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  1. GFTB


    Fixtures, our last two league games were away. Two of next three are away. They didn’t get their desired result at Ibrox. We are not paranoid enough. H.H.

  2. Pannysbhoy 3.25pm



    In 2000 MON’s first game against them 26th August ?? Was one on the earliest “Glasgow derbies” I think the same was for Seethin Gerrard this season hopefully will end with same outcome for the league flag… other seasons it’s been end of September and sometimes October before we face them … I think you are correct and the Ibrox game was pretty early as they thought after 29th December and last victory over us when the league was won that they had the measure of us … still love the fact their fans thought Neil being our manager was a down grade considering their manager has won the square root of heehaw :-)

  3. The requirement for all seated stadia when allowing low grade plastic pitches is crazy.


    The product is on the pitch not in the stands

  4. Try again…………………………………




    Marian Shved Marian Shved Right Winger Celtic FC Adductor problems unknown 2,00 Mill. €



    Mikey Johnston Mikey Johnston Left Winger Celtic FC Groin Injury Sep 23, 2019 1,00 Mill. €



    Jozo Simunovic Jozo Simunovic Centre-Back Celtic FC Knee Injury Oct 1, 2019 3,25 Mill. €



    Nir Bitton Nir Bitton Defensive Midfield Celtic FC Thigh Problems Oct 7, 2019 1,50 Mill. €

  5. Gene 5.06pm



    Unashamedly… when KT pulls on the Arsenal shirt I will be cheering them on



    Plus Ayebamuyang is tremendous and a joy to watch

  6. Jobo 5.28pm



    I don’t see 90mins live (even on the telly) but can Boli Bolingoli get my man of the match(s) in our last two away games :-)



    Loved his interview on Celtic tv after the game in Govan



    Bolingoli CSC

  7. Gene 6.01pm



    I like the side show bob (SSB) comparison



    When arsenal signed KT for £25m they signed a Brazilian centre half (SSB) for £8m… well done Peter Lawell :-)

  8. I see that Tom Smith who turned us down to join the mighty potters hasn’t made the bench – living the dream

  9. In ither news…………



    Shortie decides to show Darren as pensive worried and uncertain as the pic announcing his elevation to Champions Celtic…………………….a quick Gargle shows him in any number of happy, celebratory moods shots.



    Funny that.




  10. What a difference in entertainment and excitement levels between the Watford – Arsenal game and our bore fest yesterday. Watford had 31 shots on goal to our 10. Barca- Valencia the same – shoot on sight from both teams. I often find Celtic maddeningly frustrating to watch when we reject opportunities to shoot from outside the box in favor of dribbling or passing into a completely congested goal area. Christie, McGregor, Forest, Brown – all are capable, and have shown it in the past, so why don’t we try it more often?



  11. Darren O’Dea might have been “announced” today … common knowledge weeks ago, don’t think it was “old pals act” Darren had a full time contract on offer but wished to get into coaching



    Welcome home (again) Darren :-)

  12. garygillespieshamstring on

    Anyone seen the story about the sevs playing Kent yesterday before they have to hand him back?


    Story is they have told Liverpool they can’t pay first installment of the feeso they have contacted UEFA.





    Also says that is rereal reeason the dof quit

  13. Gary Gillespie 7.02pm



    Whit ?



    The Sevs not adhering to the rules



    different shoite, same old flies

  14. You have to wonder where have all the *Lawellout* posters gone? After Cluge they dominated the board, swamped for days on end with , sack him, pay him off, sell him on, then as results got better they silently sloped off one by one, hibernation maybe, not to be seen until we get gubbed again. Point being, IMO, it’s almost certainly the same ‘ people ‘ who wanted BR out (before his infamous exit) that are now hoping we boot PL out, i.e. Sevconians.

  15. RTB


    There was also a call for Neil to go – I’d count me in the doubtful corner as I think he was at fault on that occasion

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