Celtic v Hibernian, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00 BST.

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  1. bournesouprecipe



    18:29 on 1 September, 2012



    Agree with your assessment except regarding Lustig, at the first, he clearly signalled for FF to come, the big goalie came then hesitated, made Lustig look bad, but it wasn’t his fault, not entirely at least, but these things happen. At the second Hibs goal, hats off to Cairney. I hope Wanyama was taken if as a precaution, he was missed, Jackson Irvine and Filip Twardzik are too young and inexperienced to take much blame for being outmanned in the second half.


    Not too much damage done and a learning experience for a promising couple of midfielders.

  2. Not totally surprised by today’s result it’s often difficult to get up for a game after the high of Wednesday night.



    I think that Vic and Twardzik bossed the midfield in the first half but in the second not only did we lose Wanyama’s attributes, we also lost his influence on the young man beside him.



    I do hope that Lenny now realises that Watt is a goal scorer and playing wide left or right doesn’t suit him.



    Ps thank you to the Tims who took leaflets today and a special wee mention to 3 good souls who handed me money as they won’t make the game on the 22nd. God bless ye.

  3. Without a doubt the recession is affecting the attendances. I am a member of The Bobby Murdoch C.S.C. in Tipperary. A couple of years ago we were bringing 50 plus to matches nowadays more like 15. The rest are still Celtic Supporters but school books etc. come before outlay on Football trips.

  4. PF



    True, an SPL game immediately after a CL game is always anti climatic for the support who sometimes subsequently will give the bread n butter game, a miss.



    If the latest striker signs as predicted, we’ve made five signings in the window which is good considering, the armageddon propaganda and doomsday Scotland.

  5. HT



    re Watt ..I think Lenny was just trying to accommodate what little players he had at his disposal



    Paddy wasn’t working on the left and I don’t think he wanted to bring Commons on if he could have avoided it

  6. Same report as BSR and PFAyr.


    Just to add, Paddy had an opportunity today to stake a claim.


    He failed to do so, sadly.




  7. No doubt there will be 20,000 glory hunters attending the Barca game on 7 November along with the 40k diehards who were at the match today




    Where were the glory hunters today today. Someone earlier mentioned sweetie paper rustlers at the game today. At least they paid their money and got off their arses to the match.



    Once the club have finished selling 3 game champions league packages I would like to see any individual match tickets for the Barca game being sold to the glory hunters with the compulsory purchase of an SPL match ticket.

  8. ParkheadcumsalfordwhoisNeilLennonand PaulMcBrideandTrishGodman


    4-4 v Third Lanark was there also,as has been said up 4-0 HT 4-4 FT. I believe there was a lesson to be learned today OK make a few changes, but have the backup, not a bench of rookies exc Commons.


    Awerabest PJ

  9. Pfayr



    It looked to me like we went with 3 up front with Hooper, Watt and Forest.



    I’d have preferred if we had remained 442 with Hooper and Watt as out and out strikers.



    Just seen their second on SSN, looks as if big FF should have done better. I think he’s due some slack though given his performance in Helsingborgs :-)

  10. Doc



    Fair do’s, there were two players involved in the Hibs first goal and, you could apportion


    error, to both.



    Mikael Lustig maybe had his best game for us, which is why I said bizarre, and being nutmegged inside the box, came directly from a mistake in midfield, by a younger player

  11. Kilbowie Kelt






    I also vaguely remember a 4-4 draw with Third Lanark, way back then!



    I would have been 10-11 years old.





    The attendance today was disappointing. After Wednesday thought some would have been encouraged to return, but it clearly it didn’t.



    The PR department at the club need to drive this.



    Too many changes in the team, forced or not, is always likely to cause problems. Hibs clearly took encouragement from Wanyama’s withdrawl.

  13. The Man City left back has gone through two QPR players and each time to ref hasn’t booked him. Ref wasn’t even going to give a foul that last one.



    And now he booked a City player for a run of the mill foul (where he got the ball)



    Awful ref.

  14. ParkheadcumsalfordwhoisNeilLennonand PaulMcBrideandTrishGodman



    18:47 on 1 September, 2012…………….



    Thanks for the response……….



    You could well be right…………..



    Sometimes (especially where my early years of going to Paradise are concerned), I feel I am definitely, absolutely, indubitably on the ball re certain events/issues re……… and then hard cold statistics prove otherwise……….


    Nonetheless a few ‘erroneous’ (recalled) facts don’t detract from the remembered walk along London Rd., as a wee bhoy; ever desperate to get into the ground and savour the mesmerising sight of the lights…………Used to think it was the brightest place in the Universe, and well obviously, that can be proved otherwise but not to me then or even now, when I think back to those days………..


    More than a club, aye for sure!



    Regards & Hail Hail



  15. Well a little bit disapointed but still think that this season is ideal 4 NL and us as well 2 c what our youngsters and some unregulars can do. I hope it is not arogant 2 other SPL teams to do it like this.



    Re Lassas :never saw him to play but my main concern is how his fitness looks like. How long does it take 4 him 2b ready 4 playing competetive game?

  16. Saint Stivs


    17:42 on 1 September, 2012


    BSR & PFayr


    My match report is in they three posts :))


    We really need to highlight the sleekitness of MIBs like brines as I said to my mate today at game its all the wee trip ,kicks & pulls against our players that he lets go ,yet when we brush against an opposition player he cant blow quick enough.


    Ps nice to put some faces to names today ,good talking to Mountblowtim.



  17. aldersyde



    I hear you.



    The ‘diehards’ are becoming fewer each season since the MON peak, it’s utterly and sadly unavoidable.



    Glamour games don’t excite me the same as they do other Celtic fans, but the games should make Celtic supporters return, in a cycle of success.

  18. Just asking because it was spoke of earlier about the jammedfarts boy going to a fourth tier new club after the transfer embargo had started, and the transfer window was closed. Did the SFA come out with a statement? Did the BBC or any other eh, news service catch a statement from any source? Or am I paranoid again?

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