Celtic v Livingston, Live updates


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  1. Sheer entertainment.Frimpong,just WOW.


    Broony,amazing.The thug that thought he was a wido,laughing at him when took him out earlier,limpingoff at the end after Broony revenge at the end.

  2. Aye, Broony waited for his moment, and clattered the No 9 a good un, fully deserved. He (Broony) was my MOTM, closely followed by Frimpong. Happy, Happy.

  3. Frimpong- not seen as quick a player over 7-8 yards,from a standing start , since Bobby Lennox

  4. Well that was awfy braw…wee Frimpong is a joy to behold. ..A braw loon…and a determination / toughness to match his braw technical abilities. ……


    Thank you GG for the updates. …


    I must watch each goal haff a hunner times ….


    Smiley a braw use of ma time thing




  5. At this stage, Frimpong looking like the signing of the century. Apart from his onfield heroics , he has such an infectious smile you would instantly take to him. Not sure what we will do when Hatem comes back. Can both be accommodated, Hatem right full Jeremie right winger.




    He’ll be leaving in the January window.



    Barcelona or……………….Southampton!

  7. If we can get 40,000 slightly insane Harry Secombe voices, here’s a song for the wee man:



    Frimpong Frimpong


    Frimpong Frimpong



    Frimpong iddle I po,



    Frimpong Frimpong


    Frimpong Frimpong



    Frimpong iddle I po




  8. Great result today. Well done Bhoys.



    Got a parcel in the post yesterday from Scotland. In it was a Kilmarnock away jersey. No 8 on the back – and Killie Captain Gary Dicker’s name above it. A message in Gaelic read “thanks for everything” and his signature beneath it.



    Gary is a past pupil of mine and I met him outside Celtic Park when we played them a few weeks ago.



    He was a great lad in school and hasn’t lost any of his star quality since leaving.

  9. Frimpong is indeed a shining star and an entertainer.



    Celtic looking good. Livingston are no push overs and seem to know how to play against us. This was a great result.



    HH to all, the journey continues.




    as Bertie says “now thats entertainment”.



    Broonys celebration.


    Fringpong chasing down the ball with the attacker at his back and the kid reverses around him, stunning game that bhoy had.



    i was top deck jock steing today, laughs at halftime as the Dublin GAA got booed by a section of the support , then they cheered the Cork GAA Under 20;s quite funny.



    i dont know if forrest was playing, invisible.



    ps, ref was a bloody disgrace all day,

  11. ST STIVS



    In the build up to our 4th goal a Celtic player was fouled around the half way line.



    An honest referee would have given Celtic a foul.



    But no, Dallas ignores, we immediately go on to score.



    Him and his ilk will be sick as pigs.



    Well, they are pigs, actually.

  12. Well done the leather belts.



    Could have been 6 or 7, but 4 is great. Young ping pong looks a real player and he enjoys himself which is always good to see.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

































    St Mirren




    Ross County



  14. Man City come from behind to lead Chelsea 2-1 at HT.


    I’m sure if he worked hard enough, De Bruyne could find a place in our midfield.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Interesting reading the live text of the match



    Celtic kick off …. Foul by Livingston.



    According to the stats Brown’s foul in the 93rd minute was Celtic’s first of the game?



    We could have set another record today if Scott hadn’t been so reckless.






    Apparently broonie’s was a “sorter outer” on Dykes.



    Scott – well done son.



    Hail hail

  16. Almore – an uplifting post, always good to know that what you passed on is appreciated and a sign of quality in the young man.

  17. Philbhoy


    He’s a player I have long admired.


    I could never understand why he didn’t make it at Chelsea.

  18. Philbhoy


    How would we fit him into our midfield?


    Rotate with McGregor and Christie?


    Or Brown to rest Captain’s legs? Those ones Lustig left behind.

  19. Still the only place to be at 3.00 on a Saturday, perched in between the two CQN Tony’s no less, both of whom lost me briefly during the break with Res 12 talk of which, Auldheid himself would have been proud.



    Now with Christmas seemingly starting earlier every year there was a certain pre atmosphere with which, Andrew Dallas wasn’t for joining at Celtic Park, and he succeeded in being conspicuous by his presence from the kick off, through all of the 90 odd minutes.



    Celtic simply sparkled, and phenomenal Frimpong set about ploughing Livingston’s clydesdales into the ground, he ran amok with crosses searching for colleagues time and time again. No slouches, themselves Gary Holt’s Livi, were militaristic and not rank, but the breakthrough, a diagonal ball, after they were caught wasting time at a throw in, was finished by a Frenchman with the precision of the Larsson/Edouard dink,



    Didn’t matter to James Forrest that there is a new boy, consuming the right wing back slot, because he shone brightly after Andrea Pirlo fancied a pop from 19 yards to make it two, Celtic’s 49’ner scored two great goals with his best right foot, whilst playing wide, and narrow, on the main stand side left looking west towards Prestwick.



    Again, not a single flaw in the performance levels from the chosen 14, Jonny Hayes injured his shoulder and sloped off to join the rest of the visiting Dubs, who graced the pitch at half time, but his substitute is Shirley the living proof, that the Hoops make players tall like Taylor, who chipped in with some fine flanking.



    Andrew Dallas saw Ryan Christie clipped, just as nice as ninepence inside the box, as clear a penalty that the SFA cabal ever did see, but at a mere 3-0 he knew it made difference enough, not to award it.



    On this day, God bless absent Celts CSC



    Hail Hail






    Phenomenal Frimpong