Containing consequences


It still stings, but we need to park the pain of defeat and get back on the horse tomorrow.  Reversals can become infectious, they can drive confidence into a spiral. For my money, this phenomenon in part formed Brendan’s reaction after the game on Wednesday. He was relatively upbeat, containing the consequences by saying whatever positives were available.

Kilmarnock are the only domestic opponents to beat Celtic this season, so we have are reasons to be cautious.

Our motivation should be clear, win, and put seven points between us and St Mirren, with the Paisley club playing Newco on Sunday. Let’s hope our Glasgow rivals can do is a favour and peg Saints back.

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  1. Tom McLaughlin on

    Any supporters looking for match tickets after the Sold-Out signs go up, try Celtic Spares which is available through social media.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    Can’t agree with your last sentence Paul . I want Sevco to lose every game they play . St. Mirren have started well but will not be the main league threat to us as the season progresses .



    Can’t agree with your last sentence Paul . I want Sevco to lose every game they play . St. Mirren have started well but will not be the main league threat to us as the season progresses .”



    I don’t think Paul agrees with it either – I am pretty sure he is just trolling.


    To be fair if Sevco are as bad as even their own fans are saying then there might not be a threat this season if we keep the right attitude in domestic games.




  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Couldn’t give a hoot about what’s happening with other clubs. Unless we seriously mess up (and I just don’t see that) we will win the league comfortably. We haven’t even started playing anywhere near our best yet. Wait until we do!

  5. bournesouprecipe on




    No thanks with that thought, we can take care of St Mirren later.



    Back to the real action tomorrow where we should be seeing more from the summer signings. Palma and Bernardo who have now had time to settle and should be starting.



    CCV and Scales and a reshuffle / rest for some in midfield, or up front.



    Athleti can wait, every league game is a must win .

  6. John Hughes (Yogi Junior) over on Twitter not a happy Bhoy:



    As I said, I’m proud of the performance the players delivered. In many respects I think that’s close to the best we can do with those personnel.


    The deficit lies elsewhere with the hoarders.



    Many have said unlucky.


    If you’re always unlucky that’s not a luck issue. I remember the 90’s against the dead club, when we’d be invariably bemoaning ‘that chance’ ‘that save’ ‘that decision’.



    If victory is consistently just out of reach, it means that you’re not good enough, not that you’re unlucky. You have to be good enough that you’re able to absorb ‘variance’ as the stats guys call it.



    If you consistently can’t deal with a mistake or some bad luck (and those are game defining) then you’re not good enough.



    The club has not, since Brendan came back, overcome the years of apathy about Euro progress, despite the indications that this was to be a new approach.



    There are still no defined targets, there’s no accountability, there is no model for progression. The business plan in its current incarnation allows no acknowledgement or adjustments for success.



    Rather than buy potential on an increasing gradient, the board are happy that we reset to zero every year and don’t deviate significantly from the stated profile or price range.



    While we are content with no progression, the rest of the footballing world sprints past us with mega deals on multiple fronts, and petro state backed clubs coalescing players and power into an ever shrinking circle.



    If we can’t cling on to even the periphery of that group, when the truly big changes happen in Euro formatting, we won’t even be an afterthought.



    Luck on the field can always be a variable, but it’s one you have to be good enough to account for.


    I’ve been in jobs where luck wouldn’t be accepted as a reason for failure after ten minutes, never mind ten years.



    It’s tedious, it’s boring, we’ve been over it endlessly, but the fault still does not lie on the park. As always, it lies in the boardroom & the lack of ambition.



    I will keep complaining at the top of my lungs. I don’t believe I’m alone in opposing, with every fibre of my being, the continuing decline & relegation of our great club to the dustbin of Euro insignificance.


    5:05 PM · Oct 5, 2023







  7. THECLUMPANY on 6TH OCTOBER 2023 12:19 PM



    :). Very funny



    I heard Thomson on 5 live on Monday on the same show Chris Sutton was having his moment about Michael Beale. I’d just about got over wincing at the attack Sutty made on Beale when I heard someone giving a pretty good explanation of what the Huns needed now in a manager. Surprisingly thoughtful and perceptive, I was extremely surprised when I worked out it was KT. Long sentences, big words, a bit of alternative thinking.



    Then I watched a bit of last nights game and it was back to staying the bleeding obvious using sentences of three words or fewer.

  8. I’d like to think we’d take the players will take the positives from Wednesday that a lot of us are. A different challenge against a packed defence but we should be sharper after playing a decent team



    Add to that we won’t be taking them lightly after the defeat and we will be out for revenge, CCV back and sharper, Kyogo now a CL scorer and Palma nearly I fully expect a 2-1 victory with a Greg Taylor headed winner in the 107th minute

  9. THECLUMPANY on 6TH OCTOBER 2023 12:19 PM


    Ah why not? It’s been a long time… Two new offerings which might or might not raise a smile…



    Kevin Thomson’s Guide To Improving Sevco



    Tavernier’s Disappointing Disapp-ointment




    Welcome back Clumps.


    Really enjoy reading your stuff. 😃👍🇮🇪🏆🍀

  10. Greenpinata – last article



    Of course you make salient points regarding facilities – let’s hope we can make headway during the rest of this season.



    I have information (second hand) on the parting of the ways with Dominic – I have no proof and therefore would not repeat it. So many people who don’t like(putting it mildly) Peter Lawwell have moved to beatify Dominic – based on what?



    His speedy departure – you know and I know that Celtic don’t do speedy departures – says it all for me. It is crazy to even attempt to draw any comparisons on what Peter Lawwell has achieved/delivered over our current prolonged successful period and what Dominic ‘here today gone tomorrow’ didn’t do.



    You are not doing that, but there are some who do – based on absolutely nothing……in my opinion.

  11. Melbourne Mick on




    Much as I loved big Yogi, and his bhoys admirable thoughts


    tell us how we go about keeping up with the rest of the clubs


    that are sprinting past us.


    Clubs I assume like Brighton, Southampton, etc.


    Ok wee sack the board, get in a rich Arab or Russian oligarch


    and then what ?


    We’ll still have Ross County on a wet Wednesday up in the




    Or do we join another league? which one? who will have us?


    Maybe I’m just making up obstacles, but I’d be really interested


    in how we could change our situation.


    This is not a put down by any means, but if Celtic were exposed


    on a bigger stage, where with our support and history then I’m


    all for it.


    Just tell us how to go about it please.


    H H. Mick

  12. CLOUD9 @ 12:52 PM,



    Dominic McKay did great while he was here, he was involved in one transfer window and the planning for a second.



    They were very successful both football wise and financially and Ange was very greatful for the support.



    He deserves beatifying more than a slagging off…



    Hail Hail

  13. Deniabhoy



    No-one, not a single internet bampot, is attributing our European decline to luck.



    We can say that some games, like the Lazio game and, at a stretch, the Feyenoord game, had elements of luck involved in the result but…… the vast majority have been lost to teams that played better than us, most of them richer clubs, but a few were on our level, and a few more were poorer than us- Legia, Utrecht, Bodo Glimt etc;



    There is no sum of money, form our hoard, that can close the gap with most of the teams that beat us. Those clubs that get free TV money, on an annual basis, that dwarfs our reserve of money, built up over many years, will get another dose of free money, next year and the year after as an accident of geography, but, once we have spent our reserve, we will get no more free money.



    Of course, we can and should do better in Europe. We have been under-performing but we do not have enough money to sort this conundrum.



    I think the start we have made in tying our stars to new enhanced contracts is a start of spending some of the money wisely. It gives 2 actual benefits not imaginary ones. The better rewarded players are more likely to stay with us longer and, where they get an offer of even more money, we will earn more transfer money than we have been getting in the past.



    But we will still be in a less advantaged financial situation than Dutch and Portuguese clubs, far less the Top 5 leagues.



    Until our competitive league changes and our glass ceiling is removed, we are condemned to the fodder/also-ran category. We can, of course, have a glory year like 2003 or like the Huns had in 2008 and 2022, or we had in our 3 last 16 CL experiences. We can, also, do much better than we have been doing, as, even given our restrictions, we have been under-performing.



    But, if you think there’s a surefire “Spend your way to success” while being a Scottish League club, you should be presenting this as a business proposal to the Scottish clubs willing to follow your blueprint. I suspect the first question you would be asked is, are you willing to put a significant sum of your own money into this plan? And risk its complete loss?

  14. Melbourne Mick on

    And of course SFTB put it in a more convincing post


    than I ever could. 👍


    H H. Mick

  15. Great to see der hun being humped again, kinda helps after Lazio.


    Gave a wee bit of thought to the hun finances, and reckon they should do what was suggested by that brainbox in the Labour Part, Dianne Abbot. When asked what she would do about national debt, she said, easy, just borrow a load of money and pay it off !! Love it.




  16. The new disappointing.



    “I want to say sorry but I don’t want to say sorry because I feel like it’s all that we’re doing at minute”.



    Who said the banter years were over ?







  17. glendalystonsils on

    QUADBHOY on 6TH OCTOBER 2023 12:23 PM



    I would like to see St Mirren sustain some kind of challenge but I think top six will be as much as they manage . Same with Motherwell . If anyone can push Sevco into third place this season , I think Aberdeen are the most likely although ,having watched them struggle a bit last night ,I’m not so sure .




    Unfortunately the building wasn’t designed that way.



    Pity they didn’t plan ahead, the guys who designed Windsor Castle one thousand years ago obviously did…



    Hail Hail

  19. Sorting our chronic generation of underperformance in Europe out, is nothing to do with a trip to Dingwall.



    Use our money wisely. Right across the football department.




  20. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    The co-efficient hit this season is depressing.



    As it stands, we will be going back to CL QR2 again in 2-3 years and likely to play a seeded team in play-off round, should we get that far and assuming we are SPFL champions.



    Strategic thinking in scouting and recruitment is needed to balance project moneyball signings v’s immediate 1st team ready signings.



    BR’s comments a few weeks ago on need to balance both out makes a lot of sense. Without it, we reducing our chances of competing in the CL in future seasons.

  21. Melbourne Mick on

    Ok then BIG WAVY.



    Tell us how ?


    Again no put down, I just want to know how ?


    H H. Mick

  22. Deniabhoy



    You also had your day stomping out saying you wouldn’t even watch our win at Ibrox because the team selected, from the injury ravaged squad, didn’t meet your approval. By all means criticize but spend spend spend on targets you can’t even specify is absolutely ridiculous.



    Blame the board pish.



    We play in a league which requires a completely different game and a different level for 93% of our games each season. Then we ask folk to raise it and play a different way for 6/8/10 games in Europe per year.



    Whether it is experienced old hands taking a final pay check, or mid range players who don’t fancy the championship in England or the lower level Spanish or Italian leagues, like Dessers and co, we will struggle to get many to perform and succeed.



    There are no countries of 5 million people succeeding in CL at all never mind inconsistently. That’s the facts. It ain’t easy to change that.



    If the board is to blame it is because we are still playing in this wee pond and didn’t get out 20 years or 16 years ago when we had a possibility to go to the English championship. Or it’s because we have not aligned with other similar clubs in smaller nations to solve the issue.

  23. SETTING FREE THE BEARS FOR RES. 12 & OSCAR KNOX – you do realise that the contents of the post is from John Hughes not me? I said he is not a happy bhoy and shared his post from X (Twitter). I did not say I support him or disagree with him. I shared it thinking it would be of interest to some.


    As he is an ex-player and an ex-SPFL manager who bleeds green, I like to read his opinions.



    If anyone can push Sevco into third place this season , I think Aberdeen are the most likely although ,having watched them struggle a bit last night ,I’m not so sure .”



    If anyone can do it I reckon, barring another Covid lockdown, it will be the Sevco fans :)


    Beale was the target of their rage and he has gone – now the players will get it full pelt and it seems as if the new bunch are as fragile as TavPen and co.



    We just need to try to ignore that circus as funny as it is and concentrate on 3 points at a time, blooding the new players (and any youths) when chances permit and focus on our own improvement.







    Your trivialising of the lack of basic hygiene facilities does you no credit.



    Its not funny and it’s not frivolous.



    Most of us now routinely wash our hands throughly with soap and hot water after visiting the toilet.



    After recent events society now expects nothing less.

  26. BURNLEY78 @ 1:34 PM,



    Why do you have to drag up the Ibrox preamble to batter DENIABHOY over the head over and over



    Many were fretting and anxious before the game – quelle surprise



    He’s a great and normally very positive contributor to the blog.



    Also, can’t remember you being over positive in the run up to Ibrox…



    Hail Hail

  27. I have banged on about this topic so much that I even bored the moderator -)))))






    Lazio took up 820 seats at Celtic Park on wednesday, but the segregation wedge was the whole corner, why was this ?


    why were more seats not made available to celtic supporters ?



    For CL games we have to leave those 3 rows vacant behind the goals, due to height of the advertising boards.



    but till there were unoccupied seats, HOW IS IT A SOLD OUT MATCH , did these people just not turn up ?



    56,063 official attendance



    Last seasons attendances –



    Real Madrid – 57,057


    RB Leipzig – 57,565


    Shaktar – 57,478.



    ergo – there are 1500 unoccupied seats in the celtic areas.



    so unless people bought ticekts and didnt bother turning up, which i really doubt, the ticket soffice “SOLD OUT” is false,



    my pal next to my old seat – It was empty again, as was the two across the aisle that ha e never been occupied since i sat in the 122 area.



    The other 2 CL games are already SOLD OUT.



    The ticket office gets an easy ride of it, i tell ye.

  28. Melbourne Mick on




    Hardly think it was a batter, we all know Deniabhoy is a great


    poster, we all make posts which someone will be a bit put out


    by, but unless your sitting in a pub looking at their face, you


    don’t get a true reflection of the nuance.


    Well that’s my theory. 🤣


    H H. Mick

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