Champions League perils for play-off seeds


The Champions League play-off round can be a horrible place for seeds against teams with lesser reputations.  Celtic drew Helsingborgs from a group of five possible teams.  Three of the other four were away from home in the first leg but two recorded wins.

Hapoel Kiryat Shmona lost 2-0 away to Bate Borisov while Maribor lost 2-1 away to Dinamo (no longer Croatia) Zagreb.

Romanians, Cluj, recorded an excellent 1-2 away win against our old friends Basel, while AEL Limassol beat Anderlecht 2-1 in Cyprus.  Maribor and Cluj will fancy their chances of eliminating the seed, while Limassol have a fighting chance.

In other news, HJK Helsinki are not going to drop to the Europa League group stage after we eliminated them from the Champions League earlier this month.  Last season’s finalists, Athletic Bilbao, hit them for six (first cricket metaphor on CQN?) last night.

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  1. If B Kayal & J Ledley out for weeks


    What would your line up be on WED in CL


    Gutted at Joes injury :((.


    Good luck Ki in whatever you do and Good business by club (IMHO) for someone whos contract is up next Dec & wanted to move on.



  2. TET,



    The maximum sentence is 21 years in Norway and that is what he will serve.



    If, after that time, he is still considered a risk to society, he will stay behind bars.



    The Norwegian journo that I heard reckoned that he will never see daylight again as a free man.



    The fiend wanted his crime to be a political one, therefore he didn’t wish to be found insane.



    He is just evil.

  3. The Singing Detective



    Kojo spurned the chance to winch Lauren Bacall?He is definitely no right.

  4. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. The Singing Detective



    Ah wiz gonna tell ye aboot that Auld Photo. Ah saw o’ Jimmy Cagney..


    and the Shocking Tale.. fae Whereby it Hung.



    and wiz recounted by Ma auld Pal.. fae ma Hollywid Days, who paid me


    a visit last Week-End.






    Ah dinna hiv the time.. the noo..



    Tell ye aboot it.. anon..



    Gotta Go..



    Seya Latah..





    Still . Laughin’.. like Heidi.

  5. Tim Malone Will Tell



    Aye, Sky wouldn’t be my cup of T either, from top bottom, inside and out, they have a total lack of humility, and their arrogance does my head in.



    Best league in the world, it’s no even the best league in the country.



    In saying that, I need a Sky box to watch the tele over here, so they have me whatever :<(

  6. Did you hear that Lance Armstrong is getting his titles stripped for alleged drug use. He’s changing his name to The Lance Armstrong to keep them.

  7. ttt



    Haven’t heard the Norwegian jurno, just heard what the BBC said, lazy jurnos.



    Evil or not, he is insane, and should never see the light of day again.

  8. Bourne-If true,strange how you can live a high profile double life……………….Armstrong that is…

  9. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Of all the web blogs in all of the world, you had to log into mine…


    Long time lurker.


    And now i can have a wee say so




    Thanks to my good lady, who emailed Paul 67,


    No i’m not a hun.


    Yes i have a S/B,


    Yes i go most away games,


    and please give me time to do my one finger typing …


    Oh!! nearly forgot, i can’t stop smiling .


    Keep Hail Hailing

  11. The Battered Bunnet


    17:42 on


    Aye, fair point. What about onomatopoeia? Shouldn’t that rather be onomatopow or onomatoboing?





    Sounds o k to me.

  12. saltires en sevilla on




    18:39 on 24 August, 2012


    The Singing Detective



    Kojo spurned the chance to winch Lauren Bacall?He is definitely no right.






    In fairness she must be about 86 now :)







    You must be from another planet ,we Earthlings know ‘the sun doesn’t shine on Camlachie’

  14. saltires en sevilla



    I was imagining in the 50s downtown Hollywood,no you’ve spoiled it.

  15. leftclicktic
















  16. Quick question is Ki gone then? If so how much? I might add thank f?@@, it was dragging on. Mon the Hoops!

  17. Just logged on and not read back, only popped in a couple of times this wk. Unusually for me I am listening to Snyde and the tears are streaming down my face because they have just informed me that sevco will have to put up with a really small dressing room when they visit Berwick. Surely Berwick should be forced to upgrade their changing rooms for the pleasure of the visiting, erm giants of the sporting world.



    Apologies to Berwick if I spelt the towns name wrong.

  18. They have spent the last half hour talking about 3rd division football.



    Ha Ha Ha. They call it a phone in, why not talk to someone who phones you you muppets.



    Does anyone want to talk to you.



    er naw!!!!!!!!!!!


    How are you all this fine morning?



    Gonna go for IBICENCO in the 305 at York.



    Let’s hope we do a bit better collectively than last week,eh?

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