Five in open battle for central defensive places


After the dust settled on Sunday’s game I considered the four central defenders we fielded.  Acknowledging his poor performance, Brendan Rodgers reminded us Dedryck Boyata was just back from injury and will improve.  Jozo Simunovic coasted through the game but got drawn into the spate of off the ball acts which was a feature of the game.

Kris Ajar (19) continued his excellent recent form, while Jack Hendry (22) didn’t miss a beat when introduced after Jozo’s red card.  There will be tougher challenges ahead, but these two are more than comfortable at this level and have a genuine claim to a starting place at Hampden.

The Morton game a week earlier gave Marvin Compper an opportunity to show how match-fit he is – not sufficiently, was the outcome.  Marvin is at the club to bring experience and stability to the defensive line.  Our four games before the split are all against lower half of the league opposition.  The German international must be given plenty of game time in the coming month.

What our central defence will look like for the qualifiers remains an open book.  All five players discussed above are under consideration.  I expect comings and goings throughout the window in this area too.  Brendan will expect Marvin to play a significant part, but it will be a battle for all of them; which is a good thing.

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  1. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    sorry – I can’t stay off RM – a beauty that has me laughing



    ‘Might well be a different story when we get Dorrans and McCrorie back for the cup semi.



    Hope to %^&* it is, anyway.’

  2. No Kev



    It sounds like someone who went to the fitba with his da. It sounds a lot like that.



    HH jamesgang




    I wish I was still going to the games with my old mhan!



    Think about him every day!



    Hope you and your lovely lady are well!

  4. Yeah poor that the Killie Aberdeen game isn’t on TV. I was looking at the TV listings earlier. Sky obviously aren’t interested with it being a CL night but BBC should have it on. Even on Alba at least.

  5. DAVID17



    You could watch a wee rerun of our Sunday game!



    To compensate, you understand.

  6. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    With European matches again this week, brings to mind again the comments about the way referees pace out the ‘wall’. Whereas we use “10 yards”, most of the world uses the equivalent “9.15 metres”. ( The difference between a yard (36”) and a metre (39.37”) is a little over 3 inches )



    Our referees use 10 x 1 yard paces (!) whereas the others use either 1 large (1.15 m) pace and 8 smaller “1 m” paces or use 9 x 1 m paces and a small step. To the uninitiated eye it looks like just 9 “yards”.



    An innovative rule change might be changing the distance to 10 metres or equivalent 11 yards

  7. KevJungle’s daddy issues explain a lot.



    Meanwhile over on Twitter, Brian McClair is going full Internet Bampot. KevJungle best look away now…he’s having a dig at your most favouritest Sweetie Wife, Gerry McNee.



    Best say a wee prayer to your shrine to Mark McGhee…




    I was just wondering if you were going to agree with KEVJ at 7:01 pm and delete his account?

  9. now for some nostalgia, when it came round to st patricks day everyone knew 17th march, in our school we got a wee green ribbon, but the patron saint of scotland i knew it was st andrew, but have not got a clue about the date, really embarrassed bhoys, but the only verse i can remember is hail glory st patrick hail queen of our isle help me out.hh.

  10. Neustadt-Braw on

    evening all…


    is anyone else having trouble getting onto Phil,s blog?



    I am getting cloudflare 403 forbidden….



    whatever the feck that is…



    smiley greeting bear hack thing




  11. HENR1K



    I vaguely remember those tweets, but…



    Is that pre or post King nefariously gaining access to the account?

  12. Mcginn is a decent player and not much else, i dont think he would improve out starting 11 so the point is, what’s the point…



    Jones is pacey for sure, but again he would not get into our first team and we already have a number of wide players with pace.



    This summer all effort should be made to get a first choice right back, centre back and striker (if dembele goes) and to get rogic and ajar on long term deals.



    Do t see why we cant fund those deals with money/ wages freed up by the sale of boyata, jozo, ES, gamboa, bitton, allen, amstrong, roberts (shame), cifchi and dembele (if he wants to go).



    Added bonus is we get ro blood more od our academy bhoys like mick johnson and atchison




  13. Willie Miller


    Former Scotland defender on BBC Sportsound


    ‘The ball is squealing. It has been battered back to front and we need a game of football to break out here’

  14. With respect, I firmly believe Brendan, after less than 2 years in the job, knows exactly what is required in signing new players, to take Celtic to the next level.



    C’MON THE BRENDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. DENA29



    Your totally correct about a players allegiance having no relevance to it being a downside , we’ve had our share of non Celtic supporting players excelling for us .

  16. DAVID17 on 13TH MARCH 2018 6:12 PM



    Whatever Celtic fans think of Doncaster, him and PL get along as far as I’m aware



    *didn’t he request that PL join him when discussing the renewing of the TV deal after deidco died.

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Evening all.



    I’m not convinced there is enough concrete evidence to inform any views about what Doncaster’s appointment means.



    I’d also be concerned about Ian Maxwell as SFA CEO based, solely, on his previous experience.



    I’ll also move to dispel any myths before they begin.



    Ian is not a Celtic fan.



    Hail hail.

  18. BIG PACKY on 13TH MARCH 2018 8:16 PM



    now for some nostalgia, when it came round to st patricks day everyone knew 17th march, in our school we got a wee green ribbon, but the patron saint of scotland i knew it was st andrew, but have not got a clue about the date, really embarrassed bhoys, but the only verse i can remember is hail glory st patrick hail queen of our isle help me out.hh.



    *you’re a riot BP lol, its “dear saint of our isle”, mibbees going tae St Pats is why I remember it. As for the feast day of Scotland’s patron saint, they would rather celebrate an ayrshire, drunken, goatshaggin whoremaister.

  19. When me and ma dad went to football he always used to shout “whit’s the goalie daein’, Tom?” which is odd because that’s not my name.

  20. fairhill bhoy on

    MARSPAPA-because kevj still waiting on an invite from murdo or McGee before he goes again:-))

  21. Thinking back…JM has been lucky with R Madrid. Manager doesn’t have sole decision in buying the players there.



    Most other clubs he’s been to it’s stop other teams playing.



    In EPL there’s too many foreign pedigrees that can out think him



    IMO only

  22. marspapa on 13th March 2018 8:24 pm



    True ….. …….. and they were all very welcome






  23. fairhill bhoy on

    HEADTHEBALL-or HEEDTHEBAW:-)) that was funny mate.my dad doesn’t even celebrate a goal with me,he’s found the son he really wanted in front of us for that :-)))

  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    If I was a constituent of the Tory linesman, two things would cross my mind (1) how much time does this guy spend covering the country and does it impact his performance with constituency issues (2) it’s a reasonable fee, has he declared it and moreover has he done the honourable thing and donated it to charity .




    KEV J plays a blinder on here , like the garden gnome , a big smile and a fishing rod ……oh here comes another yin :))



    Anyhoo , hope all is well with your goodself .

  26. DAVIDOPOULOS on 13TH MARCH 2018 8:19 PM



    August/September when those tweets were put out on twitter.

  27. TONTINE TIM on 13TH MARCH 2018 8:32 PM



    Yes I’m sure he did. I see Stewart Gilmour has taken the news well.