Forrest’s long road back


The last thing James Forrest needed on returning to the first team after a lengthy injury absence is a two-week international break.  James needs games to deliver the match fitness that is simply not possible by training.  It could take him until the end of the season before he is at anything like his best.

John Kennedy will be keen to get James fit for the business end of the Scottish Cup, so I expect he will make substitute appearances in most games over the coming weeks, and perhaps a start on 3 April and play part of the game against Arbroath or Falkirk in the Cup itself.  The Cup is only a landmark, though, like the rest of his teammates, the priority for James is to be in peak condition for the summer’s Champions League qualifiers.

In terms of Sunday, it’s not often I say this, but I think the players owe us one.

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  1. GENE,



    I Iust got rid of six Fruit trees a couple of years ago, 2 of chery, apple, and pears, all good fruit trees


    But no good to me, I have False Teeth so can’t bite them.



    Have to get to bed now past my usual time for getting to sleep

  2. Let the Huns get embroiled in a car fight with prague and sit back and enjoy it. Hopefully it distracts them for sunday.



    Oldtim – You take care fella.





    D :)

  3. Just watched Goldson interview on Sky(was on the ‘What should I watch’ section as a snippet)



    He was genuinely upset and gave a thoughtful and erudite opinion on racism



    I don’t believe there was anything underhand in all this



    Either the guy said it or the words were misinterpreted but I think the emotion is real



    Still sad they have not asked after the injured player

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    JK presser.



    Takin’ the talk.



    Alas, given where we are he sounds like Warburton, Pedro and Murty.



    Hopefully his team can walk the walk on Sunday.



    As an aside I watched Turnbull for all of 60 seconds. Appalling. Switched off when he started talking about going “there”. Is he unaware we are playing at Celtic Park?



    Switched of JK when the SMSM started asking about the racism at Mordor last night.



    Hopefully he told them it had nothing to do with Celtic. I doubt it, hence I switched off.

  5. Kamara releases a statement which included ” there is no place


    for racism or bigotry in football.”


    Is this the first time he has noticed it?


    Perhaps he has a hearing problem.

  6. GEEBEE1978 on 19TH MARCH 2021 10:55 AM


    SPIDEY101 on 19TH MARCH 2021 10:23 AM




    Indeed and I believe it was Slavia who knocked Cluj out of the Champions League in the round after Cluj beat us – winning 1-0 home and away.



    GeeBee – it was indeed. Clearly done a really good job there. I wish I had kept a note of my manager suggestions so I could re-read it without having to sift through previous articles – would be interested to see what I said then and whether I had a Clemente bias at the time

  7. Uncle Tom or Quisling it matters not. The Ugly Sisters act on Snyde tonight was a sight to hear. The lack of focus on the real news was informative.



    21 fouls, 2 reds and 4 yellows.



    Outright assault on keeper.



    Just a side story.



    Real issue was racism.






    No introspection on why, for the first time this season, they didn’t get fouls, penalties or real goal chances. Difference, the referee.



    But forget all that …someone said a bad word…on a football pitch.. Boo-boo!



    Not buying the racist crap.



    Gerard said other players heard it, despite the fact it was whispered under cover of a hand. Bullshit.



    Just massive deflection over bully boy tactics that were not allowed on this occasion but tactics that they are allowed over a long period of time domestically.



    I have not heard one condemnation of the kung-fu kick. Only defense of the attacker as being unintentional. Again bullshit. Gerard sent him out to put the boot in, he did so emphatically. No apology, no concern.



    Despite our own failings, I don’t think we stood a chance this season. Everyone’s card was marked. No penalties against, no fouls in dangerous areas. Bookings and cards galore for oppo. Highest award of penalties for. Swept away with the old “they attack the most”. How has that worked for us in the past?



    Pissed of by those on here who took up Gerard’s racist clarion call. Followed that hare right to the finishing line. Have a look at yourselves. Doing there dirty work for your own moral appeasement. Makes me puke.



    Oh and hello everyone. 😁

  8. Still no mention of how our club is going to move forward, the powers at be still haven’t given us anything, why

  9. AoW


    I dont recall Gerrard coming out criticising Suarez after


    he was found guilty of racially abusing Evra.

  10. Gordy, correct. Too many on here wanting to be politically correct.



    Weebobbycollins – sitting in his house with a cup of Bovril knew that the Slovakia player made racist remarks. Where do you even begin with that pish?



    But it makes him feel better for saying it. No other reason because it is completely subjective psychobabble that helps him sleep at night. So I shouldn’t complain.

  11. Celtic Mac – I only met Oldtim67 once but he impressed and amused me. Sorry to hear about his current difficulties but I wish I had a hundredth of his Celtic experiences.



    Some man.

  12. Big G – it matters not. Total conjecture. Why does it interest you? Hundreds of slurs are exchanged in a match, who judges what is offensive? You? Stevie G? Kanala? The press?



    The hares are running…..

  13. I guess I meant to say…who judges?



    Who decides what is acceptable?



    What society do you want?



    Answer to the first part is who has the voice? The media.



    The media again.



    As for society…it is what we have made it.



    A ‘slight directional pull’ means you’re just a gossip.

  14. Art of war, I don’t get offended, but just like a penalty kick I will give my view on what I seen, and that guy was as guilty as sturgeon.

  15. art of war @ 10.37



    Maybe I’ve missed it but I do not recall such a concerted media attempt as that, A Priori, (and only Latin works here), of a case being made not only against a player, but also against a club, Slavia Prague, for having the audacity for knocking RIFC out of the Europa League at Ole AyeBrokes, conducted by the MSM in Scotland after 10.00pm last night. An RIFC somehow reduced to 9 men on the night. Complemented by, albeit ridiculed by Alan Brazil, Ally McCoist, (who to be fair admitted Slavia Prague deserved to win) the morning after the night before, stating that, if the known unknowns were in fact known to be true, then it was Rangers who should go into the next round draw. Funnily enough UEFA decided that it was Slavia Prague who came out of it.

  16. Ah there it is….Sturgeon. Jeezo you coulda teased a bit.



    Unmasked in one word.



    You could have opted for ‘wee nicola’ or ‘Jimmy Krankie’ but there it is.



    Bitterness tied up in one wee glorious deference.



    What did she do to hurt you Big G?


    “Just like a penalty kick” – gonna explain that, I have an idea but interested.

  17. Celtic Mac – I loved Bada’s “fighting racism since 21.45” quip. Or summat like that.



    That same “something needs done, like kicking them out of the tournament even if it’s the quarter finals, if it was (sic) proved true” was espoused by none other than Jim Duffy I believe.




  18. Celtic Mac – I had to check but your ref is accurate –




    a priori


    /ˌeɪ prʌɪˈɔːrʌɪ,ˌɑː prɪˈɔːri/




    relating to or denoting reasoning or knowledge which proceeds from theoretical deduction rather than from observation or experience.


    “a priori assumptions about human nature”



  19. lest you forget,



    remember that night, the rangers, called out their support for anti irish bigotory ………….

  20. Oh I’m preaching now!


    How did she try and jail him? Was that not the courts?


    How does this tie up with “my shit”?



    Big G see when you do illegal shit the law takes an interest, think it happened with a Klub in the not so distant past . They were averse to taxes and shit. Caught up with them.

  21. art of war



    I think bada bings comment from (ex post facto) last night is one of the greatest ever to appear on this dear green place. Positively brilliant.

  22. Check this guy out he’s so angry, He would rather burn the world out, Rather than admit he is, mental

  23. Celtic Mac, yep cheered me up when I didn’t need it. 😃



    Once upon a time there was wit-a-plenty on here that kept me giggling and wanting to contribute. I just dip In now and again and see diarrhoea more than diamonds. Yourself excluded. No shit.



    Raspar & Edward & the Latin quoter always just a bit different to get you thinking…




  24. Sorry no offence but do you guys realise there’s a complete new generation that doesn’t give a kcuf, about celtics values, they don’t care because they don’t exist.

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