Ebe Ambrose gets deadline day drama underway


Celtic’s first piece of incoming transfer business this evening was for Nigeria international central defender, Efe Ambrose, 23, who joins from Israeli club Ashod.  I’ve absolutely no recon on Efe but I can tell you he has been our primary defensive target for some time now.  There has been considerable research put into his capture, so there should be few surprises to Neil Lennon and his coaching staff.

Our last venture into Israel, to sign Beram Kayal, was an unqualified success.  If Efe adjusts to life at Celtic as well we will have added an excellent defender to the squad.

Welcome to Celtic, Efe.  Don’t think we’re finished yet.

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  1. KevJungle



    “Why is it that we can bring in £15mill CL – £6mill KI – £15mill SB’s



    and yet – we’ve nae dough ?



    Why ?”



    Apparently these so-called professional footballers expect to be paid for their work.



    On top of which there’s a queue of ne-er do well councils and utility companies and other fly-by-night hustlers expecting Celtic to fork out its hard earned cash on fripperies such as sewage, security, electricity and the likes.



    Rip-off Britain so it is.

  2. KevJungle



    “Why is it that we can bring in £15mill CL – £6mill KI – £15mill SB’s



    and yet – we’ve nae dough ?



    Why ?”





    I just got a wee divi from my preference shares today ( in the form of another 48 shares)


    I suspect some ‘ bigger shareholdes’ may hav got a much bigger divi and in the form of cash :-)

  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    This is one of these games I hope gets,abandoned due to the behaviour of the players or fans




  4. LENNYisAwarMACHINE on

    Welcome to Celtic big yin!


    Maybe this ensures Vic will stay in the midfield where he belongs!!!

  5. Wee Gregor likes the Big man



    Gregor Kyle ‏@gkOnTheHuddle


    Great speaking to Efe Ambrose tonight, lovely big guy, v humble and enthusiastic about the move. Will get a ‘proper’ CTV interview tomorrow

  6. Paul67,



    Good news about Efe and we have had him targeted.



    Victor has been unbelievable for Celtic and it is my uneducated opinion that we may well have the same type of quality that has been very well scouted.



    Barcabhoy is totally right, we have to give these uber ambitious players the access to the BPL, some may even stay because of pure love of the Club. It’s a Win Win.



    The Hun has probably helped us, even if it may not be apparent at the moment.

  7. What is the Stars on

    Lads I have been given Source of Light 9.20 Wolves as a good bet tonight. 12/1 at present

  8. Magnificentseven on





    19:42 on 31 August, 2012




    Magnificentseven, sorted.




    well……………………nearly sorted :-)

  9. Patrick27, I’m saying nothing until it’s done. Specifically no comment on Georgi Kinkladze. (Young guys like you will no nothing of this torment).



    Hamiltontim, he’s wanted but not sure United agree.



    ASonOfDan, no chance.

  10. Howdy Bhoys, slow night for the ole f5. Wishing Neil Good luck with his silver tongue completing deals tonight. a striker or two. Russell would do but not for 2m. utd WILL take 1.5 in hand rather than have unhappy player and no cash.