Fraught preseason, instinct ruling head


Really pleased Leigh Griffiths is back in the Scotland squad, it’s just reward for his work this season, although the prospect of having so many Celtic players on international duty in June is an unwelcome one, considering we’ve Champions League qualifiers to prepare for in July.  Preseason is already looking fraught.

I’d convinced myself I wasn’t too bother if newco are promoted this season or not, all the big battles have been won and lost.  I realised differently when I received a text yesterday saying Queens were a goal up.  Your instinct can tell you things your head can’t.

Another season of lower league football will drain them of an additional £10m, which I don’t think they have, but I don’t think they have enough money to complete a season in the top flight either.  It doesn’t matter if the boat sinks in 50m of water or 50km, there would be a deficit in either league.  Viability remains the subject of undocumented fantasy, cannon fodder-dom awaits in the top flight, ignominious avoidance in the lower leagues.

If Mike Ashley cuts them some slack, they will eventually be a top 12 club.  When they are, Celtic will earn an extra £4m from ticket sales and indirect incremental income, enough to make a difference on the field.  Similar income will go to Ibrox, but this isn’t enough to fund a turnaround.  My preference would be to have both Hibs and Hearts back next season but I’m chilled either way.

Very last call for the Ben Nevis Huddle, which takes place on Saturday 13 June in aid of the Celtic Foundation.  If you’re up for it, sign up here…..

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    ‘Chilled’ about whether they come back this season or not, on the basis that we get four million measley more pounds?



    If that’s what Bloggers are saying Peter Lawell et all must be chomping at the bit to get those season ticket holders moved for the arrival of a new club.



    When they are in, they’ll compete alright, the playing field remains off the level.



    But I thought CQN minded people knew that.

  2. South Of Tunis on

    A happy man



    ” I have been to every Champions League game this season -home and away . I now learn that I have as much chance of getting a ticket as a guy living in New Jersey who has never been to a Juve game. Bet his internet connection and his money are faster than mine “.



    Catania based Rube fan – telling a phone in programme what he thinks re the news that Rube tickets for the Cl final will be sold on line only -first come first served .

  3. FourGreenFields on

    richie #teamoscarforever



    With you on that point mate , never want to play any form of The Bigots again .

  4. northerncelt67 on

    I cant see Sevco overcoming the Hibees over 2 games this week. They are a poor outfit who have struggled all season and if by a miracle ( and some mibbery) they did come up, they would really struggle in the top division. They really are that bad!!



    5 celts have made the Scottish squad today, no real surprise there but lets hope our players come through these games unscathed and get ‘well rested’ before the vital champions league qualifiers.



    Roll on Sunday for the party in Paradise!!!




  5. There’s no need to condone, nor endorse, the bigot pound Paul, Peter will do that best, that’s his job.



    I wonder when we’ll see the day the hoops are adorned with the Buckie Logo, we’ll all have to swallow hard and condone and catholicly endorse for the good of the club and the colour of the ink on our books.



    We’re selling our club’s soul, one slice at a time, and we are making excuses for it in the name of money.



    One day we’ll have no soul left to whore.






    There is a movie, an Irish movie, it’s called Calvary, I’d encourage you to watch it and take from it what you may.



    It’s about a priest and the sins of our fathers… and a wee bit more too, but I’ll leave it at that lest I influence your understanding.

  6. Gerryfaethebrig



    Celtic have said behind the scenes that they are a new club. They won’t say anything publicly. This is the clubs way of displaying their true feelings on this.



    If they’re promoted:-



    1) Home tickets for the game should be charged at usual prices



    2) Away support should be allocated no more that 2,000 tickets.



    Bell has gone.

  7. cliftonville celt from belfast on

    Story in todays Daily Mail online :



    Behind the veil: Remarkable pictures show what life looks like in the Middle East for Islamic women hidden under a niqab



    Main picture shows the Beirut Corniche promenade



    Guy is wearing a Celtic shirt in the picture !!!!!

  8. kikinthenakas on

    Re the £4m…surely if would be offset with income from both Hearts and Hibs given that it would be good games at CP…





    Had me going there thought that wee Hun Bell wis away….then remembered you’re dogging it….:)








    Well said,mate.



    I don’t care how much they are worth to us on paper. They aren’t worth a damn. And they aren’t worth chasing the bigot pound for.



    I always loved playing their old mob,guid dayoooots wi a real feel to the game. Aye,it was malice, I used to go up wi a wee crowd of Celtic fans and Rangers fans.



    Split the transport,few beers beforehand and after,discuss it to death long into the night.



    During the game? Not my mates. I doubt I’m alone in that.



    Yes,I miss those days. I miss those mates too,much water under the bridge.



    But they cannot be allowed to just resurface again after all they have done. No way. They have,so far,suffered-!-a fraction of what their conduct deserved.



    They have not been punished for it. Until such times,I won’t be a party to it. Same as many on here and elsewhere in our community.

  10. cliftonville celt from belfast


    13:35 on


    18 May, 2015


    Story in todays Daily Mail online :



    Behind the veil: Remarkable pictures show what life looks like in the Middle East for Islamic women hidden under a niqab



    Main picture shows the Beirut Corniche promenade



    Guy is wearing a Celtic shirt in the picture !!!!!




    Scariest thing about this story is….you reading the Daily Mail! :-)))

  11. S o T



    I might try and acquire a CL final ticket and then auction it off.



    Starting bid?







  12. excathedra44 on



    13:22 on


    18 May, 2015



    I too would be ” chilled ” if I thought their return would spice up the game in terms of a competitive spectacle and would enhance our ST sales by getting back the TV watchers.



    However when I look at recent events involving McLean effectively stopping our treble without sanction,then I think a Season of that would be bad for the BP.



    An even playing field is beyond the present Refereeing set up,so that said I come to the conclusion………………..C’Mon the Hibs.

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Official betting partners’



    ‘Friendlies against Qatar’



    ..the ole modren football gets more rubidge with every passin’ day.

  14. Guys,



    Read last week about that young fan Kevin Haddow (23) who passed away. Without treading on the family’s grief, what was the cause of death.



    Árd Macha

  15. South Of Tunis on

    Tallybhoy .



    It crossed my mind .



    Bangladeshi chap who owns an Internet cafe told me he is employing bouncers for the occasion .



    Local gossip has Liceo schoolies offering their services and their devices to the clueless / no connection people for a nice wee wedge.

  16. Doesn’t matter if sevco go up or not. They are forever tainted and they will never be allowed to forget it.


    In the event that they overcome Hibs and soft touch Motherwell wouldn’t it be a nice way to spend the summer designing a banner that reminds this new club of their recent history. It doesn’t have to be aggressive but just a polite symbol that says it all – perhaps a competition, any takers?

  17. cliftonville celt from belfast on



    13:43 on


    18 May, 2015




    Its knowing what your eneny is up to – like intelligence gathering – but they are pretty stupid so not much to gather !!!



    In work everything else blocks out unfortunately

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    13:53 on


    18 May, 2015


    ‘Official betting partners’



    ‘Friendlies against Qatar’



    ..the ole modren football gets more rubidge with every passin’ day.





    Amen to that.

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    HT liked the Bell has gone, as others said I thought the wee bigot had gone but thankfully he is still drawing a wage and adding to their financial woes


    Treat the new team as a new team, I am happy to realise and understand the meaning of liquidation as for others I will never try and influence anybody I find it difficult enough influencing myself so would never inflict my stupid opinions on anybody else

  20. Good Afternoon



    The Secvonian desperation to believe that everything is going to be OK is palpable. And the media is doing them no favours by offering them a soothing narrative which fails to disguise the apparent lack of a plan or money.



    A classic example of this came in the form of the latest ‘column’ from Derek Johnstone in the Evening Times.



    Does anyone actually swallow this nonsense? No need to reply…



    If anyone is interested, here are some thoughts on DJ’s latest ‘insightful’ ‘analysis’…






    Have a good afternoon

  21. cliftonville celt from belfast


    14:06 on


    18 May, 2015




    13:43 on


    18 May, 2015



    Its knowing what your eneny is up to – like intelligence gathering – but they are pretty stupid so not much to gather !!!



    In work everything else blocks out unfortunately




    LOL! Know the feeling bud – I can’t even get the CQN betting adverts in here! :-)))

  22. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    £4m ..i thought it as £10m



    either way ..the money is irrelevant ….no Sevco for me …no thanks

  23. I hope Hibs put them to the sword, and failing that, I’ll go to the chapel and light a candle for Motherwell to do the business, but failing that, my season card allows me entry to Paradise to see my beloved Celtic.



    I won’t be missing any of those games because of who the opposition are. I may miss one or more games due to other circumstances beyond my control, but I certainly won’t allow the name of any visiting club, especially the Rangers, to keep me away.



    As for that midden down Govan way, I haven’t been there for over 20 years.



    I won’t be going back there any time soon.

  24. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    Hibs and Hearts. I couldn’t care less if we never faced them again on the football field. There is too much bitterness and corruption surrounding the way they they conducted themselves in the past and the way they have resurfaced. There was an opportunity for some refreshing winds of change to blow through their set up but they haven’t. There’s only so much dignity I can take.



    Re Canamalar’s wee small hours contributions and the gentleman on the bus: where does this term “Roaster” come from and what does it signify?

  25. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on




    Roaster clearly refers to his cheese preferences and the bus passenger is clearly a hunfiltrator who drops in here.




  26. For a large number of football fans who go to the game every week, 2 of the most popular peripheral activities associated with the outing are gambling and drinking alcohol.



    I for one enjoy a couple of beers before and after the game, except when I am driving home. I never bet on the horses, but more often than not I enjoy a wee flutter on the game I am attending, and make good use of the betting facilities within the stadium.



    I don’t therefore see how the club is selling its soul by being financially linked with alcohol and gambling companies. It’s hardly going to corrupt our support into thinking about taking up drink and possibly even having a bet. During a day out at the game? Never.



    I think I might survive a season unscathed.

  27. I think Hibs will fold against them. I expect Motherwell to provide no resistance and, just in case, the refs will see them through.



    Sadly, I also expect fans falling over themselves to get tickets for the bigotfests to come.



    Not me.

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    south of tunis-are UEFA giving priority to Mastercard holders for CL Final tickets again ?

  29. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on




    Thanks for that. Obviously I don’t get out enough which is probably a good thing. I’m still trying to work out the origins of the term.

  30. South Of Tunis on

    !!Bada Bing!!.@ 14 33..



    Sorry ———-I don’t know .



    There are rumours in Italian cyberspace that if you go for the Ryanair plus ticket option then you will possibly find it easier to get connected. to the sales centre more easily

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