Deserved away draw and two fortunate home Uefa draws


Celtic got what they deserved at Rugby Park yesterday.  An inspired early goal by Ryan Christie limited the damage to two dropped points but that aside, Kilmarnock coped easily with everything Celtic could muster.  After being caught out by Christie, Danny Rogers in the Killie goal did not have a save to make for the rest of the game.  Who would have thought?

Post-match, Neil Lennon referred to Christopher Jullien’s slow start to last season.  After a poor performance at Fir Park he was dropped for the infamous defeat to Cluj at Celtic Park.  Chris got better then and he will do so again, but he lost Nicke Kabamba in dangerous positions three times in the first half.

He does not have problems with big stirkers, as was alleged on TV commentary; the significance of that goal by Lyndon Dykes at Livingston could not be more overstated.  But he is a big lad who clearly needs a better preseason.

Crossing was poor, control cumbersome and the physical battle was often too much.  The lack of physicality is a concern; we are small and light in several areas.  One of the hottest strikers in Europe spent much of the game a spectator, despite our most valued creatives playing.  It really was a team dropping points together.

The manager changed the shape of the team on 65 minutes but to no effect.  Olivier Ntcham had the last 10 minutes but by then Killie were settled and Celtic, increasingly desperate.  You know me and Olivier, I would have introduced him earlier.  Or, had him on from the start.

Neil has dropped points at Rugby Park before and he knows how to build a response.  No one was “thrown under the bus”, as he said later.  Until then, we have to live like others, not at the top of the table, for a change.

We are going to face a lot of packed defences this season and play on a few plastic pitches.  There can be no complaints, let’s just get better at overcoming both.

Given a choice of winning yesterday, or facing two away draws in Champions League qualification, I would take the draw with Killie and home times against Reykjavik, then either Ferencvaros or Djurdargens, the prospect we face after different types of draws yesterday and today.

Home ties until we are well into our season is a huge bonus.  There is still work to do, but the prospect of a Lincoln Red Imps rerun is receding.  Wish we could attend these games.

Sweden is Europe’s Covid herd immunity test case and the test has not gone well.  It remains to be seen what travel restrictions visitors from Sweden are in place when the second round takes place on 15 and 26 August.

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  1. remember that crisis, when celtic were 2nd in the league going for 3 in row TO INVERNESS






    2013-08-24: Celtic 2-2 Inverness CT



    Review2013-08-24: Celtic 2-2 Inverness CT, SP – Pic


    (M74 Extension of KDS forum)


    We are slow, ponderous and one dimensional. For most of the game anyone on the ball and looking up to pick a pass would have seen 5 or 6 guys standing like statues. No one making any runs, no one making any intelligent moves.



    The exception was our second goal. Mathews made a great run and Brown hit a great pass.



    I won’t pass judgement on Balde yet. I totally understand the split on Rogic today. If that is as good as he gets then he is another signing that will disappear in a year or so. But he looks like there may be a player in there. I hope he improves.



    Forster is really worrying me at the moment. If he shouts for the ball ICT don’t score their second. Instead he doesn’t Ambrose heads it out and they score from the thrown in.



    Mathews has to start at right mid before Forrest for the CL game.



    PS – some raised concern about the recently signed new Centre half – Virgil, too slow, and dithers on the ball

  2. The biggest downer for me last season was not elimination from the Champions League but the defeat to Copenhagen after such a brilliant campaign in the Europa group stages when we finishes tops. It’s still hard to make sense of that performance against the Danes, Celtic were literally flying in the lead up to that match. Copenhagen however are there tonight facing mighty Manure on neutral territory and you have to wish them luck and hope they progress to the semis.

  3. HANKRAY on 10TH AUGUST 2020 4:39 PM


    The biggest downer for me last season was not elimination from the Champions League but the defeat to Copenhagen after such a brilliant campaign in the Europa group stages when we finishes tops. It’s still hard to make sense of that performance against the Danes, Celtic were literally flying in the lead up to that match. Copenhagen however are there tonight facing mighty Manure on neutral territory and you have to wish them luck and hope they progress to the semis.



    I know HankRay, our Sieve @ the back, on that said night, was on self distruction mode.

  4. totally puzzled as to what this left sided bias is I started looking at the construct of our goals against Hamilton.



    1st goal started from rb position, going across the centre of the field, final pass was from the left back to the centre of the goal.



    2nd goal was started and finished by our RB, yes from a left back cross the the right back post.



    3rd goal was all donw the right side from the 2 JF;s.



    4th goal, again, all right sided.



    5th goal, an inside right channel pass.



    what are people seeing when they watch these games ?



  5. The Battered Bunnet on

    Fan hands on misery to fan.


    It deepens like a coastal shelf.


    Get out as early as you can,


    And don’t have any views yourself.



    Larkin CSC

  6. dearie dearie, so the Killie groundsman is to blame and julien is a slow starter , a rocket up his backside and send him to the moon is what is required

  7. Also Remember, the Lion sleeps Tonight.



    Celtic is FUNDAMENTALLY Good.



    The Word is Good.



    Praise Jesus/Yeshua my Lord and Saviour.



    I am a Sinner, everyone is.



    If you read this….. do little petec a favour…. and Pray for someone you dislike or dinnae understand.




    Disnae need to be anything but Forgiveness is Power.



    Gonnae need that more than Anything 2g3t10.

  8. St Stivs – It’s an analysis of the entire game mate. Nobody says we don’t use the right, it’s just a feature of our system (an unintended one). If you look at where Eddie plays it’s almost always on the left outside the box…

  9. BW,



    I do see that , I just always thought that is the channel that Eddie is told to play in. Often devestatingly so.


    From that winner at Snake Mountain to the cup final treble treble goal.

  10. BIG WAVY on 10TH AUGUST 2020 4:53 PM


    St Stivs – It’s an analysis of the entire game mate. Nobody says we don’t use the right, it’s just a feature of our system (an unintended one). If you look at where Eddie plays it’s almost always on the left outside the box…


    Eddie should be playing through the middle, not on the left, that is why we should be playing @ least two


    main strikers up front where they can play off of each other (3-5-2) not a lone wolf role where Eddie is


    getting too easly dispossed with the ball.

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    When Eddy picks the ball up centre left and turns inside, the ball is on his right foot, and the defender on his left. That’s the way he likes it, and that’s the way he gets it.

  12. No more Black lives matter knees now. Please.



    The pews are empty.



    I know the real reason of pyramids….. Inverting the pyramid got me thinking and then put the 2 and 2 the gether.




    Kneel before Our Lord and Saviour before Every game please and I’m over the Jam & Spoon.



    Pray for our…..








    The Hour is Terry Waite.

  13. @SAINT STIVS on 10TH AUGUST 2020 4:43 PM



    You are referencing a data set of one game. James Dailey, one of the CBN contributors has produced a piece/some interesting stats on this topic.



    Basically against Sevco and European opposition our threat down the right (from an expected goals perspective) is negligible. Not because JF is poor but because of an imbalance in the team.



    An imbalance can happen even if the underlying personnel are fantastic- think Lampard and Gerrard for England; great players but did not work well in the same midfield.

  14. why does the team need to be “balanced” if the main goal scoring threat is top scorer in the league ?


    surely you play to his strenghts ?

  15. SAINT STIVS on 10TH AUGUST 2020 5:13 PM



    The issue is when playing better teams. JF has some impressive stats but against Sevco its very low.



    If the opposition know statistically that all the threat will come down one area of the pitch, its easier to manage us.



    Against the smaller teams in the SPFL, these imbalances/issues matter less due to the gul in quality, but like yesterday, sometimes they do matter.

  16. remember that crisis time when we were SIXTH in the league in October, having lost at home to Hamilton when we were going for 4 in a row.






    2014-10-05: Celtic 0-1 Hamilton



    Hamilton win at Celtic Park for first time since 1938.


    Hamilton now lead Premiership by point


    Accies’ first win at Celtic Park for 76 years


    Celtic remain sixth in table.


    Accies unbeaten in 10 games, Celtic’s first loss in eight but tensions are rising in the support v the manager.


    Still the Green Brigade were out in force.


    Deila: “It’s very disappointing to lose at home. That’s not what we want. We have to turn this around and bounce back.”


    Ronny Deila has won 7 out of 17 games as Celtic manager. Two of they wins were against a part time team from Iceland.


    Rearranged from 3pm to 1pm to mock outrage from certain sections of the support.


    A Salmonella outbreak in the Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Highland areas has been linked to hospitality at Celtic Park. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GGC) said 11 people who had eaten at the stadium on 21 September, the day Celtic played Motherwell, had fallen ill.


    Rumours of Griffiths leaving Celtic to Hibs on loan seem to have ended for now, with Celtic coaches denying he will leave.





    (jake1958 of KDS)


    For the first time in 50 years I walked out of Celtic Park today before the final whistle. When the imbecile we appear to have appointed as our manager and his **** of an assistant finally decided to bring on another striker in the shape of Lee Griffiths, imagine my surprise, or on reflection total lack of surprise when it comes to this clown, he decides to take off Guidetti and continue to play with one up.



    In the lead up to the Hamilton goal their player is allowed to make 60 yards unchallenged down our right flank and deliver an unchallenged cross, where is the man trusted to play right back? I haven’t a clue and unfortunately neither does he most of the time. I left before Tonev was given the chance to shine and according to my friends he was appalling.



    So, in short, the manager cannot identify a player, does not know which positions are best for the players he has, does not know which of his players are best so continually rotates them, apart from his favourites (Johanson in particular) who continue to be selected however abject the display. He has also managed to turn the best player in Scotland into a parody of himself in his short time in charge, and has turned the best team in Scotland (I know) into a laughing stock.



    Time to end this dangerous managerial experiment before it is too late.



    Even signing big Yogi from Inverness as manager would be a far superior appointment to this eejit!





    26 Gordon


    04 Ambrose Emuobo


    22 Denayer


    05 van Dijk


    03 Izaguirre


    08 Brown


    25 Johansen Booked


    32 Wakaso Booked (Tonev – 61′ )


    15 Commons


    10 Stokes


    09 Guidetti (Griffiths – 61′ )

  17. The badwan is playing us All.



    His Power is Strong and gonnae get so much Stronger. It can’t ever be Stronger. These are the End Times, IMO.



    Belief in Our Lord and Saviour is all that matters.




    Celtic Winning in Europe should be the barometer.

  18. Ajeti. Now that’s what I’m talking about.



    This kid should have come to us straight from an impressive Basle but another ruined by the EPL. Of course, many here, acoss SM and in the MSM will focus on the latter.



    Hope it is also a kick in the bahookie for Griff.

  19. remember that crisis time when we were second to Aberdeen in the league in September with them going 2 points ahead and a game in hand when we were going for 5 in a row ?






    2015-09-12: Aberdeen 2-1 Celtic,




    Celtic are now second, and Aberdeen have one game in hand so can go five points in front. Hearts lost so



    Leigh Griffiths admonished by Sheriff in court for singing “Rudi Skacel is a f***ing refugee” song in pub last year. Closes book on that chapter and he has grown up a lot since that silly moment. A repeat won’t be tolerated, the Celtic fans have been clear about that.



    Chief executive Peter Lawwell chose to attribute the £3.95 million end-of-year loss reported by the club yesterday to a desire to support manager Ronny Deila and not solely the absence of Champions League football – as he also claimed profitability would be restored in 2016 despite the continued exile from European football’s prized tournament.



    Sky sports extend their contract with Scottish football, most fans in Scotland groan.



    News is dominated by mass refugees travelling to Europe to escape war in Syria. Celtic contributing funds from Jock Stein remembrance charity match to assist the refugees in line with our ethos and history. Many


    Celtic fans, including the Green Brigade, assisting with fund raising also. Much respect to all.



    Elsewhere, administrators and owners of TheRangers Sevco being questioned and charged over dodgy purchase of assets of Rangers. Rangers Sevco owner states wanting to bring out old company from liquidation! The fun never stops.



    Transfer window closed.


    Transfers in: Dedryk Boyata (Man City), Saidy Jonka (Man U free) ; Ciftci (Dundee Utd £1.5m), Scott Allan (Hibs £250k), Tyler Blackett (loan from Man U); Christie (from ICT); Simunovic (from D Zagreb)


    Transfers out: Joe Chalmers (to Motherwell) ; Tonev (end loan); Guidetti (end loan); Wakaso (end loan); Zaluska (free); John Herron (free), Amido Balde (free) ; Fridjonsson (free to Reykjavik) ; Adam Matthews (£2m to Sunderland); Paul McMullan (loan to St Mirren), Michael Duffy (Alloa season long loan), Connor McManus (Alloa season long loan) ; Jackson Irvine (to Ross County); Liam Henderson (Hibs loan); Darnell Fisher (on loan to St Johnstone), Scepovic (loan to Getafe); Christie (loan to ICT)





    (remy m of KDS)





    Starting eleven plainly wrong and Ciftci on before Commons was mental. Shunting Johansen around 3 positions and, tbf, he was terrible in all three, was like an under 12s manager not wanting to sub his son.



    We hardly created a chance, Aberdeen and the ref were pish and Gordon sold the knickers at the end. A bad day all round.



    Deila is tactically inept and his belief in his system will be his undoing.



    The dressing room rumbles are only going to get louder.




    (corky B of KDS)


    An incredibly bad performance – Malmoesque. Every weakness that we were already aware of was exposed. Second to everything, total inability to keep the ball, nothing going forward, shocking when faced with crosses. Lack of discipline and seemingly appetite for the game. I turned round to my brother and said when they went down to 10 that I still thought we would lose the match. When Ambrose came on the pub groaned and right enough he performed to script.



    We lost to a 10 man Aberdeen side who wanted it more than us and deserved the win- but they were nothing great.



    Gordon – 3 – Must remember that balls in the 6 yard box are there to be won


    Lustig – 5 – Will he ever last 90 minutes ?


    Blackett – 3 – poor in every aspect but its his first game


    Boyata – 4 – A liability in possession and so far looking dreadful


    Mulgrew – 4 – Defensively shocking


    Brown – 3 – See Malmo and away in Tblisi


    Biton – 5 Bteer than the rest but not saying much


    Joansen – 3 – another player who is miles off form


    GMS – 2 – reminded me of Regi Blinker’s first game at Ibrox


    Rogic -3 – Slow and did not make use of space


    Griffiths – 4 – Good first half, poor in second and slackness cost us possession that would lead to the second goal



    Ambrose – 2 – I genuinely hope he never plays for us again. A liability


    Ciftci -2 – Is he the worst forward we have signed since Biggins


    Forrest – 4- Better than GMS –



    Deila -2 – All over the place just now and tonight if he left I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. But god knows who PL would come up with to replace him.



    We knew that that VVD and Denayer wouldn’t be here this season. We sold Matthews. We know that Ronnie doesnt rate Izzy. Lustig never plays more than a third of games. To have replaced them in the way we have is suicidal. To have gone in to the season with only one reasonable striker (who disgraced us off the park) is feckless management. To have Ambrose amble on in every game and be utterly inept is a disgrace.



    What a shambles we are

  20. As I said earlier . Yesterday was a poor performance , Reading on its plain from the comments that many celts on here have there favourite do no wrong players , I wish those fans would look at what some of these players give us . Look back over the last couple off seasons ,thems can’t or shouldn’t be able to compete in the markets we should be competing in . The huns are improving make no mistake about that , they are improving buying journeymen , buying big tough kick your granny type players , they have a defence core of 6 or 7 players ranging from 6 ft 7 to 6 ft 3 . They have arfield , jack . And kamara in midfield none of them are quality players but they all can and do leave the boot in , up front they have recruited a burly guy the kind who our weak central defence can’t cope with and the Colombian who like him or loath him is a dangerous wee guy and last but not least the wee scouse corner boy . Contrast that with our lot at the moment . Two small fullbacks , Two giant easy ruffled central defenders . Some good quality midfielders who unfortunately have the skill but not the bottle to engage the 3huns in there midfield ,broonie was capable of mixing ,but alas his best years are behind him . our long serving winger who when he is on song is a match winner ,but isn’t on song often enough ,but is still a fans favourite so gets cut a mile of slack . In Attack we have the best .eddy who needs some support ,and the griff when he decides to behave himself are well good enough . I’ve read on celtic sites that ,one for this position or one for that position and we will have enough for the ten , rubbish I’ve mention 4 position in defence alone who need replaced . A couple of tough as teak guys in the middle of the park , a guy like power at Killie but of better quality , were too soft , we can’t play the huns with men not showing which is what’s happening , we need everyone pulling on that beautiful jersey to roll the sleeves up and be ready to battle , because you better believe they will be ready .

  21. GREENPINATA on 10TH AUGUST 2020 1:41 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 10TH AUGUST 2020 12:38 PM



    Sturgeon announces that young people must get the exam results they worked hard for, and apoligies for getting it so wrong, we concentrated on the statistics and algorithms rather than the individuals.



    correcting a wrong good


    Agree, she deserves praise for acknowledging an injustice to our future generation. Marking hard working pupils down because of their deprived postcode is morally repugnant.







    If I can find a socialist who is rancid enough to. admit he/she voted for the war criminal I will start talking bout morally repugnant behaviour until then we have a newnewnew Labour open wound on morals


    and yes I know wee nikla is massaging data(Labour ever do that)


    and yes I know figures are massaged to make your aspiring lab/Tory schools look better.


    It is unfair she is a lying bastard politician


    Your tut for battery is a source of laughter


    So long as the middle East peace envoy(truly Orwellian boak inducing repunance) has a say I n the Labour party




  22. SCANIEL on 10TH AUGUST 2020 5:47 PM


    SAINT STIVS at 4:33 & 5:30





    Brilliant. Thank You.






    I just think the hyperbole, the wailing and gnashing of teeth (copyright not the view) means people need to get some context. you would think there is a collective amnesia about what you have to go through to win a league, every season, even the great ones, even undefeated treble ones, even glory in europe ones, came with shock results or really bad performances along the way. i also think looking back at comments , the slagging off of players and staff look really daft when framed against what ultimately became trophy winning seasons. The writing off of players who went on to be great some legends, some the best in europe.



    I look back at my own moon howling nights and I feel ashamed of what I said about Ronnie or Jamsie or whoever I thought let us down on a particular day. I was wrong more than right. I wont say I was unfair to the board, I do reserve the right to say the CEO is paid to much for a company this size, and that the renumeration committee is a closed shop, however I cannot deny the business results, maybe in rations we are actually the best business clun in the world.



    Maybe that reflective nature only comes once you experience something really bad, outwith football. Or maybe just some people have no perspective, have nothing else but the Celtic to bitch about.



    We live in the 2nd greatest period of our history. 10 is the here and now, but each and every one of those leagues to get here, and every player who played more than a cameo part deserves our thanks for getting us here. As do all the management and staff, and most of the C-suite.



    Remember that feeling coming out that Raith Rovers game. I wanted the ground to swallow me up.



    If I had dreamt that night of 9 leagues in a row, TREBLE TREBLES , mega millions in the bank, record breaking undefeated runs, invicible seasons, well, you could have locked me up right then.



    The reaction in the celtic timternet sphere, to dropping 2 points is beyond parody.



    or maybe not.




  23. oh and by the way OE is never at this moment in his career an out and out on his own striker, his best position as has been mentioned before by others is driving at defenders from the left hand side causing havoc.

  24. Hey JimTim,



    Don’t you know that Ollie has a punch that would sink a battleship?



    Oh yeah and big tough Ryan Jack cries after losing. I’ve seen it. You’d think he’d be used to it now.

  25. OH, AND PS, forgot to say.



    Now , more than ever before , in the strangest of seasons, a UNIFIED but VIRTUAL Celtic support needs to carry the burden to get us over the line, positivity, reality, less emotional and more hands on, supporting in every way we can, that will help, it will define us as different from the gullibles, it is what we are famous for and admired for.



    Tommys words are as relevent today as ever, maybe more so …………….



    “That’s was so special about them right there, Jim. Just right up there; that’s what’s so special about them. They’re there and they’re always there. And God bless every one of them.”



    We need to live up to that,

  26. All this because of a draw against Killie on their narrow, bone dry horrible plastic surface?



    Our domestic form in 2020 has been outstanding – 13 victories and 2 draws, both on plastic.

  27. Big wavy. You must be happy with the team then mate . Well leave it at that . I’m not i dont want the huns winning the toss against us .imho we need players brought in .stay gid pal

  28. AN TEARMANN on 10TH AUGUST 2020 6:09 PM



    ‘If I can find a socialist who is rancid enough to. admit he/she voted for the war criminal’






    I voted Labour when Blair was the Labour leader.



    Because the choice was between a Labour Government and a Tory Government.



    And the worst Labour Government is always going to be better than the best Tory Government.



    I also voted for Labour when Corbyn was leader.



    Is there an SNP politician to the left of Corbyn? I can’t think of any.



    As for the announcement that there’s going to be an announcement about the exams debacle, it should never have been allowed to happen, and any changes that are being made will only be because of 1. public outrage and 2.trying to get ahead of whatever measures Westminster takes regarding A level results.



    What I’d like to know though is what contingency plans have been made for proper online tuition if/when there’s a second lockdown.

  29. RON67 on 10TH AUGUST 2020 6:21 PM


    oh and by the way OE is never at this moment in his career an out and out on his own striker



    He scored a hattrick last weekend as a lone striker.

  30. Saint Stivs,



    Do not take the piss out of Incredible Celtic Supporters. Our Lord and Saviour didnae spare yer for that.



    This is gonnae be almost impossible to get 10.



    We All must Forgive where we can.



    Nicola Apologising for the exam fiasco made me happy.

  31. JimTim,



    I’m eternally restless fella. I always want better for my team but even at our low ebb today the Huns are still in our shadow fella.