Doncaster has failed Scottish football fans


Alasdair Lamont’s article for BBC this evening after meeting SPL chief executive, Neil Doncaster, is bound to provoke debate.  The article is titled, “Newco Rangers could avoid sanctions from SPL”, although that claim is not supported by any direct quote from Doncaster.  It could be that Doncaster made a supporting comment which wasn’t covered in the article, or that Alasdair is extrapolating from Doncaster’s comment that he is “not entirely sure why a distinction is made between the two routes [CVA or a Newco] out of administration”.

Before we open on what Doncaster actually said, it’s worth pointing out that he has never previously indicated that a Newco was likely to gain access to the SPL without penalty, despite being asked this question directly on a number of occasions.  Indeed, he has proposed a number of penalties for such an eventuality, although any decision will now rest with a general meeting of the clubs, which he will not have a vote at.

To what Doncaster said:

“Newco is typically the way businesses in general escape from administration.”

Oh no it’s not.  Businesses, in general, conclude their period of administration either by emerging with a CVA or by going out of business.  The swathes of business failures across the UK in recent years has seen only a tiny percentage phoenix as a Newco.  This statement is erroneous and misleading.

Doncaster added:

“I am not entirely sure why a distinction is made between the two routes out of administration.”

Let me explain, Mr Doncaster.  In Scottish football history, no club has ever come out of administration as a Newco.  Ever.  Third Lanark, Airdrieonians and Gretna all failed to achieve a CVA and went out of business.  Morton, Clydebank (now Airdrie United), Motherwell, Dundee (twice) and Livingston (twice), all achieved a CVA and remained in football.

Mr Doncaster must think that we are all daft, have no access to Scottish football records and have a complete ignorance of how “businesses in general” operate.  He wishes to provide a Newco-Rangers with direct access to the top league in Scottish football, the first time anything like this has ever happened.  Perhaps being frank with us on this matter would be advisable.

Even if I was of a mind to agree with Doncaster that rules should be changed to allow Newco direct access to the SPL, his feeble attempts to convince fans of the merits of this idea would leave me ruing the inadequacy of his plan’s execution.

All of this will be a welcome distraction from the main issue for Doncaster.  The SPL allowed last season to conclude without letting clubs or fans know if Rangers competed with ineligible players.  They have been in possession of the information required for over six weeks now but have no intention of letting fans know the outcome until after Newco is voted into the league.

It’s too late now.  Doncaster has had his chance to report and his inquiry has failed to do so.  It has now been taken out of his hands. He has failed you and all Scottish football fans.

It’s time for football executives to relinquish power and for the old media, the fans, the new media and the authorities to take control.

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  1. Magnificentseven on

    if this happens it really is the end…and if Doncaster can’t see this what is he doing in the job…end of the SPL ..we can’t accept it and we won’t be the only ones

  2. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Paul6.7 A good post as usual Scottish football is at a crossroad one way will lead to a new honest football situation in Scotland oneMr.Doncaster where new fans can enjoy the game in the knowledge that its a level playing field.The other path will lead to futher negative stories of cheating which will drive many honest fans to stop following the game.Mr.Doncaster has failed imo to grasp the issue but rather he chooses to sit on the fence watching which way the dice will fall.H.H.

  3. should Celtic not lead the way and call for his resignation, also ask for the results of the spl investigation into EBT,s and make this public immediately.


    I am sure that this could be done under freedom of information.


    At all cost Doncater has to go with immediate effect.





  4. any news on signings / potential signings etc ?



    eddie sayin…


    left back/winger Aidan White from


    Leeds United, free agent

  5. Thank the Lord , nobody was chasing a podium after recent events.


    As for Doncaster, this is the plan and it involves misinformaation and sidelining investigations( results known) until Newco lives and all the bad stuff was done by the Oldco.


    It`s painfully transparent that the SPL will fall if The Orcs fall and Regan will have to step in.


    I did not know the wee lassie who passed away, I just hope her parents find solace and comfort from somewhere.

  6. My boss is Peter Principle on

    Thoughts with little Niamh and her family, very touching on here today.



    Paul67, in a word are you in possesion or have you seen the material that will be broacasted on Wednesday?




  7. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    ” It’s now been taken out of his hands”. Whose hands is it now in Paul?

  8. Roll on wed at 8pm.



    Neil Doncaster you had your chance as Paul said and now it’s time for this shambles to STOP.



    When ND and Regan took over i thought this could be the turning point but how wrong was i, never learn springs to mind from previous regime.



    We can forget about them being expelled to div 3 he already said from transfer embargo the only thing worse was match fixing, what about cheating for years Neil.

  9. My boss is Peter Principle on

    jmccormick on 21 May, 2012 at 20:41 said:



    Thank the Lord , nobody was chasing a podium after recent events.



    Hopefully the end of it

  10. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Good night one and all.



    Take care and God bless.



    Night night Niamh.

  11. From before! Don’t post much and certainly not anything of substance, but here’s my thoughts. Either Doncaster is preparing the ground or covering his back. I believe the fan and the brown stuff are about to collide and he doesn’t want the hordes coming after him. Lets wait until Wednesday and see what is about to be made public (well to the rest of the public). If I’m wrong, then I’m sure the SSM has a plan.

  12. Picked this up from Phil’s blog.



    BBC Scotland Investigates



    Wed 8pm 23.05.2012



    Duration: 1 hour



    As this proud footballing giant stands on the brink of extinction, BBC Scotland Investigates the inside story of the scandal which brought Rangers FC to its knees. This is a programme based on dozens of secret emails, letters and documents which uncover the truth behind the tax scheme which threatens the club’s very existence, and reveals what went on behind the scenes in the run up to Craig Whyte’s infamous takeover. From the day Sir David Murray took up the reigns at Ibrox, through the nine-in-a-row Championship years to the ignominy of owner Craig Whyte’s reign and the plunge into administration, this programme charts the descent from glory into chaos of one of Scotland’s great institutions. Along the way, investigative reporter Mark Daly goes in search of answers to the questions every Scottish football fan is asking, and attempts to confront those who are responsible for the Ibrox club’s plight.



  13. Paul67



    When the clubs go through their vote next week or whenever will it be made known which way clubs voted?

  14. Paul67


    This line….”It has now been taken out of his hands”



    What if just does what RC Ogilvie has done ?


    Who is going to force him out ?



    The MSM will be happy with him doing their bidding, the new media will be portrayed as internet bampots, the club chairmen are a complete waste of space.



    Celtic ARE in a position of total power, it’s up to Celtic to use that power, or will they vote no and say we did all we could, I sure as hell hope not.

  15. Jobo – was good to meet you on Saturday. Thought your gig went well – hope you had a good time afterwards.




  16. From end of last blog:



    ………… and we wonder why nobody in England is interested in a story of; conspiracy, deceit, lies and a £134M debt!



    Listening to talkSPORT discussing FFP and an Arsenal fan is on bemoaning why any player would sign for them (with a top wage ceiling of £90K per week) when the same player could sign for City for £200K per week!



    Chelski’s owner has spent £1 billion+ to win 10 trophies (finally the CL).



    City (in a shorter period) have spent £1 billion+ to win 2 trophies (finally the Premiership).



    The only consolation I draw from the discussion ……….. unlike Celtic and a few other global brands – neither will achieve longterm recognition!

  17. I was hoping to go to Norwich….now it’s come down to desperate phone calls in the hope that I can share petrol money…


    Daein’maboxin’ csc.


    : )


    : (


    Anyway….Doncaster’s a donkey…he’s got heehaw in his napper.

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I have voiced my suspicions about this guy on here many times Paul. His behaviour defies logic.



    I can think of only one reason for it – that he receives a performance related bonus based upon the value of commercial contracts (including TV) he achieves for the SPL.



    Hail Hail

  19. Doncaster is finished… Any essence of impartiality or due process he ever possessed is long gone, and his position is completely untenable.

  20. Paul67,



    ‘t’s too late now. Doncaster has had his chance to report and his inquiry has failed to do so. It has now been taken out of his hands. He has failed you and all Scottish football fans.’



    So who’s hands is it in now, the BBC??

  21. Dungasters mouth is primarily in the service of defending crude propaganda- he thinks if he repeats this hollow ritual long enough that it will become true. Goebbels “big lie”- but even Orwell could never have envisioned this level of double think.



    He thinks we fans can all be duped like Sir David.



    Stupid huns.

  22. Oh well…..silly season’s here,the sun is shining…Doncaster must be high on summat…I’m goin’ out to the country the morra.


    Every time I see an ice-cream van the song starts up in my head. Y’know the one…wi’ jelly in it!




    ; ))))))

  23. Doncaster has to go. Utterly incompetent.



    He’s treating us all like mugs. Well, we’ll see how patronizing he is when SPL fans stay away in their droves next season if NewClub RFC are allowed back in.

  24. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    ABZMike. Mr.Doncaster should be finished but he has a good few SPL chairman who support his point of view and he must have been comfortable to make the statement he made today.I hope I am wrong but I feel our only hope of seeing Rangers being properly punished for there misdeeds will be if Wednesday evenings documentry brings new evidence to the table and that evidence leads to prosecution against Whyte,Murray and co.anthing less than that they are going to get off lightly.H.H.

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