History calls tonight


History calls tonight, with the captain making his 400th Celtic appearance – an astonishing figure in the modern era, while Brendan’s men could equal the Lisbon Lions record of 26 unbeaten domestic games, achieved in season 1966-67.

For me, it’s also the first time I’ve seen Celtic in the flesh in 4 weeks, which itself feels like an historic gap.

Several weeks ago we discussed St Johnstone in the context of being in a league of their own, equally adrift from the top three and those below them, but that’s no longer the case. They are now 3 points behind Hearts with a game in hand, and with the way Hearts results have been heading recently, Saints will fancy their chances of finishing fourth.

After taking points off Aberdeen, Newco and three others in December, the roof fell in on St Johnstone at Dens on Hogmanay. Like all Celtic Park visitors, they will defend deep and play on the counter, but we know the task. Expect history books to be updated later tonight.


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  1. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Ernie Lynch



    You can do better than that.


    Not like you to be frivolous:)





  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Ryan Christie being hung-out by the meeja.


    What a surprise.











    Had that comment been made by,say,an Englishman,an American,a Greek,I would be only too happy to explain the error in their thinking.




    As it was made by a Philistine,I won’t bother.



    Awe aye! And all your posts are of the Burns level of culture ?


    Nothing like bigging yourself up eh?


    Cut above the normal poster are you?


    Better man, and more educated than me are you?


    Your a legend in your own mind ya icehole, stick to posting with yer clique Sherman Tank.

  4. The two World Wars of the 20th Century touched every part of society from the ordinary working person to stars of stage and screen. And the young men who played football for Celtic FC were not immune to the dangers of war. Celtic War Heroes now tells their story and describes the bravery and sacrifice of the boys who went to war. There’s the story of Willie Angus, who volunteered to serve his country in 1914 with his friend James Martin and would later heroically save his life in the midst of bitter trench warfare. His actions earned him the Victoria Cross and a lasting place in the heart of Celtic Football Club. Then there was James Stokes from the Gorbals in Glasgow, who won a posthumous VC in the Second World War in 1945 for an act of extraordinary and conspicuous bravery which cost him his life. And there are numerous other stories of valour and service which show the part played by the men of Celtic FC. Celtic War Heroes tells the remarkable story of the brave Celtic men who fought for their country, many of whom did not return home.

  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Masons eh, they get everywhere dont they?


    Even on boards of football clubs.


    Shocking isnt it:)







    Have you ever read the old adage:



    ‘You don’t have to believe all that you read’?



    History is often clouded, skewered, manipulated, agendadised, revised, and lied.



    I thought you had an open mind.




    They whom you reference to validate your point also claim they are not a sectarian organisation.



    Do you believe that?

  8. Burns was a lecherous, drukin , whore master, free Mason , who copped a doze, and snuffed it, he is thought of lovingly by old twisted judges, Presbyterian leaders of parliament, and industry here in scot land, and all your university degrees will not convince me of that, you believe what you like post what you like,bottom line is, he was a free mason bassa.





    How long did it take you to find someone to explain the joke to you?







    Masons eh, they get everywhere dont they?



    Even on boards of football clubs.



    Shocking isnt it:)








    Yup, and The Vatican.

  11. KITALBA on 25TH JANUARY 2017 12:32 PM






    Have you ever read the old adage:




    ‘You don’t have to believe all that you read’?



    Only in your posts mostly, not all, but most.

  12. Their names will be remembered for evermore


    Staggering back to their trench as bombs fell, two men emerged through the smoke from a rescue mission that stunned their fellow soldiers. William Angus had crept over the parapet and crawled across no man’s land to reach his wounded comrade. It was an action that gained him the Victoria Cross, the first awarded to a Scots territorial soldier during the war.



    Lance Corporal Angus, a former Celtic player, was with The Highland Light Infantry, 70 yards from the German front line. On 12 June, 1915, the men were ordered to attack. Led by Lieutenant James Martin, they captured the trench, but found it full of mines, and were ordered back. An explosion quickly followed and Martin was missing. As the smoke cleared, he was seen lying 15 yards from the German trenches.



    Between Safety and Danger



    An eyewitness described the Germans’ periscope reaching up eerily and being trained, first on Martin, then on the British line then, slowly, turning back on the injured soldier. For the next hour, the two sides watched each other. Suddenly, Martin made a move for his trench, but the Germans opened fire. They dashed for Martin but British fire pushed them back. Angus volunteered to go out and bring Martin back, a request his commanding officer at first refused, as Martin lay just a few feet from the German parapet.



    Rescue by Stealth



    The British turned their fire on the German line and, while the attack took place, Angus slipped over the parapet and crawled towards Martin. The Royal Scots’ commanding officer wrote to the soldier’s father: “It seemed so hopeless. With a rope 50 yards long, your son crept out. Owing to the clever way he crept, he got to Martin without being seen. Martin staggered to his feet and, directed by Angus, made a dash for our line.”



    Angus had at least a dozen bombs thrown at him as he guided Martin back, but the two men stumbled to safety through the smoke. Angus lost sight in one eye and had injuries to his legs, arms, head and shoulders. When Martin visited him in hospital, both men were overcome and neither could speak.



    A Hero Comes Home



    Three months later, Carluke’s streets were packed at Angus’s homecoming ceremony. Flanked by Martin and the Lord Newlands, the chairman of the Lanarkshire territorial force, Angus received a hero’s welcome. Martin thanked his rescuer: “It was an act of bravery second to none in the annals of the British Army.” Praise for his actions came from many others, including William Maley, the secretary of Celtic, who remarked: “No club ever had a more willing or conscientious player, and one who always showed that fine spirit.”



    Angus was the son of a Carluke coal miner and had eight siblings. Before the war he had followed his father down the mines, and had begun his semi-professional footballing career, signing for Celtic in 1912. After the war he had a business as a goods carrier, married and had five children. He died in 1959, aged 71, and he and his wife Mary are buried in Wilton Cemetery, Carluke.



    William Angus’s citation in The London Gazette

  13. KITALBA on 25TH JANUARY 2017 11:42 AM


    Burns liked to get pissed, sing songs, chase the women, big up Jacobite Scotland, contempt the English.




    Who are we to judge who never lived in his day nor walked a single step in his shoes?






    Me I think pal……cos it sounds a lot like my teens and early 20s. So I can judge it to have a fine auld jape while it lasted.



    I was at uni at the time of course!









    HH jamesgang

  14. They whom you reference to validate your point also claim they are not a sectarian organisation.




    Do you believe that?



    Only if it’s backed up with facts, other than that everyone has opinions, as for BRT&H his post was only what he read, but posted that it’s factual, it’s not, well for me it’s not, and BMCW well because I’m not into Burns and said what I thought, …I’m A Philistine,… priceless, it’s a case of listen to me I’m right your wrong, aye right, GFY, like me you have an opinion, but ffs just state it, don’t try and drum it into me, Iv made and gave my opinion, you state a fact and prove it, fine then there is no argument, get a grip ffs, we can all copy and paste what we like.

  15. Read an interesting article recently about his failure as a farmer.



    One of his letters has him mention buying ‘bad corn’ for which he was vilified as a foolish man in such a business.



    But weather records of the time show this was a period of sustained poor weather which impacted significantly on crops in general and seed corn in particular. So he was in the same boat as many small farmers. They just didn’t leave a written record of their misfortune.



    HH jamesgang

  16. Congratulations to Scot Brown on reaching his 400 game milestone, that is impressive Scott mate if yer lurking’:))



    It took me a long time to warm to Scott Brown as a player but this season he has exceeded all expectations when many were writing him off.



    Only Saints and 90 minutes stand between BR’s Celtic and a record equaling performance, well done Brendan and the Bhoys.



    Canny wait till kick off.



    Mon the Hoops.

  17. Tony



    The Trump era of alternative facts that require no evidence but only bombast must feel like a 48 month orgasm for you mate!






    HH jamesgang

  18. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Id suggest that it would be difficult for not only historians but anybody else, to get a proper handle on Burns.


    You could explore every book ever written about Burns, but until you grasp what Scottish society was like in his lifetime, its a jumbled mess.


    Burns the Freemason


    Burns the Revolutionary


    Burns the Bard


    Burns the Ploughman


    Burns the Immoral Drunkard.


    Take your pick, what stereotype do you prefer?








    AWE NAW is your man for that part of the world.



    So if yer lurking,get back on and give HARRYM instructions.




  20. Burns the GREEN BRIGADER who was too clever a student to study at university but was a member of the Jacobite Trust would be my choice.

  21. ernie lynch said:



    ” Was it because it was erected within five years of his death, and so he was therefore more topical at the time? ”



    If it was still topical after five years, the population of that time had a far longer attention span than today`s ! I would have thought his standing in The Establishment was a more likely reason.



    Does moving to Dumfries brand one as an opportunist?






    How about Burns the poet?


    Tony Donnelly



    You want to lighten up and get a sense of humour about ye. Try answering posts in the way they are sent instead of hurling insults.



    You’re turning into a tiresome caricature of yourself.

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