Football rights, an oligopoly working with a closed shop


What’s the value of the Scottish Professional League sponsorship package?  It’s whatever the highest bidder is prepared to pay for it.  £4m from Ladbrokes over two years is, therefore, a true value.  It’s down on the previous SPL deal, which was £2m from Clydesdale Bank, as it includes rights to the lower leagues, but this reflects variations in market and product conditions since that deal was signed.

The SPFL chose to go without a sponsor rather than significantly reduce their asking price, believing that it would be difficult to up-bid from a lower position than wait on the market returning to a position closer to the expected value.  As we don’t know what offers they received two years ago, and we’ll never know what subsequent value would have been received, there’s no point even trying to judge that decision.  The most we can say is that despite worries in some places of Armageddon, clearly member clubs believed they had enough in the tank to ride out some years without sponsorship money.

Everything is for sale (Ibrox naming rights for £1, anyone?), but you only take low value deals when you’re in a low value starting position – and there’s no point making moral ‘right or wrong’ judgements about people who make decisions from a poor starting position.

Unlike Scottish football’s broadcast deals, the values of which are determined by an oligopoly, league, shirt and stadium sponsorship is open to a very wide number of potential partners.

The real focus of our angst, should be against the behemoth who own the majority of football TV rights, pays a huge premium for the rights which are critical to its business, while exploiting the large barriers to entry to pay a pittance for Scottish football.

As TV consumers we pay some of the highest subscriber rates in the world as we are part of a very valuable TV market.  Our football clubs operate within the boundaries of this TV market but are excluded from competing in the lucrative section of that market by a closed shop.

An oligopoly working with a closed shop to the detriment of some competitors within the EU.  I cannot believe this is legal.

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    Don’t worry too much about EU competition rules.



    Referendum on that soon…

  2. I renewed my brothers ticket on Monday, and I get this today, lol.



    Dear Thomas



    Ronny Deila and his side will be chasing 5-in-a-row and a place at European’s top table in the UEFA Champions League next season and the boss wants you to come back to Paradise to roar his side to glory.



    We’d like to invite you to an exclusive event for former Season Ticket holders at the Ticket Office on Wednesday, May 20 where you’ll have the the chance to meet two players who would love to have your support in the season ahead. Kris Commons and Gary Mackay-Steven will be there to greet you and to have photos taken once you’ve purchased your ticket.



    Your 2015/16 Season Ticket will give you more to shout about on and off the pitch, with more benefits than ever before:



    First home European match included


    Guaranteed right to buy a ticket to European matches in Paradise


    Upgrade to Premium Hospitality for one match at £40, saving £40


    Complimentary tickets for two friends to selected SPFL matches, worth £52


    The chance to win unique experiences and giveaways such as:



    Attend a Q&A with the manager


    Meet the Club Captain


    Play on the pitch


    Watch training at Lennoxtown


    Travel with the team in Europe


    Exclusive player kit


    And much more!


    You’ll also benefit from exclusive discounts:



    20% off a Celtic Park stadium tour


    20% off in the Number 7 restaurant


    Both players will be in the Ticket Office from 5.30pm – 7.00pm, so if you’d like to come along and take this opportunity to buy your ticket for 2015/16 please click on the button below to confirm your attendance.






    More information about 2015/16 Season Ticket benefits, the types of Season Tickets available, and full terms and conditions can be found at soundofceltic.com



    If you can’t make it along on Wednesday night, but want to buy a 2015/16 Season Ticket now then either visit the Ticket Office from 9:30am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday or call the Enquiry Line on 0141 230 1967.






    Buy your 2015/16 Season Ticket and bring the noise!


    Buy your Season Ticket and Bring the Noise

  3. Gambling is a disease as bad as alcohol addiction yet we have the brands plastered all over the place.








    No news about GSL that I can see,but your exclusive about Ashley wanting his £5m back suggests Phil’s mole is holidaying near you!

  5. "mouldy67" supporting the fearless Oscar Knox on

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    Thanks Mouldy67

  6. As TV consumers we pay some of the highest subscriber rates in the world as we are part of a very valuable TV market. Our football clubs operate within the boundaries of this TV market but are excluded from competing in the lucrative section of market by a closed shop.






    There are 56 SNP MP’s now in the UK. Surely they will fight for a better deal for our football clubs and also our national side with coverage on terrestrial TV on a par with England in terms of money per head and also a better quality/time and length of show.


    Not looking for a political debate on SNP I just feel that they will be out to fight every angle for Scotland and if they can improve the TV deal, I’m not saying it should be a par with England for Sky or BBC but it should pro rata be not a million miles away. The BBC should be at least pro rata.


    I would not be gutted if there was no TV deal.




  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    £4m over two years, plus two years with nothing = £1m per year.


    Must’ve been REALLY poor offers not to have been worth taking up.


    Maybe someone told them the game was worthless without “Rangers” in the top league……

  8. LiviBhoy


    12:35 on


    14 May, 2015





    From the shower that introduced laws criminalising football supporting people (particularly targeting Celtic supporting football people)????…..Don’t hold your breath LB.

  9. oneofthe70percent on

    The idea that SNP can achieve anything is just ridiculous,their freinds and fellow Fascists have a working majority,and will just tell their little brother to bugger off back to their butt and bens, and eat some stinking scottish food like porridge or haggis,Scotland should be ashamed at voting for those scum

  10. thetimreaper on

    Apparently the zombies lawyers are confident they don’t need to pay back Big Mike. Deluded zombies lapping this up no doubt. Beyond gullible.

  11. Ditch the Sky deal. Set up CQN TV.


    Summer months could be filled by all your Celtic quick news favourites.



    Way Down South.


    Shenanigans featuring South of Tunis and the old mad Inter Codger.


    Definitely a sit com in that!

  12. FourGreenFields on




    12:43 on 14 May, 2015





    We need to make better use of the areas around Celtic Park ,licenced food outlets with covered areas would be a start . Allowing friends and families to meet up well before the game for a bite to eat and a few drinks if required like they do in Germany .


    The Celtic museum built as a centrepiece with a Fan Zone to attract supporters up to the ground early would also generate more money for the Club .


    There are numerous things that could be done to attract people back to Celtic Park and not just on match days , we need to maximise all income streams to benefit the Club and it’s supporters .


    I’m going to the Fans Forum on Monday night , hopefully we will get the chance to discuss some of these matters with the decision makers at Celtic .



  13. cmon hands up !!! How many had to get the dictionary oot to understand the article……oligopoly !!!!

  14. Geordie Munro on




    I got the mail too.



    Former season ticket holder??



    Do they know something I don’t? :)




  15. FourGreenFields


    12:45 on


    14 May, 2015




    Best of luck with that mate, well overdue.



    Back in the day of Celtic TV when you could fire questions in for a response from the ‘invited guest’ I fired one in with absolutely the agenda you have.



    At the time I travelled up from the Fylde coast on the Blackpool Shamrock bus. It was always a real pain for the folks with kids trying to find somewhere to share your day with them.


    I suggested that there needed to be a venue outside the stadium with suitable toilets, refreshments, Celtic minded entertainment with kids catered for.


    Derek White was the invited guest (it was pot luck) who thought it was a great idea. His input was to erect some walls with corregated roofing (lean too style) to put burger vans under with some portaloos nearby………………..Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!11

  16. Pod…….



    Ah well. Never mind. Lost out to a right good Tim……



    See what a wee bit of Stevie Nicks does for you bobbio!



    HH jamesgang

  17. roddybhoy



    12:47 on 14 May, 2015


    cmon hands up !!! How many had to get the dictionary oot to understand the article……oligopoly !!!!






    Not me. I know it’s just a huge pink octopus. With 3 eyes. And feathers.






    HH jamesgang

  18. Hrvatski Jim on



    11:14 on


    14 May, 2015


    I’m going to Trieste for a week in July, any of you been ? Looks nice but would like to hear it from anyone who’s been there








    We have been there a few times, usually for a day or two at a time.



    Trieste is a port town so not all of it is pretty. The docks are on the east side and the old town in the centre with the nicer areas and the best of the coastline on the west.



    The center has quite a lot to see but maybe not for a whole week.



    The Illy coffee brand is based there – you must go to their head coffee shop as it is an experience how they take so much care and pride to make a coffee.



    You can easily reach Venice for a day trip and go to some of the hilltop towns behind the town for a trip out.



    Sorry – need to go out now so may not see any response for a while.

  19. 21stmaynineteen…



    From the last thread.






    Lived there for six months in 1979(!) and loved it.



    I was a student at the time and met some ‘interesting’ people, including a mad Italian whose party-piece was rolling a spliff while driving at great speed and controlling the steering wheel with his knee.



    I think he is now a Government minister.



    Hope this helps!



    Everything South if Tunis said is correct.







  20. Auldheid



    Daily Telegraph – Article by R. Forsyth



    Mike owns approx 9% of the shares of RIFC. He has lent the company £5m. He was heavily criticised by King & Co, who organised a boycott of both games and merchandise from Sports Direct. He is not a “Real Rangers Man.”


    The cheeky chap then asks for his loan back.


    He has also requisitioned a General Meeting at which the board are to be asked testing questions on their action/inaction since the EGM in December. Basically, King and Co have made false promises to the Berrz and MA is calling them out. Forsyth simply says that he is putting pressure on the board.


    The article accuses MA of putting the squeeze on; not one mention or criticism of the current board for spending £800k per month more than it brings in. It also mentions 35k season ticket “renewals.” Did they not sell only 28k season tickets last year? So how can they have 35k renewals?


    I’ve never been a Telegraph reader but I understood it to be a “quality” paper. The article is misleading, poorly written and, in the last paragraph dealing with the Ashley story, is a barely disguised plea for der hun to dig into their wallets and ease the financial pressure on the current board.


    I don’t believe for a second that these “churnalists” are so poorly informed. Their determination to help the RRM take full control at Ibrox, no matter what rules are bent or broken in the process, is staggering.

  21. Margaret McGill on

    Maybe if the oligopoly had not been driven by Old Firm greed for over a hundred years Scotland wouldn’t be locked out of this closed shop TV behemoth.


    There are 4 choices


    Legal action – waste of time


    Celtic in the EPL – never happen


    Celtic as Scottish monoliths with the end of the error – maybe


    Old Firm back – now yer talkin

  22. oligopoly !?!?!?



    Ooooooooooooo (waggles fingers under chin)




  23. Shuggiebhoy67 on



    Previous posts re stoopid questions,


    Does your answer mean that Primordial Soup wis aff the menu then when Noah landed oan Mt.Ararat and we had a pro-type Frankenstien monster roaming the earth thereafter? right ennuff ah read aboot “Giants” roaming the earth,but ah thote they were jist big boned fermers an that!



  24. Margaret McGill on




    13:10 on 14 May, 2015



    Frankenstein was the one that carried the Koalas to Austealia – duh!

  25. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Reasons to be cheerful -the return of hoopslegend Holmbert Fridjohnsen.

  26. Anybody else having bother saying ‘Olipo.Oligallipoi,Oilploy,Oipoloi’…… ach I give up. :(

  27. foghorn leghorn on

    margaret mcgill



    13:09 on 14 May, 2015



    For every oligopoly there’s a gobble uppleby





    well every woman has their own technique for it, yours will work just as well!

  28. Margaret McGill on

    foghorn leghorn



    13:19 on 14 May, 2015



    Not following. You need to elaborate. Come on put your money where your mouth is.

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