Foreign refs and pointless volleys at the BBC


Calls for foreign referees are not new in the Scottish game, but refs have successfully resisted the idea.  It is in their economic interests to have only Scottish referees take charge of Scottish games, and, most of all, they want control of the country’s biggest games.  The argument has been that if a referee works his way through the system for years, he should not be denied the opportunity to take control of the biggest games in the land.

The SFA have been sympathetic to this argument for decades but are now confronted by the country’s major clubs telling them standards are not good enough to support the game at the level it is being played at in Scotland.  A window of unanimity opened when the rent-a-statements across the city were twice hit by extended bans in a week, making it difficult for them to avoid the follow on question, “If things are not good enough, why not ask for change?”

Behind this issue lies a longstanding desire for Scottish Premiership clubs to see the SFA focus more on administering youth and amateur football, and the international team, leaving the professional game to the SPFL, where appropriate performance standards across a range of issues can be set.

Those who want a fair and open game have nothing to fear from foreign referees.  Arguments against this proposal amount to little more than an expression of self-interest.  I suggest we move quickly before some realise that decades old affinities are at risk.

I see Newco are reinforcing their 8 point deficit bunker with volleys at the BBC.  It is comforting to preach to the choir but it is also pointless.  The BBC is a broadcasting mammoth.  It employs over 20,000 staff and churns out an enormous volume of material.  Its power bases are geographically, culturally, politically and ethnically diverse.  Try conspiring in an organisation with 20 people and you’ll see why.

It will get things wrong.  It will employ people whose views you do not like and its protocols will infuriate you – after all, they must search for hours trying to find some loon to ‘balance’ all the sense coming from a prevailing opinion (a personal gripe).  But in the history of broadcasting and media, no organisation has been subject to as vigorous and accessible oversight. It is not intellectually honest to suggest otherwise.

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  1. STARRY PLOUGH on 20TH FEBRUARY 2019 9:15 PM


    Steve Clarke being told in no uncertain terms tonight “just feckin’ neb it ya fenian B”






    Will he ? Surely he has to come out swinging. It’s been a total stitch up.

  2. This is why the 8 in a row & The Treble Treble must bee celebrated like never before.


    Let no Tim come on here downplaying our achievements. They are playing with a stacked deck but still can;t beat us. In a way the more blatant they are the better. I hope Clarke throws caution to the wind & calls it our for what it is. The more publicity it receives the better.

  3. I love reading this jaunty, unrepentant Young fenian Reb called Corkie!!!!



    Keep on keeping on young yin!!



    HH jg



    PS you’re spot on!

  4. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    They are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at them to help them beat killie- jesus they are not a good team. they were sick after madden followed the rules with broadfoot and demanded revenge.



    This league win will be so sweet. I’ve never seen it as bad as this in my lifetime.

  5. the long wait is over on

    Keeper red card is a truly terrible decision.



    Not refs maybe but assistants. Either way it should be describable as unbelievable but it isn’t because the years have shown us that literally any decision that favours them is possible no matter How shameless it is.

  6. Just as well tonight is a Cup game and that goal difference isn’t an issue. The fall out after the game is all that matters.

  7. CORKCELT on 20TH FEBRUARY 2019 9:19 PM


    This is why the 8 in a row & The Treble Treble must bee celebrated like never before.





    Let no Tim come on here downplaying our achievements. They are playing with a stacked deck but still can;t beat us. In a way the more blatant they are the better. I hope Clarke throws caution to the wind & calls it our for what it is. The more publicity it receives the better.



    To be re-posted every day on here

  8. the long wait is over on

    Bada /Corkcelt



    I agree. I want us to win the league this year more than any I can remember since stopping the 10.

  9. Well well well… “the huns in decisions going for them in important games” shocker. Who’d have thunk it?



    I’m enjoying being on CQN more frequently again. I’ve defeated the ads, scroll past the time wasting posts and can generally get to the content I look for. Jeez… it’s been a long time since the Tommy Burns (god bless your Celtic Soul) season when I first discovered CQN and started posting.



    The reason for this post, and I’ve said this to anyone who knows me, over and over….



    What is the ambition of the modern day footballer?



    Watching the cited game… Riyad Maherz on the bench… what an absolute waste of a talent. If that guys with us… ala the King of Kings… he’s a star, superstar. Playing every week, enjoying his football and whilst still make less than he currently does… he will still earn more in 1 year than most who watch him will earn in their lifetime…!!! I don’t get it. Maybe it’s my leftist leanings but other than buying super yachts etc… how many more millions do you need after the 1st? Jeez… if I had a tenth of that, none of my family would ever, ever have to worry about money again.



    So anyway… that guy, Mahrez… sits on the bench, no game time, no playing the game he loves, to put more money into a swelled bank account that, if sensible… could not be spent in 5 wasteful lifetimes….



    The flip side is… come to Celtic. Be adored. Earn fortunes. Win trophies. Play the game you grew up hoping to be. Live the non financially dream.



    Is that such a hard thing to sell? Especially when you can draw on comparisons of Islam Feruz, Liam Miller (rip) and the other side of the spectrum…. the Maestro, Henrietta and Broony/ Browny (delete as per accent!)?



    Just needed a rant.



    And finally, it looks like I’m no longer ‘the only one’ who believes we can get a result to restore faith, pride and general feel good Celticism to everyone tomorrow night…. .



    As – Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein said…. .. “in dreams, all things are possible”



    Mon the Hoops COYBIG ????☘️

  10. DAVID17



    I doubt he will, he doesn’t come across like that so far since he’s been up the road..



    Must win win game for the huns duly delivered under dubious circumstances after the saw the league disappear last weekend..



    Scottish Fitbaw is rank with their stink..

  11. Larsson7


    Good Post


    We may hold into timo weah for that very reason.


    An intelligent guy, with a wealth family, so I can’t imagine he needs the money. He will want success though.. So far it looks like he is enjoying himself at celtic, at the end of the season he may well have a cup and league medal to his name.

  12. Now……is the red card for the keeper a new direction…….watch out Scott Bain you could be next.

  13. Altletico Madrid 2 up against Italian huns Juventus.


    They had a good Morata goal disallowed by var after Bonnuci dived.


    But a few minutes later at a corner there was poetic justice as Bonnuci again dived to con ref and ball ricocheted off him on ground to Jimenez who scored.


    Godin hit the second after another scramble at a corner.


    Oblach is a great goalie but even he would struggle to replicate Juventus’s diving.

  14. Wits and Mickybhoy – cheers for the replies. Not a lot, including me, knew that wits.



    Just seen the score and the footage of those decisions at snake mountain… HUNbelievable, absolutely effin HUNbelievable… off the bed with thought of ‘the rainjurzs and the refs are coming’. Assisted by John Fleming and the FTsfa.



    We will still prevail. Something inside so strong ????☘️ Hail Hail

  15. From BSR`s 9:44 link:



    ” A judge has approved a motion for the former Rangers Football Club to be handed over to liquidators. ”



  16. Silver City 1888 on

    Resolution 12 is not about the past. It’s not about raking over the coals. It’s about what’s going on now. They can claim honest mistakes for what happens on the pitch but 2011-2012 is a series of paper trails that show rules are applied differently to the team playing out of Ibrox. I don’t know how anyone can deny conspiracy. The only question is how many are involved or influenced by it.

  17. southside on 20th February 2019 9:57 pm




    In his defense I doubt he was sober at the time.