Deserved away draw and two fortunate home Uefa draws


Celtic got what they deserved at Rugby Park yesterday.  An inspired early goal by Ryan Christie limited the damage to two dropped points but that aside, Kilmarnock coped easily with everything Celtic could muster.  After being caught out by Christie, Danny Rogers in the Killie goal did not have a save to make for the rest of the game.  Who would have thought?

Post-match, Neil Lennon referred to Christopher Jullien’s slow start to last season.  After a poor performance at Fir Park he was dropped for the infamous defeat to Cluj at Celtic Park.  Chris got better then and he will do so again, but he lost Nicke Kabamba in dangerous positions three times in the first half.

He does not have problems with big stirkers, as was alleged on TV commentary; the significance of that goal by Lyndon Dykes at Livingston could not be more overstated.  But he is a big lad who clearly needs a better preseason.

Crossing was poor, control cumbersome and the physical battle was often too much.  The lack of physicality is a concern; we are small and light in several areas.  One of the hottest strikers in Europe spent much of the game a spectator, despite our most valued creatives playing.  It really was a team dropping points together.

The manager changed the shape of the team on 65 minutes but to no effect.  Olivier Ntcham had the last 10 minutes but by then Killie were settled and Celtic, increasingly desperate.  You know me and Olivier, I would have introduced him earlier.  Or, had him on from the start.

Neil has dropped points at Rugby Park before and he knows how to build a response.  No one was “thrown under the bus”, as he said later.  Until then, we have to live like others, not at the top of the table, for a change.

We are going to face a lot of packed defences this season and play on a few plastic pitches.  There can be no complaints, let’s just get better at overcoming both.

Given a choice of winning yesterday, or facing two away draws in Champions League qualification, I would take the draw with Killie and home times against Reykjavik, then either Ferencvaros or Djurdargens, the prospect we face after different types of draws yesterday and today.

Home ties until we are well into our season is a huge bonus.  There is still work to do, but the prospect of a Lincoln Red Imps rerun is receding.  Wish we could attend these games.

Sweden is Europe’s Covid herd immunity test case and the test has not gone well.  It remains to be seen what travel restrictions visitors from Sweden are in place when the second round takes place on 15 and 26 August.

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  1. Somebody has suggested to me that the false tests don’t necessarily prove he’s not infected.



    The virus has a 14 day incubation period so he could still have carried the virus and spread it to the Celtic and Kilmarnock squads….

  2. For all those saying why twp days off(i tend to agree )






    Sure sports science guys will be advising for short term and long term benefits



    Are Celtic as a group supposed to employ these guys then in a Trump like



    stance say ” I know these guys are saying this but we go on gut feelings”

  3. Until we can be sure that overpaid, arrogant, stupid footballers fully appreciate the risks this pandemic has, the game should be shut down until a proven vaccine is administeres to all.



    How many lives don’t matter here?

  4. Well the smoke is beginning to clear about the Boli incident (not so much detail available yet for anyone to make an informed judgement on Griff’s latest incident).



    It was a 2 day aquad break and it was a 2 day trip to Spain that Boli took during that break. He did not inform anyone at celtic that he was in Spain and it did not come out in advance, otherwise he would not have been in the squad and he would certainly not feature on the pitch (I do not use the word “play” as none of our players managed that standard).



    Whether there are player signatures on an agreement on behaviour expectations during Covid, I just do not know, having no inside knowledge. But I am damn sure that an organisation that has been pleading for football attendance to be considered, has ticked every expected box on disseminating information on Covid to all employees not just the players.



    I would expect, nonetheless, some sanctions to be visited upon Celtic by the SFA and SPFL, but they will have to specify the offence – does “failure to control players’ apply for off-field behaviour?



    I would expect the Scottish Government to apply the sanction to football as a whle, not just Celtic. Bolingoli seems to have gone to Spain immediately after the Hamilton game last Sunday and was back in time for training resuming on Wednesday. He may have left before the Dons story broke (even though it happened before our game, it may not have been talked about within the group until they broke up that Sunday). If our club can show that they sent out reminders on behaviour to all players and staff in light of the warning issued after the Dons’ indiscretions, then we have a strong mitigating case as a club ( not so much for Boli himself).



    Let’s have the rest of the smoke disappear before we make final judgements but, while the initial statement is a good one, we still need to hear more about the reasoning behind having abreak at all and about our reponse to the Aberdeen warning.



    My ire will be kept in check till then.

  5. Agree with Tiny Tim earlier, buck stops with the manager.


    Why also did statement not say Bolingoli was suspended., pending investigation

  6. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ROLLING_STONE on 11TH AUGUST 2020 11:45 AM




    I thought the testing x2 was in reference to the knowledge pre game. Maybe that was post-game.





    Good point. Needs to be clarified today,




  7. Remember this from last month …


    Rangers are facing a top level SFA probe over fears the club broke coronavirus testing protocol.


    Record Sport understands Hampden top brass suspect as many as nine of Steven Gerrard’s first team squad played in a bounce match against Dundee United without having been given the mandatory all clear by medics.


    People in glass houses etc – think they will all keep quiet with no grandstanding

  8. What does it say about his integration within the squad – nobody else knew? Doesn’t he talk to anybody? Doesn’t he have any mates within the squad who’d say whoa, buddy, don’t go to Spain? And how do the other players feel now that he’s put them all at risk, never mind their livelihoods?



    Liability on the pitch and a liability off it. I’m not sure why we’d want to persevere with paying him 15k a week or whatever it is, get rid.

  9. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    PHILBHOY on 11TH AUGUST 2020 11:46 AM


    As a club, we have worked tirelessly to ensure a sustained, safe environment for all.





    Didye aye?






    Short of putting a tracking device on them or camping outside their place of residence to follow their movements, I think we have done.




  10. The Battered Bunnet on

    “Short of putting a tracking device on them or camping outside their place of residence to follow their movements, I think we have done.”



    All the players have high tech tracking devices already. They’re called mobile phones, and simply need to download the “Find my Friends” or enable “Trusted Contacts” or similar app to complete the measure.

  11. TIMALOY29 on 11TH AUGUST 2020 11:44 AM



    We can and certainly should aspire for better in Europe.



    Just shows what good organisation can do.



    NL and BR have both been lacking (for different reasons) in this regard.




    In spite of the clubs best efforts two of their senior players breached the regulations.



    The club failed in my opinion to guarantee the players appreciated how serious this pandemic is.



    And btw way Griffiths and Boli can stick their apologies up their useless arses.

  13. And this from a few days ago …


    Rangers, Hibs and Motherwell escape SFA testing punishment as Hampden chiefs accept Ibrox ‘misunderstanding’


    No excuses for Bolingoli’s actions, but he was one individual whereas Aberdeen had 8, 2 of whom were tested positive. We are now the 5th Premiership team with Covid related issues recently so we’ve now all given the Scottish Govt the ammunition but I’m sure the disastrous financial ramifications have been spelled out if they close down football again.

  14. St. Tams



    Agree that suspension pending investigation should have been in that statement.



    It is likely that Boli told people at Celtic that he was away but he, obviously, did not tell anyone that it was a sanctionable country he visited, otherwise he would not have been in the squad, far less on the pitch.



    The rumour I hear is that he told people he was in Belgium, which did not go on the UK self-isolation list until last weekend i.e. 4 days after Boli got back from his alleged trip there.



    There are other rumours flying about that there are more than Boli and Griff implicated in breaches, but these are unsubstantiated.



    On the plus side, there does seem to have been some Media traction, at long last, applied to the Sevco breach of protocols in the friendly game against Dundee United. That should be enought to ensure Swift Government sanctions but, a fair bit of the heat will be applied more widely than just to Celtic.



    Small mercies, if true.

  15. The big question for me is when did Celtic find out he went to Spain,


    I sincerely hope it was after the game yesterday.


    If Celtic knew before the game and still had him in yesterday’s squad, there is more than Boli’s neck on the line.


    As for Boli himself, he should never wear the jersey again.


    This whole thing is a disaster from start to finish.


    Last thing we need in such a crucial season.

  16. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    “Short of putting a tracking device on them or camping outside their place of residence to follow their movements, I think we have done.”



    All the players have high tech tracking devices already. They’re called mobile phones, and simply need to download the “Find my Friends” or enable “Trusted Contacts” or similar app to complete the measure.






    I’m not talking about tracking they can easily opt out of :) Some have shown they cannot be trusted.




  17. Perhaps we should just “Null and Void” the season so far and start again at a later date ??????


    Incoming from the “Null and Voiders” Govan Branch !!

  18. Im sitting at home waiting on wee Nicolas “take” on Boli and Celtic FC in her daily COVID update on BBC 1.



    We are 7 minutes and no mention of Boli or Celtic…so far ?




  19. First question from Chris McLaughlan from the BBC is the very first media question to Nicola….He questionned her straight away on Celtic FC and Boli.

  20. Nicola says that Aberdeen and Celtic should NOT play this week !


    She claims that she doesnt want other players and clubs to suffer due to Bolis actions…although she didnt name him. She says that talks with SPL/SFA and Clubs ongoing, and more info will be available later Today ?


    STVs Guy Raman…asks for clarity by asking…” Did you say FM that Aberdeen and Celtic have been ordered NOT to play this week” ?


    She says that ” She isnt ordering anyone not to play, but she does NOT expect Celtic and/or Aberdeen to play this week ?



  21. Dr Leitch says that…Football authorities ( Mr Fitzpatrick) ?) have been INFORMED about Clubs responsibility in relation to COVID.


    He does mention celtic player without naming Boli.


    Sky Guy asks…” is the SPL fixture list this week to be called off due to Bolis actions ” ?



    Dr Leitch points out that Boli went to Spain etc..IF He and or Nicola Sturgeon did the same…they would be in trouble etc.


    Nicola suggesting that Clubs are now on a “Yellow Card”…and will face a Red Card if more footballers etc break COVID Rules.



  22. I think that Nicola Sturgeon by “Suggesting” that Aberdeen and Celtic should NOT play this week…has in effect put the Ball into Celtic and Aberdeen hands about whether to play or not this week ?


    Are we now waiting on Celtic and Aberdeen to ask SFA/SPL to postpone games involving both clubs this week ?



  23. What a feckin mess.


    Motherwell have asked the Govt NOT to punish ALL Clubs…only Celtic and Aberdeen. NO mention of the Huns having NO testing an bounce game v Dundee Utd.



    Dr Lietch says thats he has confidence in Clubs doping the right thing…but he is LESS Confident about individual players ?

  24. More info from the Scottish Govt later this afternoon according to Nicola and Dr Leitch…..


    I EXPECT them to announce that all matches involving Celtic and Aberdeen to be postponed this week…as I can NOT see the Govt allowing either Club to get away “Scot Free”…maybe Ill be proved wrong ?

  25. IF Boli has NOT Disclosed to Celtic that he planned to go to Spain and/or LIED about where he was going, then Celtic MAY be able to sack him on the spot for “Gross MisConduct”



    Under UK Employment Law, an Employer can dismiss an Employee on the grounds of NON DISCLOSURE…that was the “Policy” that I was accused of breaking in 2009, as I hadnt Disclosed a Medical Condition to my Employers. I did NOT know about any Medical Condition !



    I was sacked on the spot ” For Gross Misconduct, and my employer stated that I had broken ALL trust that should exist between employer and employee, by not disclosing the so called medical condition”.


    When an Employer does sack someone under “Gross MisConduct”…it means that the Employer does NOT have to pay and Monies in Notice and/or Holiday pay etc”.



    My Industrial Tribunal was in March 2010…and I won my case within the first 10 Minutes on the very first day, although 3 days had been set aside to conduct the Hearing in front of a Judge and his Colleagues..


    I know that my case is different from any potential Boli/Celtic case…but IF Celtic sacked him Today and he lost all Monies etc, and he did take Celtic to Tribunal…IF Celtic could show that he deliberately did NOT Disclose about going to Spain etc…then he may well be guilty of Breaching Celtic’s Policy in relation to ALL COVID Restrictions etc ?


    IF all the above happened and Celtic could PROVE that Boli LIED about “Where” he was going…then same outcome…he would be guilty of lying to his employer…methinks ?



  26. Hey, big Jimmy, I’ve met you once in the Shipbank, I intend to be in the Shipbank on Thursday, would be nice to have a pint with you, about, 2ish,


    Hail hail,


    C’mon the hoops