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    Well! That was a very un-Scottish outcome.







    There is no denying that Salzburg are a level above us and no denying we deserved to lose tonight.







    But it is so unlike us to catch a break like Rosenborg’s late equaliser from This Year’s Albert Kidd, Tore Reginiussen (has the Celtic shop bought in extra s’s and n’s so I can get that name on the back of ma tap?)







    Seriously, there is a lot to be concerned about in our team’s development BUT that is not for tonight.







    I feel joy and relief and a bit of pride that we got there, even via the back door, as we earned every point we got.







    Celtic alone take the Scottish co-efficient forward. Quick re-build for the Hibs tie. We will need every player including some who did not do the,selves justice tonight.







    Well done Celtic!



    Can’t improve on that, they are a cracking team, great team shape, played as a team with no big name players,although No 8 was good,physical all over the park, without being dirty.We won 3 games from 6,earned our place in Monday’s draw, but i hope we get a couple in next month. Benkovic was our best player by a distance for me.They shut down McGregor and Rogic from 1st whistle, we didn’t/couldn’t change it,but we got through to the next round, which is brilliant.

  2. Just win on Sunday, far more important, our away form has to improve, if these games are a hindrance id rather not be involved. Hopefully the players will give us the needed 3 points.

  3. We have regressed and are regressing.



    The league we’re in is just too easy to win, the teams we play at the weekends are too poor to impose demands, we are physically unimpressive – Rogic, our biggest talent, can’t produce against anybody for 90 minutes, and can’t produce at all against a good team.



    The most important quality we require from Celtic manager is the abilty to manage upwards – to squeeze the board. Martin could do it, and so could WGS. Brendan?



    Let’s be clear – this was a must-win match, which we lost. I dread us drawing an English team.

  4. Disappointed to lose tonight but obviously glad to be through.


    I thought Salzburg were excellent tonight. Great pressing game.


    The sort of game I had hoped we would be playing when ronny delia explained his intentions.(not intended as criticism of ronny)


    I thought they were sharper,looked fitter and their passing was more accurate.


    Don’t know what happened to a few of our players because several of them didn’t seem to perform.


    I am not intending to be negative just my thoughts on how game went tonight.

  5. The gulf in class was obvious, more so in the first half when only Gordon’s heroics kept us within touching distance.


    We fared better second half, where Gordon’s clanger sucked the hope from us.


    The introduction of Brown served to underscore why we need his inspirational captaincy when we are physically and mentally outweighed.


    The effort and organization which can overcome the skills gulf was missing tonight, particularly in the first half when some of our players seemed overawed and incapable of escaping their impressive pressing game.


    Were the team conscious of the missing captain and his influence?






    “Feed the Hu-uns, let them know it’s Christmas time…


    Feed the Hu-uns let them know it’s Christmas time…


    Do they know it’s Christmas time at allllll…”



    Hun aid.





    “Ooooooooohhhh Viennnnaaaaaaaaaa…


    Yaaaa Hunnnnnsssssss….”



    Midge Ure.





    “Amadeus, Amadeus. Rock me Amadeus. Amadeus, Amadeus. Fuck me, Amadeus.”



    S. Gerrard.







    GORDON THE MYSTIC: 9/10 Man of The Match…. 2/10 Alternate Dimension Fuckwit.



    Was the Big Man the only person on the planet who missed the 2018 Cl Final? Too busy smashing babes in Ibiza?



    Regardless, brilliant goalkeeping display to keep them at bay and us in the hunt – utter nonsense if you think


    he could have done better with their goal; nearly made a blinding stop with his shoulder. Superb saves before that.



    Then he channels the mug Liverpool keeper and sells the jerseys. WTF?



    BUT, the big ghuy has a sixth sense even Bruce Willis cannot fathom; he takes us to the lowest of lows KNOWING the universe is about to deliver the high. Crafty bastard. Forgiven. Finished his post-match interview with a cheeky smile and ‘Up the Ra!’*




    * No, he didn’t. But, y’know…





    PC LUSTIG – 7/10




    Cassius Clay. Took it, shook it off, considered himself an ethereal entity delivered into this world for the benefit of mankind, got subbed before his concussion led to civil revolt and the annex of Austria due to his similarity to a few thousand Hiltler Youth survivors.


    For all Lustig nay-sayers, just witness how fragile we appeared without his perpertual big-game focus and influence.





    BENKOVIC – 6/10



    Big man showed all his promise, footballing ability and inexperience in one torrid appearance; a secure VVD-like display was undermined by his one momentary lapse of concentration and timing when he lost the flight of the ball for their crucial opener; after which he appeared unsure.








    JOZO – 5/10



    Come on tae fck, fella – IMO -in my opinion; nothing humble about it – Jozo HID behind his ‘wee brother’ for the game – let the kid make the mistakes/vital interventions while the more experienced Jozo held off and played an ineffective role. Bullshit performance, big man – you’re not fooling the Sandman; get intae it or ship out.


    We needed your A-game. We got an impostor.





    KT – 7/10



    Roving bundle of Tim energy. A constant, reliable fan-with-gifted-feet in the jersey; KT let nothing pass him and but for some ineffective crossing could have done major damage.


    Still, HIS job was done well.





    CALMAC – 4/10



    Not so easy the ‘quarterback’ role, is it, when the opposition don’t allot you time or space and press and stifle? Started slow, failed to match their intensity, scarcely functioned all night; upset the nouveau hipsters who see a Calmac-led silken utopian future of the Celtic midfield; kick the acid, bawbags, yer Da’s got some advice…





    ROGIC -2/10



    Hey, mayte, it’s Christmas, yup? Crank up the barbie, tap open a tinny, let’s go punch a few Great Whites… Antipodean magician awakes from stupor to find unknown-but-electric opposition daring to scurry around him, denying him a kick. He somehow manifests camouflage deceiving enough to protect him from hallucinogenic battle-armoured kangaroos and identification by Brendan Rogers/Doctor Who as a waste of time and space.


    Ambled around like a Tom Rogic autograph huneter/bush tracker in search of the real bloke’s trail. He’s a celebrity, (struggling to kick his own arse) but we should have got him the fck out of there; as BR failed to acknowledge at half-time…





    FORREST – 6/10




    Identified as a major threat and muffled by Salzburg like they were Ted Bundy on a spree. Every fecking time he buzzed, they whammed him with the big Ausrtrian fly-swat.


    Frustrating night for all concerned – Jamesy, Us, and the freewheeling-cock-loving barstaff of Prestwick…





    CHRISTIE – 5/10



    And so, with great energy and impact came the universe’s payback – a devastating whack through the calf/achilles as the young gun made a great sliding tackle.


    Ineffective up to that point he had shown flashes of possibility as we staged a resurgence and his boundless energy looked a potential weapon against a tiring Salzburg midfield.


    At the time of writing I’ve no idea of the seriousness of his injury; suffice to say it didn’t look good and could be summed up in one word; ‘fuck’.


    For all the progress he’s made and all the fresh energy he’s brought to the team, let’s hope it’s trivial and he can be fit to savage the animals on the 29th.





    SINCY – 6/10



    Damn nation – why sub the lightning feet that had showed some promise at HT and deny us pace for a difficult 2nd half? The big malfunctioning kangaroo should have made way for Captain Marvel and Sincy left on to give us leeway and opportunity on the left; granted he hadn’t done much but he looked lively enough when service was offered and his defensive effort was undoubtedly committed.


    Of all our attacking players, in that first half, he appeared most likely.





    EDDY – 6/10




    NOT a target-man. But still he strives, un-noticed to many; great effort to work their back-line and try to put some dangerous interplay together; starved of decent service due to our absent midfield.


    When he did get a break, was let-down by final touch,/bad luck on a few occasions. BUT, still not the mercurial presence he’s shown himself to be – mitigating circumstances, granted.









    AJER – 5/10



    Would have performed better if BR had let him wear his Batman face-mask to protect his recently-repaired eye-socket. Hence, his petted-lip almost resulted in calamity as he played in Salzburg for a golden chance, saved by a golden keeper (until 80th minute when he became a ‘c#nt’ apparently…).



    Big Ajer – taken by surprise at his inclusion due to Mick’s acid flashbacks – luckily kept his moby in his sock and managed to text off the now legendary ‘mon tae fuck’ message to his Norwegian Rosenborg compatriots with five minutes to go…





    BROON – 7/10



    Battle-hardened veteran spent entire second-half scrapping and upsetting their rhythm, but failed to get the appropriate response from his team-mates; just couldn’t snap the creatives out of their stupor.


    However – first name on teamsheet for Mordor Massacre, 29th December.




    SAM JACKSON – 7/10



    Y’all got a penalty problem, muthufuckas? Ain’t no way this carbon-cooled Francaise muthufucka’s slammin’ home with Royale finesse after freezin’ my solid ebony ass off in the ditch all first-half without teasin’ the expectations of a nation.


    Smackdown one, catches the hand of a Hun, smackdown two – buckle my muthufuckin’ shoe – tucked in the corner little Jack Horner, we’s give thanks to our viking porno-lovin’ Aryan muthufuckin’ brothers for deliverance. For the path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men; Hun Mu-thu-fuckas…






    BR – 6/10



    Freezing night, seemed to freeze himself – left TR on and sacrificed Sincy; obviously hoping to hold the game at 0-0. Failed. Never got what he wanted out of his first-choice set -up and should have been more merciless with under-performers.


    Another Euro night where he looked incapable of countering Salzburg’s dominance; let-down badly by team but expected him to show more nous in adversity. Got lucky. But got through. Yup.




    OVERALL – 4/10



    Really poor. As bad as the first capitulation in Salzburg; we blow hot and cold in Europe – brilliant v Leipzig when it mattered, Hun-level of pish tonight when it also mattered.



    Midfield never turned up – got bullied and dominated until Broon and Ntcham appeared and had some impact on their tiring legs. But the cultured and slick midfield so many have eulogised recently was completely absent of presence and ideas.



    Contrary to popular wishes, it may be THAT fornmation has had it’s (brief) day and we DO need the steel in the spine to make a fist of it.



    You want to play pretty, WINNING foootball? – you do it the Salzburg way, with intensity and selfless movement. I still can’t name a Salzburg individual ‘superstar’ but can damn sure wax lyrical about their team function – exactly how we need to be if we want to be taken seriously in Europe.


    Nobody will want them in the draw; but plenty will take us.



    However, on the ultra-plus Xmas-side WE ARE THERE. Ra Peepul. Are. NOT.



    Last 32, another few million bucks and euro recognition. Well done to the Bhoys, and despite the two depressing Salzburg aberrations one of Germany’s finest fell by our sword.



    One for the mystical Celts – back in April this year at a Spanish hotel bar I get into conversation with a tidy-enough single early-forty-something Norwegian burd from Trondheim, knows who the Celts are, knows who Ronny Deila is, soft-spot for Rosenborg despite not being a footy fan.


    I spend two nights boozing and chatting to her about her cat and polar bears. My missus, however – obviously party to these cocktails-at-dusk sessions – didn’t let me pump her, so stow it you sordid speculatory sleazeballs…



    Then, high summer in Gran Can I bump into a Norwegian fella and his two late-teen sons all sporting Rosenborg tops – and me the Hoops – as I search for the first-leg showing of our CL clash. We end up watching that and then meeting up a week later for the second-leg. We get through, they part with big smiles and diaphanous metaphysical promises that Rosenborg would always do the Celts a turn…



    Well, fuck me, THANK YOU so very much you Norwegian non-Blues… (See what I did there, Python, omen, and deid-club lovers…)

  7. PETETHEBEAT on 13TH DECEMBER 2018 10:51 PM



    A lot of people remarking that Celtic never get the luck they got tonight with Rosenborg drawing.



    Well, the Legia debacle was a 1 in 10 thousand chance and the Sion one not much less.










    Ye ragin’, Aye?

  8. Good achievement qualifying from a tough group. Nice to get a bit of luck on the European scene. Keeps the momentum going that we have built up after the slow start to the season. Concerned for Christie and Griffiths but I’m sure they’ll both bounce back.



    Meanwhile , in another part of town…



    When is s slump not a slump? :))



    In Sevco’s last three outings they have drawn once, been defeated twice. ( The draw was picked up against the bottom of the league team that played most of the game with ten men ).



    Over the three games…



    8 shots on target.


    No goals from open play.


    One solitary goal from a free kick.



    The Gerradiola revolution seems to be stalling.


    I think a comprehensive victory for us at their place in a couple of weeks wil be disastrous for them. They will be under all sorts of pressure to get something from that game.




  9. GG


    Hell knows where they’re getting the money from. Season after season of turning in financial losses and they still keep spending on players and managers for that matter. It doesn’t add up and it won’t end well for them.



    No lessons learned from history over there.




  10. And it’s a goodnight from me. And a good night from him.


    Time to dream of Europa League knockout nights, and disco lights.

  11. Good Friday mooooooorning CQN, from a dark, freezing, but happy Garngad.





    To me there was a couple of players off their game last night, but we got a bit of luck with our Norweigien friends helping us out. It doesn’t matter who we get next, let’s deal with that after Monday’s draw.


    In the meantime, let’s move on to Easter road, which is our bread and butter.


    We need to rewind to the performance against Killie and keep that going against the Hibs.



    By the way, Salzburg are a decent passing/pressing team, which I think could have a good run in the competition.



    Good luck to the Griff and Ryan.






    D. :)

  12. Got me thinking . It’s been well commented that the pursuit of the Lions European Cup win killed the old club.



    Will their attempt at stopping us achieving the ten be the new clubs downfall?



    Ach It’s a wee shame so it is :)))))




  13. DBhoy- yes it will. But like their dead club their reliance on the cheating establishment will also be thier downfall. Who like their dead club, they allow to run up massive footballing debts.



    Who in thier right mind would do business with that lot.






    D. :)

  14. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy (still in Europe after Christmas) Friday to you all, from a cold, crisp and frosty East Kilbride. A pretty disappointing 90 minutes from us last night but am I in the least bit bothered about our eventual method of qualifying? Not at all! Over the years Celtic (and Scotland!) have found numerous different ways of exiting competitions right at the death. So for things to swing our way for a change is just fine by me. A bit Love Street 1986-esque at around 9.45 last night.


    So it’s a starched white shirt and emerald green tie that is ole Jobo’s work attire for today.


    Avoid defeat on Sunday then 2 home wins against Motherwell and Dundee should be enough to enjoy Christmas top of the league.


    Enjoy your day!

  15. Celtic were hammered last night, but if it hadn’t been for Ajer’s last ditch defending- for Salzburg- and Gordon’s early Christmas gift, it would have been a 2-1 win.




  16. still laughin’…………









    HH Tims!

  17. This, by our manager, sums it up for me:



    “And to go to Rosenborg and get a result and beat them twice, it’s been an absolutely brilliant effort from the players to finish on nine points in a group like that.”



    Cheerio for now,




  18. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims…



    So we are through, was it Jammy? Or was it the product of our earlier work in the competition?, Aye n Aye as a certain Mr Marley says….




  19. traditionalist88 on

    Can we finally put the folly of resting players to bed (pun intended)? Your best players, in great form and who are itching to play, should not be left on the bench for important league games.



    Hardly reaped the benefits with that performance last night, did we.



    Now we have a run of games most probably without Christie and Griffiths, but pick our strongest team on the day and you will know you have given it your best chance to win.



    We face a tricky series of league matches without a couple of important players and it’d have been great to go into these games with a bigger points cushion, which we would have been much more likely to have achieved if we’d picked our strongest sides at some of the venues we’ve dropped points (3 away wins out of 8).



    Its far from the first time a club has rested players with an upcoming fixture in mind only to end up making an @rse of both games. Of course we acknowledge that Salzburg are an excellent side but there were so many unforced errors and misplaced passes on our side that had nothing to do with them. A careless and nervous performance when we are capable of so much more.



    So lets not over think team selection. Select the best footballers in our biggest games AND the most important competition we enter, our domestic league(without which there is no Champions League). Get it won then rest whoever we like.



    Resting before the job is done and selecting a team based on the fear of certain players getting injured is not befitting a club like Celtic.



    Take them all on with our best 11 and see where we go.




  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Aaaaahhhh. You have to feel for those poor chaps at the BBC – “Celtic scrape into to last 32”.


    Their hatred of us is so blatant that it makes our success all the sweeter as you know how badly they will be hurting. Heh heh heh.


    Hope Christie’s injury isn’t as bad as it looked.

  21. morning bhoys from an arctic Cheshire. . we didn’t play well but they are a bliddy good team, European football after Christmas, whats not to like.hh.

  22. Half right / half wrong .



    I expected to be beaten by a superior team and couldn’t envisage anything other than a Leipzig win .



    Assume Leipzig Quick News is chocca with posts declaring that if you can’t beat Rosenborg at home you don’t deserve to be in Europe .



    I haven’t grappled with the delights of UEFA’s who plays who thing but could we get Napoli? . A wee jaunt up the road for me.

  23. Celtic













    Who is the odd man out according to the National newspapers?



    Celtic of course.



    All the others magnificently progressed to the next stage with 9 points ( or 8 in Fenerbahce’s case), whilst Celtic scraped through.

  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    traditionalist88 on 14th December 2018 8:50 am


    But a big and unexpected thanks to Rosenborg!



    Not according to BBC breakfast this morning who said we should be singing “wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen” As the Dane win puts us through !!



    Who does the research for these guys…………

  25. That Salzburg team were fit. There were no great players in their team but it looked like they could play the pressing game for another 90 minutes. Still odd how they did not get through to the CL stages.



    So if we are to improve in January – do we splash out and buy players or think long-term and change the training regime? In a team like RB there are no places for players like Rogic.

  26. traditionalist88 on




    I had to settle for watching on TV last night and when Leipzig took the lead, up popped a live table showing Leipzig on 10pts, us on 10pts but them 2nd by virtue of having beaten us on aggregate!



    Of course at the time this table popped up during the game, we were still 0-0 so they got it right that we were on 10, but seemed fit to give Leipizig 4 pts for beating Rosenborg to take them above us!



    There are typos and then there is just poor preparation, and this was definitely the latter!




  27. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Heh heh.


    Gerrardiola wanting more new players. Fifteen obviously not enough!


    Hey Stevie – here’s a suggestion – why not try improving the ones you have got. Are you not supposed to be a coach? Why not try, errr, coaching? Not capable of that?

  28. Some posters at the game seemingly none to impressed with the new lights – the place did look powerful on TV though,just prior to kick off.



    Salzburg to win that competition @ 25/1 is a massive price.



    Such a team.



    HH. ?

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