Forrest, Christie and Turnbull


James Forrest’s injury in September happened three days before Jeremie Frimpong’s best performance of the season, in the home win against Hibs.  I remember using the MVP acronym for Jeremie at the time.  Team form until that point was patchy: wins with alarming defensive performances and an unmitigated disaster against Ferencvaros.  The team shape was clearly wrong and pushing Jeremie forward in James absence seemed logical.

It was the first of many changes I wanted to see, each followed by a realisation that we were groping around in the darkness, until Ismaila Soro and David Turnbull became the central points of a midfield diamond.  Having (hopefully) fixed the fundamental tactical problem, James return to full training offers Neil Lennon the flexibility he is denied on the right and enhances his option in the middle.

Ryan Christie is well short of his best form in a Celtic shirt but all of those best performances came when he played through the middle.  He can cover for James and offer options on the right while giving the manager a different option when he wants to swap out David Turnbull in the 10 position.

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  1. GENE on 8TH JANUARY 2021 7:41 PM







    It’s another opportunity to use the football squirrel to divert scrutiny’







    Surely not.



    I’m shocked. Shocked.

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Scottish cup on BBC Scotland Channel


    Not sure if you can get it wherever you are


    Queen Park v QoS

  3. Buddy Morrisey on

    Obviously Nicola Sturgeon has spoken to Steve Clarke and given his elite professional football team warning about repercussions for breaking guidelines – aye right!

  4. See someone comment earlier to offer a contract extension to Olivier Ntcham



    Is That the same Olivier Ntcham that’s given up on Celtic


    And has never been a first team regular in 4 seasons

  5. Norriem-if we get a new manager 🤷🏽‍♂️


    How many players would you keep.


    Not eddy or Christie

  6. Re Ntcham



    He knows he’ll never get a chance of a few games on the trot. Not one of Lennys chosen few…no wonder he doesn’t look interested

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Tyler annoys me greatly , ‘and it’s live ‘ 😡😡

  8. Lenny apparently likes curly wurlys and Mars bars straight from the freezers…but not milky ways…..they’re not one of his frozen chews









    Most technical player we have, but agree he looks uninterested at times.





    What does technical mean, please?

  10. 31003



    Aaaah, got it!






    Technical players that do mostly f all in a game are no use to me then.



    Or Celtic.



    Get rid.







    When I was at school (a long time ago) I made a widden thing in techie.



    Is that the same?



    Hope you’re as good as can be pal.

  12. Watching the Borrusia/Bayern game (was going to type Munchengladbach/Munich game but it would have taken me too long to type that out) and it’s good viewing. Bayern have a centre half who not only looks like Scott McKenna but, amazingly plays like him

  13. PHILBHOY-i preferred woodwork.More my level 😉


    We all good buddy.Hope you and the bosses are too 😉🍀💚

  14. In my school techy drawing class was always the class were you were guaranteed a full blown fight




    Loved it!



    Got an A in Engineering Drawing higher, loved it.



    Maths an Physics was my nadir.



    7% disney look tooo bad!



    Hope yer good mate!

  16. ADI-DASSLER………….



    There is a difference between seeing a pass or a shot and being able to deliver same.



    Ntcham fails too often for me.



    Thanks for your reply.

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