago.



    6 weeks is still early, and I know people will say to you that through time it gets easier, and it does.



    As BP1 says cherish the memories and good times.



    God bless?



    D. :)

  9. Remember the good times Norriem. Your mum celebrated 80 Christmass times. What memories. Take care.

  10. Almore get the stories of your travels up no matter what time.


    I love hearing stories from all of the site, about exotic and not so exotic places.




    Hail Hail and enjoy your travels, and I believe you are meeting up with loved ones. If I read correctly then I hope you cherish the time spent with them and have a good time.?



    Are you going to be in New York for the sheep game



    COYBIG. Bring on the sheep



    D. :)

  11. Good morning friends and a Big Happy Christmas Eve from a clear skied, freezing cold frost covered East Kilbride. Beautiful, mind you ;-)

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on




    My own mum passed on mother’s day and the day before her 81st birthday.. it might not feel too great just now but the tears of sadness will soon be tears of joy … the festive period will be difficult as it’s the first but in a quiet moment just look at all the family and that will mahe you smile



    They only leave us in body



    Hail Hail

  13. So on St Stephens Day, should


    Boyata & Lustig return straight into the team ?


    Personally I think Simonuvic, has done ok, and could keep his place ?


    So has young Ralston, but Lustig will return ?

  14. We know Broony will play against the Huns.That gives us the problem of 4-3-3,or,4-4-2.With Sinky showing some great form,it compounds it.I hope Brendan goes the latter,with Broony behind,Calmac,Ntcham,and Christie.Jamsey and Eddy up top.For both games.Will be a hard game against the Dons.Boyatta and Mikel back.


    Time to put our dodgy away form behind us.No better time.

  15. For the 2 upcoming games, rather than confront your inner demons over the starting 11, instead take comfort in the fact that Brendan once said something along the lines of “It’s not just about the starting 11, the game plan can also involve planning your finishing 11”. So perhaps we should adopt that on here, giving us 14 players to select each time to take part “at some point” and removing the dilemma of ‘I think we need Broonie but don’t want to leave anyone else out…’.


    So I’ll start. My 14 are –




    Lustig, Boyata, Benkovic, Tierney, Ajer


    McGregor, Brown, Ntcham, Forrest, Sinclair, Rogic (Wednesday), Morgan (Saturday)


    Edouard, Johnson.


    Christmas Housework calling…..

  16. Is that the lesser spotted moonhowling Al mo-ow-ow–ow-ow-oh-ore posting? :-) ad be moonhowling too if I had a sash with Teuchterarla coming up.lol have a good time in Canada Al HH





    Thought of you on Sat when Mikey knocked in his 2nd and smiled,didn’t agree with Brendan tho on subbin Mikey lol if your wager had come in yih Eid ah bin wurf a tap:-)



  17. Sesh Al lol,there would be no sashes near the big fella





    Good news bout your Mrs,stay positive :-)




  18. Jobo cannot disagree with that 14



    Like you I have chores to do and it stated at 7am by making breakfast.


    Now going to do the Santa run to family around the Glasgow area.



    D. :)

  19. An Tearman thanks, although she has ticked another box off in her head, she is still not well.


    She still has bad and painful indigestion that she has had for weeks and weeks all tests show nothing there, she was worried about stomach cancer, but I think the scope down the throat and blood tests has ruled that out.


    I have said we need to go back to docs, maybe an ulcer…



    Anyway she is feeling better in her head, so we move on. again thanks.






    D. :)

  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    If there is any truth in the stories Celtic are trawling the EPL for injury prone players the likes of Andy Carrol that is just nuts buying some one elses problem we have been stung with that before.I would rather we just gave our youngsters a chance as for me they are the future not the crocks the MSM are talking about.We have two huge games this week and if we can win both we will create a small gap at the top of the SPL so Santa are you listening ? H.H.

  21. 16 roads


    Hope your good :-)



    Not being a punter can you explain something? How are the points made up? -your 90?



    Celtic to win, over 12 corners, over 90 points card count..



    Just ask in?



  22. An Tearmann


    How’s it goin’ pal? Looking forward to the Hun game and showing Almore and his bhoys around. Might just be a Guinness infused weekend and Torontony stealing the show by belting out McAlpines fusiliers. Hope I don’t spill any on my sash ?


    Take care my friend.



  23. Will not be online tomorrow so Meery Christmas to everyone. …Kev J…saw your post we rarely agree but sincere best wishe’s. .hope you are well.

  24. Misheard (and other) Celtic Lyrics



    “ And the leader was a Limerick man, John South from Garryowen .”



    “ And the leader was a leprechaun, Sean South of Garryowen “



    “ Shall shelter the deaths of orange slaves.”



    “ Take it down from the massed Irish trailers ”



    “ One morning in July, I was walking through the prairie “



    “ Will you stand with the band, like a true Irish fan “



    “ It can never belong to crusaders, you have brought on it nothing but shame “



    “ A lorryload of fallen tears, approached a border town “



    “ For he fell beneath a northern sky, with a handgun by his side “



    “ There’s a unicorn that’s hanging in, what’s known as Father’s Room “



    “ When he reached me mother’s homestead on the rum “



    “ Oh Aye, The Fields of Athenry ”



    “ Where we once watched small wee birds fly “



    “ As I was walking, by the shallow waters “



    “ From the hills of Kerry, to the seas of East Derry .”



    “ No more our ancient sireland, shall shelter, the deaths of Orange slaves “



    “ Tommy Woods, aged 17, died in Chernobyl “



    “ Alicante was the cry around the hillside “



    “ Bob Hilliard was a Church of Ireland b@stard “



    “ Oh, I am a merry cowboy “



    “ Through Elizabethan times, and weddings, war and fury “



    “ Take me up to Paradise, I want a pie and Bovril “



    “ Take me to your Auntie’s house, I want to see your Uncle “



    “ From Annan and Tyrone “



    “ We’ve won the league again, ‘flash the fags’ ‘flash the fags’ “



    and finally



    “ Let the Beatles sing their stories and their songs their lullaby’s and butterflies and songs


    of open joy “



    *This is not an exhaustive list* CSC

  25. Joe Filippi,


    I would not be getting too hung up on this transfer nonsense from the media.Tripe.Much more interesting is the snippets on some Celtic blogs concerning a loan move for Weah,from PSG.Any truth in it,who knows,but more likely than Andy Carroll.Only another 8 days,and we might have a better idea on the transfer issue.

  26. The infallible Catman posted a couple of days ago ahead of the posse about a loan from PSG. Didn’t give a name but since then the name of the Tim Weah seems to have surfaced a lot.

  27. BSR


    One of the great mysteries of a young Teuchters life was trying to figure out why the Annan men were even involved :-)




    Brilliant mate, A favourite clip of mine.


    HH and Merry Christmas to all.

  28. Keep an eye out for a bhoy fae the brig maybe get a chance to live the dream …. Johnny Russell CSC

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