Dissonance as well as rubbish football afflicts Hearts


Our old friend Cognitive Dissonance was at play again last night.  Hearts manager, Paolo Sergio, seemed to accept Stephen Elliot’s second minute attempt was cleared so quickly officials might not have had a chance to ascertain if it crossed the line, but he tried to reconcile his frustration at this reality by publicly adopting a position which, on reflection, he should accept is in contravention to the rules of the game.

Elliot’s attempt struck Joe Ledley, who was standing on the line with his arms stationary and by his side, before being cleared by Fraser Forster.

Sergio said, “If you don’t see the ball over the line then you should see the handball which is a penalty and a red card.”

It’s scarcely credible that the Hearts manager is unaware of the rules of the game which clearly establish that for a handball offence to be committed the player needs to deliberately use a hand or arm to play the ball, not have the ball played against his stationary hand or arm.

No one had much of a clue whether the ball had crossed the line or not until after watching multiple TV replays and even then, while I can understand the attacking team claiming a goal, TV evidence does not provide conclusive proof that the whole of the ball crossed the line.

This will no doubt be the source of Sergio’s frustration; his team could have taken the lead but didn’t.  Armed with this frustration he then created a false scenario which allowed him to reconcile his feelings of grievance.

What a shower.  Struggling to operate in the SPL and pay tax, disorganised team structure and afflicted by football’s Cognitive Dissonance epidemic.

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  1. At the time of our poor, poor run I was aware of the rumours doing the rounds – there were down right malicious ones, ones which had grown arms and legs and ones which came from a couple of sources which I believe/d very much to be true.



    I was hurt and dismayed at our tactical set-up and embarrassed by our teams ability to fight back.



    I was worried that there was ‘social life’ issues throughout the team and coaches.



    I was worried that three heroes of mine were going to lose a wee bit of their gloss and undermine their justifiably legendary status as Celtic Greats.



    From what I heard there was a high tide mark reached for the team and the coaches from which they’ve never looked back.



    They play/try for each other and that by dint means they play/try for us. And that’s all I could ever ask really.



    There’s a lot of young men earning the right to wear the Hoops – that makes me prouder than anything – that’s the weight of the role and it seems these guys are finally getting it.



    Because, as Messrs Lennon and McCartney so succinctly put it – The love you make is equal to the love you take…




  2. Afternoon



    Just wanted to add my praise for Neil Lennon and his squad. What a fantastic team we are building, do these guys know when they are beaten?


    Last night was an absolute joy. I cannot remember watching a Celtic game on TV and being so relaxed



    Sammi was my MOTM with Scott Brown a close second but the whole team were just fantastic. I liked when Neil switched young James F and Scott and Scott basically nullified Graingers runs. Big Chas or Sammi for POTY



    The fans were excellent again!!



    Lashings and lashings of Jelly and Ice Cream.



    Paul67 Got my invite for CQN number 6 and the order will be sorted shortly. Keep up the brilliant work.



    Hail Hail


    Stephen with a”ph”




  3. Steinreignedsupreme on

    philvisreturns: 9 February, 2012 at 13:33



    Totally agree regarding our manager’s development. That is why I was not panicking when we were going through the bad run earlier in the season. Lenny showed enough last season to indicate he will be a successful manager and a costly blip at Inverness turned out to be costly. Otherwise Myth would have ended his big-spending reign without the title.



    I don’t think the gameshow panelist will get sacked – and he certainly will not quit. So he is likely to go down with the stinking ship in the coming months.



    He is hopelessly out of his depth and it’s safe to say he earned more home points on a Question of Sport that he has as manager of the Huns.

  4. neveralone says:


    9 February, 2012 at 13:59


    Snake & Lennon n Mc…M



    Too true!



    I hope Celtic are sounding out others within SFA SPL SFL & broadcasters over possible Rangers RIP solutions.


    Are there some Celtic carrots with which to intice the others and the authorities would we as supporters accept them? For example:



    3) ANY club qualifying for GROUP stages of Euro competitions waives domestic league TV income for distribution to the others. TV money is not hugely significant to Celtic & Euro income is substantially more (even Euroleague).



    What do you think? A starter for 10?





    Very much like that idea.

  5. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    At least its suggestions,the two obvious ones are distributing prize money fairer and crowbarring Celtic n huns games into a new format that Snake suggests,I wouldn’t think we would have to tinker with gate money but certainly should Celtic reach group stages of the CL and forfeiting some of the domestic tv money is something I would think Celtic could live with until the huns reappear in the spl.



    I’m sure there are lots of ideas that are viable.

  6. Tamlaghtduff Bhoy on

    Bhoys and ghirls,


    Im in Letterkenny this weekend does anyone know if the wolfe tones bar will be showing the hoops on saturday afternoon? Or any other bar for that matter?

  7. According to the Evening Times, Daniel Cousin is a goal machine, an Ally McCoist coup and will win rangers the league.



    In the real world, he is a 35 year old who played no football from May to October last year and from then, has been playing part-time football in Gabon.







  8. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on



    Thank you for the birthday wishes.


    My celebrations started a wee bit early this year – roughly 2 mins after kick off last night!


    Hail hail

  9. philvisreturns on

    Jungle Jim – Have you been visiting State Schools or Council Estates?



    Jim, I’m not Michael Gove or Iain Duncan Smith.



    I did have to get on a bus recently though, when my car was in for repairs.



    Let me tell you: Morse doesn’t quite do justice to the mean streets of Oxford. There were people on that public conveyance who clearly had small Latin and less Greek, such was their monosyllabic glottal stopping.



    I was understandably a little apprehensive, especially when it became clear that the driver had no intention of taking me directly to my front door, but it turned out all right in the end. (thumbsup)

  10. tomtheleedstim on

    This huns alliance with the mighty Banstead Athletic – I’ve been thinking about it and it doesn’t make any obvious sense at all. Immediately open to ridicule by most and suspicion from the rest.


    Why would this news break and what does it mean?


    I can think of only two things unless anyone knows better (and I suspect many of you do)


    He is planning to move the rotting cadavre that was once hunfc there to bring it to life like Frankenstein’s monster in the hope that they move up the leagues and then possibly move again. Unlikely I know.




    Leave the hun masses thinking that is his plan whilst he disappears into the sunset with a suitcase stuffed with cash like Lyle Lanley. (where’s Marge when you need her?)


    Can anyone shed any light on this manoeuvre, or is it just another clueless step into crap?

  11. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    I should add the single most important factor in making up any financial shortfall in the game would be-






    This is the galling thing about the present party line in that nobody knows for sure how much the game would lose because SKY for a start hasn’t made any noises about it,nothing is proven yet.



    The media would rather ignore numbers,facts n figures n just trumpet the parachute option.

  12. philvis


    Ah, conveyed by omnibus. Now I understand your newly acquired bonding with the less esoteric ,plebeian view. It has not diminished you. Well done, that man.



    Jungle James

  13. TTLT


    Re Awe Naw`s suggestion (command, really!) :



    “Posted: 1 Apr 2011, 10:54 AM Forum Celtic Football Club Discussion Forum View full topic


    Remember I mentioned Aidan Earley?


    A hun Media hun claims that Craig Whyte will split the costs of buying the huns on a 50/50 basis with him.


    They will then “share ownership on a sliding scale agreement until Whyte has effectively total ownership”.



    If Whyte and Earley take over, I give Rangers FC PLC one year. Max.


    One year of solid gold pantomime fun. Then nothing. Nothing at all.



    Honestly, if you really, really hate Rangers and everything they stand for then PRAY for this takeover to go through.


    I’m serious.



    PS, Oh, and Donald Muir (the enemy within the enemy within ) has apparently left MIH, and probably Rangers, too.”




  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Published on Thursday 9 February 2012 00:00



    words written in this font hunguffery



    Words written in this font a normal match report



    CELTIC manager Neil Lennon last night conceded that his side had “copped a break” prior to scoring four unanswered goals against Hearts at Tynecastle Park last night.



    Celtic survived a scare in the opening two minutes of the match after Stephen Elliot’s header, which hit off Joe Ledley and then was pushed out by goalkeeper Fraser Forster, was adjudged to have not crossed the line. Television pictures later suggested that the whole ball had indeed crept over the line before Forster’s desperate attempt to clear.



    Celtic made the most of what Lennon considered had been a let-off and scored four times without reply to go four points clear of Rangers at the top of the Scottish Premier League. Their first goal, claimed by skipper Scott Brown, was scored from the same passage of play after Elliott’s header.



    Hearts manager Paulo Sergio was quick to hand Celtic credit for the way they made Hearts pay for their loss of focus following the controversial second-minute incident. However, he was frustrated at what he considers is just the latest refereeing decision to go against his side.



    “What do you want me to say?” he asked. “We have been very unlucky with some of these decisions in the last three games. The referee has not seen another one – we are very unlucky.”



    Sergio felt that referee Willie Collum should at the very least have given Hearts a penalty after the incident, for what he considered was handball against Ledley as the Celtic player sought to clear the ball. He also reasoned that this would have meant Ledley would have to have been shown a red card.



    “Against Inverness, everyone saw on TV we should have had a penalty,” he continued. “Against St Johnstone in the cup we should have a penalty, and again no-one on the pitch saw it. And today, a goal. If you don’t see the ball behind the goal line, then you have to see the handball and then it’s a penalty and a red card. We are very unlucky with this.



    “I don’t want to take any credit off Celtic. After this game we should be saying fantastic things about Celtic. But I have to remember we had a strong start and put Celtic under pressure. That was our strategy. And Celtic are very lucky because the referee, or the official, did not see the goal.” Lennon accepted that fortune had shone on his side. “Psychologically it might have given Hearts a lift if the goal had been given,” he said. “The ironic thing is that we go down the other end and score a goal. I think we copped a break – judging by the TV channels it looks as if it is over the line. I am really disappointed we didn’t deal with the initial header from the corner. But the reaction I got for the remaining 89 and a half minutes was magnificent.”



    He purred about his side’s performance, particularly since it came in the hothouse of a venue which has so often proved a tricky place to visit for Celtic. “It’s probably the best performance in my time as manager,” he said. “We were devastating. I thought we were powerful, I thought we were quick on counter attack.



    “I thought the intensity and quality of our play was expectional.



    “There’s a long way to go but that was a big test tonight,” he added. “They [Hearts] caught us on a very good night.”



    Celtic were 3-0 up after only 31 minutes. Victor Wanyama scored his side’s second after 18 minutes and Joe Ledley scored a third just after the half hour mark after good work from Georgios Samaras, who made the most of a mistake from Hearts skipper Marius Zaliukas. Gary Hooper completed the rout just before the hour mark. “I asked them to go out and win the second half,” he said.



    “There was certainly no evidence of complacency tonight,” Lennon continued.



    “It was all there tonight – the intensity of the atmosphere, the pace of the game and the pitch weas a good one to play on. The players relished the challenge tonight.



    “That’s the standard they have set themselves. But I don’t expect them to reach that every week. There were some exceptionally good indiviudal performances there as a team.



    “We wanted to put pressure on everyone chasing us.” The Celtic manager singled out James Forrest, Samaras, Hooper, Ledley, Brown and Charlie Mulgrew for praise.



    “There were five or six who were on a different level,” he said. Brown, his skipper, was on another level completely, he noted. “I think there is more to come from Scott,” said Lennon.



    “I think he is a really good footballer – what I call a proper, proper footballer. He is only 25. His peak years are ahead of him. There is no doubt he has been hampered by injury. But now we are seeing Scott Brown at his very best, and long may it continue. He is a powerful

  15. This from ‘This Is Surrey Today’ (about the Banstead Athletic story)….



    Banstead chairman and owner Molloy has denied links that Banstead’s planned academy will have anything to do with Rangers.



    “It is not a secret that Aiden [Earley] is involved with Rangers, but to say that any academy we set up at Banstead would be a Rangers academy is not true,” Molloy said. “At the moment nothing is going on with the redevelopment until we have clearance from the council. And the fact that Aiden is involved in Rangers is neither here nor there, he is just a small part of this club.”

  16. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    Someone was lamenting the fact that good performances wouldn’t lead to as big a boost in crowds as it did in the good old days. The lack of a pay at the gate option was sited as a reason. These days a short notice decision to go see the Celts would require an extra visit to Parkhead or interminable queues on match day. I spotted this on Twitter, Celtic now having an official presence there.


    PYO Tickets


    It’s not for everyone but it does allow some more spontaneity than other options.

  17. South Of Tunis says:


    9 February, 2012 at 12:22


    kitalba —-



    Sometimes i struggle to hold back the thought that such outpourings of Hun bile are porode or satire but then I remember this-



    The Summer of Love 1967. Chip shop in Milngavie, Beatles doing their All You Need is Love Thing on the Chip shop’s tele, deranged drunk numb nut in the Q shouting—–



    ” Ringo Starr yer a —— FENIAN ——- ”



    *his mother was a member of the LOL, mibbees that’s where he learned tae play the drums.

  18. South Of Tunis on

    Aiden Earley ?



    Some people accused him of being involved in the on line Pumping of some of the Thousandaire’s interesting investment opportunities. Fairly standard stuff —multiple identities -all extolling the potential wonders of the investment opportunity.

  19. Silver City Neil Lennon at 14:38



    Have done it a couple of times and works very well. Over here in Ireland, Ticketmaster have used this for GAA games at Croke Park for years and it just makes sense. No more waiting for tickets to arrive nor queuing at Ticket offices.



    Next step would be a smart phone app with the bar code but would probably need hand held scanners to make it work.




  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Old Firm will leave Scotland sooner or later, claims Ally McCoist


    Feb 10 2012



    RANGERS boss Ally McCoist says he’s “positive” the Old Firm will join a league outwith Scotland – with a North Atlantic league the more likely option.



    McCoist has added his voice to the clamour for the Old Firm to seek pastures new by saying the future of the duo “lies elsewhere”.



    The debate has rumbled on for a considerable time but in recent days – with the revelation of Rangers’ cash crisis and only 17,000 Rangers fans attending the cup game against Dundee Utd. at Ibrox – fuel has been added to the argument.



    And, ahead of Saturdays’s SPL trip to Dunfermline, McCoist said: “I think Rangers and Celtic need to be looking at the bigger picture.



    “Currently, we are unable to compete financially with the likes of Wigan, Burnley, Hull City or Bolton.



    “But, with respect, we are bigger clubs.



    “We cannot compete with the market those clubs offer. We need a piece of the action.



    “There will be miles and miles of debate and it may be a distant way off but, realistically, the future of the Old Firm, in my opinion, lies elsewhere.



    “I can only imagine most clubs in England, especially those in the Premier League, would reject the idea but I am optimistic it will happen.



    “I would be more positive that a North Atlantic league might happen sooner – that would suit Rangers and Celtic.



    “The days of signing the likes of Michael Laudrup, Tore Andre Flo, John Hartson and Chris Sutton are gone as far as Scottish football is concerned.



    “I don’t think it’s a crime that clubs should want to better themselves and if it’s in a new league then so be it.



    He added: “The danger is things will only get worse for the Old Firm.



    “Just look at the situation of our club at this time. It’s incredible that Rangers is in debt and has to sell off first-team players but that is a statement about Scottish football.



    “We have to do what is best for Rangers and Celtic people will say the same about their club and I think both clubs agree that they cannot compete in the future the way things stand in the present.



    “It’s really difficult to take but we are no longer a strength in Europe. Other countries have overtaken us and Rangers and Celtic have stalled. If we are to progress, the situation has to be addressed now.”

  21. tomtheleedstim on

    Awe_Naw and Jungle Jim – ok, we know they’ve a chequered past to say the least. That comes as no surprise.


    Companies liquidated when there is no need to, assets moved etc etc.


    Accepting his link with “Aidan/Aiden” (can these people not stell their own names?) is not likely to be good news for the huns, why the Banstead Athletic link and why make it public?


    Is it just two scams (allegedly – I don’t believe it for a minute guv) or is there a link?




  22. Mountain_Bhoy is Neil Lennon on

    Jungle Jim says:


    9 February, 2012 at 13:51



    its not that long ago that GKP where 10p or thereabouts, I had cash in them at that point, but very foolishly took it out and put into another oiler..which got suspended and locked me in… meaning I missed GKP hitting oil… :(



    theres a lesson there, dont get impatient with shares!!!

  23. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    Mort says:


    9 February, 2012 at 14:44



    Or do something with WiFi or Bluetooth?

  24. South Of Tunis on

    Tontine Tim.



    It is a memory that i cherish. A perfect illustration of the strange phenomenon that is bigotry.

  25. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    cousin to the hun, thought the window was shut, why is this being considered,does the SA league have the same window as the russian league or is he a free agent, if its the latter, why would he need special permission, more jiggery pokey from the sfa

  26. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Hahaha aye ok Ally,you’ve got some front trying to pull Celtic down to your level,were doing just fine because we’ve played by the rules.

  27. you have to laugh at comical ally



    “Currently, we are unable to compete financially with the likes of Wigan, Burnley, Hull City or Bolton”




    ally currnetly you are unable to compete financially with the like of east fife, cowdenbeath, alloa or annan athletic ffs

  28. Re the pharts “goal”. You can be as sure as knowing Dolly Parton sleeps on her back that if the officials saw it they’d give it. Surprised the SFA doesn’t introduce a retrospective law allowing the goal to stand and have ours chalked off! Maybe they might do it for next season to prevent us winning the league again!!



    All the bile from all, makes it that bit sweeter, does it not?


    I’m loving this



    Hail Hail




  29. Meant to say.!!



    Neil and the team have given us a team to be proud of , so now it’s up to us to fill CELTIC PARK every home game from now until the season ends, no excuses. We must do our bit and get vital money into the club.



    Hail Hail and Hail again




  30. Interestingly (or maybe not) the club Cousin was at – Sapins FC – seem to have other has beens on their books such as Bill Tchato and Pierre Womé (both players that Celtic were linked with under MON) and the former A.C. Milan youngsters the Aubameyang brothers. Is Gabon the new MLS?

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