Feels like time for an inquest


It’s been so long since we lost a goal it feels like there should be an inquest today.  A couple of mistakes in a wide position, followed by two deflections, which confused Craig Gordon, and that’s all it took.  I’m OK with this.  We’ll make mistakes and lose goals, this is one of the better ways of doing so.

Of slightly more concern was how St Johnstone match us for possession and chances created or long period during the game, belying their bottom half of the table position, some 7 points shy of Hamilton.  Ronny will be keen to turnaround this specific ill for next week’s game against Accies, but the plan for Thursday will be altogether different.

Had a great time on Friday at the Irvine CSC, a very impressive club in the Ayrshire town.  Get along and support it if you are in the area, they are doing a lot of good work.  There’s no better way to prepare for a game against Inter Milan than to listen to Stevie Chalmers and Bobby Lennox telling you how it’s done, as they did at Irvine.

Thanks in particular to the man who put a bunch of tenners in my hand for Mary’s Meals.  What a club!

Big week ahead……

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  1. Paul



    Haven’t seen any stats from yesterday but my eyes told me we were far too careless with possession.


    Initially looked like a bad pitch and new team mates causing break down in intricate moves. But it got worse as the game went on. Became simply straw passing.



    HH jamesgang

  2. Would love to see a big campaign for all spl fans espcially our own to cancel their sky package and give the same reasons.



    Even if 10k rang up and cancelled in the one weekend it would make the sky HQ sit up and take notice.



    Then next target would be daily record.



    Support your own

  3. Paul 67,


    I think we have a chance on Thursday.


    My concern is our fullbacks.


    Anytime we have looked like losing a goal recently the danger has come from wide areas.


    Fortunately at SPFL level we get away with it, mainly due to the incompetence of opposition forwards.


    We won’t get away with that on Thursday, let’s hope manager has learned from previous games where we were ahead and blew it

  4. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Leftclicktic, thanks for that link.



    My dad has problems with his cateracts and is unable to read. I would have loved to have got him the book, he would have loved it.



    From my early days going to games in the late sixties, I would be going mad about how great players Jimmy, both Bobby’s and Wullie Wallace were but even though my dad held all of the Lions in high esteem, he always said, Malky MacDonald was still the best with Wullie Fernie just behind him.

  5. The 2 new signings were out on their feet yesterday. I’m ok with that. Big week for them but loved their comments about the intensity of our training and the fitness of our squad.



    Lustig a big miss.



    Buzzing for Thursday. Big test. We might just be ready for it.

  6. Don’t have much hope for Inter. We need to defend our own box by holding a line close to the goalkeeper and making sure that out full backs are very well protected. I still think we are very naive and will get picked off, especially if we open up and have a go.

  7. Jamesgang, agree, it was a bad pitch, but, if I may name drop for a moment…….



    At Irvine on Friday Bobby Lennox wouldn’t hear bad pitches as an excuse. “You ought to have seen the pitches we were able to play on”.



    The Lions gave no excuses. This seemed to work well for them.



    Clashcitybhoy, yes, agree.

  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Since it took me half a day to type,I’m reposting from the tail end of the last thread.




    Reading back on the Middlesboroug guy’s recollection of Bobby Murdoch, it smacks of a guy who came in at the end of the movie and hadn’t grasped what it was about.



    Dunphy’s appraisal of Bobby’s skills were so off the mark that he could have been talking about Peter Grant, no offence intended.



    The fact that Dunphy was old enough to have known about .murdoch, should gave qualified his opinion.



    BSR, Bobby did start as an inside right, but that position involved a lot of facing your own goal, to collect the ball.


    Moving back, give him the canvas of the game being in front of him, where he could spread the play, left or right, like the artist he was.



    My own father would have been watching Celtic since around 1925. Therefore he saw a lot of great players.



    As someone else mentioned earlier, Malky Mac.Donald was his favourite player.


    Post War, Celtic were in the doldrums, apart from a purple patch around 1951, 1953-54.


    At full time in the 1965 Cup Final, I turned to my father, who had tears in his eyes.


    He explained that he never thought he would see Celtic win the Cup again.



    He did. He also saw Lisbon and Nine in a Row.


    I feel blessed that was around and a Celtic supporter since my first game in 1950, through the good, bad and fantastic years.


    Nothing can ever top my Celtic experience.


    Around about this time, for about the last ten years, I bore the Blog with the story of how Big Jock became our manager on my twenty first Birthday.



    I have seen many great Celtic players, but, for me, the greatest of them all is Bobby Murdoch.

  9. Paul



    You may.


    You also need to know that Bobby Lennox is boring family to distraction as he keeps going on about meeting Celtic’s No1 Internet Bampot the other night!






    HH jamesgang

  10. gcctim



    Lustig is a huge miss for me.


    Real class.



    I’m presently busily knitting him stronger limbs as we speak.






    HH jamesgang

  11. What is the Stars on

    St Johnstone scoring and matching us for possesion



    Surely time for Ronny to Go



    He has had his chance

  12. Wonder how big Mike ash, will take his right hand man and trusted advisor getting hassled(allegedly) off some gents in the towm?

  13. Proudbhoy



    I for one will not be giving up my Sky Sports . I watch all sorts of diverse sport and their coverage of skiing and golf, not to mention rugby is second to none so sorry I for one will be keeping Sky unless of course some other company come up with something better. Incidentally, I seldom watch much of the EPL …….I find it rather `boring’.

  14. Brown wide right on thursday to help adam ?



    GMS on left..armstromg biton in middle with stefan just in front of them.



    Could be option. Brown has been immense recently and his fitness has never been better.

  15. an tearmann



    14:12 on 15 February, 2015






    Did you hear the high grade sleekitness of Spiers on RS yesterday.dave king is not fit and proper but the sfa will pass him!.



    Why have a fit and proper law?


    Whats its point?



    Typical cheat innuendo implying rules are of no use,as fans of the cheat dont give a damn about his criminal convictions as they are only interested in how much money the glib and shameless liar invests in the new club.(my emphasis ;-)



    Shocking radio.



    and they also touched on the Epl tv deal whilst offering no logic as to why our state broadcaster pays more to its bullshitting analysts than it does to all of scottish football!!


    No comparison of the amount of monies paid out to scots and english league, something I thought would happen.



    They also hint at the lack of sponsorship as the cheat is not here.!! Self explanatory imo



    A rigged game for a rigged broadcaster.


    Soz for rant BB


    Better oot than in lol.;-)



  16. jeromek67



    14:20 on 15 February, 2015





    Your choice, only way i would cancel mine if it was mass cancellation as its the only way there might be something done.



    Its a difficult situation but if the stats are true its joke what the spl get paid from sky considering the many scottish that have sky.



    There is other alternative to sky..online etc but im no good with that.



    Hopefully lawell can finally change the sfa and they start to promote our game better and look into new ideas.

  17. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    The German docu was a great watch.I think we won it out the park.



    Couple of points



    Didn’t realise clif Hanley was one of us(or at least sympathised with our point of view)



    Health and safety didn’t exist back then no fences between the bulldozers and the weans



    Nostalgia fur glesca buses green white and gold buurrriliant

  18. Why oh why are sky and Bt subscribers paying circa £100million each to teams like Villa and Leicester??! The English product is completely flawed. Unfortunately there are too many mugs….

  19. Shameless repost as it came after the new article posted alert….




    Just back in from a morning spent in Roy C, HT, Vp and big Gordys company.


    Great day out yesterday. Could do loads of things I remember about yesterday a la Boylo but not enough room on blog.


    What I will say is Boylo is too young to be posting on this site (parental consent issues) and Bobby da looks better than he does lol.


    Seriously as said yesterday we are truly part of an amazing family. Thanks to all.for making the effort.


    When I next see the bhoys posting I will now truly know that it really does come from their Celtic heart which is at the core of their being.


    Safe home ghuys. UTLR




    Penance time off to Bro Walfrids county.



    Ps Dublin Alan get posting.


    Also how did you catch the 9.30pm bus to Baile Atha Cliath when you were still drinking in the Rock at 9.10?

  20. sixtaeseven - the loanees have taken over the asylum on

    St Johnstone scoring and matching us for possession.



    We are still involved in 4 competitions and have come though a tough run of matches without losing a goal.



    I think more than anything, when we went 2 up yesterday, unconsciously or otherwise we took the foot off the pedal because we thought the game was done n dusted or we started looking toward the Inter game.



    We have a big squad for sure, but some of the ever presents (as well as the new comers) might have been running on fumes towards the end of the game on a heavy hampden-esque pitch.





    3 points in the bag and we move on to Thursday and the European stage, wher ewe have a good chance of getting a decent win.



    What’s not to like ?



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