Christie can determine his price


Hampden Park has been the venue for sixteen consecutive wins in cup semis and finals for the Celtic  players ahead of the Scotland Euro 2020 game against Czech Republic there this afternoon.  I know for sure you have memories of great goals at the national stadium by Callum McGregor, James Forrest and Ryan Christie.  Each of them rise to the big occasion.

There is a good chance David Turnbull and Jack Hendry will be involved, as well as former players: David Marshall, Kieran Tierney and Stuart Armstrong, with former Celtic youth Andy Robertson sure to start.  Greg Taylor is with the squad but unlikely to force his way past Tierney and Robertson.

International football is not the same: we are conditioned for disappointment and an early exit, but this generation of Celtic players deserve to compete on the international stage.  In particular, I hope Ryan Christie shines.  He is on his way out the door, all that is to be determined is the price.

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  1. quadrophenian on

    Cal Mac still looks rubber-ducked to me. Depleted. Running on fumes…


    How he HIMSELF can’t see he needs to rest and recuperate properly, before resuming his career w Brendan’s paternal hand on his shoulders is beyond me.


    All the EPL players were a shadow of their club performance best simply becos the support they get week in and out is way better than with their fellow Scots.



    Night all.

  2. quadrophenian on

    STEBHOY – agree the lad Adams was a marked improve on RC.


    McGinn a likeable tank engine.

  3. FRIESDORFER on 14TH JUNE 2021 3:35 PM




    HOW did you manage to Contact Bet365. They werent answering their Phones last night or this morning, so I sent an Email of Complaint early this morning, so far NO Response ?


    I am about to try and Phone again after my early dinner.



    I will NOT let this go…IF possible ?


    HH Mate.

  4. Quadrophenian- have you heard more than rumour CalMac is going Leicester?



    SteBhoy – I thought Adam’s was good too! I am no huge Christie fan but he isn’t a striker or number 10 so he’s being misused. I’d have Adam’s in for either Christie or Dykes – Adam’s is much more mobile than Dykes.

  5. Big Jimmy


    Went into the Account tab and sent a message from there. Still not replied to my second message asking for at least stake money back. Grrr



  6. poor team selection for me, big dykes tried but is VERY limited. adams should have started the game. forrest should have played from the start to give more width on the right, which was non existent attacking wise. O’Donnell and cooper frankly not good enough for international football.



    Go big or go home

  7. Lots of Huff and Puff from Scotland…not much quality and KT was missed. Any team would miss that Bhoy.


    Celtic have certainly MISSED KT.



    I liked the play of the Czech Player who scored their Two great goals ( SCHICK ?)….I wonder IF Celtic could afford him…probably not, and I shouldnt have have such dreams…I BLAME being SOBER !


    I may get drunk Tomorrow after Ive had my blood Tests etc in the Morning ?



  8. I would have been happy with Steve Clarke as our manager. Not so sure now. Some puzzling decisions in there and the solid defence he is famed for seems less apparent with his Scotland team.



    Is it just me getting old or are scottish players not as mentally tough as they used to be (generally speaking)? The heads seemed to go down very easily today. I have seen it with our own team all season too.



    More importantly, any of those big Czech guys that cam head a ball and tackle looking for a new club??

  9. FRIESDORFER on 14TH JUNE 2021 4:15 PM




    They are STILL NOT answering their Phones, and Ive had NO Reply to my Email…Yet.


    I will let you know how I get on.


    I wont let this go…WITHOUT a fight !


    HH Mate.

  10. Gene – yep, if he stayed around the edge of his box as is the norm he would never have been lobbed.

  11. Playing Dyke up front against tall powerful defenders was a mistake. Adams should have started.


    Forrest on earlier to have mobility up front and the Cowdenbeath standard right back, O’whatsisname should never have been on the teamsheet. Christie is a legend in his own lunchtime and needs punted straight away.


    Scunnered; ’nuff said.

  12. Steve Clark showed today he is not Celtic manager material. Why pick a midfield of workhorses instead of players who can actually pass the ball like Calmac, Turnbull and Gilmour?


    Tierney was missed of course. Why was Marshall standing near the halfway line for the second goal? He’s another one who shouldn’t have started. Craig Gordon is better.

  13. That was disappointing.



    Wrong team selection.this was game to go for it with 2 up front and winger.


    O’donnell out his depth im sorry to say.looked lost at times.


    Hendry and Marshall,seperately,at fault for 2nd goal.


    Adams and Forrest gave us a lot more energy when they came on.must start against the “Auld Enemy”


    Best player Andy Robertson.

  14. Let’s hope we are spared the embarrassment of watching Christie play at Wembley. And it won’t do anything for his transfer value.

  15. If you fancy a wee drinking game, I posted this in previous blog:



    DENIABHOY on 14TH JUNE 2021 10:52 AM


    McCoist’s co-commentary useful for those who like a drinking game with mates.




    Down a shot everytime he says:



    1. Absolutely



    2. Astonishing



    3. Incredible



    4. Unbelievable




    A double shot if he combines two of the above.

  16. The Czech team played well. Their goal coming from a corner knocked out of our box. As the ball was thrown back in they had six players in there waiting for it. They basically threw everyone forward as they got to our box, a gamble that paid off. We on the other hand had only Dykes in their box when we ventured forward. You want to score you have to be more adventurous. I think Clarke set out for a draw and was undone.


    Start Adams, Turnbull and Forrest against Engurland.


    And what’s happened to Calum. I only saw him passing backwards when he came on? A few years back he was a genuine goal threat

  17. BIG JIMMY on 14TH JUNE 2021 4:34 PM


    PATRIK SCHICK fur the Hoops…Now !





    You have to be joking. He plays very successfully in the Bundesliga for Bayer Leverkusen.


    Transfer and salary costs WAY out of our reach. No chance.


    Nice thought though :)

  18. 31003



    Calmac used to be an attacking midfielder. He’s had the confidence drained out of him by being played as a holding midfielder to compensate for Broony’s loss of pace. Steve Clark is playing him in the same way as NL did.

  19. Calmac is not a holding midfielder- End of.



    There are however, unqualified “managers” and unfortunately, we have seen the result of that.

  20. Rolling_Stone on

    @ DENIABHOY on 14TH JUNE 2021 4:21 PM



    I only saw the highlight of the goal which didn’t show that. Wild positioning. How the hell did he think thay was acceptable?!

  21. There were highlights on the opposition team and some lowlights, mostly on the Scottish side.

  22. Rolling Stone – just seen this on Twitter


    “ David Marshall will surely be reflecting on his positioning when he’s in his bed tonight, lying at the bottom of his garden.”

  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I gave up on Scotland in 1978,



    The build up to the World Cup was great – much better than tournament itself – a victory parade at Hampden BEFORE we went – with a promise of ‘we will at least get a medal’.



    At 1 nil up v Peru we miss a penalty then concede 3 goals – this against a team we hadn’t even bothered to have scouted. Maybe it was a fluke? Then we draw 1-1 with Iran and confirm it wasn’t a fluke. Archie Gemmell’s goal against Holland has been shown time and time again – thats our equivalent of England continually revisiting their 1966 world cup win – a great goal but a disaster of a tournament. ….and it hasn’t got any better since.



    It’s easy to say it on here but there is only one team that I really care about – and that’s Celtic of course.

  24. The goalscorer said that he’d noticed that Marshall was wandering around quite high throughout the first half and was waiting for his moment to try it so he wasn’t unlucky to be “caught out”.

  25. Maybe Ryan was trying to bring his price down


    If so he almost certainly succeeded