Duffy and need for central defender more than winger


A proposed swap deal with Blackburn with Shane Duffy coming to Glasgow and James Forrest heading south makes sense for Celtic. Late last season we were talking about how Erik Sviatchenko was our only solid central defender, with Jozo Simunovic injured and yet to establish himself.

Duffy made his Euro 16 debut in the 1-0 win over Italy, before being red carded for a professional foul against France. I’m not expecting a van Dijk, but his performances in both games was of the standard Celtic only have with Erik.

James Forrest grabbed the space vacated by Aiden McGeady’s move to CSKA Moscow and made the most of the opportunity but injury has inhibited him in recent years. He’s also suffered from being part of what looked like a World Record attempt of squeezing wingers into a 23-man squad. We need fewer wingers and at least one more central defender.

Brendan Rodgers comments that Kris Commons is nowhere near ready for the first team is not encouraging. I’d have him limp to the bench for the forthcoming qualifiers. Even unfit, he’s capable of linking play like no one else in the squad.


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  1. Sorry Paul67 I would not have any Celtic player limp on to the bench. Kris is now part of our past not our future, he has been a good servant but time for thanks and adios. H H Hebcelt

  2. Paul67 –



    I can’t believe you are advocating an unfit Kris Commons to be fielded in the CL qualifiers.



    You’ve got to be having a laugh surely.

  3. The Kris Commons obsession continues. He’s past his best, a great value for money signing over his five years at the club, he should be moved on. Celtic have moved on. Bringing him back fully fit would be a gamble, bringing him back unfit is bonkers.

  4. timaloy29 sleeps on the heated driveway on

    I’d be happy to see Gunter, Sinclair and Duffy in before the next round against Astana



    I’d only start Duffy though. Rushing new players into big games isn’t ideal but the alternatives at Centre Back are horrid

  5. I wouldn’t have Commons anywhere near the place. McGregor is more deserving of a place in the team.



    Duffy for Forrest would be a good deal.

  6. I’d be quite happy to see Kris Commons go. He’s been a great player for us over the years but time to move on.



    The truth will out over the disintegration of Ronny Deila’s Celtic and I’d hazard a guess the story will eventually paint an unflattering portrait of Commons.



    I also don’t see him as a great link-up player. Too often the game slows right down when he is in possession and he gives the ball away far too often for me. We’ve got better options than him now. I’d have Rogic, Christie or even Armstrong in the team before him.

  7. inchture bhoy aka neil lennon on

    Kris Commons is one of the reasons Ronny failed.



    Trying to build a high pressing team around a player with his physical attributes is destined to failure.



    We either abandon the system or pick players that are suited to it.



    With midfielders who can move the ball forward more quickly the need for a type of player like Kris is greatly reduced if not completely done away with.



    Get the players in who can do this and we can move forward.

  8. Paul I cannot see this obsession with Commons. Has made a great contribution over his time but he is nowhere near as talented or significant as you continue to suggest

  9. Commons has a bit of quality that I’m not sure anyone else in our squad has. A sobering thought.



    For all I wish him a speedy recovery and at some time to contribute again we need to build our qualifying campaign, our season and our future around others.

  10. BEATBHOY on 18TH JULY 2016 12:26 PM




    BARNEY67 on 18TH JULY 2016 10:41 AM






    “I know of no other company that has gone into liquidation that has been allowed to continue using the same name and trademarks, ie crest, strip.








    Although it is not the main aim of res 12, I hope a consequence of it is that they are forced to rebrand their sham of a club.”












    That’s because under the 1986 Insolvency Act, Prohibited Names, the name by which a liquidated company was known at any time in the previous 12 months, be it its registered name at Companies House or it’s trading name, or any name so similar to these as to suggest an association with the liquidated company, cannot be used.






    Why none of the 276 creditors has objected to the use of ‘Rangers’ ‘the’ or not, is beyond me, especially one big enough to be immune to any intimidation, like HMRC.






    Yet another rule that is different for Sevco, thus rendering the upcoming Scoddish Football season a farce, worse than WWE, as it at least admits to being an entertainment, not a sport.






    4 years old, 54 league titles, wow!






    Even Vince McMahon would’ve baulked at that story line.






    Our club seemingly not.

  11. Limp to the bench you say PAUL?



    He’d probably need the aid of a zimmer to get there.



    Imo players like Kris Commons are not the future, and as for Shane Duffy…



    Think we can do better than that. There must be some VVDs, Victor Wanyamas and Jason Denayers in the Dutch and Belgian leagues shirley?




  12. Inchture Bhoy –



    Spot on. Commons was a bad influence in the dressing room last season and was the ringleader of an anti-Ronny clique. I know for a fact he tried to enlist the support of one young Celtic player who told him to take a hike.



    I suspect Brendan knows the score.

  13. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Brendan Rigers was announced in here before the NSM had a look


    Pauk67 has his sources – sometimes he needs to pay back


    Limp to the bench is hyping up the value of a player who could be attracting interest


    It’s building up the selling of the player






    Would normally agree with not rushing players into big games but Gunter has just come off a great Euros campaign, playing in all six Wales games, so would be totally up to speed and could easily step in immediately if signed

  15. Twists n Turns


    No big deal, just that forecasts ate taken on golf, though sometimes just the majors,Stenson /Mickelson as a dual forecast paid 450/1 with my lot

  16. TWISTS N TURNS on 18TH JULY 2016 12:37 PM


    “Limp to the bench” Paul?



    That’s as good a testament to the deplorable signing strategy employed by Celtic over a number of years.






    That’s it in a nutshell ,

  17. 67 ECW –



    Yes I can see it now. A football manager somewhere is reading CQN and notices Paul67 talking-up Kris Commons.



    Said manager gets on to his chairman, “Get the chequebook out. We must buy this man Commons.”



    I mean, what else could a manager do?

  18. I never expected a marquee signing but I do fully expect a larger spend than recent seasons and also more leaving than coming. We need investment but are bloated. That will take time to sort.



    Duffy works for me, would like to see a Toure like figure also. Sinclair, yeah, if BR thinks he is better than what we have and we do need a defensive mid. More importantly we need to sign characters and winners. The team are spineless and we need experience.



    Sevco are far far stronger than any Aberdeen team we have faced. Let’s not forget that.



    Also, it was Spartak not CSKA that Aiden went to.




  19. weebobbycollins on

    I think if Commons goes it will possibly be to Hibs. He and his wife seem to like living in Scotland and he knows Neil Lennon well enough. I would wish him well wherever he goes, he certainly did the biz for us…

  20. KC has been a good servant, if he can’t get fit expect him to move to give either on a free or loan.

  21. Is Paul still on holiday? An unfit Commons is a necessity?


    Linking play? My own observations were that play broke down when it reached Kris.


    A fine striker of a ball and a scorer of goals against packed defences were his main attributes from my perspective but I would think it a backward step if he were still strongly in our plans. Occasional appearances from the bench would be his role for me and even those would be on rare occasions.





    PS From what I saw of him, Jozo looked promising and if he was playing for six weeks with an injured knee, he has strength of character.

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Short memories



    Kris Commons contributed a damn sight more to Celtic over the years than Ronny did in his two years of purgatory.


    Including giving up his Scotland spot.

  23. GIGGSY



    BR doesn’t play a DM like a Victor Wanyama. He has deep lying playmakers who pass the ball to death and keep possession, but unlike our trio of experienced midfielders they do it whilst moving the ball forward, not side to side or back. At Swansea he had Joe Allen and Leon Brittan, at Liverpool it was Gerrard who sat deep, sometimes Lucas Leiva. If we are looking for an experienced player to play in the deep midfield role, someone who doesn’t squander possession then Brittan would be worth a punt.

  24. One final comment for the moment.


    Would those posters who feel it imperative that we make signings now, identify the player (s), the transfer fee, the wages and the availability? It wold at least show a well thought out argument .


    Cheerio for now,



  25. Dearie me Paul not your finest hour your have of course the right of reply. Hope you take advantage. hail Hail Hebcelt

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