Gerrard good appointment for club with short-term challenges


Newco have struggled for relevance this season, even among their own supporters, who have been increasingly disengaged.  They are an object of fun domestically and were not quoted outside of Scotland.  Now they are relevant.  They are being discussed in news programmes and by football commentators outside Scotland, and not because of an embarrassing defeat.

The appointment will ensure the renewal of thousands of season tickets that may otherwise not have been purchased, so for the first season, it will self-finance.  For a club with huge short-term challenges, this money he will bring in over the next six weeks makes the appointment of Steven Gerrard as manager a good one.  July’s Europa League qualifiers are a long way off.

This is true even though he has less experience than McCoist, McDowell, Warburton, Caixinha and Murty.  Gerrard has never taken charge of a full team of adults.  He will have no money to compete with Celtic and will need to pitch his tactical brain against Neil Lennon and Derek McInnes next season.  Results will be predictable, you can be assured of that.

Despite his warm welcome yesterday, he is, of course, another Celtic Brother.  This fact will visit him with the vitriol which became familiar during Murty and Caixinha’s reign soon enough.

All of this means we get to dismantle some fantasies next season, just as we did this season and last.  I see no downside.

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  1. Celtic Celtic


    Onto Victor – EE


    We’re the finest team in Scotland ???????

  2. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Good Morning All.



    I am rubbish at painting and decorating or doing anything that is practical. I am only “handy” if I am round the corner. Accordingly most folk know not to let me near things like a hammer, a screwdriver, a paintbrush or anything like that.



    My skills lie elsewhere apparently — though I have never been too sure where that might be or what that skill is.



    Anyway, this is a long way about saying that I am going to Malawi in June with the Celtic Charity Foundation and Mary’s Meals where, God help us all, I will do my level best not to make a total mess of painting schools, putting up shelves, clearing yards or completing whatever manual tasks I am given in support of the 67 Kitchens project supported by the Celtic Charity Foundation through Mary’s Meals.



    Honestly, someone else was meant to go. Someone who would actually have been of some practical use, but unfortunately they had to withdraw and so the foundation were left with a place they would have to pay for and with no one to fill it.



    So, when no one else was available I said I would go instead.



    I will pay all my own fares and accommodation (I don’t believe in raising funds for any of that) and I will do my level best not to make a total horlics of whatever I am asked to do.



    However, these 67 kitchens will initially feed 80,000 children and the money is there to set up the kitchens and feed them for the 1st year. But kids don’t just need fed for one year, they need fed EACH year.



    To feed a child for a year costs £13.90 and so 80,000 x £13.90 = £1, 112,000 – and that is needed every year.



    Before Brother Walfrid had ever seen any football team play under the name Celtic he wrote those inspiring 17 words ” A football Club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and unemployed.”



    No words have ever been spoken or printed about Celtic Football Club that are more important and more fundamental than those 17.



    I am trying to raise what money I can to help further the aim of those 17 words in 2018.



    The majority of the funds raised at the One Night in Lisbon Dinner on 25th May will go towards this (the balance will support some other local charities) and there will be One Night in Lisbon Shirts on sale soon which will also support this project.



    However, in the interim, if you feel like supporting this effort then please make a donation.



    Mother Theresa once said that if you can’t feed a hundred people then feed just one — and that one is really important.



    £13.90 feeds one person. £19.67 feeds more than one.



    Equally pledging £3 for every goal Celtic score against Hearts on Sunday will help feed one person for at least part of the year.



    Lastly, can I say to everyone who contributes to this blog, and to the thousands of people who read it but who lurk in the background, a great big thankyou for all the support you have given to me and my charity efforts over the years.



    There are many great people who post here and who do things for charity and I realise that not all of them can be supported at all times. I just want to say thankyou for past donations, support and help and to reiterate that any future assistance is greatly appreciated and recognised.



    I will honestly try not to make a complete arse of things in Malawi and to record as much as i can to post back onto the blog so that you can see what is being done, why it needs done and what a difference the foundation and Mary’s Meals can make with our help.



    If you want to make a contribution then please do so here:






    I will post more info in the coming days.



    Lastly, if you have an item, or tickets for something, or run a business that could give a raffle prize or an auction item for the dinner then, as always, I can be reached at jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk



    HH & God Bless.




  3. Can’t believe the fuss around Gerrard’s arrival at Ibrox yesterday.



    Thought he would’ve slipped in quietly.

  4. weebobbycollins on

    Another Celtic brother? Ffs stop it! How can he be described as a Celtic brother? He is a hun-no more, no less-a hun…an odious hun.

  5. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    Eeeh Stevie



    Check out the meaning of this one it’s in one their songs, you’ll be hearing it a lot; oh and good luck on the pitch too











    cause the death of (a person, animal, or other living thing).


    “her father was killed in a car crash”


    synonyms: murder, cause the death of, take/end the life of, do away with, make away with, assassinate, do to death, eliminate, terminate, dispatch, finish off, put to death, execute; More




    put an end to or cause the failure or defeat of (something).


    “two fast goals from Dublin killed any hopes of a famous Sligo victory”


    synonyms: destroy, put an end to, bring to an end, be the end of, end, extinguish, dash, quell, quash, ruin, wreck, shatter, smash, crush, scotch; More

  6. mickbhoy1888 on

    Yes the parking regulations at Hampden Park and Glasgow Green on match and event days are as bad as they are going to become in the vicinity of Celtic Park. Cash cow comes to mind parking fines removals and resident permits will be a nice little earner. Don’t know why GCC or Celtic Plc don’t follow the example of Munchengladbachs city fathers and introduce a free shuttle from the city centre on matchdays.


    As it is the majority of posters on here are probably entitled to free bus travel to the stadium anyway



    Ps Free shuttle buses have been known to run from the Hydro to the city centre on nights of major events.Dont know who provides the finance for it though.

  7. In the first game at Paradise with Gerrard in command, can we play Talking Heads’ ‘Slippery Peepul” as the teams emerge?



    Various references.


    Being honest it’s a curious appointment in so many ways. More questions than answers.



    Why appoint another youth coach, with less experience ?



    Why pitch yourself against your former boss ?



    Why would he take this job given his background ?



    How long before the animals start ?



    They need a miracle, bringing Lourdes to Ibrox does that qualify ?

  9. PT Barnum FC.



    “Roll-up, roll-up……….Come see the Circus Grotesques!!!!,……..


    ……………………………………….. prepare to be amazed……..


    You won’t believe your eyes or ears…..


    You’ll be dazzled,…………. you bams will be bamboozled an’ razzle-dazzled…………


    …….roll-up, roll-up………pay the Greatest Liar In The Wurld an’ take yer rickety seats……..


    the next performance is abooot, to start…..”

  10. Steven Gerrard handed in a transfer request 5 minutes after Liverpool won the CL in 2005 only to change his mind at the last minute. Strange behaviour from a club captain.



    Him and his mates battered a man to a pulp in Southport, he got off scot free because he had a good brief and his mates took the rapp.



    Capello said he didn’t trust him as England captain because he was too quiet.



    He was a good player but never the same without Xavi Alonso beside him.



    He left LA Galaxy before the end of his contract because he was ‘home sick’.



    He was under 18’s coach at Liverpool, quite a bit down the pecking order from the first team. There are probably 4 levels in between.



    He’s taken over a shambles of a club, one that is institutionally dysfunctional. It’s a role for which he is under qualified and has no experience for. In addition he knows nothing about Scottish football or Scottish culture.



    What could go wrong?

  11. If the noises about Oddsone being signed are real. Brilliant news.



    The dude will be a nightmare to play against as he is Big and constantly moving.



    He is just a wee Laddie too.



    All 27 picks have now been sent and the selections are shown below. Unfortunately 6 have fallen already. Good luck to the remaining 21.



    The fixtures for week 9 – All fixtures kick off at 3.00pm except where shown



    FRIDAY 4th MAY


    Partick Thistle [3] v Ross County (19.45)


    Brighton v Manchester Utd [3] (20.00)




    Dundee [4] v Hamilton (12.30)


    Aberdeen [1] v Hibs


    Motherwell [6] v St Johnstone


    Rangers* [1] v Kilmarnock


    West Brom v Tottenham [1]


    SUNDAY 6th MAY


    Hearts v Celtic [1] (12.15)


    Manchester City [6] v Huddersfield (13.30)


    Chelsea [1] v Liverpool (16.30)

  13. oops






    I keep saying ‘wee Kieran.’





    disnae look right either?




  14. glendalystonsils on

    BEATBHOY on 5TH MAY 2018 11:50 AM


    Can’t believe the fuss around Gerrard’s arrival at Ibrox yesterday.







    Thought he would’ve slipped in quietly.




    He’ll probably slip out a lot more quietly.

  15. mickbhoy1888 on

    BIg Cu



    Now now,you should know that I very rarely work on a matchday Couldn’t justify the cost of the season ticket otherwise


    Anyway I’ll do you a discount to Tynecastle tomorrow and I cancover the cost of my wee day oot in the capital. Gee whizz I might even hire oot my booster seat to more vertically challenged posters to save them the dangerous practice of standing oan their seat to watch the game

  16. South Of Tunis on

    Got to assume that even the famously intellectually challenged serial diver did not take the Manager’s gig at Temporary Licence FC without having certain guarantees.. .


    For what it’s worth my 60 plus years a Red Pal has long claimed that the serial diver is a Ned with some interesting mates.

  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Peter is 0.38675878652m tall ( approx )



    However his true height can only be guessed, as he spends so much time outside earthly dimensions.

  18. Ironically if it wasn’t for Gerrard we might never have had Brendan as our manager. Hh

  19. There are crazy dudes disseminating Crazy Theorem to the vulnerable Human Race.



    Those number very few but they seem to be in so many positions, behind the curtains, that influence.



    Celtic getting a Double Treble will be Marvellous. It is gonnae be a very hard game though.