Gang of 10 SPL clubs set to deliver hammer blow to Rangers


It has been another busy news day but for now we’ll concentrate on the two most important matters.

10 SPL clubs, excluding Celtic and Rangers, have arranged to meet next week.  This is the most significant news since Craig Whyte bought Rangers in May last year.  One SPL chairman told the BBC:

“With the Old Firm having talked in the past about leaving Scottish football, we have had to think about a future without them.

“Part of that situation could be about to come true, so we have had time to think about how we would get on without them.”

The smaller 10 SPL clubs have a once-only opportunity to redraw the power and financial map in Scottish football.  They want more of your money and this is their chance to get it.  They also want to be able to vote crazy ideas into the league that benefit teams without many fans or good players.

This is perfectly understandable and expected.  The distribution of TV income currently favours successful clubs, who are invariably featured most often.  Smaller clubs want to change this into a more equitable distribution model.  You and I will still buy the overwhelming majority of subscriptions, but our club will receive less cash from the TV deal.

“Part of that situation” refers to an SPL without Rangers.  This meeting is likely to end Newco Rangers hopes of getting straight back into the SPL in their tracks.  Without knowing the numbers in favour of a change, this looks like the killer blow, delivered before any proposition from Craig Whyte reaches the agenda.

We have discussed the need for Whyte to present a fait-accompli in order to get his wish.  Having been unable to do that, others had the opportunity to organise and make alternative plans.

The other important occurrence today was the attendance at the Rolls Building courts in London today by HMRC lawyers, keen to secure any monies seized from Collyer Bristows’ client account last week.  HMRC have made it perfectly clear they are all over Duff and Phelps and will seek court intervention to secure their rights.

This is significant.

You can make what you like about a more even distribution of SPL TV money, or the possibility of being held to ransom in future by bad teams who want to vote themselves out of relegation, but the only thing we know for sure is that this has been a profoundly bad day for Craig Whyte and anyone else hoping to phoenix a Newco Rangers.

In light of today‘s developments,  Mr Whyte and the administrators have some thinking to do before announcing any plans tomorrow.

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  1. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    Dee-ell ‘that’s what ah can’t farm out! he’s the only person tae stand oan the plate and ranjurz tea wiz oan it, Williams loast money fur the united game and he disnae ‘no’ if he’s getting his dinner!’

  2. Clashcitybhoy on

    Paul 67


    Delighted to hear that the other clubs are planning to have a meeting without us.



    The competition regulatory bodies take an extremely dim view of collusion

  3. sparkleghirl on

    So, this really does mean that the other 10 are considering life without RFC in the SPL?

  4. tomtheleedstim on

    Paul67 – there are different ways to interpret this meeting.


    Do you think that the tide is perhaps turning against Rangers and that they are meeting to make a proposal to Celtic?


    Split the tv money and the Huns get the bum’s rush perhaps?

  5. twists n turns on




    These mistakes even themselves out:-)



    Hen1rik – appears your wee “exclusive” had legs after all.

  6. Hammer blow I like that Paul, hammer blows and dashed hopes, combined with futile attempts and murky goings on.



    Should be enough to see off the ranjurs…




  7. Paul67



    This could be great news for Celtic, if we are being ‘old firmed’ by the others in the SPL.



    Apply for the English league – we’ll start anywhere.

  8. I can see that we might be able to live with a proposal that gives a bit more cash to the other ten clubs. But there must be a line that cannot be crossed. We cannot carry the rest of them.



    A different split if prize money might make a difference. After all there will be a fair few clubs fancy their chances of second place.

  9. Wee 10.30 and Me on

    From last thread.



    WBMI why dus milk go broon when ye pit it oan cocoa pops

  10. Magnificentseven on

    we have all the power here…..they need us to go along with their proposals, they will propose what they want but without our agreement they have nothing…

  11. Snake Plissken on




    But the most important part is do they want to play against Celtic?



    Will Celtic be allowed into their new world order and will we even be consulted?



    I’d imagine they would have to speak to us eventually.



    Could this be another case of never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake?



    The thing is I don’t have an issue with the other sides getting a fairer slice of the TV money. This will improve the lot of the others but if they all want a bigger slice of the pie then they must be wanting to cut rangers out of the loop and reduce Celtic’s.

  12. Well done Paul, that’s much better from you. I was worried this morning with such a negative (even if somewhat true) treatise coming from your goodself. Yer back on track, ma man!

  13. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    Paul Clark: No evidence Craig Whyte put two pounds into tea money, confirmed that he had at least one cup of instant and a hob-nob.

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    Funny how we interpret this meeting as a ganging up against Der Hun whereas BBC Scotland, at the 6:30 News, actually offered it the other way around i.e ganging up against us!!

  15. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    BBC website Rangers page has a sub-head of “Scottish Third Division” tonight. Sounds about right to me!! :-)

  16. I would never listen to Radio phone ins but I wish I did because apparently there is a Rager continually referring to ‘the Tickle us ‘ money.



    * uncontrollable laughter*

  17. They’ll end up with the power to agree changes to TV deals if Rangers go but that doesn’t mean we need to let cameras in to Parkhead. Without us there’s no TV deal.



    I’d be happy to spread it around a bit more. I’d be happier with individual TV rights. But I wouldn’t be happy if we let ourselves be held to ransom.



    Now is the perfect moment to move to a 16 team league (without Rangers).

  18. How is commercial and broadcasting revenue distributed between SPL clubs?



    All revenues generated by the SPL are effectively put into one pot. A support payment to the SFL and parachute payments to recently relegated clubs are then deducted from that pot. All associated costs of running the SPL are also deducted.


    The remaining amount is split two ways to the member clubs: 48% is divided equally between all 12 clubs while 52% is distributed to teams dependent upon their final league position. The higher up the table that a club finishes, the more money they will receive.



    OK what isn’t fair about that?

  19. Clashcitybhoy, ha! Good point.



    tomtheleedstim, they don’t need Celtic at this meeting. Objective is to see if they have common ground in the event Celtic can be isolated. Only way to do this is to vote against Rangers.



    celticbob, gate money is sacrosanct. It cannot be split. We would need to find a different model, perhaps a £20 season ticket with an obligatory £480 subscription to the Celtic View.



    ‘Here’s a £20, split that’.



    starry plough, indeed.



    bournesouprecipe, we need to keep pushing on the door to England or elsewhere but that is not something we can control.



    Snake Plissken, they’ll come to us with a fait-accompli.



    EmeraldBee\o/, here is the truth:



    There are incredibly worrying times when things change quickly. Vigilance is needed.



    This morning was all about vigilance.

  20. Endless loops of : sky deal! Sky deal! Sky deal! In the tune of the shamans “eez are good”…ma brain is buzzing wae the amount of times av heard that!



    The sky deal has magically morphed into a life raft for the rudderless and shipwrecked…

  21. If the price was a “fairer” share of TV money for no Rangers (or it’s bastard offspring) then OK. Most of our revenue is still from tickets and merchandise.



    We don’t know that they are not going to reform the league as they like (i.e. new voting rights too) and then let the diminished and less powerful newco back in.



    I repeat, I’m not saying this is the case- I just can’t work out what they intend yet.

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