Give me a player with a point to prove


I’m a great believer in footballers having a point to prove.  Reo Hatate is such a case.  Over the summer he spoke about how his form tailed off towards the end of last season and he planned to up his game this term, which he has.

Now, omitted from the Japan squad for their game against USA, his chance of being involved at the World Cup appears limited.  From our return to action on Saturday, Celtic have 13 games in six weeks before club football breaks and players head off to Qatar.

In that time, Reo will help his team qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.  His performances in this tournament against Real Madrid and Shakhtar Donetsk demonstrate he can operate comfortably at this elite level.  Helping Celtic reach the next stage will platform him and his teammates.

The player’s disappointment is understandable, but it would do no harm if he and Kyogo again missed out on action when Japan face Ecuador in Germany tomorrow.


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  1. RH needs the MF set to support him.


    He is a luxury player that we need to be able to support.



    We still have a bit to go but hopefully we can afford it..


    That might not be the case for his NT.



    What is the current Japan MF?



    Interesting that DM starts for the NT while KF does not.

  2. “In that time, Reo will help his team qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League. ”



    Wish I was so confident.

  3. FESS19 on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 12:06 PM


    Fourstone Copi





    I can remember Mike Jackson who was not with Celtic in 67 saying that Big Billy used to pick him up to go to training. He was the only one with a car hence Cesar after Mr Romero.



    Previous article the Lunatic of Aden had 10 posts on page 19 out of +- 16 posts ffs





    Remember our players were all young guys watching the “King of cool” in Ocean’s Eleven although in 67 Big Billy was the “Emporer” with the Big Cup. For me its Cesar

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  5. MADMITCH on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 11:34 AM




    The sustained and disingenuous attacks on Corbyn were because of his views on Zionism, Israel and Palestine, not because he wasn’t a Tory.



    But so much as suggest that was the case and you’ll be monstered as an anti-Semite.



    So it’s easier to stay quiet.



    Crick stayed quiet.

  6. From the last article



    MadMitch on 26th September 2022 10:59 am


    CF @ 10.51


    More like question it all.


    You should get involved — you might learn something.



    If I get involved with your discussions I would probably be


    the first one on CQN who does



    Myself like I would imagine most posters on here scroll by


    the majority of your gibberish



    When you write your gibberish and then state DISCUSS has


    anyone ever discussed any of your posts




    Certainly recall Philvis having a near monopoly. I always suspected some form of Ferris Bueller type skulduggery.

  8. EL @ 12.18



    The issue with JC is that he was not short of enemies / political opponents / naysayers.


    Even those that largely agreed with him saw him as a political gadfly / lightweight.


    Thirteen year standing on the sidelines did not a political heavyweight make.



    To the Tories — the anti-Semitism angle was political skirmishing.


    Something to keep the main political discussion away from their record.



    I’m sure the Friends of Israel / uber Zionist wing were all too happy to get involved in running him down given his underdog focus regarding the development of Palestine.



    Very complex topic.


    LT and her desire to move the UK Embassy to Jerusalem is one to watch.


    Tory support for the State of Israel comes in many shades.


    Platitudes to joint citizenship.

  9. MADMITCH on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 1:17 PM



    It was his views on Israel/Palestine that drove and funded the campaign to undermine him.

  10. MADMITCH on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 12:17 PM


    L14 @ 12.14


    Strange / mixed up / cheap — not one of your finest comments.




    Why did you not abbreviate the above, like you always do.


    I remember I worked with someone who was an attention seeker too.

  11. EL @ 1.25



    I think that there was more than one campaign.



    He scared the Tories fartless in the 2017 GE.


    They then worked on him night and day through F/book.


    Below the radar stuff but very effective in Cov and Brum over the next 12 months.



    To focus on one channel regarding the downfall of JC has its merits but it misses the bigger picture — he was not a front rank politician even if he got his name chanted at Glastonbury.



    JMcD was the brains behind it all — he still is.

  12. MADMITCH on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 1:35 PM




    It wasn’t just the Tories he scared.



    It was new labour too.



    Lords Mandelson, McNicol and the rest of them. They did there utmost to undermine Corbyn and in the process enabled the Tory shitshow that we currently have.

  13. “LAMBERT14 on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 12:14 PM




    Get well soon.”



    In many cases I would maybe find that a wee bit insensitive. This is not one of those cases .


    So, :-))))).

  14. `They did there utmost`



    `There utmost` ? tut, tut , ernest :-))



    PS I will now be waiting for you to pounce on my next error !!



    Don’t listen to those who slag you, I personally love your posts, so keep it coming please.


    Favour though, wish you’d stop using initials, it causes me to have to think!!!!







  16. KINGLUBO on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 3:43 PM



    I think MM SHOULD listen to those who slag him because it suggests that, unlike myself, they read his posts.

  17. Timhorton @ 4.33



    I think that of the young guys in the crew – Pat Crerand, Mike Jackson, John Colrain and, I believe Jim Baxter- Big Billy was the only one who had a car. Bertie would have been away by early 61 too.



    I think any time up to about 1987 and Big Billy’s return to the manager’s job any time he was referred to as ‘Caesar’ not ‘Cesar’ – one of the ghosted Celtic autobiographies I read as a child mentioned some player giving him the nickname after Billy broke his nose and resembled a Roman statue – but the Cesar Romero version of the origins of the moniker began to be publicised. No reason to disbelieve it.



    Saying that until that 87/88 our greatest ever captain was , in my experience at least, known as either ‘Big’ or ‘King’ Billy.





  18. Personally I really like this place, the diversity amongst the different posters is fascinating, some have strong views and are more than willing to defend them, and of course there is always CELTIC, who we all support.



    The mud slinging can get out of hand at times, and the pile ons are a definite blot on the landscape, very very juvenile. The Flouncers…. personally I prefer the guys that just walk away and dont come back (like JHB) as opposed to those who come on and condemn everything about the place before announcing they are quitting.



    More than happy to defend CQN from its critics, it’s an excellent Celtic blog, always interesting.

  19. KingLubo , carefull bud the clique will be on you for sticking up for MM does anyone notice it’s the same guy starting the political stuff every morning, then his wee attack dugs join in .

  20. Cutting up a polis car as you’re talking on your phone while running a red light and then claiming you shouldn’t be banned because it would cause exceptional hardship as you’re having to organise the coronation.



    Say what you like, but that’s class.



    And just to top in all the case was at Lavender Hill magistrates court.









    The peer who organised the Queen’s funeral has been banned from driving for six months, despite claiming he needed his licence to arrange the King’s upcoming coronation.



    Edward Fitzalan-Howard, the 18th Duke of Norfolk, was caught using his mobile phone while driving in Battersea, south-west London, on 7 April.



    He admitted the offence, at Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court earlier.



    He had hoped to avoid a ban by claiming “exceptional hardship”.



    The Earl Marshal, 65, was stopped by police after his BMW cut across the officers’ car, going though a red light, the court was told.



    The officers drove up to his car and saw he was using his mobile phone. He told the officers he was “in communication with his wife” prosecutor Jonathan Bryan said.



    Mr Bryan told magistrates the highest-ranking duke in England already had nine penalty points on his driving licence due to previous speeding offences and a compulsory endorsement of a further six points, which would lead to a ban.




    However, the Earl Marshal, a crossbench peer in the House of Lords, told the court he intended to argue “exceptional hardship” due to the nature of his responsibilities.



    The duke is in charge of organising state occasions, such as the State Opening of Parliament. He recently organised the Queen’s funeral, which he described as “daunting and humbling” and will arrange the King’s coronation, which is expected to be held next year.



    He gave some evidence in secret after his lawyer successfully argued the public and press should be excluded for reasons of “national security”.



    Natasha Dardashti said details of the coronation should remain private for now.



    ‘Extremely peculiar circumstances’


    In an open court, she said: “He must be mobile to achieve what he needs to achieve in this regard.



    “His Grace needs to be able to organise what is a huge event.”



    The lawyer added: “It is an extremely peculiar set of circumstances at a really crucial point in the history of this nation with the one man who was responsible for not only the funeral last week but the coronation of King Charles III.



    The duke also told magistrates his office and the local railway station were four miles away from his home, Arundel Castle in West Sussex.



    He said he employed some 150 people and needed to travel to his other estates in Norfolk and Yorkshire. The duke also spends a lot of time on the South Downs, where he funds a conservation project.



    However, a bench of magistrates endorsed his licence with six points and banned him from driving for six months.



    “We accept that this a unique case because of the defendant’s role in society and in particular in relation to the King’s coronation,” said Judith Way, chair of the magistrates.



    “The hardship needs to be exceptional and although we find inconvenience may be caused, we don’t find it exceptional hardship.”



    Ms Way said that he had the means to employ drivers, although they would need security clearance.



    The Earl Marshal was also fined £800 and ordered to pay £400 in other costs.



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