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  1. The Donald




    Ha :-))))


    Yer flag will fly high oan the ole


    Jungle roof alaang wi awe the ither


    smashers of hunlike-cliques :-))))


    You’ll Never Walk Alone…in the Jungle.



  2. I agree Rogic should get a new contract,but does he want one?.


    Yesterday,a few trying to mix it with comments about just who is selling Izzy,and why.Izzy gave the interview saying he wanted to go to play football for the time he had left.Did not want to sit out his remaining years or two on the bench.If they want to go,you cant keep them.


    Rogic has great feet,but lacks stamina.





    Looks like the ‘snowmen’ are sailing the rudderless ship :)))


    Hail Hail fella.

  4. An Teach Solais on

    Logged in to review the craic but now logging off. More important things in life.


    Still delighted with yesterday’s performance. HH

  5. See when ye, really think about it….


    Ronny is probably the best manager in


    Celtic’s history ?!?!


    Know why ?


    Coz, he’s been playing a Celtic team that had 9 men


    in it, for 2 seasons.


    Bitton / SJ = Empty jerseys….imho

  6. The Donald…



    I’ve been in Zbyszek company in the past, although, he didn’t like my thoughts that he looked like Arsene Wenger wee had a good night.



    If you ever get away from the keyboard and meet some on here…it might open your life up.;)





    You’ve been insulted once or twice on here in the past. But being termed a lefty,I widnae take that if I was you!



    Mind,you are to the left of yon eejit,so he might be correct.





    Strong suspicion that he interlopes the dayooooots.

  9. Just watched the highlights. That looked like a thoroughly enjoyable title day at Celtic Park.



    Well done to all at the club.



    Árd Macha

  10. GivehimthemoneyPeterCSC on

    It’s time to go for Izzie



    Great player at times



    He is the type of player that needs to be playing to stay fit and with Kieran’s form he won’t be playing much…it was good to see their bond yesterday in the interview



    For those who couldn’t enjoy yesterday without thinking of peters bonus get a life or a new line of entertainment !



    Big difference yesterday…Motherwell were terrible and all our players were moving on and off the ball–a big change for this season

  11. BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 16TH MAY 2016 11:37 AM


    Yesterday was weird in one respect.




    I’d watched Celtic struggle to get numbers forward, well forward in space to utilise, all season.




    We’d debated about the one forward situation all season on CQN.




    So what was different yesterday : confidence, personnel ( ie more suited) opposition ?




    If you watch the goals we often had 3, 4, or more players bursting forward, available to receive the ball in the areas Celtic have scored from this season.






    Answer. Fluidity. Of the ball and the Bhoys.



    At one point in the first half Christie laid the ball back then meandered with intent (good meandering!) onto the left wing while Armstrong broke inside. Constant interchange among an on-song front 5. Very difficult to counteract.



    Not quite the barca merrygoround but a damn site better than the all too often all too static crap we’ve seen too often.



    Speed of pass, first touch. Have to say the ball moved quicker with Commons, Broonie and Bitton not there.



    I’m quite a fan of all 3 in certain respects. But all share the ‘extra touch’ habit that inevitably slows up the moves.



    HH jamesgang

  12. ——






    Sipsini & TBJ….




    “Cowboys & Injuns !”…




    [ Rings A Bell Somewhere..? Ed ]






    We’re Sure Zbyszek Is An Excellent Chap…



    We’re Just Havin’ Some Merriment At His Expense…



    Following His Curious.. And Misdirected Post.



    Any Poles We’ve Ever Known Had A Guid Sense Of Humour..



    [Perhaps TOO Good..? Ed]






    We’re BAD..!









    CQN HON-Man…



    Poor Clares Instructin’ A Lawyer..!




  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I don’t think you can underestimate how much injuries cost us this year.


    Not that many long-term ones, but almost every game there was a change or two due to injury. Of course the MSM liked to spin this as Ronny tinkering and not knowing his best team.


    Must have been into double figures in centre-back pairings, which is unprecedented.


    Difficult to get a consistent run when you can’t keep a settled line-up.




    Yep, zy wasn’t happy about it…thought I was going to get a Polish punch for it.



    Me and my big mouth:((






    Would that be the wee ugly bloke? ;))

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Agreed. I think the ball always moves quicker when McGregor plays.

  16. ——-






    As Gus Hindink Wiz Sayin’ Oan “Match O’ The Day” Last Night..



    “Dinnae Disturb The Hen…



    When She’ Sittin’ Oan Yon Purple Eggs !”



    [ Donald…You’re BAD..! Ed ]








    Thanks for reply.



    So down to the personnel then ?



    Wouldn’t disagree.



    Thought it was noticeable with young Christie how much effort he puts into his game. Chased darting runs and harried all day long. Reminded me of Kieran Tierney’s desire.



    McGregor’s disciplined performance was maybe not so eye-catching but it’s something he’s added to his game in the last 6 months or so.

  18. Sipsini


    Thank you very much.


    The Donald I do not want to open discussion with things that have nothing to do with Celtic/


    My link was no displaced, wrong directed.


    You posted Breitbart link the other day with the article bringing Poland as a country with growing xenophobia. This is why I posted link with the same Breitbart. This time the article was written by the Jewish guy who moved from the USA to Poland.


    I would like to say I met DBBA, SFTB, HT, to neme few and I love their company.

  19. We are a noticeably better team with Brown not in it, fit or not he’s not a very good footballer in truth, much as I love him.



    Lots of movement and fluidity in that team yesterday, during our half time blab near the pie stalls in the main stand yesterday we universally agreed that the first half was the best we had seen all season.



    New manager with some decisions to make in midfield, Commons, Brown and Bitton would struggle for game time next season if it was me.

  20. —–



    Willie McGregor…?



    Mr.”Perptual Motion”…



    We Like..!



    Looks Like Ergot Ozil…



    Runs Like Dame Edna Everage…



    But He’s Wan O’ Oooors!









  21. Here’s another useless pair of stats. This season represents the 12th highest points tally since season ending 2001 but our 5th highest goals scored.

  22. Jamesgang…



    Have you ever been told you look like David Williams? Ya big hunk. :))



    The Donald…



    If you are kojo, stop hiding behind a moniker and start doing what you do best!