Christie can determine his price


Hampden Park has been the venue for sixteen consecutive wins in cup semis and finals for the Celtic  players ahead of the Scotland Euro 2020 game against Czech Republic there this afternoon.  I know for sure you have memories of great goals at the national stadium by Callum McGregor, James Forrest and Ryan Christie.  Each of them rise to the big occasion.

There is a good chance David Turnbull and Jack Hendry will be involved, as well as former players: David Marshall, Kieran Tierney and Stuart Armstrong, with former Celtic youth Andy Robertson sure to start.  Greg Taylor is with the squad but unlikely to force his way past Tierney and Robertson.

International football is not the same: we are conditioned for disappointment and an early exit, but this generation of Celtic players deserve to compete on the international stage.  In particular, I hope Ryan Christie shines.  He is on his way out the door, all that is to be determined is the price.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Fair enough Pablo but not for me (as per earlier post I can’t be bothered cutting and pasting).



    All IMHO of course.



    Taylor – aye ok, just.



    Christie in shop window – fine.



    James could do with games.



    Turnbull & McGregor need rest not more matches.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything






    We share a city AND NOTHING ELSE

  2. Hopefully he shines and we get more cash.



    Wouldn’t lose sleep on him leaving(I like to consider I have a lot of patience for our players) but not for me now. Good luck to him !

  3. I wonder if anyone at Celtic is working on bringing any players in the way?!


    We are becoming very proficient at selling.


    The new man, with limited knowledge of the British and wider European markets, needs to have a better transfer window than either of the previous 2 incumbents.


    Geez, we don’t like to make it easy.

  4. quadrophenian on

    Weirdly, I think young Ry will miss out big time if he leaves us. Why?


    Suspect he’s a player Ange could effectively harness and develop. But if Ryan’s just chasing dosh well I hope he plays a blinder for us so we get a dividend on our investment. Agree w Gene that’ll he’s a good addition to a Champy mob or recent entrant side to EPL.



    BTW, everyone of us now has something in common w Ange….HE – just like us – is watching the Euros games and thinking – ‘wonder if he could do a job for us’ ;)



    HH and Here’s Hoping the Czechs are firing blanks.

  5. Unfortunately todays match is on at the same time as the tennis.




  6. No matter how much the SFA have cheated us; no matter how often they have ignored the likes of Bobby Murdoch for some chump from the deid team. I have always wanted Scotland to win. I have never even thought of attending a gemme. Now that the team has a backbone of Celtic players and former players, I hope we win but more importantly, I hope the Celtic players avoid any injuries. I wouldn’t mind too Calum getting a rest for most of the tournament.

  7. Susie Dent 💙








    Word of the day is ‘smellfungus’ (19th century): a habitual grumbler who will find fault in anything and everything.

  8. We are in a group with no standout top team, and with 16 of the 24 teams qualifying for the knockouts, Scotland will not get a better chance than this.

  9. Greenpinata



    “A failure from the players who participated and underachieved, a failure of our collective management team and a failure from our custodians to plan for the inevitable.


    Squirrels abound, but this was a quadruple winning team who were boosted by expensive loan signings and additional buys.


    No perceived failings, but actual failings by any measure.





    I fear we are arguing about different things.



    Of course last year was a failure- just look at the league table.



    The only thing I would potentially disagree with is the allocations within “collective failure”. The Players, The Coach and the Board take their full share of the blame.



    The assistant coaching staff, the fitness guys, the groundsmen and the tea ladies take a much lesser share of the blame, unless you are aware of deficiencies in their daily practice .



    No manager or coach, worth his salt, would attempt to pass on any of the blame to assitant coaching, fitness or training staff. They may include them in the praise for a job well done but they cannot and should not include them in the blame for failures, because they do not get to make final decisions.



    It is legitimate to blame John Kennedy and the players for failures in the last few games when the league was already lost but, unless you do have inside information on his being derelict in his asst. coaching duties, then there are no grounds for blaming him or Gavin Strahan for Neil Lennon’s ultimate decisions.



    You cannot be blamed for a failure to influence people sufficiently.



    Otherwise it’s my fault that Elle McPherson is dating that charlatan, Andrew Wakefield, instead of hanging about Cambuslang with me.

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    GENE on 14TH JUNE 2021 12:23 PM


    He’ll be lucky to get a gig in the championship



    Totally agree on that one!!

  11. HOT SMOKED on 14TH JUNE 2021 7:51 AM


    “I may not be a master tactician, I may not have coached at any level and I may not be privy to inside information.



    I do have the ability to recognise failure when it is blatantly obvious. Last season was a failure.”



    If the three `mays` are correct, do they not call that `ability` into question.





    Don’t know about that HOT Smoked, But I do know the three May’s:-











  12. LINE-UPS at Hampden Park


    Scotland v Czech Republic (14:00)



    Scotland: Marshall, O’Donnell, Hendry, Hanley, Cooper, Robertson, McTominay, McGinn, Armstrong, Dykes, Christie.



    Substitutes: Gordon, McLaughlin, McGregor, Adams, Taylor, Turnbull, Nisbet, Fraser, Patterson, Gilmour, Forrest, McKenna.



    Czech Republic: Vaclik, Coufal, Boril, Celustka, Kalas, Soucek, Kral, Mosopust, Darida, Jankto, Schick.



    Substitutes: Mandous, Kaderabek, Brabec, Barak, Holes, Krmencik, Sevcik, Zima, Hlozek, Vydra, Meteju, Pekhart.

  13. SFTB,



    Not arguing, never arguing, but debating.



    Interesting you mention tea ladies..


    There is no way our players or management team would contemplate tackling a tea lady. They would remember big Aggie who put Souness in his place.


    For all his faults, think Souness was a great deal tougher than our current lot.




  14. Well Ryan is definitely getting his opportunity today, playing up front alongsides Dykes. Not surprised he is playing, but am surprised he is playing where I thought Che Adams would be. KT is a miss but Cooper has had a good season with Leeds so feel he can work well behind Robertson. Not totally convinced by the line up, but lets hope Stevie Clarke’s called it right and we start with a win.

  15. Rolling_Stone on




    How can the Board and Players be treated collectively but Coaching is defined solely as Neil Lennon?



    There is no comparison to be had between John Kennedy and groundsmen or tea ladies.

  16. fourstonecoppi on

    Right i’m ready..nae boozin’ the day.


    Got ma Archie Gemmell tap on and a cuppa tea!

  17. Rolling_Stone on

    Glad CalMac isn’t playing more minutes. I think the team is better balanced without him as well (left footed McGinn and right footed Armstrong).

  18. Depends on position, suprising line up. Shape may give clearer picture.



    Calmac being saved? Or not rated?

  19. DENIABHOY on 14TH JUNE 2021 12:51 PM


    We are in a group with no standout top team, and with 16 of the 24 teams qualifying for the knockouts, Scotland will not get a better chance than this.




    You don’t consider England and to a lesser degree Crotia top teams? They are ranked 4 and 14 in world rankings.



    It’s a big step up in quality for the teams that qualified via the minnows route.



    Though with 3rd place qualifying the group stages aren’t the challenge they usually are. 3 draws might even be good enough to qualify

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