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  1. Adi 7.19pm



    Who didny ?



    Gene … apologies sad stuff with young Jack a few weeks ago you posted about going to mass (religion isn’t everbodies cup of tea) I had a wee smile as I attended 10am mass on the Thursday morning as I was off work and Miss GFTB was doing a bidding prayer … the Celtic link was after the Cluj game the assumption (?) was about Romania … I think BRTH posted much more eloquently than I could religion is each to their own … it has helped me personally as much as it annoys me :-) and for the record I have encountered numerous priests and all have had a great influence on me & my family and have been s source of strength in very trying tones .. mainly death … still to meet a bad priest



    Hail Hail






    Lawwell earns 2% of our turnover, think about that. Worth it is he………….




    What would you pay him ?




    Standard rate ? The shareholders should give it laldy at AGM :o(



    Good Evening, and welcome to Round 2 of LMS 13.


    Marc will announce final numbers of participants later this evening, but, it’s a BIG number.


    Unfortunately for some, lamb was off the menu for Sunday Dinner as The Dons failed to deliver at home to St Johnstone. Quite a few caught out with that one, and a Celtic flop also spoiled Round 1 for some after Teemu Puuki scored (again) what was effectively the winner against Abu Dhabi FC.


    Onwards to Round 2. Fixtures for which are below. Please don’t forget to let us know who your pick is in advance of Kick off. Although we’ll do our best to confirm every single mail, that’s a considerable volume of mails to read and respond to, but don’t worry. Every mail will be read and archived in case of any dispute.


    Pick for Celticrollercoaster next week is Manchester City


    Bateen Bhoy pick for next week is Motherwell







    Livingston v Aberdeen (15:00)


    Motherwell v Ross County (15:00)


    St Mirren v Hamilton Academical (15:00)




    Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur (12:30)


    Manchester City v Watford (15:00)







    St Johnston v The Rangers (12:15)


    Celtic v Kilmarnock (13:00)


    Hibernian v Heat of Midlothian (15:00)




    West Ham United v Manchester United (14:00)


    Chelsea v Liverpool (16:30)

  5. prestonpans bhoys on




    It’s a contentious issue whether Lawwell is doing a good job or not. Even if it’s the former then he does receive a disproportionate amount of compensation for it.



    On other news, Celtic cyber space alluding to the possibility of the deadly bears not being able to pay first installment of Kent the mega star, oh please be true😂

  6. PP


    Anyone can start a rumour



    Messi said last night he is leaving Barca in January and is heading for ……..


    Fill in the blanks

  7. Neil Lennon should start to bring Karamoko into the team as soon as he can. Christie, McGregor, Forrest and Johnston benefit from good players around them, not like when they are playing for Scotland. Barcelona are playing their 16 year old prospect to good effect.

  8. Darren O’Dea has left Motherwell to take up a coaching role with another Scottish Premiership side.



    All the best for the future,



    Official Statement from Motherwell…

  9. Thought I’d watch a bit of French footie – just mentioned our game on Thursday – says it will be tough for Celtic.

  10. garygillespieshamstring on

    Gftb, gene



    While I would love it to be true and it wouldn’t be beyond them, I suspect it to be rubbish

  11. Gary


    It’s not how things work – a contract will have been signed – if sevco were in breach then lawyers would be involved for non-payment not returning the player

  12. Fellow Cqners



    Good night and god bless whatever. god you follow or don’t



    Free the 16roads 🍀






    Apologies for my shoite .. but I hope you are enjoying our Neil Francis 26 games out of 28 unbeaten



    Good night n god bless fellow Celtic fans



    Free the 16roads

  13. Just before I hit the pillow .. no wonder CQN is on the wane …. snowflakes & am a season ticket holder so opinion is worth more than yours … pure pish



    Sydney Tim tell JR I was talking to his wee bro (Peter) in Gartsherrie yesterday morning … he told me Jamesy Forrest is his favourite player :-)

  14. Preston pans Bhoy .. 16roads posted a stupid comment about Jews or Paul Simon but the CQN political wing jumped on the post …. hope that Burghbhoy is enjoying the hoops these days with your good self

  15. prestonpans bhoys on




    Feedup having to login to read comments, thank fook 😉(PC) my login credentials are saved😵

  16. Prestonpans Bhoys 9.35pm



    I use this place as a wee Celtic think .. I remember your good friend d Burghbhoy” posted his dad had passed … I jumped on that post for the one reason … I wish I had wrote or lived it …. his next game I had a wee tear in my eye BUT a massive smile … Burghbhoy might not remember but trust me I do …. CQN is pretty special

  17. Gene 9.46pm



    You take care as well … young Jack is hard to read … hope his family can come out the other side … time is a great healer ? Bullshite time might pass but time doesn’t heal



    The hurt never leaves… am still gutted when my wife fell pregnant and we told my mum in the February.. my mum gave us her blessing and then passed away in the March …. chested I felt … you better believe it … but life moves on and both mum & dad will probably be raging as they didn’t meet the best wee Shields of them all :-)



    And so it shouldn’t …. never forget the family who made you

  18. Gene read the piece you did about the death of young Jack. I will remember to pray for him and his loved ones at Mass tomorrow. R.I.P.

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