Football, racism and prevarication


All it takes to make you feel less like you live in a leper colony is to watch European football and realise that problems of racism are not confined to Scotland or England.  I don’t know if many care in Hungary how their fans looked against England, going by the standard M.O. here, you suspect some will blame the media for highlighting that hoary old lie, the “tiny minority”.

The media and politicians certainly have a role in publicising racism, or covering it up, as has often been the case around these parts.  Memories of the 2011 League Cup Final stand out in particular, a moment when political affirmation of racist conduct pivoted behaviour in the stands that remains to this day.

This problem has touched every club but seldom been an issue for Celtic, you would literally need to go back decades.  When an incident happened in the 80s, fans took responsibility, which drew a clear line of what was acceptable, observed ever since.  Prevarication does not work as well.

Football is set to return to our stands and TVs this weekend.  We will see the results of prevarication.

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  1. Frankterry



    Wrong on all counts with your limited assumptions.


    You crack on & knock yourself out with your punch & judy politics.

  2. GALLAGHER on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:34 PM



    Did you even read my post? If anything I was giving you the benefit of the doubt… although from your reply I was probably wrong to do so.



    Big Jimmy,



    Rick Wakeman tells the story of being skint at the time , Marc Bolan asked him to play piano on Get It On as a session musician. ( which had a set fee per day , no matter how much (or little) the musician was asked to play.



    When Rick checked the score for GIO, he saw that all that was required was to run his thumb nail along the keys ( if you care to listen it comes in 7 seconds in to the song, and a few other times)



    He asked Marc why he didn’t just do it himself instead of getting Rick in for a 5 minute job that was going to cost a lot.



    Marc Bolan told him if he knew Rick was short of funds and he knew he would not accept ‘charity’ from anyone….. this way he was “earning it”.



    Nice guy.



    Great song.



    The Onlooker






    I heard Rick Wakeman tell that same story but it was David Bowie and Space Oddity.

  4. JHB on 9th September 2021 12:42 pm



    Except of course in your case for Scots, whom you hate.




    Ole’ Rick not needing charity these days with his various mansions etc.



    I enjoyed him on the BBC show Grumpy Old Men. I suppose he’d fit in well on here.



    He was on there once talking about having had a big Millenium party with fireworks, which had cost several thousand pounds, all rigged up to go off at midnight.



    He had his mansionfull of guests out in back garden for the spectacle but one announced they wanted to watch Big Ben chiming and the London fireworks on TV.



    He was not a happy chappy.

  6. Just my take on this Paul, but you deduct that “problems of racism are not confined to Scotland and England.” Is Scotland a European leader in racism? As I have said on here before, Scotland has its fair share of racists, but these are heavily outnumbered by “classists”, aspiring tongue-twisted middle class wannabees who despise the working people. These lackies and “experts” do not represent the scottish population. The same caste which, be it via some club’s mouthpiece, pundits or journalists , orchestrated a racist and violent treatment of Slavia Prague which the great Czech side had to endure when they played in Glasgow only back in March. Or are the Czechs and the Hungarians racist people now? Why are we backing England? Is Gary Lineker not big enough to defend his fine fellows?



    You have a great blog Paul, you don’t have to follow the mainstream media…keep giving it to us from the horse’s mouth

  7. RIMTIMTIM on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 4:27 PM



    I can condemn Hungarians for being racist because they behave like racists.



    Are you suggesting their racism is not to be condemned because it was directed at English footballers?

  8. RIMTIMTIM on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 4:27 PM



    Or are the Czechs and the Hungarians racist people now? Why are we backing England?




  9. I saw SLADE live in the Isle of Man when on my first holiday at 18, without “maw n da” in 1973, didn’t mean to go there, our intention was to go to the Summerland Leisure Centre that night but thought it would be a good laugh, they were excellent and the place was rocking. We probably saved our own lives that night as the Summerland went on fire and 50 people lost their lives with another 80 seriously injured, thanks, Noddy Holder and co.! por cierto

  10. Ole Rick W defo played on Life on Mars



    Met him at Greenock Arts Guild when he did a ‘small venues’ tour back in the early 90’s – he was very pleasant- put on a great show for about 400 ageing Prog Rockers😀

  11. Rick wankman is a card carr6ing Tory, pwm of the chelski ludge and a member of the knights templars. Fck him.

  12. IMO The only good thing about prog rock is that it caused the need for punk which helped give us post-punk , indie, new wave etc.



    Best music period was 79 to 89 in terms of variety, musical freedom, clothes and epic tunage.



    But as i was born in 1969 – would say that, wouldn’t I 😎

  13. Celtic Mac on 9th September 2021 6:09 pm



    Passport to Paradise required……




    As from October 1st






    An absolute disgrace – are the Government going to refund my Season Ticket?

  14. First gig at the old Apollo was about 1974/5 I think. The Sweet supported by Salvation. First I had heard of Salvation but they were amazing.

  15. The boy Scales sounds a confident character. Hopefully he’s good and also looks to have the physicality we’re a bit short of.

  16. Still got Wisemans Myths and legends of king Arthur and the knights of the round table album. got to be in the running for longest album title

  17. When did Green’s become the Apolli? I’m guessing 1974/75? I’ll need to look out my old concert tickets. First concert was Deep Purple in 1972.

  18. If you admire a singer, musician, artist, writer, actor or whatever, unless he/she is a neo nazi, why should his or her politics matter a damn?



    It must be a terribly lonely and miserable existence to dismiss a musician with a “f*ck him” just because he doesn’t live his life to your own ulta-high standards or support gour football team or vote as you dictate.

  19. St Stivs – the night that horrible tory (copyright Tontine Tim😀) played in Greenock- I asked him which hotel he was in – funnily enough it wasn’t The Tontine, it was that chateau of bourgeois excess known as The Clune Brae Hotel – I didn’t have the heart to comment and just got him to sign the inner sleeve of my Journey album.



    Prog lives👍

  20. My wife and I received our vaccination certificates in the mail today. We also have the barcodes downloaded to our cloud accounts.



    I now await the information as to how it will work at football turnstiles.



    This should be good.

  21. Prog Rock died because it was becoming increasingly boring and repetitive. The same thing happened to Jazz when Rock’n’Roll was young.



    But it was replaced by the very uniform genre of punk where almost every song sounded the same. There were very few punk bands that had an underlying sense of music – Undertones, Buzzcocks and Ramones, maybe.



    The Clash and Ian Drurywere never punk bands and the Pistols were as much a McLaren boy band as Westlife were for Louis Walsh. Some of the biggest bands to have started off in punk only became big when they ditched the boring repetition of punk and escaped its restrictions by becoming Anthemic Prog Rock (U2 and Simple Minds). Punk’s saving grace was that they rarely let the drummers sing 🤒

  22. Celtic Mac on 9th September 2021 6:31 pm






    Paradise Lost?









    Lets just see how this affects COP26. o_0




    that would be like a scene from escape from new york.

  24. My own view is that Celtic will have to update their systems and request every ST holder to login to their account and either upload the bar code, or enter the barcode number which will then be linked to the ST account.



    Also, I assume the Celtic system will need to verify the bar code by accessing the NHS systems to cross check the name against the ST.



    All of which will require new season cards – containing the vaccine details – to be issued to every ST holder who logs in and updates their details.



    There is no way all of this can be set-up and tested before 1st October.



    Alernatively, if the government is expecting stewards to visually check each supporter’s digital bar code or printed certificate at the turnstiles, I foresee havoc at an unprecedented level.



    A nightmare.

  25. Vaccine passports probably only workable with random tests,can’t see software being available in a couple of years,let alone a couple of weeks.

  26. SAINT STIVS on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2021 6:49 PM


    starter for 10, what is the Celtic Connection to Greens playhouse ?




    Haven’t a clue but would be interested to find out.


    I think my first memory of Green’s, was when it was a picture house (cinema😉) with my big cousin to see the Guns of Naverone. I was amazed, as it had a restaurant inside.