Dave King behind the 8 ball


It is reasonable to be upbeat in a season ticket renewal letter.  But for Dave King, chairman of Newco, this is a challenge.  When he acquired the club four years ago, Celtic had won three consecutive league titles.  Now, they are on the verge of three consecutive trebles and eight leagues in a row.

In the history of Scottish football, there has never been as dominant a team.  In the context of having guided Newco through Celtic’s four-to-eight-in-a-row, Dave King does not have an easy pitch to his team’s supporters.

Not one to allow harsh realities to bite home, King told Newco fans “We are now within tangible reach of Rangers [sic.] becoming the dominant force in Scottish football”.

As founding father Charles Green might say, define dominant force.

King added, “Every fan should know that the season-ticket revenue will solely go towards the first-team squad.”  Which means that the £20m or so required for policing, rates, utilities, administration and insurance, if paid, will presumably come from other sources.

Dave is behind the 8-in-a-row ball.  He has watched Celtic’s domination grow under his stewardship to levels you and I could only fantasise about before his arrival back at Ibrox.

A more accurate letter would say, ‘Our realistic expectations are to finish second and compete for a cup.  Despite comments before we bought the club four years ago, we do not have the resources to change anything.  But at least we won control.’

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    This guy Artfield in the DR doing his bit to sell ST’s, apparently they have millions of supporters all over the planet and of course the gap is closing?

  2. LARSSONSE7EN on 16TH APRIL 2019 1:48 PM




    Cheers mate, although it will ( For Me anyway), be MORE than ONE Pint ! LOL


    I tend to have Beer sessions that last anything between 5 Hours to 10 or 11 Hours, although I wouldnt expect you or anyone to keep up with Me, I can be “NOTORIOUS”, When it comes to Swallowing Beer, and Landlords who know Me tend to Rub their hands when they see Me walking in . LOL



    Let Me know when You are in town etc thru CQN ?



    P.S. I take it You meant My Post about My long lost Mother ?






    This guy Artfield in the DR doing his bit to sell ST’s, apparently they have millions of supporters all over the planet and of course the gap is closing?





    You would have to ask Chumps like Arfield and his like….. ” WHY did Squillions of Hun Fans allow their Klub to DIE” ?


    When these Roasters like Arfield come out with this Crap, they FAIL to realise that IF what they were saying was even remotely true……it’s an even Bigger issue that so many allowed their Klub to go to the wall.




  4. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Tangible is an anagram of bleating.How about Dave ‘bleating’ King??


    Why don’t the walkers walk around the ‘ Brigton’ bandstand till they drop.

  5. BIG JIMMY on 16TH APRIL 2019 2:47 PM



    Yes sir I did. The posts about cesar were good too.



    And regarding the pint (or 12!) my mates tell me that when I go for a pint… I don’t need a watch, I need a calendar!!! Oooft could be the blind leading the blind ??



    Hail Hail ??

  6. LARSSONSE7EN on 16TH APRIL 2019 3:19 PM





    Over the Years some Folk have accused Me of Drinking too much ?



    I always advise them that is NOT strictly true….As I only drink when I am on My own…..or with Someone !



    Let me know whenever your in town and we can have a Swally and a Blether.



  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Fortunate enough to renew my Season Ticket, 34 years in a row,through thick and thin….

  8. Rangers hit back at Kilmarnock ticket cut as they threaten to refuse full allocation next season


    The Ibrox side aren’t happy with the decision from Kilmarnock to cut the number of tickets.




    Taken from Tomorrows News.




    In all of my life time I can’t recall that Hun Mob acting so badly than they have done in recent Years. From statements and LIES or Equally BOTH, they simply refuse to be see how infantile and stupid they make themselves look on a weekly basis…( or daily Basis ?).



    They think nothing about cutting allocations for the away support at Ipox…and then go shouting from the rooftops when other Clubs do likewise ?



    it’s Kilmarnocks last home game and they are attempting to enjoy their 150 year old existence, and by allowing as many of THEIR Fans to be at the game v Sevco….( Who will have NOTHING to play for that day) !



    That Sevco Mob REALLY do believe that they have a Divine Right to call ALL the Shots within the game, and they also stated that when they cut the allocation at Ipox in games against Celtic ( and others I believe ?), it was to ensure that as many hun fans could watch Sevco, the HOME Team, and yet when other Clubs do likewise, they Play the Victim Card yet again.


    I HATE them so much, Thanks be to God that I am a TIM, and NOT Wan Ugly, angry, twisted hun fecker !



  9. Ryan, Multiple Facial Fractures, Celtic Statement is short & terse but no one can miss the message, Think the Board has also got the message.from the Supporters, Stand up for Celtic because no one else will.


    Sinn Féin = Ourselves Alone.



    Watched the full game again on TV, what a doing we gave Aberdeen on every level, no wonder they were hurting so bad.




    I was at the game on Sunday and have just seen the highlights.



    The Christie incident should have been a straight red card. He’s headed the ball way before Ball launches himself. Ball had no need to go clattering in. A really bad injury, apparently multiple facial fractures. I hope he recovers as quickly as Ajer. Actually, I’ve never seen anyone come back from that type of injury as quickly before.



    Like others, I thought Jozo had a great game on Sunday and of course he’s still only 24. That said, he has a certain amount of fragility and is unable to play in all surfaces. We still need two centre backs. One can be an absolute first choice pick and maybe a younger one with good potential.

  11. On the subject of central defence, I’ve always made a case for Jozo Simounovic. Because I have always genuinely believed there is a player there.



    His relationship with Brendan Rodger’s was a funny one. It was really difficult to gauge.


    Perfect example being the recent away fixture in Valencia.


    Jozo was as good as anybody on the night. After the tie was over and domestic games resumed, the big man was no where to be seen. And I don’t recall any news of an injury.


    Rumour would have it, that between Jozo and his agent, they would stipulate what games he could play in. Or put another way, conveyed that Jozo didn’t want considered for any away days on astro.


    Whatever way you look at it, Rodgers then went public in rating Boyata as his best centre half.


    I’m not sure there is too much between them : Jozo / Boyata . If anything I think there are more mistakes within Boyata’s game. People say Jozo is fragile. But the bhoy loves a tackle, of that there is no doubt. It needs to be remembered he encountered a cracked knee-cap. Not an insignificant injury.


    Hopefully he goes on to prove a lot of people wrong.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    CELTIC Football Club can confirm that Ryan Christie has suffered multiple facial fractures following the incident during Sunday’s Scottish Cup semi-final at Hampden. 



    Ryan is scheduled to undergo surgery on Thursday of this week. We are not able at this stage to give any specific indication on a timescale for his return to action but, of course, everyone at Celtic wishes Ryan all the best for his full recovery. 



    Ryan would also like to thank everyone sincerely for the many wishes of support he has received. 

  13. FF say they can’t wait for next season after the December game they were going to win a double…. I love their pain…. Treble treble rebel yell

  14. BADA BING 4.55PM,


    I had just logged in and was about to Post the very same “Article” by this Chump Neil Cameron. which is also in that Hun Rag, The evening times Today, when i saw that You had beaten me to it.



    I havent FULLY digested what this Chump has written, but this was/is NO Celtic Supporter, back then in the 1990’s or at present.



    He has stated that Celtic Fans need “Cheered Up” ? Where has he been the last 8 feckin Seasons ?


    He states that Celtic Fnas “Deny” the song about McInnes ever happened . I havent came across a Single one Celtic fan who has “Denied” it ?


    He’s entitled to his opinion about the 5-1 defeat in Switzerland, but i can easily remember worse defeats especially against the Huns, and Inverness Caley, Red Imps etc etc, that really did depress Me at the time, and there are many more than losing an AWAY Tie in Europe…in my opinion.



    He writes about being Drunk at a game, so I take it he wouldn’t have too much memory of it, so why mention that /


    He writes about “Standing up a very pretty girl” in order to watch Celtic being gubbed 3-0 by the Huns ? Obviously that very pretty girl had a very narrow escape ! IF she ever existed, which I seriously doubt ?



    He writes about the Huns Domination etc, NO MENTION of ALL the CHEATING On and OFF the Pitch by The Huns, and Biased Refs etc ?


    The above is only for starters, as I will have to read it once again and try and digest even more utter Drivel/Crap that this so called Journo has written /



    I KNEW I should have went to the Pub for those 15 Pints, but i decided to stay at home and watch the Champions League games in a reasonable sober mood tonight.




  15. Pigeons fly upside down in Whitburn



    Lols,been gigglin since i read that :-)




  16. According to BBC News Report at lunch time today…over 370 MILLION EUROS had already been pledged to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral……



    I hope Dave King wasnt watching and then thinking about Smoking a Fag in the toilet that is Ipox, given ALL those SQUILLIONS of hun fans all over the world that we keep being told exist…surely ALL those fans of the Klub would chip in to rebuild their Klub if it burnt down…..Then again…didn’t those squillions of hun fans already allow their Klub to DIE 7 Years ago ?



  17. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    TANGIBLE – etymology of the word … directly from Late Latin tangibilis “that may be touched”. It’s possible that DK is.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Still tickets on sale for Citeh fans , for CL Quarter Final v Spurs at the Emptihad…..The Fake Sheikh Club

  19. LARSSONSE7EN @ 12:32 AM,



    Yeah, been there done that:))) Gave up drinking and drivelling a while ago… not improved my drivelling mind you;)



    Great result on Sunday, thought it would be a tuff game but always expected a win. It’s strange how many were worried about Aberdeen but think the final against Hearts is in the bag.



    It’s the other way round for me… think Levein will have his first eleven out there and would give everything for a win.



    You can say what you want about Levein but when push comes to shove he’s a much better manager than McInnes.



    Not one for criticising Lenny at this important juncture but after McCulloch’s savagery, that in reality brought an end to Kayal’s Celtic career, he has gone very lenient on Aberdeen’s ball…



    …if that wasn’t pre-meditated assault I don’t know what is. The game in Scotland now is beyond a joke…



    Hail Hail

  20. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I was curious that on Sunday NL did not play any of the loan players or any that were out of contract in the summer


    I know injuries played a part but NL picked a team that is committed (by contract) to Celtic


    My curiosity had me thinking he was already planning for next year ???




  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    67 ECW- Posted similar the other day mate,but loan player or not, i would always pick the strongest team to win a game. HH

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Nice stuff Paul. Facts and all that. Never catch on across the Dear GREEN place.



    Arfield? Don’t sweat it folks.



    He has £25k per week riding on Sevco remaining solvent.



    A genuine favour to ask. Can CQNers please refrain from posting links to The Herald website.



    Every site visit registers and pays.



    The newspaper itself is close to death so they are pushing online content big time.



    Only pennies I know but keeps one of our enemies alive longer.



    Hail hail

  23. Can somebody please explain why there were no proper highlights of the Sunday game on BBC-


    i dont understand because normally the highlights run to 5 minutes?

  24. A good article nn jock mc stay



    Interview: Jock McStay still feeling impact of Duncan Ferguson headbutt


    The Scotsman


    22 hours ago

  25. BHRUTUS on 16TH APRIL 2019 7:01 PM



    hola bud.



    you posted something yesterday that i meant to give the thumbs up to, but i never got back to it.



    so late appreciation from me. ta.

  26. Artfield another who supported Celtic, seemingly,why do these guys go and play for Sevco,I suppose the Celtic supporters that stay in Livingston,he Artfield came from there,could answer if he is a Celtic supporter or not.

  27. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    ‘Rangers’ have been sponsoring Scottish fitba for hundreds( sic) of years…..according to glen from Renfrew!

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