Dave King behind the 8 ball


It is reasonable to be upbeat in a season ticket renewal letter.  But for Dave King, chairman of Newco, this is a challenge.  When he acquired the club four years ago, Celtic had won three consecutive league titles.  Now, they are on the verge of three consecutive trebles and eight leagues in a row.

In the history of Scottish football, there has never been as dominant a team.  In the context of having guided Newco through Celtic’s four-to-eight-in-a-row, Dave King does not have an easy pitch to his team’s supporters.

Not one to allow harsh realities to bite home, King told Newco fans “We are now within tangible reach of Rangers [sic.] becoming the dominant force in Scottish football”.

As founding father Charles Green might say, define dominant force.

King added, “Every fan should know that the season-ticket revenue will solely go towards the first-team squad.”  Which means that the £20m or so required for policing, rates, utilities, administration and insurance, if paid, will presumably come from other sources.

Dave is behind the 8-in-a-row ball.  He has watched Celtic’s domination grow under his stewardship to levels you and I could only fantasise about before his arrival back at Ibrox.

A more accurate letter would say, ‘Our realistic expectations are to finish second and compete for a cup.  Despite comments before we bought the club four years ago, we do not have the resources to change anything.  But at least we won control.’

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  1. ……………what will Helium Hun make of aw that!




    “See Ma rainjurz, that’s ma rainjurz!”

  2. SEE ME…….



    I am trying to find a “TANGIBLE” Excuse NOT to go to the Pub and have 15 Pints or more Today ?








    Thanks for your Post on Page 6 on previous Thread.


    Hail Hail.

  3. Great News about The Scum Mankies NOT being allowed to “walk” by RC Churches……….Now all we have to do now is object to THEM “walking” by Celtic Pubs….and then by EVERY Street/Road etc etc !


    I had read last week that this Scum were being allowed to “walk” thru 120 Streets in Glasgow alone this Sunday .



    As my old Granda used to say…..



    ” Jimmy son…I’ve seen a Garden FENCE…..I’ve seen a Window BOX……..but I have NEVER seen an ” Orange WALK” !


    And my Granda was a protestant.



  4. Sadly that Orange Scum will still be “walking” by my windows in the Calton………Now, where did I put that Bucket of…S**** ?



  5. “Choon intae Waydio Wouden an’ hear The Traditional (hi-pitched) Voice O’ Rainjurz”…………




    FFM 1690 – Don’t Touch That Dial!

  6. I remember Fr Dan McGuinness in Whitburn in the early ‘60s, dressed in plain clothes and manning a fruit stall at the Whitburn orange walk, selling ‘lovely oranges to lovely orangemen’.



    Of course the gullibles piled in. Boom! Cash straight to the St Vincent De Paul.



    The perfect victory, perhaps – the one your enemy doesn’t know you’ve won.

  7. F O D……..now that’s a place whitburn…….do they still look up at the sky when a plane flies overhead !!!!!!!

  8. South Of Tunis on

    Juventus v Ajax .



    Lively night expected ! .



    54 Ajax ” fans ” lifted and deported from Italy – According to the polis — they represented ” a danger to the public order ” .Weapons / smoke bombs and explosive devices confiscated . Torino police / riot police on ” high alert ” with them claiming that a hooli fest is expected , given the predicted presence of we like violence nut jobs from all over Europe who have” FRATERNAL LINKS ” with some of the nut jobs linked with Juve or Ajax.

  9. Topkat,



    Whitburn – even at 2 years old I tried to run away. Dreadful place. Had a great ice cream shop though, Franchitti’s, beside the Miners Welfare where my gran worked and where I once overheard some guy from the dark side saying ‘Franchitti’s? Naw, they’re no Tims – they’re Italians!’

  10. Whitburn – where broken biscuits are still legal tender, and the seagulls fly upside down cos there’s nothing worth crapping on.



    With all due respect to anyone on here from Whitburn…

  11. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Tangy Bull Keech! Yum Yum.



    Step up sevcnuts and get yer portion.



    Jinky’s goal at 2mins 24secs or James Forrest yesterday.



    Thanks for showing my favourite Celtic player ever in action,The most entertaining player ever seen at Celtic Park.



    Repeated it a few times to watch such entertaining football from the the very best at entertaining the support.



    Magical.. hope it works.

  13. Billy McNeill honoured for Celtic career with prestigious European award


    Celtic legend is to be awarded the One Club Man Award from Athletic Bilbao previously won by Euro giants including Paolo Maldini and Sepp Maier.

  14. Celtic hero Billy McNeill is to be honoured with a prestigious European award for his extraordinary service to the Parkhead giants.



    The European Cup winning skipper – dubbed Cesar by Hoops team mates and fans – will pick up the One Club Man Award from Athletic Bilbao.




    Following legends including Matt Le Tissier, Paolo Maldini, Sepp Maier and Carles Puyol, McNeill has been selected for the honour for his 18-year spell as a player and nine years as a manager at Parkhead.



    The defender led Celtic to a record 9-in-a-row titles as well as their greatest ever moment in becoming champions of Europe in 1967.



    He later went on to manage the club and lifted a further four titles, three Scottish Cups and one League Cup.



    A special ceremony will take place in Glasgow with legendary Bilbao goalkeeper Jose Angel Iribar presenting the award. McNeill, who is fighting dementia, will be unable to accept the award in person.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BILLY MCNEILL is to receive a prestigious award from Athletic Bilbao in recognition of spending his entire career at Celtic.



    The Hoops legend will be awarded with the ‘One Club Man Award’ after an 18-year spell with his boyhood heroes.



    McNeill has been honoured for his commitment to CelticKENNY RAMSAY – THE SUN GLASGOW




    McNeill has been honoured for his commitment to Celtic


    A special ceremony will take place in Glasgow with legendary Bilbao goalkeeper Jose Angel Iribar presenting the award.



    Barcelona icon Carles Puyol, Italian legend Paolo Maldini and Southampton favourite Matt Le Tissier have all received the award since it was introduced four years ago.



    Speaking on the award, Celtic chairman Ian Bankier said: “This award is a fantastic recognition for Billy and recognises the phenomenal contribution he made to Celtic over so many years.



    “A towering figure in the history of our great Club, Billy’s achievements at Celtic form a legacy which we will always be so thankful for.

  16. weebobbycollins on

    Such a shame big Billy won’t be able to receive his award…a hero and legend!

  17. Another fine game from Mikael ( legs gone ) Lustig seeing off the admittedly dissappointing challenge of Jeremy Toljan, for the run in of games. I’d fully expect PC to get his years extension where he can help augment Anthony Ralston and our new first pick Right Back whom we should have signed last summer.



    Surprisingly good performance from Jozo ( chocolate glass yada ) Simunovic something we prefer to see is a signed player out perform a loanee ( Filip Benkovic ) as in the case with Oliver Burke always second fiddle to Eddy, despite getting us through a difficult January.



    Simunovic and Ajer with the addition of a top quality Centre Back whom we should have signed last summer is the order of the day, and will keep Celtic outwith ‘tangible touching distance’.

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