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  1. AIDEN BHOY @ 9:08 PM,



    What Abject Nonsense!!



    Brendan Rodgers has a great pedigree with every Club he’s been with.






    He came with in a gnats hair of winning the EPL with perennial underachievment…






    He has won a Double Treble with Celtic






    The Celtic Board has failed to give backing to the Football Club since MO’N said enuff is enuff…






    We got beat by Hibs at Easter Rd. Your sense of entitlement.!?



    If Celtic aren’t fulfilling your expectations it is down purely and simply to the executive.






    Hail Hail

  2. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Sipsini 9.06pm :-)



    DD 9.00pm



    We canny win them all, most ex-huns lie down to the Sevs, I actually admire Neil Lennon trying his best against us, in my wee warped mind I think I would prefer that :-)



    Delighted you met the Chapelhall dynamic duo today, I don’t envy anybody but Big George & wee Big George’s tribulations make me smile ? :-)

  3. what is the fixture that is the game in hand ? do we play it before the break ?



    My normally boyant position for Brendan and the team is flagging today, as is my feeling that the team is flagging to get geed up enough to be bothered to get there noses in front and go win that flag.



    bring in experience in the window, winners to get us over the line

  4. We didn’t lose to Hibs because the board failed to sign a right back and McGinn.



    Hibs had as many injuries as we did today, and yet Lenny produced a starting 11 to win the match.



    Talking of McGinn, the Europa match highlighted how much that type of player is not needed at Celtic.

  5. Saint Stivs – sincere apologies, my last post might have sounded a wee bit cheeky. Our game in hand is at home to St Johnstone. WE don’t play that fixture until Wednesday 30th January.

  6. Chairbhoy



    What sense of entitlement is that ?



    Brendan Rodgers has far more resources than any team we play in this league and has won 3 out of 9 that’s also a fact.

  7. FAIRHILL BHOY on 16TH DECEMBER 2018 9:23 PM


    Someone else trying to compare us with a team from the EPL??






    I didn’t think i would have to explain (i thought about it) that i wasn’t expecting the Board to spend £150m. What Brendan wanted was relative to our turnover and what he had brought in himself in terms of transfer value and bums on seats. For example he took Armstrong, who was relatively worthless and got £7m for him with one year left on his deal. It’s not unreasonable therefore to give him half of that back for a replacement. And btw Brendan actually used the Liverpool example himself. I find it annoying when i post something and someone comes back with something which doesn’t address any point within the post but chooses to focus on one small comment which is all relative. Sometimes folk only see or focus on what they want to see within a post.

  8. December fixtures for the current top 3 (all of whom were top of the league at some point over the last 36 hours!) –


    Sevco – 34 points (played 17): Hibs (A), St Johnstone (A), Hibs (H), Celtic (H)


    Kilmarnock 34 points (played 18): Hamilton (A), Motherwell (A), St Mirren (H)


    Celtic 33 points (played 16): Motherwell (H), Dundee (H), Aberdeen (A), Sevco (A)

  9. Didn’t realise the Edinburgh Shitebags had cut our allocation today????



    Was this known before? Never seen owt on here?



    So, Edinburgh Shitebags, that will be the last coin you ever see from me.




  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    A freak result .


    A one off .


    A team suffering from the weight of expectation that we will win every domestic game we play which , of course , we won`t .



    Having said that , for me simply the worst since Ronnie.



    The silver linings……………


    Nearly everybody was injured :-0



    Mikey Johnstone.


    Lewis Morgan.


    Success for Lennie.


    Maybe a rueful smile from Leigh .



    The future remains ours.



    A win at Ibrox and Easter Road will be forgotten.

  11. AIDEN BHOY @ 9:39 PM,



    Thank you for the clarification, that certainly did confuse me…



    If there’s any other selective stats you’d like to tweek, that might be interesting…



    …to some but not to me…



    …Brendan Rodgers is trying to build a football team, in the Summer he was stymied by a systematic failure in our transfer dealings.



    It was nothing short of a disgrace…



    We have won a cup, we will win the League, we have Europe after Christmas. Thanks to Brendan and his team and despite the Celtic PLC Executive…



    Hail Hail




    No offence, but that last line in your post is everything that’s wrong with our Club at the moment. The minute we start benchmarking against them, we are done.

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Caltontonges 9.43pn



    It wasn’t common knowledge but got a few texts earlier about the allocation being cut ….

  14. CT


    The clowns gave us half of the South stand, the other half we normally get was completely empty. Mad decision fae Hibs. Lost a fortune.



  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DAVID17 on 16TH DECEMBER 2018 9:49 PM







    As Jock said , ” A win against Rangers is just the same two points as a win against anyone else . ”


    ( paraphrase )



    You`re right of course , but old habits die hard and my feelings of disgust for the hun and all it stands for….. a feeling shared by many of us ……….. mean that I stand by what I said .



    Certainly puts an extra little bit of piquancy into the tie.


    They`ll be up for it.


    Be nice to slap them back down again.

  16. GFTB,



    Why would the Shitebags do that?



    It’s normally £20 odd for the Shitebag IV Stadium, why £30 today??



    To cover the closed section?



    Never been one for boycotting as I normally go to away games but, sorry, enough is enough.



    Won’t ever set foot in the Shitebag IV Stadium again.



    Wewontwintheleague :-(((

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Allocation was cut in half. However, the half of the stand that we usually that was cut was almost empty. No-one in the upper teir at all, and only about maybe 100 in the bottom.



    Hibs will be happy with the result, and may use that to justify their decision – but it did look like financial madness on their part – and I don’t think the lack of Celtic fans was the cause of our dismal display.



    Great to see DD (isn’t it always!!) before the game and at half-time, along with WITS (thanks pal) and their friend Brian from Polmont today – also very fortunate to be watching the game next to HamiltonTim and his lovely lady.



    Great people to meet – crap performance from Celtic. Brendan – why switch Jimmy to the left and Sincy to the right ?? – baffled me and nearly everyone around us….



    Hopefully recover form for Wed and Sat – need to get the six points on the board before the trips to the dung heap and…the other dung heap.






  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    Your last line of your post is bang on the money :-)






    See 10-01



    Brendan didn`t become a diddie overnight .



  19. Chairbhoy



    Selective stats ?



    Is winning 3 out of 9 away from home not a fact ?



    Brendan and the team winning 7 consecutive trophies is a phenomenal achievement but in my opinion this team is not progressing. Was he let down in the summer probably he was but on the other hand are the board not entitled to ask we backed you in January where’s Compper Musonda and Hendry ? Let’s buy Mc Ginn who’s he replacing or is he sitting next to Kouassi who we paid 3 million for . Nearly every first team player has had a contract extension probably on better money to say he hasn’t been backed is a myth.

  20. Interesting to see the fixtures after each UEFA group game –


    Celtic –


    Kilmarnock away, St Johnstone away. Hearts away, Livingston away, Aberdeen at Hampden


    Hibs Away


    Sevco –


    St Johnstone Home, Hearts Home, Aberdeen Hampden, Motherwell Home, Hearts Away (yes away)


    Hamilton Home.


    Maybe we could club together and get the SPL a new fixtures computer for Christmas

  21. Big George,



    Was a couple of rows behind you and shouted/spoke to HT at HT:-)))



    Was the cut in allocation publicised?



    If so, where?



    Honestly never seen it.





    DD, you’re a friggin jinx or is it WITS?

  22. And another thing. THAT strip we wore today – what’s our WDL stats when wearing it? Have we EVER won?

  23. Caltontontougnes



    We will win the league and you will step foot in Easter Road …



    Strange decision with the Hibees but I did laugh when they done it to the Sevs



    FrannyB … I think Lenny will get 4pts out of 6 in the month of December … today was shoite… we haven’t had many days like this in the last 30months

  24. CT


    Think I am the jinx pal. Only game I have been away and we won this season is Dundee. All 5 others draws or defeat. Stinking record.



  25. DAVID17 on 16TH DECEMBER 2018 6:04 PM



    So every defeat is Lawwell’s fault. What position was he playing?


    How much were our players on the park ” earning” compared to their opponents?


    How many players are in our squad in comparison with Hibs.?



    Our current team must face up to their responsibilities and certain supporters must stop blaming Lawwell for every single setback.



    Yes we need to do better, however continually blaming the convenient scapegoat is lazy, incorrect, insipid and hunlike.



    HH , the journey has stalled, but will soon regain momentum.




    I haven’t set foot in Paradise due to not calling out the new club shite, before Brendan turned up and, I can guarantee I will never set foot in the Shitebag IV Stadium ever again.




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