Critical link between manager and scouts needs urgent attention


Although the Euros do not start until Friday, players from Gibraltar to Germany are in action tonight as hundreds of the Continent’s best players continue their preparation for the tournament.  Many will be available for sale, just look at the Celtic players that have featured in international friendlies in recent days.

Even if he was already in place, Ange Postecoglou would be unable to travel to games in person but the most important job right now is to scout potential targets across dozens of games.  This process requires the manager to work in tandem with his scouts and technical team.  I doubt any of Celtic’s scouts of technicians have had as much as a Teams call with the new boss.

Despite the time difference and being thousands of miles away, Ange can watch as many games as he could from Glasgow, but scouting is not a solitary operation.  The critical link between him and the rest of the team needs to be established as soon as possible.

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  1. Presumimg we have people in scouting positions presently he should be swamped with input, no?

  2. Gene – first I’ve heard of it, but thanks for the heads up. Me and the better half have both jabs as of yesterday, but we’ll take extra care.

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    It’s all a bit of a mess.



    Pretty shocking, actually.

  4. squire danaher on

    From previous thread






    How dare Celtic “ push for profit “






    That’s not my point.



    My point is that we will get deals finalised before 30th June so that they will show up on the balance sheet, thus accruing more bonus for the outgoing CEO.



    We will show considerably more urgency on this issue than we have exhibited looking for a replacement manager.




    MARSPAPA on 7TH JUNE 2021 11:53 AM



    SQUIRE DANAHER on 7TH JUNE 2021 11:20 AM



    Get them out as soon as possible and get replacements in as soon as too.






    Absolutely and see above.



    There will be zero expenditure before 30th June.



    They really think our heads button up the back.

  5. I have not read back over yesterday’s posts so apologies if this has been addressed. I saw the women’s team got pipped to the post by Glasgow City for the title, a title they have now won for the 14th consecutive time.



    Anyone know why Glasgow City is so dominant or why Celtic and sevco are not the top teaams as I, naively, would expect?

  6. squire danaher on




    An interesting article.



    I watched the new Amazon documentary about Sir A Ferguson last night.



    He speaks of having taken over at MU and that the scouting system was a complete shambles.


    They had few of any scouts in Manchester. He speaks of building this up through the local schools etc (we are talking 35 years ago).



    I read from your comments that our scouting remains not much better than;



    Irish EPL out of contract/out of favour duds,


    Manchester City projects or


    Dudu Duhan

  7. Good article. Agree with every word.


    At quick glance at recent articles on CQN shows a number of leavers and confirms the huge rebuild any new management team faces.


    Time to show a bit of urgency.


    Any more complacency and sevco are all but assured of 2 on the trot

  8. squire danaher on

    DENIABHOY on 7TH JUNE 2021 12:20 PM



    Glasgow City got a decade head start, or



    the Old Firm suits decided that women’s football would be good for a few quid (now going same route with ‘colts’ teams), or



    the Old Firm jointly perceived the dominance of Glasgow City as an insult.



    I use the Old Firm term advisedly given our close and ongoing association with our business friends across the city.

  9. Paul 67


    “I doubt any of Celtic’s scouts of technicians have had as much as a Teams call with the new boss.”


    I must have missed the official announcement




    At the moment we are in a theoretical void on all things Celtic.



    *A new manager?


    *Backroom staff?


    *The Euros effect?


    *Players leaving?


    *Players signing?


    *Other club’s bidding intentions? *Other clubs selling intentions? *Agents?


    *Transfer budget?


    * The Covid effect on income?



    I suspect that a good number of next season’s squad will be loan signings. The spending on permanent transfers will be determined by what we bring in from sales. There will be no significant spend over and above because the club will not be ‘a hostage to fortune’ & incur substantial debt, especially in these troubled times.



    With Scott Brown, Duffy, Elyounoussi, Laxalt & Kenny all gone, their salaries can be used to good effect in the loan market – the only downside is that business may not take place until late in the ‘window’ – in fact it is entirely possible that almost all our selling/recruitment business will be conducted in August.



    In July we have the CL qualifiers – I am not writing our chances off completely, however our best players will be off the back of the Euros and holidays….and most will have an eye on their next move – not exactly ideal would be an understatement!



    We have approached the last ten seasons with optimism, even this time last year there was no hint of the impending disaster that lay in wait. This season we approach with trepidation. There is much to be concerned about and precious little to be confident in – things may get worse before they get better.

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good call Pablo.



    If expected outgoings materialise we need to buy half an outfield.



    Serious question?



    Who are our recruitment and scouting team?



    I know neither the names of the individuals nor the size of the function.

  12. SQUIRE DANAHER – thanks for the reply. So we have only had a women’s team for 4 years? Even so, suggests Glasgow City have a good setup where the best talent is happy to go and that when we and sevco got into it, the top players didn’t all jump ship.


    Do you know if the players get paid?



  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    I often think that urgency and gullible are not in the PLC’s dictionary



    A mixture of purchases and loans would be sensible approach in any given year especially so this coming year, it’s always about the right players though

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Big rebuild ahead. Hendry, Henderson, McInroy and Connell back from loans.


    Players on our doorstep we should be looking at. Boyle and McGinn from Hibs, Harkes from Dundee Utd.


    That would be a decent start without too much of an outlay. Would prefer fewer, higher-level buys rather than a load of £2.5-4m “projects”. Adam Armstrong at Blackburn and Michael Olise at Reading are two I like the look of.


    Supplement with a couple of older heads on Bosmans. Gary Cahill would be brilliant but probably wishful thinking.


    Oh, and switch to a 4-3-3! Gives you more options in attack and easier to adapt for Europe. Never really liked the 4-2-3-1. Always thought it was better for defending teams.

  15. squire danaher on

    DENIABHOY on 7TH JUNE 2021 12:43 PM


    SQUIRE DANAHER – thanks for the reply. So we have only had a women’s team for 4 years? Even so, suggests Glasgow City have a good setup where the best talent is happy to go and that when we and sevco got into it, the top players didn’t all jump ship.



    I don’t know how long the Ghirls have been up and running but I’d guesstimate GC have a decade on us in terms of structure and standing in the game.



    They are not contenders in Europe and I seem to recall were absolutely hammered by somebody – I mean 8 or 9-0



    No idea if our Ghirls are paid.

  16. Who was the poster who posted about rockanteurs podcast?



    could they possibly repost link to podcast


    from music in 80s onwards.


    sharleen,spandau etc.



    thanks in advance

  17. glendalystonsils on

    Good article Paul . It’s a pity though , that our idea of ‘as soon as possible’ doesn’t seem to be the same as most other clubs idea of ‘as soon as possible’ .


    Otherwise we would not find ourselves in this megachurn and without a manager (officially) for 103 days .

  18. Kennedy and Gavin Strachan could stay at the club if they impress the incoming manager.



    so much for a major clear out ,players haven’t been coached perviously ,so what changes, dinosaurs , the lot of them , cheap option and not unexpected , let’s stay in past.

  19. prestonpans bhoys on




    When you read that second paragraph, it really does sink in. This is a multi million pound professional organization which has no manager for 103 days, good grief 😯

  20. re neil lennon’s statement vis a vis the “new breed of fans”, i do think that is why we are all kept in the dark about anything other than how(e) we are not getting a specific manager. It shows that board have no understanding of the ordinary supporter and has no real wish to interact with them. give us your money and shut up.



    The total misconception of the board is that we are “entitled fans” ,not fans who do not think we should win every game or league or cup, but should be able to at least challenge .




    The Cluj game i attended aug 2019 was for me the first huge wake up call, and each european defeat after that simply reinforced the problems, culminating in the ,lets face face it, utter humiliation of the 8-2 reverse at the hands of a sparta prague team that could only field a handful of first team regulars. and still the board resolutely backed Neil, who incidentally i wish all the best and who perhaps celtic history will treat kinder than at the moment. sometimes Neil, people cannot see the wood for the trees




    a bit long winded, but i do think the board are deliberately keeping us in the dark to show us whos boss and have factored in all losses from non renewals and find it ok to carry on this way.



    i now know how a mushroom feels.

  21. I think we need a recruiting team to find a scouting team to find players for a coach(manager?) we don’t yet possess.



    Needless to say, the huns will have the last laugh…




  22. The most important and worrying thing that Paul says is this:



    “The critical link between him and the rest of the team needs to be established as soon as possible”.



    It highlights that we need to build from the bottom up. This is not a quick-fix situation, not a two-month operation. Of course any new manager coming in would need to “establish a critical link with the rest of the team”. However we are in some turmoil with progress dependent on so many variables….and all this with a new CEO and manager.



    Everything seems to be moving under our feet – there appears to be no bedrock to build on at the moment.



    Because, as a support, we set so much stall by our European performances, going out early can feel like the season has finished before it has really begun – of course with the ‘in a row’ titles & trebles to look forward to in previous seasons, we could immerse ourselves in domestic success and ‘jelly & ice-cream’ goading of the Ibrox franchise – this coming season is different in so many ways.



    It will be interesting to see how our support deals with what will surely be a transitional season. Right now it is the extremes in the support that are setting the agenda – I hope the overwhelming majority will soon assert and a more pragmatic view emerges.



    I want Postecoglou to be given time, yes even a full season to arrange & rearrange….will he get it? I honestly don’t know.

  23. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Does anyone know what is going on inside Celtic?



    We just seem to be a completely stalled organisation – there seems to be no leadership, direction or communication on any subject. It really is bizarre.






  24. quadrophenian on

    Strange methodology; to publicly dismantle the managerial and playing apparatus (Neil, Hammond, Lawwell, Broon, Edouard, Ajer, Christie etc) weeks before the new season begins.


    As much as I try to be open minded – when not optimistic – my clacker (as we say in Oz) is in mini-spasm.



    If recruitment works this way…the new guy tells the suits what kind or which specific players he needs to execute his cunning strategy – then they present him with a shopping list of potentials…?


    So has Ange only been thinking about Marinos business?


    Or has he had Kevin Vincent keeping his ears to the deck in the UK?


    One good thing about Musky, he’d bring a bit of steel to our team character, and he does a great dead-eye stare for any media that try to come the fandan with him.


    And Teflon John manages to outlast another outcast manager then ?



  25. BSR


    Mushrooms thrive on the combination of being kept in the dark and fed shit. Perhaps they think it’s best for the supporters.😨

  26. squire danaher on




    Does anyone know what is going on inside Celtic?



    We just seem to be a completely stalled organisation – there seems to be no leadership, direction or communication on any subject. It really is bizarre.






    They couldn’t have delivered a bigger clusterfeck had they been trying.



    Leading up the garden path of campaigners into skullduggery which affects the shareholders of the club, despite promises to the contrary.



    Turning a blind eye to corporate malfeasance and facilitating the return of a Hun entity, with all the consequences which that holds for the city and country, because it’s good for business.



    Make empty public statements to the contrary expressing “surprise and disappointment”.



    Appoint on a permanent basis a manager who the support viewed as a stopgap.



    Force him in his otherwise unemployability to accept imposed assistants/moles.



    Ignore his increasingly obvious inability to do the job over the course of nearly two years.



    Alienate the disgruntled support with grandstanding and gaslighting when they complain about this.



    Allow a situation to develop where a number of significant employees’ contracts expire simultaneously.



    Take 103 days and counting to appoint a manager after belatedly mutually consenting the guy they let stay in the position too long just to spite the ‘entitled new breed’ of support.



    I don’t think it will catch on at Business school.

  27. I saw that ‘Politics live’ had an item on the Cricketer whose been suspended due to historical tweets of a racist nature – this was 10 years ago.


    Meanwhile the BBC fail to probe the sectarian singing by the ipox mob and accept the police ‘ nothing to see here Timmy’

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