Courts, offensive law and a club for the downtrodden


I’m a bit disappointed RIFC were not in a position to advise their shareholders the results of the votes this morning.  Doing so would not have added 10 minutes to proceedings.  My expectation is that the board would win both votes, giving them a resounding platform this weekend to sell tickets for lower league football.  Perhaps there’s more going on than I thought.

You have to wonder what that expensive legal business in London and Edinburgh yesterday was all about?  Many details of Sports Direct’s deal with Newco are public knowledge, and the void of missing details is filled with pretty stark speculation.  It struck me that counsel for Sports Direct noted the chronology of the new board being appointed, the subsequent leaks and that Newco had not denied they were the source of the leak.  All now on record, in court.  Confidentiality is, of course, a condition of the agreement, which could now be argued is in breach.  That would be a source of regret.  For some.

More on Dave King over the weekend.  He can’t help himself.

You have to admire those who work to expose the absurdity of the Offensive Behaviour Act, designed by the SNP government to “equalise” non criminal offenses with criminal offenses.  Unfortunately, the campaigners are wasting their time, the Act is here to stay, anyone in doubt should read the news this morning that 80% of people surveyed support it.  Ask the average person in the street if they support a law against Offensive Behaviour and they’re hardly likely to say ‘no’.  This type of survey is manipulative nonsense.  Police with guns on the streets and politically motivated laws are a by-product of blind populism.  This is an offensive law and I am horrified.

Robert King is one of the Angola 3, who were incarcerated in solitary confinement in the Louisiana town of that name, and who have become causes célèbres for miscarriage of justice campaigners and prison reformers alike.  King spent 30 years in solitary before having his conviction overturned.  If you don’t know about the Angola 3, go find out.

He pitched up on CNN yesterday dressed in distinctive attire (below).

My relationship with Celtic is different to King’s.  I’m a Celtic fan because that’s the way I was brought up, but I’m pretty sure King’s roots don’t reach back to the Emerald Isle.  Chances are, I’d be a Celtic fan whether we were a club with a social mission or not.  For others, for King, the reasons they wear a shirt on TV, buy a season ticket, or simply share in our joy on occasion, are different.

We are the club of the underdog, a beacon for the downtrodden, a place where they will find a welcome.  No one can plan for this, it either survives over the decades or it doesn’t, so it’s worthwhile telling this part of our story now and again, to set ourselves a core target: Remain the most ethical football club in the world.

To deliver on this you and I need to step forward, this is not a job that can be outsourced to the club, it takes all of us.  You can start here by signing up for the Great Scottish Run for the Foundation.  I know at least 30 runners who read this, sign up before I see you in person!

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  1. For Irish Tims. I just saw RTE advertising a program about British collusion with Loyalists due to be shown next Monday. Am I mad or are they investigating 20 years too late? They must be the worst national broadcaster in Western Europe. The BBC and Channel 4 have shamed them into doing this. Sorry not really Celtic related but It just caught my eye. Anyways, seen some crowd of Scotland fans about Dublin today. Must be a big crowd over. Very sad for Robbie Keanes family have to say. God rest the two lads.

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Margaret McGill


    02:06 on


    13 June, 2015


    Everyone has been initially banned in the USA except Hitler.




    Speak for yourself.

  3. Margaret McGill



    02:06 on 13 June, 2015



    Everyone has been initially banned in the USA except Hitler.





    Correctomundo, Hitler was part built in the Good ole US of A.



    Mad World



    Defo Tchaikovsky, the wee guy has a Tournie in Cumbernauld, whats it called? @ 09:30




  4. Margaret McGill on

    macjay1 for Neil Lennon



    02:11 on 13 June, 2015


    ok. I’m sorry macjay dismay. I’m sure they let you in.

  5. Delaneys Dunky on




    Magical track I had forgotten about. Thank you :)


    Listened to the new Blur album yesterday. Kinks rip off! ;))

  6. Morning bhoys. Any news on strikers out there ?


    Was bored this morning So contacted tax office to say a pheonix company with Oldco directors in place at ibrox and please go and get your cash


    Would be soo funny if Huns raised money and tax man grabbed it Honestly don’t know why they are doing nothing. Or are they ?

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Margaret McGill


    02:33 on


    13 June, 2015


    macjay1 for Neil Lennon



    02:11 on 13 June, 2015


    ok. I’m sorry macjay dismay. I’m sure they let you in.





    Apology accepted.


    There Glory Be`s.


    Firm purpose of amendment ?

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Delaneys Dunky


    02:33 on


    13 June, 2015




    I love the more obscure tracks.

  9. SNP and their bill which have given football fans criminal records esp young Celtic fans will now be applied in a softer way.



    So the SNP finally admit that their legislation is wrong. What about the Celtic fans given a criminal record by the odious Christine “even it up ” Graham



    Why does Nicola Sturgeon not do something tangible and ensure all the fans of all clubs have the criminal records removed by this draconian legislation



    The SNP behaviour has been nazi like in criminlising young celtic fans. As someone who has no political allegiances the most galling thing for me is that the Celtic supporting SNP wing are absolutely silent. The ostrich like behaviour of the SNP Celtic wing shows them to be complicit in criminlising their own fans. They remind me of Sevconians following the party tune and believing all the hype , while it hurts their own.



    Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP should be ashamed of this legislation. Instead as Christine Graham explained it is an evening up process to show one is as bad as the other. IN some ways the SNP have created their own Poll Tax legislation. It will be a millstone round their neck until it is quashed.



    Apart from this bigoted legislation what has Nicola Sturgeon actually delivered….soundbites not included. Not much.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    I don`t live in Scotland,but sympathise with your point of view.



    If Glasgow voted for independence (which it did),it is safe to assume that a lot of Tims voted S.N.P.


    That could provide a very powerful voting lobby within the S.N.P.,if it were organised.


    That`s the key.



    For all the C.Q.N. talkers amongst us Tims , do we have any action men?



    Aye.There`s the rub.

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    “We’re all off to Dublin in the plane, with the wean”.



    Catching the Red Eye flight from Donegal, leaving grandson back and heading to the Aviva.

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on

    art of war



    So much for me enjoying my Friday night, fell asleep early doors on the couch, hope to bump into you next week at some point

  13. The muddied water around the Offensive Aulfirrum Act is quite mesmerising.


    The herlad is just brazen tho’.



    Perfectly good bigotry and sectarian laws “improved” – result, the original crime obscured via hateful political shenanigans and a botched attempt to reframe an issue to favour the preferred “home” team. The galling thing for me is the brazen flitting between two words and the apparent inter-changeability of Sectarian and Offensive.



    Shameful, cynical guff.

  14. jobo



    Who was it then? Been doing my head in all day.







  15. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Re yesterday’s comments about the Winton Arms hotel in Kilwinning, I was ‘outed’ as a Catholic there by the Kilwinning Rangers’ manager when Lily was moaning about that Catholics getting a new school in the town and oor weans’ toilets are over a hunner years(Tallybhoy will remember how long ago that was as he went there when it opened) and she NEVER served me again though her mother and sister did. Another thing about the hotel is that in the days of the ‘bona-Fide’ drinkers on Sundays it was owned by a family called McCaffrey or McCafferty and a friend of my Dad’s was a ‘chuckeroot’ and was frequented by many Tims from Ardrossan and Saltcoats. Kilwinning men couldn’t drink there then!!

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I need to get Roy Croppys music onto my iPod


    That’s my task set for today



    I’ll chuck it after my first coffee,strange Saturday morning feeling ,, no drink yesterday.

  17. vale bhoy –



    Now that you mention it, I did think at one point as staring out again as a New Runner. Reason being you get a free t-shirt once you’ve done 50, a jacket after 100 and no-idea-what after 250. So batches of 50 followed by incubator-liquidation might be a plan ;-)

  18. Hi Mac



    His passing is a trajedy of-course, but my disappointment centres on Scotland’s general acceptance of such flimsy garbage,built on such preposterous guff.

  19. The winton arms…. Remembering being in there once in my early teens… Up fir glesga staying at my sister’s in Pennyburn… Vaguely remember the anti catholic feeling about the place…

  20. Sevcojobo




    See…I knew.



    I’m getting it all in before you take out an injunction.

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    An Dun



    Bonnie Scotland


    We`ll support you evermore.



    Bearing in mind that the Scotii originated in Ireland.

  22. lymmbhoy – my pleasure. A great line that “but I’d trade all my tomorrow’s for one single yesterday”.



    Anyway, must run…. ;-)

  23. Morning all.



    Overcast down here today. Couldn’t last, I suppose.



    Can’t see the odious legislation being overturned. It serves its only purpose: finding some “law” which will criminalise the Celtic support, as the perfectly enforcable but ignored existing laws don’t do that.

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon



    08:56 on 13 June, 2015



    An Dun



    Bonnie Scotland


    We`ll support you evermore.



    Bearing in mind that the Scotii originated in Ireland.





    United in Celtic !



    Ireland top on and Celtic rain jacket to protect me from the joys of an Irish summer…