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  1. Macjay



    C’mon mate you’re suggesting that because JF is a socialist that the Trust have a left wing agenda?’



    This is becoming tiresome, at Trust meetings we discuss Celtic, that’s it.

  2. EddieinKirkmichael



    Thank you for yesterday. I was amazed standing with you collecting, the generosity and humanity of our support. You and the Green Brigade volunteers made me very proud yesterday. God bless you lovely folk.


    Hail Hail

  3. As I said to TTT earlier, I would rather we had socialists running our club than the tory scum who presently hold that position, that will never change.


    While the current sfa are in situ, it will be the same old, back of the bus with the blessing of our tory suits.


    Choices, choices.


    Starve the bastards out.


    Sleep well Timland, things to do early doors and no enough time to do them.





  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Behave myself? Sweetness and light.That`s me.



    That was the perception by those who were waiting just DESPERATE to latch on to anything they could use in evidence against him.


    Witness the gross distortions of what he actually said.



    Having said that,he should have used less inflammatory language BUT just maybe he feels passionately about what he PERCEIVED to be anti semitism and over reacted.


    I could forgive him for that.


    Could you?



    Where`s the outrage about the phrase ZIONIST TORIES being on the Board.


    Where`s the outrage and condemnation when I was asked on these pages if I ate my children raw?



    Selective fury .Selective indignation.


    All to the detriment of Celtic.

  5. I am scared that them daftiesi in the Celtic trust will sneakily get a member on the board and will them dupe Desmond to gift them his shares and then Celtic will be liquidated.



    Well that made as much sense as any other “agendaists”

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HAMILTONTIM on 22ND NOVEMBER 2015 10:33 PM





    C’mon mate you’re suggesting that because JF is a socialist that the Trust have a left wing agenda?’



    This is becoming tiresome, at Trust meetings we discuss Celtic, that’s it.






    Thank you.


    Jeanette Finlay is a socialist.



    Are you a socialist?



    Are there any members of the Celtic Trust executive who are not socialist?

  7. That statement from the Celtic Plc is ridiculous, Ian bankie should never have used the agm to point score against legitimate concerns raised from shareholders re: the ethnical landscape of the club, Mr livingstons involvement and the deliberate misinterpretation in that statement, just about sums it up, joke



    p.s. shareholders have a right to raise concerns about board members, so why do the plc getting so upset and treat it as a personal attack and then feel the need to attack the shareholders



    the boardroom of professionals not fit for purpose, one that attacks at will genuine concerns from its shareholders and customers while at the same time turning blind eye to cheating and corruption at an industrial scale



    sad state of affairs

  8. the glorious balance sheet on

    I better declare myself here……



    I’m a member of the Celtic Trust. I just pay my annual membership fee, i dont attend any meetings.



    I regularly receive emails from the Trust on matters relating to the Celtic Trust’s campaigns and activities.



    Never once has socialism or any form of political ideology been mentioned in these emails.



    The only political connotations have been in petitions against the offensive behaviour at football act. Interestingly the Celtic Trust’s opposition to this idiotic legislation is shared by those well known Marxists and socialists at the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.



    When I filled out the form to join I wasn’t asked anything about who I voted for or any other political affiliations.



    So a socialist agenda at the Celtic Trust? I haven’t seen it, but then what would I know Im only a member.

  9. Last season, Salzburg took a close -up look at us in the first europa game, then came over here and wiped the floor with us.



    This season, Ajax got a face-to-face, and also were held to a 2-2 at their place.



    Looking into your opponents eyes is a major component in team sport. Sizing them up, going mano-a-mano; we failed last season – Salzburg were confident and executed their strategy perfectly, ran us off our feet and passed us off the pitch.



    Willajaz fancy doing the same come Thursday?



    Will we have learned from Salzburg?



    The geniuses amaong the Killie coaching set-up – Elbows FFS – managed to stifle us yesterday; presumably using their one-dimensional game-plan to contain our one-dimensional tactics.



    Do we believe Rat-Face and his Ajax coaches are more able than Elbows and the Killie/Hun alliance?



    It wa sa rhetorical question.



    Ronny Deila better have something special up his sleeve on Thursday or we’re going to be watching the same movie again.



    Scott Allan – now that I assume the inbred Hun-ness has been trained out of him – may provide the creativity in the middle to give us an edge. However, his starting may depend solely on manager’s pet Johanssen contracting bubonic plague.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    I merely responded to a question asked by Hamiltontim of Thomthetim .


    Read back.

  11. HT







    The Res12 guys got good support from the CST before and up to the Celtic 2013 AGM.



    I was away but understand that the adjournment was met with negative comment to one of the requisitioners as well as CST reporting that it had been dropped.



    I never understood that negativity until recently on SFM someone suggested it was a stitch up with the Board to take attention away from the Living Wage Resolution. That may not have come from CST but nothing could be further from the truth and since 2013 Res12 ploughed it’s own furrow.



    A reason for that was the complexity of the issue and it was as well left with the folk who were familiar with it to work on it.



    I think that was right although the CSA were kept abreast of any developments without asking them to be involved for the same reasons. Another of those reasons until last April was not being sure if there was an acceptable answer so no point getting everyone steamed up if nothing untoward happened.



    After April that uncertainty changed to certainty and the more recent news of HMRC winning their appeal changed the dynamics.



    I e mailed both CSA and CST then suggesting they might want to consider, if not getting involved, at least talking to each other.



    I don’t know if that happened and as I said it need not be made public but I anticipated the criticism now being made both might face if they were blind sided.



    If we all want an accountable and transparent SFA to protect Celtic from the worst of SFA governance in the coming years there is a bit of talking to be done about how that objective can be achieved through working together with Celtic.

  12. Great night in progress in St Bartholomews in Coatbridge … the Wolfe Tones giving it laldy



    God save Ireland

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    This was the question:



    ” I asked you Tom to provide an example of the left wing agenda that the Trust have according to you. I’m still waiting. “

  14. Auldheid



    We all know that the Celtic PLC board refuse point blank to work with the Celtic Trust. That’s an undeniable fact.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    If we all want an accountable and transparent SFA to protect Celtic from the worst of SFA governance in the coming years there is a bit of talking to be done about how that objective can be achieved through working together with Celtic.




    “working together with Celtic”



    Put differences aside to achieve the common goal.



    Why the hell not?

  16. Strange that our focus is on fighting, arguing with each other, rather than building common ground to tackle Celtic’s enemies after the appeal timeliness.



    strange that nothing uniform seems to be mooted by blogs or supporter’s groups.



    The sheep were spot on last time about our silence.

  17. the glorious balance sheet on

    Yes Macjay I’ve read back;



    you are trying to imply that because Jeanette Findlay is a socialist (and I don’t know her personally so don’t know what her politics are) then ergo the Celtic Trust has a socialist agenda which it is trying to impose on Celtic.



    I think from memory you’ve made the same comment on these pages about the Green Brigade imposing their politics on the football club.



    As I said I’m a member of the Celtic Trust and see no evidence of any socialist left wing agenda.

  18. feeding the poor.



    bloody socialists.



    we dont need these people and their politics at the “club”

  19. Imagine Celtic fans having a socialist left wing agenda.



    Absolutely shocking ih? Wonder when that started.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    the glorious balance sheet on 22nd November 2015 11:08



    You see no evidence of socialist left wing agenda.






    I do.



    Jeanette Finlay is a socialist.


    Are the other members of the executive socialist?



    You seriously think that that agenda is not part of their philosophy?

  21. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Socialists and a left wing agenda.


    Hilarious if it wasn’t so serious.So the Affiliation of Celtic Registered Clubs are all left wingers too.?


    Get Bankier and the rest of his Tory cohorts out of Paradise now.



    Herbo,hope yer well pal.Good Drum man that ye are..;-)

  22. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    I said prior to the signing of Armstrong that it was a monumental mistake.I stand by it.


    Never in a million years good enough for Celtic.

  23. Funny the club are getting it in the neck for speaking out, but not about the cheats.



    Did some other group speak out?

  24. Well sportscene just went up a few notches in my estimations. Well said John Hughes and then they showed Mr Kidd from ’86…



    Thought we were unlucky yesterday. Looked 2 stonewallers on the telly. Bring on Thursday.



    Hail Hail




  25. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Off Topic I know, but I have just finished reading The Amateurs by John Niven.



    For those who are, and even those who are not, interested in Golf can I recommend it as truly brilliant.



    One of the funniest Scottish noire books I have read in a long time.



    Back to Football.



    I am far from convinced that we should be introducing Scott Allen into such an important game on Thursday.



    The boy has never played at this level and I personally think his inclusion from the start would be foolish.



    A bench position maybe.

  26. When we put the ad into the Sunday Herald at the beginning of this year I was prepared for the inevitable backlash from the hordes.



    What I wasn’t prepared for was the backlash from some Celtic supporters. Guy who runs a bus from Aberdeen went onto Twitter straight away to say that we didn’t speak for him or his bus and the media were all over him like a rash.



    We actually had cleared the wording in the heading – A STATEMENT FROM CELTIC SUPPORTERS – with several groups of lawyers. The ad was funded by a group of Celtic supporters (on CQN) who agreed with the statements we wanted to make.



    Initially the media story was to emphasis division among our support to weaken the argument.



    Not one of them at any stage tried to pick apart the argument. Indeed we had to wait until Mr Brown represented Mr Green in the Court of Session for that to happen.



    Auldheid has also had to deal with a backlash, on occasion, and I have always thought that to be extremely unfair.



    Others, like the Celtic Trust, would appear to be in a similar position when these matters blow up. Whatever the rights and wrongs I would say that:



    a) The Celtic Trust seem to do an outstanding job on our behalf.



    b) I’d rather have our board than for example the one that the new club has in place.



    c) The Chairman is a curious one, not entirely sure that he gets us at all but he may be there for other reasons.


    Would be surprised if he’d miss it too much if / when he goes.



    d) We should be careful not to chase away or scare off the best talent coming in to help Celtic. Livingston was MD at BT and Celtic’s biggest weakness – by a country mile – is our overwhelmingly rubbish TV deal in comparison to England and even countries like Norway. Surely the knowledge he has in this area is the reason he was appointed in the first place?



    e) If you are going to be involved in any football club, you are going to on occasion, get abuse on social media. If your skin is too thin, there are better gigs to take.



    f) Someone, somewhere must have been mightily relieved that the controversial matters at AGM wasn’t related to a decade of cheating and the SFA’s roll in all of this and indeed Celtic’s passive response.



    g) When Jim Craig was on CQN last week, and was asked about title stripping. I was looking straight at him as he rolled his eyes. That was the only time he did that for any question asked. He said he just wasn’t interested in all that and said that ‘football politics’ bored him. (By the way he said to me Jock Stein’s blue eyed boy was Bobby Murdoch, it wasn’t clarified the other night).



    Some care passionately about the Living Wage, others are concerned about having Livingston on the Board, some are more concerned about the same club myth (me for instance), others want answers on Res 12 and want to hold the SFA etc to account. Some just want Celtic to win. Just remember, we’re all Celtic supporters…



    …(except the huns who come on here when there is a chance to spread discontent and even better if there’s a wee online kick at Hamiltontim on the go!)

  27. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    I`ll repeat.


    This topic arose from this question asked by Hamiltontim of Thothethim



    “I asked you Tom to provide an example of the left wing agenda that the Trust have according to you. I’m still waiting. ”




    That was the challenge.

  28. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 22ND NOVEMBER 2015 11:20 PM


    Wonder who benefits when we focus inward.?









    Brother hun?

  29. TCR



    Magic to see you on pal. Hope you are fighting fit. Your hometown of Clydebank are 100% behind you. You need hauners and a few of us will be on a flight to Derry. Bisley Bhoys on tour. :)

  30. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Complete and utter bollocks ..







    No wonder people are ignoring cqn ..



    The last page is just full of self indulgent merd!

  31. the glorious balance sheet on




    The trust’s objects of association are published on its website.



    There are 18 Executive members, 5 of whom are from the affiliation/ association of Celtic supporters clubs including North America.



    Seems like a broad church to me.

  32. winning captains



    following on from the paper ad, would you be interested in a supporters funded billboard campaign?



    i like what the aberdeen supporters did at hampden today.



    could we go public billboards the same.






    next lord livingstone and BT, no commercial advantage for us whatsoever.



    tell me what a single tory board member is bringing to the collective benefit for celtic now, that couldnt be done by one of our high ranking supporters, i mean the real ones.



    lastly, going of course, can anyone provide any evidence of any celtic board member being a mason

  33. Anyhow



    As our financial year ends on 31st December it is once again time to ask you to renew your membership of the Trust.


    The Trust has been very visible in many issues concerning Celtic supporters and our membership numbers have steadily increased over recent years.


    However we do know that many Celtic fans who support what the Trust stands for and what it tries to do are not members so this year the Board has decided to have a membership recruitment drive with the slogan ‘Join for a Coin’ and charging new members the princely sum of £1



    As we do not feel it is right that existing members, some of whom have supported the Trust from its inception, should be disadvantaged the membership renewal fee for this year will also be £1.



    However this does not prevent any member who wishes to do so from paying the usual £10 and I know that many of you have responded to my requests in recent years to set up a Standing Order for this amount. If you do decide to send us £10 our intention is to take £1 for membership and place the remaining £9 in a fund with which we will buy more Celtic shares, which of course, we will all own in common.



    We have been conscious for some years that we should be adding to our existing shareholding but due to pressure of other work we have not had any fund raising efforts recently and we were reluctant to commit funds which may have been needed just to keep the Trust functioning so this seems an ideal opportunity to do something in this regard. We will of course keep you fully informed as to how this all goes