D&P: Rangers could cease before end of season


Lots to chew over in this afternoon’s statement from Duff and Phelps but this nugget grabbed my attention:

“If we proceed with an offer that is based on a sale of the business and assets, then we would expect the football club share to be transferred within a matter of weeks, with a preference of prior to the end of the current season.”

This means that unless a CVA is concluded beforehand, Duff and Phelps plan to ask the football authorities to award Rangers’ share in the SPL to a new club prior to the end of this season.  This share is worth money, Duff and Phelps would be able to sell it to generate cash, so there is no harm in them asking!

The enormous problem for the league is that the Newco would not employ any footballers and the final date in the season for signing non-contracted player passed a month ago.  Rangers players are employed by Rangers FC PLC and their registrations cannot be transferred to any other football club outside of a transfer window.

In the event of a liquidation (which Duff and Phelps have not accepted as a likelihood), player registrations revert to the SFA.  They are not assumed by a phoenix Newco to pick the following week.  There is absolutely no circumstances for a club to avoid liquidation and still manage to transfer their players to a Newco outside a transfer window.

How did they concoct such a fantasy?

This is a Fifa rule and cannot be altered by the SFA or SPL.  The entire debacle has become farcical.

SPL clubs, who vote on Friday on whether to introduce a procedure which would allow a Newco to be allowed straight into the league, have the proverbial gun pointing to their heads with this statement.  They must stand firm and refused to become embroiled in the mess.

The other SPL clubs and the SFA did not design this crisis at a member club and it is not their responsibility to resolve it.  We will find out soon enough whether member clubs take account of the overwhelming voice of their supporters on this matter.

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  1. Good evening friends.



    Hoping to get along to Hampden tonight. I assume it’s just the main stand that’ll be open. Anyone else going?

  2. I remember that Bobby Tait 96 minute game, and will never forget it.



    It was the longest afternoon of my life enduring tortuous Radio Shortbread commentators willing Ragers to score, to the extent I finally couldn’t take it anymore.



    I went into the cellar and locked the door in the pitch black, I shut myself off from the world, an eternity after when the final whistle should have blown, they were still playing. In the distance I could hear a phone ringing breaking the black cold silence.



    I got outside rubbed my eyes, and ran up the stairs where my brother had phoned to say Kilmarnock had scored in time added on for Ragers.



    Wonder if Bobby Tait ever got over what he’d done.

  3. James Edward McGrory 408 goals in 408 league games on

    paolosboots on 23 April, 2012 at 18:28 said:



    Put Minty Moonbeams in stocks in the middle of ibroke and let them fire rotten veg, eggs etc at him, that should bring them a few quid XD

  4. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on 23 April, 2012 at 18:31 said:


    emdae got a link to shortbread



    You sure you want it mate ??






    Hail hail

  5. Celtic Underground ‏ @celticrumours


    Bloke involved in Lower league club tells me 3rd Division clubs have been told it may only be a 9 team league next season.




    My brain is still processing this one.



    This means one more up (or one less down) all the way along and no newco, right?

  6. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Who is the dumbknutt on BBC Sportsound suggesting D&P make TBK preferred creditors so they can sort out the mess D&P cannot?


    Let PM talk to the players he says as if that would make any difference.


    The ability to suspend reality is quite astonishing.

  7. what about a donkey derby round ibrokes with murray, murray, mcbain , whyte, dunn&dumber, with tenner for the winner and we can bet on it

  8. The Battered Bunnet on




    The least the fella can do is sort out the mess he helped to create, don’t you think?




  9. Celtic have been preparing season ticket price structure for no rangers games.



    That is a fact!




  10. Hugh Keevins: “I’m not sure ‘leadership’ is the word I’d apply to Craig Whyte”



    Sparkleghirl (and probably many others): “I’m not sure ‘journalist’ is the word I’d apply to Hugh Keevins”

  11. ASonOfDan on 23 April, 2012 at 18:41 said:



    How do you know this? I hope it’s true, it suggests that Celtic think there’s a realistic chance of no newco/oldco

  12. Sparkleghirl, re the Dunfermline one each game. I was behind the goals where Simon Donnelly scored and not too far away from me was Mike Galloway. So your memory is not bad at all!




  13. paolosboots on 23 April, 2012 at 18:28 said:


    5 star tattoo removal surgeries in Larkhall

  14. time for change on

    There is no Old Firm



    Today’s CQN brought back a fantastic memory of my Bobby Tait moment. Goal went in just as I was joining the M74. My eldest was in the car with me and couldn’t understand why I was cheering so loudly.



    Thanks Paul for reminding me.



    Hail Hail

  15. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on 23 April, 2012 at 18:47 said:



    Aha, thank you. I too was behind the goal


    What I remember most about that game is the absolute deflation leaving the ground. Just before the end people were edging down towards the pitch hoping to get on at the final whistle. Then – BANG! – 1-1 and another week to wait.

  16. Toscanbhoy, what a moneyspinner imagine all the knuckle draggers , could franchise it out. I want celtic to buy the big number 54 they have on their seats and put them in the rangers end to remind them if they get us in the cup!

  17. sparkleghirl



    Just know someone who socialises with some corporate box types.



    No rangers games has a major impact on their packages.




  18. Evening folks,



    I know this is a long shot but if anyone has a spare ticket for Sunday please bear me in mind. I hadn’t expected to be able to go as i’m at the SECC baby show with the missus for her business but she said if i can get a ticket or if anyone can recommend a good pub to watch it then i’m ok for a few hours.

  19. Could we not keep one of the rangers games on the season book like the spare game, a fundraiser so to speak…..

  20. Auld Neil Lennon heid on



    I’ve never been one for saying nothing will change.


    It flies in the face of compelling evidence that change is in fact a constant.


    Sometimes it moves at glacier pace but it is still moving and I do not understand giving in just because results will not be immediate.

  21. Clashcitybhoy on

    I am sure it was the much criticised Hugh Keevins in the Sunday Mail, who was the first to question the appointment of Bobby Tait in that infamous match, and in turn let Tait know that he was being scrutinised.



    The other interesting example of a referee being allowed to ref his alleged favourite team was at Dens Park in 1986 , where the ref refused Hearts’ very strong claim for a penalty , as he didn’t want to be seen to show favouritism.


    (Although that didn’t stop him sending me off several years later in a lower profile match , when I questioned his judgement)

  22. Bambi


    should you not get a ticket a ten minute walk from Secc will take you to the Dolphin in Partick…


    good luck with the ticket request though…

  23. Stringer Bell on

    Bobby tait and radio Clyde friend



    From Poker, piqué and parenthood website.





    This little article appeared in the local free newspaper that pops through my letterbox each week. It’s one of those pieces that leaves you unsure whether to laugh or cry.




    The event is a Freemason organised night. The guy in the middle of the photo is ex Scottish football referee Bobby Tait. A man who infamously requested that his last ever game as a Grade 1 referee be at Ibrox, as Rangers played Kilmarnock, in the midst of a historic battle for the title between Celtic and Rangers.



    With Rangers desperately needing a win to maintain their chances of winning ten league titles in a row – thus beating Celtic’s previously unassailable nine-in-a-row record – the game was of monumental importance. Victory in the title race would hand bragging rights to the dark half of the city for an eternity.



    With the game heading for a draw, Tait decided to add an incredible five minutes injury-time at the end of the match.



    On top of his previous performances that season – including more timepiece malfunctions that cost Celtic a win at Tynecastle – one could only conclude Bobby Tait valued Rangers wins above his own reputation for honesty and integrity, and would do anything to see them win the title.



    Alas for Mr Tait, Kilmarnock had other ideas and scored a last minute winner that crushed Rangers push for a new record.



    He must have been devastated. What a way to end your career!



    Since retiring, the Celtic rumour mill has been rife with reports of Mr Tait’s after dinner speaking. With boasts about never having awarded a penalty against Rangers at Ibrox being the supposed highlight of his act.



    Given that he generally speaks at Rangers supporters events, Freemason events, or, allegedly, Orange Order events – in truth almost interchangeable as bastions of Protestantism and Rangers – it’s hardly surprising he is a popular guest. Though presumably he focuses on earlier highlights of his career.



    There you have it. A supposedly impartial – unimpeachable if the Scottish press are to be believed – figure who openly boasts of his pro-Rangers bias throughout his career. What would Donald McVicar make of it all?



    I also wonder what the bookies and fraud squad would make of it. After all, isn’t match fixing – which appears to be what that Ibrox penalty boast hints at – a crime?



    Articles on the Freemasons and Orange Order are ten-a-penny in the Scottish local press and nobody bats an eyelid.



    To be fair they can be a source of great amusement. Check our the ‘surprised’ eyebrows on the dude middle-back in the above photo. Does make one wonder where Bobby’s left hand is!



    But there’s a more serious point to be made. The Orange Order in particular is a closed club – Protestants only – with an anti-Catholic agenda.



    Yet it receives the same polite and sympathetic coverage in the local press that a bowling club might expect.



    Imagine visiting Alabama and picking up a local newspaper with similar coverage of a KKK meeting. Or visiting Dagenham and seeing equally sympathetic coverage of a BNP event.



    After a fine lamb dinner and some excellent red wine, those present were in full agreement with guest speakers who stated immigration was a blight on the nation, and those annoying blacks should be sent back to where they came from.



    £200 was raised for charity.



    There would be outrage. Sky News and BBC24 would be on the scene in hours. Questions would be raised in parliament. The tabloids would be foaming with righteous indignation.



    Never mind the charity money. Listen to what those loons are actually saying!



    Not so in Scotland. Another example of that not-so-secret shame.



    Speaking of charity money, am I the only one who wonders how a night that features three ‘esteemed’ guest speakers only manages to raise two hundred quid? Seems more than a little on the cheap side to me!



    I wonder how much was spent at the bar?

  24. paolosboots on 23 April, 2012 at 18:54 said:


    Good times! Let’s not forget the Bridgeton Square Sausage initiative that they actually tried a few weeks back.


    Silly Billys .



  25. TopCorner on 23 April, 2012 at 18:42 said:




    I was at that game also ,two very well taken Celtic Goals, the young Celts were miles ahead of the orcs, whos only tactics was to punt the ball up to their only striker. They had only two chances and scored with one .




  26. QOS:Atkinson,Crozier, Neil, Wilkinson, Hooper, Slattery, Handling, Todd, Park, Reilly, Smith Subs:Vallance,Young,Gray, Simpson,Drysdale

  27. ‘GG on 23 April, 2012 at 16:32 said:




    From Previous short lived thread


    Teuchter ár lá on 23 April, 2012 at 15:30 said:


    I’d step away away from the coconut tree.


    Falling coconuts can inflict injuries which will render you incapable of taking your celebratory share of ice cream and jelly. (Jello in the states)




    GG…..Don’t worry I’ve got ma tin hat oan:)



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